Ex Strongest Swordsman 296 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Explaining the Situation



Ex Strongest, Explaining the Situation

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Aina, who walked before Soma’s eyes, was staring at him as if she were saying ‘You know why I am angry, right?’.

But of course, Soma didn’t know the reason for Aina’s anger, and he didn’t even know anything. He wondered if he had done something that made her angry, but if that happened, she would have been angry at that time.

Soma wondered if something happened during the time they hadn’t seen each other. After all, it had been less than a month since he met Aina. At least he didn’t remember doing anything big, so he had never thought of it.

The bottom line was that he didn’t remember doing anything in particular to make her angry–…

“That reminds me. Isn’t it a bit too unreasonable to get angry just walking along the roadside…?” (Soma)

“Yes…? What are you suddenly saying?” (Aina)

That was actually Soma’s line. It was Aina who shouted, asking why he was walking in such a place.

He turned similar looking eyes on her suspicious gaze. However, Aina immediately let out a big sigh.

“Well… you were asking regarding this place, the Holy City, yes? In that case, I’m sure you also have an idea.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm…? Is that the reason why she is angry just because I’m strolling in the Holy City? …No, isn’t there anything else in particular?” (Soma)

“You… Aren’t you a hopeless one? You disappeared from there without telling anyone and came here, right? Did you forget?” (Hildegard)

“Of course I remember, but… didn’t you explain the matter? Since you came back so soon, I don’t know how much you had to explain to them.” (Soma)

“Aah… Surely, I went back once, but that was just to correct my misunderstanding, you know? I haven’t explained the situation at all.” (Hildegard)

“I feel like you should be angry at her, not me, yes?” (Soma)

It was true that Soma didn’t explain his current situation, but that was because he didn’t have time to do so. However, Hildegard didn’t explain even though she had the time.

If so, it would be Hildegard who Aina should direct her anger.

“No… I also didn’t have that much time, you know…!? Well, I wasn’t worried about what kind of encounter you would have while I was away…!” (Hildegard)

“It’s your over thinking or rather paranoia because nothing really happened and there was no sign that something would happen.” (Soma)

As he was saying it, he openly sighed. When he looked at Aina, he noticed that there was no feeling of anger anymore, but it was replaced by the air of being astonished.

“Haa… Somehow, I feel like this is ridiculous. It seems that you are as usual… leaving that aside, isn’t this place declared war by the empire?” (Aina)

“Hmm…? Aah… is that what you mean when asking why I was walking in this place?” (Soma)

“What else to ask in the current situation?” (Aina)

Even when he was given such a stare while being told that, he just shrugged.

Apparently, the earlier question was asking why he was walking in the Holy City even though this place was declared war by the empire. If she asked that, then, that was true.

Regardless of the empire’s true intention, the target wasn’t the Holy City but Soma. Normally, he should be careful not to go out.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)


“I was interested in the fact that there was no change in the appearance of the city, but to begin with, I didn’t decide not to go out.” (Soma)

It wasn’t a mistake since that was his true intention, and it was also a fact. Or rather, he couldn’t think of the idea of not going on, and he had never been told that by the people around him. Hildegard, who was by his side, nodded when he said that.

“Surely, if you think normally, you shouldn’t go out because you’re being targeted. If there are people who are seriously aiming for you, it’s not strange to have the empire’s people mixed in. Well, I don’t think you won’t be able to cope with that, and I think you didn’t come up with such an idea because you unknowingly thought so.” (Hildegard)

“…You’re really absurd, aren’t you? Well, I’m glad I didn’t come here just to see what you were doing.” (Aina)

“Hmm… so, that isn’t the only purpose you have, yes? In other words, did you come all the way to the Holy City because you were worried about me?” (Soma)

When Soma asked that question while tilting his head, Aina softly looked away. It wasn’t because of the mind that her cheeks appeared to be slightly reddish.

“…Speaking of which, I think it should be alright to say this now, but is it fine to say that you’re the true Demon King as what the empire declared?” (Aina)

“As expected, I suppose it’s impossible to change the topic, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“Well, it was certainly a blatant way of distracting the topic, but you’re also unrelenting. I just wish that you could stay put quietly.” (Hildegard)

“Hey…!? Does that mean you have other things to do…!?” (Aina)

“No, it’s probably true that I have other business, but you do worry about me, huh? If so, it doesn’t feel bad.” (Soma)

“You… are you seriously…!?” (Aina)

Aina glared while saying so, but it lacked power as her cheeks were dyed in red. In the first place, Soma was only mentioning her true intention, so there was no reason to be glared. As he shrugged his shoulders… he turned his face to the gaze that could be felt from his side.

“What is it?” (Soma)

“Hm… I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but your attitude toward me and Aina is different, isn’t it? Rather, there’s too much of a difference.” (Hildegard)

“Isn’t it because of your mind?” (Soma)

“It’s absolutely not because of my mind…! If I say the same line to you, you must have reacted differently, right!?” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… surely, I would. But that means I’m giving you a special treatment.” (Soma)

“…Hmm? Is it a special treatment? To me?” (Hildegard)

“Yes, of course.” (Soma)

“…Then, there’s no problem!” (Hildegard)

“I can only think that there’s no problem when hearing from the side, but… since you’re convinced, I won’t interrupt. Anyhow, you haven’t answered my question.” (Aina)

“Your question?” (Soma)

He tilted his head, immediately wondering what it was. It was probably the question whether the empire was aiming for him.

Surely, he hadn’t answered that question.

“Aah, yes. Perhaps, it’s not a mistake that they are aiming for me.” (Soma)

“Perhaps…?” (Aina)

“My name wasn’t mentioned by the empire. Well, considering various circumstances, I think there’s no doubt it’s about me.” (Soma)

“Aah, I see. I’m worried about various circumstances as well, but I wonder if this is the first thing you should do.” (Aina)

“Things I should do, is it?” (Soma)

“That reminds me, why are you coming here? Is there something happening in Radeus… no, even if something happens, it doesn’t seem to be in Radeus.” (Hildegard)

“It seems so.” (Soma)

Soma nodded to Hildegard’s words not because he knew something, but because of the place where they were right now. No, more accurately, he should have asked the direction in which Aina came.

As mentioned before, Soma came to the Holy City through the western gate. Radeus was located in the west of the Holy City, and if people wanted to come to the Holy City from Radeus, they would probably come from the western gate.

However, Aina came from the northern gate. Of course, there was a way to go north from Radeus and then, head to the Holy City, but that would be a detour.

More importantly… considering that it was Aina, they should consider another possibility. In other words, there was a possibility that she came from a country other than Radeus.

“…You are as sharp as ever. Well, it’s fine because I didn’t intend to hide it unless it was something to hide.” (Aina)

“Hmm… that means…” (Soma)

“…Yes. I came to the Holy City as a messenger of the Demento Kingdom, not from Radeus.” (Aina)

With that said, Aina shrugged his shoulders.



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