Ex Strongest Swordsman 294 (Self Edited) – Intermission: Person who should Stand on the Heaven



Intermission: Person who should Stand on the Heaven

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The Jupiter Empire was a large country located in the central part of the Arcanam continent. It was often said that the country was the oldest country in the world, but in reality, it was a fact rather than a metaphor.

It was about 1000 years ago that the Jupiter Empire was founded. There were civilizations which were better than the Jupiter Empire and some of them prospered, but they were altogether perished.

This wasn’t something that the Jupiter Empire did, but they just perished on their own. Those civilizations were either rotten inside even though there were said to prosper, or they were attacked and destroyed by external power. The last thing that always remained was the Jupiter Empire.

It hadn’t changed in this era. Only about twenty years ago, the country that was said to be the most prosperous was the Veritas Kingdom, but this country was currently in a precarious state. Perhaps, it would disappear in a few years.

And, as a matter of course, the Jupiter Empire wasn’t going to do anything about it. It was known that only the emperor controlled the Jupiter Empire.

He was the only one who deserved to stand on heaven, and that there was no other truly superior country except the Jupiter Empire.

This wasn’t an exaggeration. As a matter of fact, only the Jupiter Empire had been able to continue progressing without interruption for 1000 years. In other words, it meant that they were able to overcome the great severance that occurred about 500 years ago, which was called the Blank period.

And finally, the country was called even the most prosperous country in the world. Considering the various things that had been accumulated to that point, it was a fact that couldn’t be denied.

Anyhow, the daily life of such an empire was still lively even today. In particular, its unparalleled imperial capital in which most of the first-time visitors were overwhelmed.

The number of people, the bustle, the goods that were being handled, or the people themselves. The people, who saw those, argued that it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Jupiter Empire was indeed the most prosperous country.

However, even if it resonated in every corner of the capital, the hustle and bustle wouldn’t reach only one place. That place was located in the center of the imperial capital and it was a place that the most precious people lived.

It was the imperial castle.

It was filled with silence and solemnity instead of hustle and bustle. It was just like saying there was an awe-inspiring atmosphere…

“Hmm… anyhow, that’s an unfortunate thing to hear.” (??)

Suddenly, the sound of breaking the atmosphere resounded.

However, no one was angry about it. No one could get angry. That was because that person was the one who professed to be worthy of standing on heavens.

It was at the innermost part and at the highest part of the imperial castle. The person sat on a luxurious chair, with a smile that was graceful but somewhat bewitching, uttering such words.

“If it isn’t my rule… or if I am not here, our country wouldn’t have done anything again. Well, it’s a meaningless assumption to think that the heavens were upside down, even if it’s humor.” (??)

She was a strange-aged woman. The age wasn’t certain. It felt like she was old and young at the same time. It wasn’t about her appearance, but what she was wearing was clearly not that of a regular person.

However, there would be someone who would ask who that person was when seeing that appearance. It was that straightforward.

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Victoria Y. Arcanam. In this country… No, in this world, there was only one household allowed to bear the name of Arcanam, which had become the name of the continent. Furthermore, if people were there, they were foolish or even lesser than that to ask who that person was.

She was the only and most famous empress in the history of the Jupiter Empire.

“Even so, as for the real Demon King… isn’t there any other way to say it? This would make me look stupid.” (Victoria)

But the words the Empire said would have tilted the head of those who heard it. There was only the empress on the spot.

There was no other figure, and no one was even listening, let alone replied to the words. There was certainly no other person on the spot except the empress.

Even so, the empress was asking someone, but there was no way she could get a reply as long there was no one there. As a matter of course, the question was replied by silence–… actually, no.

[Even if you say so… the title of the Demon King is official. I thought it would be best to say that when it comes to communicating in an easy-to-understand manner while using it, right?] (??)

As usual, there was no other figure than the empress on the spot. However, despite that, a voice other than the empress’ echoed.

And there was no appearance of the empress feeling weird about it. She continued her words, just as if it were normal.

“Is that convenient for you? I want to say that… it has nothing to do with me, but the proclamation has been made. Well, it can’t be helped but to accept it.” (Victoria)

[Thank you for your generosity.] (??)

“Hmm… so? I’m done being told about this matter, but what should I do now? Those guys too don’t receive it at face value, so will it be alright to invade the Holy City?” (Victoria)

The Jupiter Empire was certainly a great power, and it was said to be the oldest and the most prosperous country, and its influence was enormous. It surpassed the Holy City, but… most of the people of the were also believers of the Holy Doctrine.

Although it wasn’t sane to say that they would invade the headquarters of the religion, the empress’ eyes were undoubtedly sane and serious. With affirmative words, it wouldn’t be strange for her to take that action right away.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

[Well, please have mercy. That’s because it will create disagreement with our surroundings. If you invade them now, there is a possibility that there will be opportunists who would betray while cooperating at the same time.] (??)

“Is there a possibility of betrayal over time? No, on the contrary, there must be some who approach for the purpose of betrayal.” (Victoria)

[Yes, that’s right. However, the more time you give, the less likely you will be betrayed. As far as the other side concerned, you don’t have to worry about betrayal.] (??)

“…Well, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter whether we are taking time or not, the result is the same.” (Victoria)

There was great confidence and pride in those words.

It wasn’t a pretension. While acknowledging that the Jupiter Empire is the best, it never reached that point until Victoria became the empress because it was always staying around.

They never stood out and did nothing dangerous. Despite being a great power, they were always aiming for second or third..

As a result of continuing that way for a thousand years, tremendous power had been accumulated. It was the capital power, armed force, influence on other countries around the world and other things.

As a result of using it to the fullest now, the military power was also at a reasonable level. No matter how strong the Holy City was, or how many countries cooperated, they wouldn’t become an enemy to the empire.

[Sure, you have great power, but don’t let your guard down. There are people over there who have the same power.] (??)

“Hmm… the Fifth King of Seven Heavens and the true Demon King. And the former Third King… God Herself?” (Victoria)

[Yes. The latter won’t be able to wield Her power, but it is still a threat though] (??)

“You don’t need to tell me. I know. Also, there is a possibility that they will cooperate. However, isn’t it necessary to inform ‘those’?” (Victoria)

[No, if ‘they’ know if from the beginning, it would be easy to deal with. Would you do it if there is a possibility of having obstacles at unnecessary places?] (??)

“That won’t be a problem, but… surely, the trouble should be dealt all at once. Still, does that mean I have nothing to do for a while?” (Victoria)

[You will be busy only after things happen. Please prepare enough energy starting from now.] (??)

As a matter of fact, Victoria was very busy since she was the empress. She had a lot of things to do, but she was considering the time to invade the Holy City. It made sense for her to think about that time, and to rest as much as possible now.

Even though she was the empress who should stand on heaven, she was still in the realm of humanity.

“Alright. After all, the only thing I need to do is only that. This world, which should have been destroyed, is now going to be destroyed by these hands of mine, and it will return to the normal flow. That’s what I, who stands in heaven, should do.” (Victoria)

[Yes, that’s right. I’m going to expect it, you know?] (??)

“Hmm…” (Victoria)

While snorting, the empress smiled at the not-all-bad situation. Then, she squinted her eyes while looking at the void, as if looking ahead of her.


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