The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 122 (Self Edited) – After the Audience


After the Audience

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We left the room, and returned to our room while being pushed on the wheelchairs.

Looking at the room, it seemed that the candles had been replaced and it was new.

‘They’re thoughtful.’

“Do you need any other help?” (??)

The Queen’s Sword-like woman, who brought me to this point, asked.

“No, I’m fine. It’s not that hard to walk.” (Yuri)

“Please use this for the time being.” (??)

It was a stick that an old man would use. It was similar to what Carol had.

“Thanks.” (Yuri)

I received it, and stood up from the wheelchair while pushing the ground. It seemed my weight was well supported. The length was just right.

Since it was supported by the wrist instead of the side, the wrist would hurt if I used it too much. ‘Well, I’m trained, and I think I’ll be fine if I’m careful.’

“You can take it as it is.” (??)

It would be fine to take it as it is when leaving the castle.

“I see. Appreciate it.” (Yuri)

“Well then, please excuse me.” (??)

The Queen’s Sword-like woman bowed and went out of the room. The door was closed.

I moved and sat on the sofa.

“Phew…” (Yuri)

I let out a breath unintentionally. Carol also sat in a chair in the same way.

“Yuri, can I ask something?” (Carol)

“What is it?” (Yuri)

“The talk just now… uhm, why did you accept the request to escort their citizens?” (Carol)

“Did you dislike it?” (Yuri)

‘If anything, I thought she would get angry if I refused.’

“No, that’s not the case. It’s just that I feel like this is something you will not accept.” (Carol)

‘I see.’

“I didn’t want to accept it, but it’s not a bad request. The unit members will also be credited.” (Yuri)

‘It’s a good matter especially for the Galloping Bird unit. It’s strange to say that there was nothing to do, but they just moved freely while I was away and they only carried other supplies. It’s not a merit because it wasn’t an achievement when they moved on their own. If they engage in such an operation, they aren’t only taking part in this campaign, but they won’t be criticized as well.’

“That’s true, but… isn’t it unusual for you to take a hassle job yourself?” (Carol)

“I have a feeling that would ask as much as that as a final request. However, I didn’t know what they would ask.” (Yuri)

‘The request is related to other people. Well, she said she was Gouk’s acquaintance, but how about the other people?’

“I see. Well, I think it’s a good act as a Knight.” (Carol)

“For me, it’s an extra action to keep up with my main aim.” (Yuri)

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“And what is that?” (Carol)

‘Don’t you get it? Does this girl think that there is no problem to take any military action when you accept something? No matter how you accept the sovereignty seal, it’s still a problem.’

“You… do you want to go home first?” (Yuri)

“Haa!?” (Carol)

Carol let out a voice hysterically.

It seemed that she didn’t consider that at all.

“Most of the Eagle Kings have to go home anyway. It’s not necessary for the army walking on the road with more than 20 eagles with them, considering the food to be eaten.” (Yuri)

‘Well, I should bring the four best eagles with us. For the rest, they will become extra baggage that eats food unnecessarily.’

“I’m not going.” (Carol)

‘As expected, it will be like this. However, it is a fact that morale will drop if this girl returns home.’

‘This may be too much consideration, but after all, it is better to have Carol on the same path. Although it’s in the form of my command, it doesn’t mean that she left the people and goes home first. If there is a direct phone call to Queen Simone right now, she would tell me to bring her home first. No matter how smart the enemy is, I don’t think the siege of Reform, including post-processing, will end in less than a week. So, if you have ten days to spare, you can escape to Shaalta with plenty of time. Even if the enemy proceeds with the next move early, it is difficult for the horse to catch up a movement of six days ahead.’

‘The horse can’t continue to run at full speed for days, and even if you load carriages with feed and other items to eliminate the foot soldier in the form of horse and carriage, it is still impossible to shorten the distance even if they hurry as much as possible. The possibility of a battle with pursuing parties that come one after another is close to zero. However, there are exceptions to everything. For example, the dragon that shouldn’t be here.’

“Your presence puts the refugees at risk. Do you understand that part?” (Yuri)

“Me…? I don’t understand.” (Carol)

“If you were there, I don’t know what kind of unit, and… I’m not sure if it can be called the observation unit anymore, but they must give your protection the highest priority. If you weren’t there, this will be about helping people, but since you are there, they are going to use everything to keep you out of the harm.” (Yuri)

‘But crossing the strait is also dangerous. It’s not alright to ride an Eagle King with an injured leg. Anyhow, if she isn’t returning by land, I can’t supervise the situation. Well… it’s not difficult, and even if she could use an eagle for the first time with an injured leg, she will be alright 95% of time. The possibility that the land route is more dangerous is more than 5% I think? Which is the best choice?’

“If that’s the case, what should I do?” (Carol)

While I was considering, Carol asked. When I looked up at her face, she looked sad.

“I… will follow Yuri’s choice.” (Carol)

“No, that was the arrangement from the beginning.” (Carol)

‘Don’t say like this is an arrangement you heard for the first time… She’s nervous…’

“I’m thinking about it now.” (Yuri)

‘If the risk is even, would it be better for her to accompany us because there is a merit on the land route? No, is it appropriate to think that the risk isn’t even, but both outcomes are unknown? It’s different from a game where the probability can be calculated from the beginning.’

‘I don’t know. However, since we can use Galloping Bird this time, even if we are caught up by horses on the land route, we can escape.’

“If the enemy comes, can you escape properly?” (Yuri)

“…I can.” (Carol)

“If you break your arrangement and face the enemy when we are overtaken, everything is going to mess up. Many people will die in vain. At that time, you are nothing but a burden.” (Yuri)

‘This is somehow like telling a child. I’ve said this many times. Apart from that, Carol doesn’t have a previous record of behaving in that way.’

“…I know.” (Carol)

‘Well, I can’t do anything but to trust you, right?’

“Then, you should follow me by land.” (Yuri)

I said.

‘I hope she doesn’t make a mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life.’

“Are you sure…?” (Carol)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

‘Well… somehow.’

“Then, shall we go to sleep soon?” (Yuri)

‘It’s about time. I’m really sleepy anyway.’

“Yes.” (Carol)

I went to bed. A soft cloth wrapped around the body.

“Can we sleep together?” (Carol)

Carol asked. Of course, there were two beds in this room.

“…Come.” (Yuri)

After thinking for a bit, I said it. Then, Carol quickly came into bed.




“Hey.” (Carol)

After a while, she talked to me. Carol wasn’t doing anything erotic, and she seemed ready to bed, whether she touched or didn’t touch me.

Even if I wanted to do something erotic, I was too tired today and I thought it was impossible since I was too sleepy. I was thinking to stop resisting and decide to sleep. 

“…What is it?” (Yuri)

“Don’t die for me. Can I ask you that?” (Carol)

‘What kind of question is that? Apparently, I was the only one who was thinking about erotic things.’

“In such a case, I’m going to save you because you’ll die if I don’t do that. In the first place, this question is unreasonable.” (Yuri)

“Well, I see. I was scared when I imagined you dying for me…” (Carol)

‘What are you thinking before going to bed? When I think about it, it’s likely that I’m willing to take that action.’

“…I’m scared too.” (Yuri)

“Is that so…?” (Carol)

I remembered that time.

“…I didn’t tell you about my Stardust. She was still alive when she crashed. She had messed up wings and claws, and maybe her internal organs were terribly injured, so… it made it easier for me to decide.” (Yuri)

“Aah… I see.” (Carol)

Carol said as if remembering something far away.

‘Is she mourning Stardust or her Mountain Vapor?’ 

“So, I was wondering… would you do the same if I was dying?” (Carol)

The horror of that time revived because of her words, and I felt that my spine froze for a moment.

“I see… If that happens, it could be painful and I will probably lose my mind.” (Yuri)

‘That’s probably true.’

“We have to prevent each other from doing that.” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Carol)

 ‘To be honest, I’m getting too sleepy…’

 “Let’s sleep.” (Yuri)

“Alright.” (Carol)

Carol sounded somewhat happy.


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