Ex Strongest Swordsman 279 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Taking Action Together with Paladin


Ex Strongest, Taking Action Together with Paladin

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At the time when the Devil appeared, it was obvious that it was troublesome. However, if it was an ordinary trouble, he wouldn’t encounter Ingrid in this way while searching for clues. As Soma was talking to Hildegard earlier, if it was easy for them to solve the situation, there was no reason for Ingrid to show up for any reason.

In other words, paradoxically, if he encountered Ingrid in this way, there was a high possibility that it would be troublesome. Well, that kind of thing was happening now.

“It doesn’t look like it’s strange… well somehow.” (Ingrid)

“I wonder about that. Is that also related to yesterday’s case?” (Soma)

“Yes. It also serves as a patrol, but that’s my main job today. I’m looking for clues that could lead to yesterday’s case.” (Ingrid)

“Hmm? You didn’t find it yesterday, did you?” (Hildegard)

“No, I didn’t even look for it yesterday. For some reason, I thought it would be pointless to look for it, so I told Eleonora-sama, and she allowed it.” (Ingrid)

“I see… that’ means you’re looking for right now.” (Soma)

“That’s how it is.” (Ingrid)

She somehow thought it was worth looking for today. It was such a thing.

And the fact that she encountered them at once probably meant that they still needed to look for the clues. Ingrid seemed to think the same thing. Then, she opened her mouth while slightly hesitated to say it.

“Uhm… It’s embarrassing to ask, but will it be alright to cooperate with you and look for the clues? For some reason, I feel like I should look for it with you.” (Ingrid)

“I don’t mind, you know?” (Soma)

“Yeah, me too. Or rather, I could have guessed that it was the case when we encountered you in this way.” (Hildegard)

“…Sorry about that. Thank you.” (Ingrid)

“Well, it’s something I’ve already been doing either way. It’s the same for us.” (Soma)

When asked whether to cooperate with Ingrid to finish the task quickly or to waste time by not cooperating with her, it wasn’t necessary to choose the latter option. Besides, the degree of the trouble didn’t change.

Rather, it was even more troublesome if they had to spend more time and effort.

“Have you been doing it? I thought earlier, did you guys also look for yesterday’s case? And would it be alright to ask when you’re Eleonora-sama’s guests?” (Ingrid)

“It’s not a problem. It’s just that I’m curious.” (Soma)

“I see… If you didn’t actually witness it, you wouldn’t be bothered.” (Ingrid)

It seemed to be related to what Soma and Hildegard were trying to do from now on, but they didn’t say anything about it.

They didn’t know much about it and how far they could talk. If so, it would be safe to keep silent for the time being.

“Normally, I would stop a thoughtless action, but I saw your abilities yesterday. Rather, if I ask you to stop, you’re likely going to shut me.” (Ingrid)

“That wouldn’t be the case. After all, you have the intuition.” (Soma)

“Intuition, is it…” (Ingrid)

Ingrid muttered while frowning slightly. It seemed at a glance that she had something to worry about.

“Is it something you worry about?” (Soma)

“Well, you guys seem to know about it more than I do, so I would like to ask. Incidentally, I feel like I’ve become more aware of it since I heard the story yesterday. Do you know anything about it?” (Ingrid)

“Are you talking about your intuition being stronger? Isn’t it about feeling something sold rather than vague?” (Hildegard)

“No… if anything, I think it’s more of the frequency. As a matter of fact, I somehow feel it once every ten days. So I never thought I had such a great power…” (Ingrid)

“Hmm… but yesterday, you even made the suggestion, right?” (Soma)

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“Yes, for some reason, I had a mysterious and strong conviction.” (Ingrid)

“Have you ever had anything like that?” (Hildegard)

“Very rarely, though. Aah, when I talked to you guys, it felt clearer.” (Ingrid)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

She deliberately said that she had the same feeling as usual about today. It wasn’t strange, at least for Ingrid, but the frequency was obviously weird. Therefore, she said frequency.

And as far as Soma heard the story, he thought that something was wrong. Anyhow, Soma wasn’t so familiar with skills.

When he looked at the person who would be the most detailed person there, Hildegard, she had been thinking for a while. Then, she raised her face.

“…To be honest, I can’t say anything. There’s a possibility that your intuition became clearer by listening to our talk and being aware of it, but there is also a possibility that it’s simply because this time is troublesome as well.” (Hildegard)

“Do you mean we have to do the follow up?” (Soma)

“Yes. I feel bad that it gives you extra trouble, but I can’t help much.” (Hildegard)

“No, that’s fine. To be honest, I’m still confused, but if I can take advantage of it, it would be more useful as a Paladin. It also means that someone like me became a Paladin.” (Ingrid)

Somehow, it sounded self-deprecating, but Soma didn’t hear any more than that. Everyone had one or two circumstances. She wasn’t consulted, and they were the people she just met yesterday.

There was no need for them to step in.

“Well, let’s do something that’s going to be useful right away. It would be better if we could grasp the situation quickly.” (Soma)

“I agree. Then, please take care of me. Speaking of which… uhmm…” (Ingrid)

“Yes? …Aah, that reminds me, I haven’t introduced myself yet.” (Soma)

When he thought about it, she told her name, but he hadn’t told his name yet. Eleonora would guarantee their identity, but if he was thinking about cooperating even though it was temporary, they should at least give their name.

“I’m Soma. Well, as you can see, I’m just a young man, so you can call me whatever you like.” (Soma)

“I’m Hildegard. Yes, treat me the same.” (Hildegard)

“If both of you are considered young people, what would I be then? Anyhow, thank you very much, Soma-dono, Hildegard-dono. Aah, no… When I think about it, you’re Eleonora-sama’s guests. Should I change the honorific?” (Ingrid)

“There’s no need. To begin with, I was a guest until that time of yesterday, so now, it’s more like a cooperative relationship.” (Soma)

“Yes. Or rather, it’s even more so now.” (Hildegard)

“Is that so…? That really helps. You may think that I’m a Paladin, but I’m not really good at it. Well, it’s natural because I’m originally a bumpkin.” (Ingrid)

“Really? That reminds me, didn’t you say that you had saved your village?” (Soma)

“You may not think too much of it, but… were you a Paladin at that time?” (Hildegard)

“No, it has been less than two years.” (Ingrid)

“Hmm. For some reason, I feel that’s quite solid, but… well, I wonder if you had been trained with great care.” (Soma)

“Yes. I’m sure it was. Well, anyway, shall we conduct the investigation?” (Ingrid)

While tilting his head to Ingrid, who sounded vague, he had no objection to conducting an investigation. Along with nodding, Soma and others moved from the spot.


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