Ex Strongest Swordsman 273 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Ex Strongest, Rejecting the Words of God


Ex Strongest, Rejecting the Words of God

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Soma let out a breath, looking sideways at the tableware being arranged.

It was a breath of satisfaction.

“Hmm… I already knew that the food here is delicious.” (Hildegard)

“That’s excellent. This doesn’t suit Iori’s taste, and the other guy was very concerned about what he didn’t finish eating. It looks like you’ve finished everything, and hearing those words will help him regain his confidence.” (Satya)

“Hmm…?” (Soma)

A familiar name came out of Satya’s mouth which reminded Soma of him. The thing that went through his mind was the scene where Iori was saying something meaningful. Perhaps, he was mentioning something about Satya.

“It seems that you know Iori… or perhaps I should ask, did he ever come here?” (Soma)

“Hmm? Yeah, well. It was a long time ago when he fulfilled his duties as the Hero and began to call himself the Demon King.” (Satya)

“At least, that’s before I was reincarnated, isn’t it? Did he also eat here?” (Soma)

“Yes. I had a bit trouble bringing him here. He didn’t try to move from there in a different way than you did.” (Satya)

“Hmm… Did you make him move well? If he decides not to move, you will not be able to make him move.” (Soma)

“Yes, I couldn’t make him move at all. So, I decided to use a slightly brute force method. Well, it’s a rough job of temporarily connecting this place and his place spatially. That way, he won’t break his principle that he won’t move from there either.” (Satya)

“That is really an aggressive method…” (Soma)

Was this how God had its way? It might be better to say that ‘she’ didn’t bring that castle here, but… no, was there a big difference?

“Well, anyhow, what is this all about?” (Soma)

“What do you mean?” (Satya)

“I haven’t been told how I can use magic yet?” (Soma)

“Aah, that’s right. I completely forgot while I was enjoying the delicious meal.” (Satya)

It was clearly a lie, but it was also obvious that there was no need to pursue the matter. It seemed that ‘she’ planned to talk about it in the first place, so there was no point to rushing it. Soma just needed to know how he could use magic.

Yes, he hadn’t heard about it yet. The moment Satya tried to talk about it, they were told that the food was ready, and she decided to eat it before it cooled down.

She could have continued to talk about it, but she somehow didn’t feel like it and ended up chatting, and… that was how it was at the moment.

“So? How can I use magic?” (Soma)

“Aren’t you an impatient one? If you’re too tight, girls won’t like you, you know? Well, that’s not the information you need.” (Satya)

“…Satya?” (Soma)

“Yes, yes. I got it. You don’t have to stare like that. Rather, do you want me to forgive you for assuming importance? Anyhow, if you ask me, it’s a very straightforward method.” (Satya)

“Straightforward, is it…?” (Soma)

Although Soma had researched and tried various things, was there really a straightforward method? He didn’t think that was the case, but…

“Aah, it’s not too straightforward, and it’s not easy. After all, the method is to give you the Rules of Magic Path.” (Satya)

Soma fell silent immediately after the words because he was convinced.

Certainly, the method wasn’t surprising, but it wasn’t easy. Aside from the God Satya, there was no other way to obtain it.

Even so…

“Rules… isn’t it that God’s authority? Certainly, then, it would be possible to use magic as expected.” (Soma)

“It means that you will be able to manipulate the magic law itself. That means you will be able to use magic. So, how is it? If this is the case, I think your wish will definitely come true, right?” (Satya)

There was no reason to deny it. As ‘she’ said, if he could obtain it, he would be able to use magic.

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“…Are you sure it’s alright? Authority is the power of God itself, and it is essential for managing the world, right? Is it alright to give such a thing to me?” (Soma)

“Did Hildegard tell you about that matter? Well, speaking of whether it’s alright or not, it’s not alright. But that’s the matter in the discussion right now. In the first place, I’m trying to get in the way of what the world is trying to do.” (Satya)

“Hmm… that’s for sure.” (Soma)

“And I’ve already given authority to Hildegard. So, there is more meaning in that sense. Also, this is maybe too much to hear, but it’s impossible from the beginning to have all the authorities by myself. To begin with, there were two existences in charge for all of it.” (Satya)

“So, there is no problem if you give it away?” (Soma)

“Of course, if it’s not good for anyone, then, there’s no authority for anyone. However, at least with regard to the Rules of Magic Path, it’s not originally under my jurisdiction. I wanted to do that if I could entrust it to someone, and that will make your wish come true. It will be like killing two birds with one stone.” (Satya)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

It was a good idea to show that both sides got the benefit, rather than benefiting one side only. Although the price was to save the world… If he was told that he would be given that for the sake of fulfilling Soma’s wish, he would doubt it for sure.

“That said, to accept the offer would be another matter.” (Soma)

“Oh my, do you have a problem in any part of it? I’m not lying, and other than that, it’s a bit too much to say that.” (Satya)

“Rather, it’s the problem before that.” (Soma)

“Hmm? What do you mean? I thought you were willing to cooperate with us, but… is that not true?” (Satya)

“It is all coming together, you know? It seems that you have to do it in various meanings. Anyhow, that’s not what I want to accept. To begin with, I don’t want to accept any rewards.” (Soma)

To begin with, he decided to help Satya simply because it seemed that it had something to do with Soma. Namely, he was doing it on his own free will, so it would be wrong to ask for rewards there.

The only reason why he went out of his way to hear about how he was going to be able to use magic was because he thought it would be some kind of hint. He didn’t want to hear the explanation of the reward in particular. It was convenient to hear it, so he didn’t make a correction, but if Saya didn’t tell him, he would ask for it.

“You’re serious, isn’t it? But, from God’s point of view, it’s impossible for you to use magic in any way other than to give you the Rules authority, you know? You can’t use magic because your soul has been completed at a higher level. Your soul can’t accept the extra magic, unless you forcibly interfere with it with the power of the Rule authority.” (Satya)

“Is it impossible? That’s a nostalgic word.” (Soma)

“Nostalgic…?” (Satya)

“It was a word that was often said in the previous life. Especially when it comes to defeating the Dragon God, it was said many times. However, it was because I didn’t stop there, I am here now… So, even if God says that, I have no reason to give up.

Above all, it was extremely improper to give up.

He definitely wanted to use magic. However, it should be obtained only after searching for how to use magic.

Perhaps, it couldn’t have been possible to obtain it easily because of something.

“…Is that even if you won’t be able to use magic as a result?” (Satya)

“At that time, I probably couldn’t help it. Well, I’m not going to give up until I die… no, not even if I die.” (Soma)

Soma didn’t know if there would be another life. However, if there wasn’t one, it was up to him to work hard for it.

He had already experienced once. So, there was no reason not to be able to do the same.

“Fuh… hehe… I see. Do you really think so? Goodness, you always entertain me.” (Satya)

“I have no intention of entertaining you.” (Soma)

While saying such a thing, Soma shrugged his shoulders. Right at that moment, the door was opened with tremendous momentum.

“Hah.. hah…! I-I have returned..! Soma, did she do anything strange to you…!?” (Hildegard)

When he turned around, there was Hildegard, who seemed to be out of breath. She should have just left, but… then, he was wondering how impatient she was for returning in the middle of the day.

“Heh… this is also something unexpected. I don’t think you’ll be back soon… Hehe, you really entertain me.” (Satya)

“What does that mean!? Did you do…!?” (Hildegard)

“No, you don’t have to worry. I’ve been rejected. Even so, I was confident in my appearance, but… I wonder if it’s no good to be older.” (Satya)

“Why did you look at me while you’re saying that…!? I’m still bursting with youth and energy…!” (Hildegard)

“Uwahh, I don’t think that is true. For starters, if you are really young, you wouldn’t say that.” (Satya)

“You’re noisy!” (Hildegard)

Soma let out a breath while watching the two of them conversing in that way.

He couldn’t help but to think that ‘she’ was overemphasizing it, but… that was fine. As for magic, he wanted to use it because of his own power.

Soma let out a breath again as if to strengthen that determination.


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