Ex Strongest Swordsman 268 (Self Edited) – Paladin and Suspicious People?


Paladin and Suspicious People?

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To be honest, Ingrid initially thought that those people were suspicious or something.

She had some confidence in her intuition, and even if she had no basis, it told her that she should definitely speak to them.  She was wondering whether they were suspicious people, and she observed them. However, they didn’t do anything unnecessary.

In fact, such a thing wasn’t unusual either. Certainly, one of the Paladin’s roles was to patrol the city, but that was the reason why Ingrid was forced to do just that.

It would be a lie if she said that she had nothing to think about, but this was also an important role in protecting the people of the city. When she thought about it, she was enthusiastic about looking around, and she was wondering what kind of people she could see this time…

“…Is he… no, what on earth are you guys…?” (Ingrid)

That was the question she asked earlier. It was a feeling she had when they suddenly began to explain the reason for her intuition that no one knew, but… at that time, the feeling of confusion was strong.

But now, it was different. It was rather awe-inspiring now.

“Well… we said that earlier, right? We are just guests. Aah, no, I don’t know if I can say that we’re guests, but… well, it doesn’t make a difference since it’s not a big deal.” (Hildegard)

That was definitely a lie. If they weren’t a big deal,  it could be asserted that there would be almost no one in this world who could be valued as a big deal.

Otherwise, the scene before her couldn’t be explained.

“You say that you’re not, and yet, it’s possible to do something in this situation?” (Ingrid)

“Of course, it’s not weird if it’s that much right? Anyone with Special Rank skills should be able to do this kind of thing normally.” (Hildegard)

“I don’t think it’s normally enough at the time like this even if you have Special Rank skills…” (Ingrid)

Skills weren’t absolute. No, if she said so, there would be some misunderstanding, but still, it was a fact in the sense that it wasn’t an absolute indicator.

For example, Ingrid had Advanced Rank Swordsmanship skill. It wasn’t exaggeration to say that it was one of the highest ranks among close quarter combat skill holders, as there were so few people who had Special Rank skills that could be said to be exceptions.

However, at the same time, it was just a matter from the perspective of skill. Actually, Ingrid wasn’t so powerful among the Paladins. At least, she was somewhere in between of high level people.

Still, if it was purely based on swordsmanship only, Ingrid had the pride of competing for the first and second place, which was also a true fact. Ingrid was almost unbeatable when it came to training only with a sword.

However, fighting wasn’t just done with a sword. If there was a bow, or magic, and even if it was limited to close combat battle, there were a spear and an axe too. The situation where swords went against each other wasn’t so common in practice.

And in a battle where various factors intertwined, it was meaningless if only the swordsmanship was excellent. There were many people who were stronger than Ingrid, and they had only lower and intermediate skills. So, that was why skills weren’t an absolute indicator.

However, even in such a situation, it was exceptional to have a Special Rank skill. With a sword and a spear, the skill holders could change the whole situation of the battlefield rather than the battle itself. It was just non-standard exceptions. That was the reason why they were called Gift Holders, people who had been blessed by God.

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So, as far as those people were concerned, skills could be an absolute indicator. However, that was why Ingrid was at loss when she had that basis…

“What are you talking about? Didn’t I just tell you that you also have Special Rank skill?” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… is that so? But to be honest, I don’t really feel it…” (Ingrid)

Certainly, she was confident in her intuition, and she didn’t think that they were lying. Well, on the contrary, she even thought it was true.

She didn’t know if it was her usual guess or something else, but it was just that she thought so. However, that matter was that matter, this matter was this matter… it was true that she couldn’t really feel it.

“Well, honestly, it was hard to notice. However, by becoming aware of it, you will be able to feel it gradually.” (Hildegard)

“Is that the case…?” (Ingrid)

As expected, she couldn’t really feel it. So, when she tilted her head… Oops, she felt it there. Yes, just now, it was…

“No, it’s not something to think about. Now is…” (Ingrid)

“Anyhow, we have nothing to do, you know? It will be settled soon.” (Hildegard)

“…That may be the case, but I can’t leave it since I am a member of Paladins. Even if there’s nothing I can do.” (Ingrid)

With that said, Ingrid turned her eyes and bit her lips. That girl was right, she couldn’t do anything.

After all, she had no idea what was going there.

Although the sound of sword fighting that she was familiar to hearing reached her ears, the source was completely unknown. It only sounded like it was ringing from here and there, so… it must be an actual fact. At the same time, the debris of lightning burst in the air. There was also a sound of kicking the ground and the wall.

It was a high-speed battle that Ingrid couldn’t grasp. The situation progressed as it had been mentioned before.


“Hmm… It’s faster than I expected, but that’s it. It’s still weak compared to that time.” (Soma)

Along with such words, she heard a sound like cutting something apart. Immediately after, even if it couldn’t be recognized, there was something like a scream.

[—!!!] (??)

Together with the scream, something suddenly appeared at the edge of the field of vision. Ingrid reflexively glanced toward it as it was flying in the air.

If she wasn’t misunderstood, it was a human foot.

“…” (Ingrid)

At a glance, she knew whose foot was that because some of the clothes were also attached to it. It must belong to the man who seemed to be possessed by the Devil.

It might be unavoidable. That boy was holding a sword. It was a matter of course that there was only such a means to stop the opponent with a sword.

“…Surely if you treat it right away, it will be attached, but it won’t be restored immediately. No… I can’t say anything to me since I can’t do anything…” (Ingrid)

“Well, you don’t have to jump to a conclusion quickly. You’ll know what that means right away.” (Hildegard)

“Jump to a conclusion…?” (Ingrid)

She couldn’t ask what that meant because there was a roaring sound right after. It was the sound of something slamming on the ground, and when she turned her eyes toward that, the man’s body was there.

It was a body with no physical defects.

“…What?” (Ingrid)

Shortly afterwards, the boy landed right next to the man, but of course, both of the man’s feet were in good health.

But at the same time, the man’s foot flying in the air also fell near it, signaling that it wasn’t a hallucination. Ingrid was confused because she didn’t comprehend what it was.

“Well… there’s no point in wasting time. I don’t think we can get any information. For now, it’s over.” (Soma)

Shortly after the boy said so, the body shook.

When she noticed, the boy was behind the man, and his arm was swung out. The man’s head danced in the air… however, the head existed firmly on the man’s body.

“Wha…?” (Ingrid)

“He just cut off the man’s body. It won’t have any effect on that man. You know what I meant earlier, right?” (Hildegard)

She understood that, but this time, she didn’t understand the meaning in another sense.

It was said that the Devil possession is the possession of an entity called the Devil in the human body. She couldn’t confirm because the details were unknown. The Saintess was only saying so, but it didn’t prove the existence of the Devil.

Of course, Ingrid believed it since the Saintess said so, but it was a fact that she didn’t understand the details well. The Devil possession was something that had suddenly appeared in the last year or two, and there were still many things that she didn’t understand.

For that reason, only the Saintess should have been able to deal with the Devil possession so far. Moreover, the Devil possession was a very powerful existence, and there were times when about half of all Paladins were needed.

Not only did the boy suppress it alone, but he also defeated it…

“Who are… you guys…?” (Ingrid)

The girl didn’t reply to the question that had been asked three times. She just shrugged her shoulders while looking at the boy.


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