Ex Strongest Swordsman 259 (Self Edited) – The Latest Demon King


The Latest Demon King

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Lina was the one who first noticed it.

The reason wasn’t well understood. It was just a hunch. It was just that she had an unpleasant premonition, and she made a fuss about it, but… it became a reality.

There was no one in Soma’s room.

It was still before sunrise. It was true that Soma sometimes woke up early in the morning and practiced sword-swinging, but it was basically after the sun rose. Although he started to move when the sky was just beginning to turn white, he didn’t start it before the sun went up.

Besides, the bedding was too organized for him to be sleeping until just a moment ago. Soma was a type of person who maintained this routine, but…

“It’s more natural to judge that there is no evidence of sleeping.” (Lina)

When she touched the bed, she could verify furthermore if the body temperature was still there, but she stopped trying.

It was an act that would ruin the place in no small way. She judged that it would be better to report it as it was.

After that, it would take some time for Lina to come back to this place again, but if he was going to disappear, she would understand that he was sleeping there. It was best to leave a lookout here just in case, but there was no one who hated that guy. It would be quicker to make a report than to call someone.

After concluding that, Lina immediately turned her heels and jumped out of the room.

“…Even so, why is it Nii-sama? I don’t think you’ll be left behind, so… yeah, I have no idea what happened.” (Lina)

There was only one thing she knew. That was Soma wasn’t there. Although she was upset, she didn’t even know if he got involved in something.

In the first place, even if he got caught up in something, it was hard to think that Soma would be unilaterally done without being suspected by anyone else. In that case, it meant that Soma went out by himself. He certainly went out some time, but it wasn’t such a time. He usually told people where he would go or the purpose. He had never been this quiet.

Of course, she wasn’t saying that someone received a message from Soma and forgot to inform her.

“Then, it doesn’t explain this commotion. Well, if I’m not this is because of my mind, so be it, but… yeah, I feel that I’m not smart to have enough information.” (Lina)

It might have been too long since he woke up. If anything, she felt that she had been thinking about whatever she did these days. It was because of that, the ability to think about something alone had declined, or it seemed that she had forgotten how to do it.

Even if she talked to a certain existence, it was sleeping now. Lina wondered why the existence of only the soul needed sleep, but it didn’t make sense. All Lina could do was to wait for it to wake up.

“Well, it seems faster to report than waiting.” (Lina)

While saying, the destination came into view. Lina knew that that person was already up during this time.

Therefore, Lina leaped into the headmaster’s office with the momentum of running without hesitation.

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When Hildegard received the report, she thought that Lina was overthinking too much. She thought that someone had forgotten to give the message anyway.

It was true that Soma would inform Hildegard when he went out somewhere, but it was rarely that he didn’t tell her. This time too, she thought that it was just a coincidence of various things. Until that moment, she was urged by Lina to go to Soma’s room, and when she saw the situation, she let out a sigh.

“Hmm… I got done!” (Hildegard)

“Done? What do you mean by that?” (Lina)

“Uhm…. sorry. Your concern was right on the spot. But I didn’t expect the Fifth King of Seven Heavens would go straight there…” (Hildegard)

Hildegard also felt the smell of conflict that might erupt in the surrounding area.

Veritas was almost likely to have a civil war and it seemed that the Holy City was plotting something. Besides that, there were many other people who were secretly moving around due the founding of the country of the Demons. Although it was a small country, there was a good chance that Radeus would be involved with them.

That was why Hildegard was cautious so that she could understand whatever happened immediately, so it was a kind of achievement if she caught it from the early stage. But… this was something else.

“The Fifth King…? What is she…?” (Lina)

“Whatever it is… ‘that’ is definitely the cause. I’m not sure how she did it, but… I can’t really find a trace when using the ‘Seeing’ authority except when ‘that’ is involved.” (Hildegard)

Hildegard’s eyes were the eyes of God. In principle, it was almost impossible for anyone in this world to escape from the eyes of the creator and administrators.

Literally, it was like the letters written on a paper were somehow couldn’t be traced because the eyes were looking from a different dimension. In short, there was no way this situation was possible.

Even so, there were two exceptions. If this situation happened in the dimension equal or higher than that of Hildegard’s eyes, it might not be possible to make a concrete distinction even if the trace remained, or the trace itself wasn’t left because it had the same kind of power as Hildegard’s.

The former meant that the letters were written but it couldn’t be read because they were unknown letters, and the latter meant that the letters weren’t written. Both were in the same sense that no trace could be grasped.

And no letters were left in this place. In this world, there was no other way to do that except for Hildegard.

Although Lina, who was on her side, was confused, Hildegard couldn’t explain her feelings and the minor details. Even if there were no traces left, there was something that could be a clue…

“Hmm? Is that…?” (Hildegard)

Hildegard frowned at the moment she looked around, and then, she headed for Soma’s bed. However, it was only a moment when she went around. As soon she approached the bed, she stripped off the blanket. She heard Lina’s panicking voice at the back, but she ignored it. She picked up the folded paper that was hidden there.

“Headmaster… Is that a paper?” (Lina)

“It seems so. But it’s amazingly white. As you can see, this is a very luxurious item, but…” (Hildegard)

Even with Soma, this was something difficult to be prepared. In that case, it wasn’t necessary to think who the sender was.

“Hmm… what a sneaky behavior.” (Hildegard)

Then, she opened the paper while predicting roughly what was written. The moment she saw it, she inadvertently clicked her tongue.

“W-what was written…?” (Lina)

“If possible, I don’t want to be fired up because of this, but… I don’t expect to be fired up with this provocation…” (Hildegard)

She didn’t answer Lina’s question because she couldn’t say it there. The paper seemed to be messed up if she left it as it was, so she carefully folded it while desperately held her feeling. Then, she put it in the pocket. And…

“Now… I don’t think we have time to relax. We’ll have to go immediately.” (Hildegard)

“Eh? Where to?” (Lina)

“It’s decided… to the royal castle.” (Hildegard)

With Lina, who was still confused, Hildegard headed for the royal castle as declared.



The sun had already begun to rise, but at a time that should still be called early morning, the people gathered at the royal castle were confused in many ways.

First of all, the time was still early. They were being gathered here without being told anything except that it was an emergency call. That alone was more than enough to create confusion. Furthermore, the gathered people were also another matter of concern.

So far, the people gathered by Hildegard were Alexis, the king, Kraus and Sophia, and Sophia. Considering that they were urgently called to the royal castle, it was reasonable to be confused.


“…Hey, don’t you feel that it feels strange for us to be here?” (Aina)

“…Yes, that’s right.” (Sheila)

“Yes… since I was called, I came here first, but…” (Felicia)

“I was brought here as it was…” (Lina)

“Well, I think I’m the strangest person to be here? I think there should be a limit of being guide by a student…” (Camilla)

They were Aina, Sheila, Felicia, Lina and Camilla, who couldn’t hide the confusion. They felt like they shouldn’t be here. Alexis and others were also unable to comprehend this gathering, but Hildegard merely ignored their gazes at her.

She ignored them all. That was because she thought it wasn’t necessary. She didn’t need to explain it, but if they looked at the paper that was still in her pocket, they could probably guess.

Anyhow, since that was it, she only gave the impression.

“Honestly, I was also wondering what happened, but it would be less troublesome to do this than to explain it twice. This is the best place to talk about confidential matters.” (Hildegard)

“…Well, I thought that is the case, but are we going to discuss it here? And how about these people?” (Alexis)

“For Alexis, it’s not in the country sense. As for Sophia and Kraus, it’s a bit subtle, but I don’t think it matters. I didn’t come here because of the Demons. However, all of you may say this is related to the country.” (Hildegard)

“…I don’t think I can understand.” (Sophia)

“Yeah. Explain it properly.” (Kraus)

“It’s easy to understand about it anyway, so please wait for a while. So, Aina and the rest… and Camilla, yes, I know you’re a bit confused, but it will only take a while. It’s something that I can’t say. I’m sure you will know it sooner or later, but it’s better to know it earlier.” (Hildegard)

“…I still don’t understand the situation well, but I can imagine it somehow. At least, I notice there aren’t any people missing here.” (Alexis)

“Hmm, as I expected of you. Well, for the time being, take a look at this. Then, you can understand what I mean. Aah, by the way, I’ve already decided on what to do after this.” (Hildegard)

After saying that, Hildegard took out the paper from her pocket and gave it to Alexis first. While having a suspicious expression, Alexis glanced through everything. Then, he opened his eyes wide at that moment. Although he turned his gaze toward Hildegard, she just shrugged her shoulders.

Then, he frowned. Although he put up a difficult face, he seemed to be convinced. As he was staring at the paper, Hildegard urged him to pass the paper over as soon as possible. The paper was passed to Sophia, and… the reaction from that point onward was similar to Alexis. It was the same when the paper went to Kraus, Sylvia, Aina and the others. However, in the case of Aina and the others, their expression included the feeling of surprise.

Even so, it seemed that they all understood what Hildegard was trying to say. When the paper went around and came back to her, she squeezed the paper as her emotion commanded without any hesitation.

“I don’t know why I told you this first, but I’m pretty sure other countries will see something similar in the future. It’s good to plan how to move at that time.” (Hildegard)

After telling them what she wanted to say, she burned down the trash in her hands to subtitle the ending signal of discussion. When she opened her hand, the remaining ash scattered. No one complained about it.

There were some words written on it, but in summary, the last sentence was enough.

‘– In the name of the Fifth King, Soma Neumont is recognized as the newest Demon King.’

Hildegard clenched her fist again, looking at everyone’s thoughtful faces.


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