Ex Strongest Swordsman 257 (Self Edited) – Momentary Reminiscent – Part 3


Momentary Reminiscent – Part 3

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Soma squinted while he  bathed in the wind with the scent of the tide. When he looked up at the sky, the blue sky was spreading, and when he looked down, the same color was spreading as well. He was in the middle of a voyage.

Three days had already passed since leaving the land, so all he around him was the horizon. Although the ship seemed to be moving straight, Soma didn’t really know if it really was. However, he got quite used to it since he was able to look at the scenery leisurely without feeling anxious.

Well, it might be natural when he had repeated the boat trip that took more than a month many times.

It might sound fast, but ten years had passed since Soma came to this world. It had been almost four years since he left the country, the city he was staying for the first time, and he got used to traveling now.

But when it came to this world, he felt like he no longer felt accustomed to it. He realized this many times while traveling that this was only because of his mind. There were still many surprises, and recently, he had come to think that he might not get used to it. The most surprising thing was there were Gods in this world. Gods were everywhere in a literal sense, not at that level of having evidence.

No, it might be an overstatement, but it was true that it was relatively easy to find them if he looked for it. It wasn’t once or twice that Soma saw miracles caused by God.

However, the reason why he didn’t become devout was because he knew at the same time there were various things in God. He saw a god who had a hand in the misfortunes of daily life, and there was a God who became troubled because He listened to people’s wishes too much.

Appearance, personality, good and evil. Everything was different for each God, and the only thing they had in common was that they were able to use the power they deserved to be called a God.

However, as Soma learned about that, he came to be convinced about a certain fact. That was he couldn’t return to his original word.

According to them, there was no God in this world who had the power to cross the world. If they just look at it or reincarnate only with his soul, it seemed to be a different matter, but the latter was meaningless as well as the former. So, would he return if he died?

In fact, he didn’t feel like going home from the beginning. It wasn’t that he had a lot of regrets living in the original world, but it was more appealing to stay in this world. Perhaps, he wasn’t certain yet if he hadn’t gone on travel, but anyhow, he just accepted it if he couldn’t go home.

By the way, since he left that city, Soma had never stayed in one place for more than a month. It was simply because it was fun to travel.

Of course, there were many difficult things, but the fun was more than that. One of them was the battle with monsters, which at first he remembered some fear.

It was really fun to go to a new place and fight monsters that he had never seen before. Once he had a painful experience, he tried to collect information properly in advance, but even so, the monsters sometimes did things that he couldn’t expect.

However, the joy of surpassing it and defeating it was exceptional. Above all, it was good to be able to feel that his swordsmanship became better. After all, practice was the most important thing to improve swordsmanship.

As a matter of course, he continue to swing sword every day. No matter how tired he was. It had already become a daily routine, and he felt like if he didn’t do it, he didn’t feel completed.

But Soma hadn’t learned swordsmanship from anyone yet. He didn’t have the opportunity. Although that was a fact, that was also a common courtesy. Somehow, he didn’t think that he would be taught by anyone other than those who made him started swinging sword.

And that would never come true.

“That reminds me, it has been another year since then.” (Soma)

It wasn’t until a while after he went on a journey that he learned that those two were a master swordsman and his best disciple. He wasn’t surprised at that, but rather, he remembered the feeling of conviction and pride.

Even he didn’t learn anything, there was something he could get. Their sword fight, which was the beginning of everything, and a wooden sword. That was it, but it was more than enough.

“Besides… I have another one now.” (Soma)

He muttered and looked down at the waist. What he saw wasn’t a wooden sword, but a sword with a metallic luster.

Soma had been using the wooden sword for a long time even when he went on a trip, but it broke about a year ago. This was what he got instead.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

It was a sword used by the master swordsman, and it was also a memento.

It was Soma who took care of him at the end. However, it was a coincidence.

He reunited with the best disciple after receiving a quest, but the one with a certain power existed there. It was an existence called Devil, which was different from monsters.

On the other hand, there were three of them. Soma tried his best not to get in the way, and it seemed that the best disciple was the same. There was no difference between Soma and the best disciple, but the opponent was too strong.

The master swordsman was never frightened by such an opponent. The battle remained even, and… eventually, the Devil’s body sunk to the ground.

But at the same time, the master swordsman also collapsed on the spot. He was at his limit.

Both Soma and the best disciple were tattered all over the body, but still… Soma was better because he didn’t pose a threat. He was safe because the Devil didn’t aim for him.

The best disciple was looking regretfully at the sight of the master, who was about to die, crouching on the spot. It was probably because it couldn’t help it, and above all, he couldn’t see him nearby. Soma didn’t have enough strength to help someone, and he also waited for that moment beside the mater swordsman, with regret and apology in his heart.

There was already nothing he could do. All he could do was see him off.

To Soma, the master presented the sword that he had held until the end. It was as if he head presented a wooden sword at that time.

The master swordsman nodded with a satisfying smile to Soma, who had receive the sword reflexively, and died as it was. Until the end, he didn’t say anything to Soma. As if it wouldn’t be necessary to say anything.

The master swordsman’s body was buried there. There was a feeling that the master swordsman wanted to be buried there and that coincided with the best disciple opinion. Only a part of the equipment was removed as a sign of his death, but the others were buried as they were, and that was the end of the master swordsman.

Of course, Soma wanted to return the sword, but the best disciple didn’t accept it. Since the sword was handed to Soma, only he was eligible to receive it. Soma thought that it was too much for him to accept it, and wanted to bury it there, but he decided to accept it after a bit trouble. He swore to improve his swordsmanship more than ever so that he wouldn’t regret for being handed over the sword.

He parted from the best disciple, and since then, he had never met him. However, Soma thought that it was certain that the best disciple to continue his swordsmanship desperately from now on.

To be suitable as the best disciple of the master swordsman. In order not to regret it this time…

“…Maybe one day, there will be time to exchange swords.” (Soma)

At first, Soma thought that he could use the sword. After that, he only vaguely honed his swordsmanship, and since then, he had set a solid goal. To catch up with the master swordsman, and… aiming to go even higher than that. It meant that to master the path of the sword and reach the top.

If he was still aiming, that was just right.

However, he was sure the best disciple would be the same. Soma was convinced by looking at his eyes at the time of farewell. Perhaps, the other side should be the same.

That was why one day they had to decide who was better.

“…I’m looking forward to it.” (Soma)

It was heartfelt. He might die or might be killed.

But more than that, he was genuinely looking forward to it. Someday, he would fight the one who was called the best disciple of that master swordsman. He wanted to defeat him and climb to the top of the swordsmanship.

Just by imagining it, the edge of the mouth naturally lifted up.

“Hmm… that’s not the case when you’re looking at the scenery in this way.” (Soma)

Soma pulled out his sword, thinking that it was a perfect day for training now that he had spare time. He swung up as it was. Somehow, he looked up at the sky.

“…I can’t still see it today, huh?” (Soma)

Although he squinted his eyes to look at what was ahead, the only thing in the field of view was the blue. He couldn’t see what he want there.

To reach the top of the swordsmanship… It was already a decision, and Soma had also decided how to confirm it.

There were various existences in this world. Devils, Gods and Dragons.

However, there was only one that was called the strongest. That was the existence that was also called the Dragon God.

If he could defeat that God, he would be able to prove it. That he was able to reach the top of the swordsmanship…

However, that was still a long way off…

“One day, I will definitely reach it. That’s why you should look forward to that time.” (Soma)

When he muttered as if God was there, he looked down and shook his arm as it was.


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