Ex Strongest Swordsman 212 (Self Edited) – Amusement of the Beginning


Amusement of the Beginning

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There was no precursor at the beginning.

No… should it be said that what was happening was the precursor? In any case, for most people, it was no different than a sudden start. Their gazes were directed at the sudden appearance in the sky.

The same was true for the soldiers protecting the royal capital. They were the first to move, but they also looked up at the sky as stunned as those around them.

It was easy to say that they were negligent, but in a sense, they couldn’t help with it. More than two weeks had already passed since the emergency deployment began. At first, they were wary of what was going on, but they would feel relaxed when nothing happened during that period of time. They couldn’t be blamed if they thought that nothing would happen today.

But then, if they were told that they were negligent, they couldn’t refute it.

“Now… most of you probably don’t know, so let me introduce myself. Nice to meet you, I am the Demon King.” (Demon King)

And that… the Demon King began to introduce himself while looking down, as if to mock them. He folded his arm and said it in an arrogant manner, but… he slightly frowned because of no reaction.

“Hmm…? Are the fools too lofty to understand? Or are they too afraid to react? Good, I allow you to bow and kneel. Those who do well, I will kill you without letting you suffer too much.” (Demon King)

But again, there was no response. Rather, most people didn’t even know how to react.

His voice was well received, and there was a strange presence in the appearance too. That was why everyone looked up at once, and… they were confused when they heard what was said.

That would be so. Certainly, there was a presence, but if it was say the other way around, that was it.

The person who looked similar to them floated in the sky and called himself the Demon King. Obviously, it was unusual for that person to float in the sky, but that itself wasn’t enough to scare them. It was such a thing.

Of course, they knew where they lived. There was the Demon Forest in contact with the territory of the kingdom, and the Demon territory existed beyond that.

But, to be honest, even though they understood it, it was hard to say that they totally understood it. It was because from the establishment of the Kingdom of Radeus, there wasn’t any attack from the Demon, not even a slight damage.

Demon King? They knew only the name, but what was it? That kind of feeling.

If this were another country, there might be some other reactions. But for them, the name of Demon and Demon King were something they were used to. As a result, even if they heard that name, they wouldn’t react excessively since they weren’t never get involved. They would react more if they had heard the name of a distant relative.

To begin with, they had never seen anything like a Demon King. Since no one had seen it before, it was a matter of rumors that it didn’t really exist. The first thing that came to mind when a person claimed that he was the Demon King was ‘is this a joke? Yes, it was that reaction.

From the confusion to suspicion, something strange had come out at the end. The shock began to mix with eyes. Then, the Demon King narrowed his eyes.

“…I see, they are fools after all. They can’t see my greatness. Well, I guess it’s unavoidable for the fools? Hmm… in that case, I let you see my greatness…” (Demon King)

The words didn’t utter until the end. The reason was there were more roaring sounded on the spot.

A giant flame blossomed, and his appearance which was seen up until now wasn’t there anymore. Then, the soldiers finally settled down. Whether he was really the Demon King or a weird guy trying to deceive them, there was no difference in what they did.

That said, it wasn’t necessary to think about who launched this current assault. They didn’t think that they needed to consider who was it anymore.

“Wha–…” (??)

A stunned mutter leaked from the mouth of a soldier who was looking at the sky.

The people actually didn’t need to look, but those who were looking forward also turned their eyes back to what was going on. As they opened their eyes wide, they heard a similar voice.

“…It can’t be?” (??)

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After the flame had been extinguished, the person they thought that was burned out was there with the same appearance. Yes, he didn’t change… he was unscathed. He hadn’t even changed his way of folding the arms.

In the unlikely situation, the buzz spread among the people as if the agitation of the soldiers was transmitted.

“You… you have no respect for disturbing me.” (Demon King)

However, the Demon King hadn’t seen it yet. The gaze was much higher than that, and there was a woman floating in the sky like himself.

“Oh my, it’s natural to have no respect, right? I don’t have a bit of respect for you anyway.” (Sophia)

“Hummph… it seems you can do a little, but a fool is still a fool, isn’t it? Fine, I’ll show you my greatness… hmm? You, from where–…” (Demon King)

Once again, the word wasn’t spoken until the end. There was a shadow which jumped in with tremendous power from below.

“Haaaa!” (Kraus)

At the moment, a high-pitched echo resembled that of metal hitting each other. A huge sword was swung down in front of the Demon King, but… it stopped there, as if blocked by an invisible wall.

“Tsk…!” (Kraus)

“Again, huh… you all, how many times do you want to annoy me? Fools are just fools. Just hang your head and be quiet until they are killed by me…!” (Demon King)

At the same time as the furious shouting, a powerful shock wave occurred on the spot, blowing off the shadow, Kraus, who was about to take the next move. Kraus was lucky enough to evade the shock wave, but if it was an average person, he would turn to dust.

He was blown away by a few meters, but without any signs of being hurt. Then, he descended as it was next to Sophia. The Demon king looked down on those two people, but then, he lifted one eyebrow as if he had noticed something.

“Hmm…? You guys… Well, I thought I recognized you. You were at that time huh?” (Demon King)

“…It’s surprising. I never thought you would remember us.” (Sophia)

“Well, that’s because you guys were still the best among the small fishes. You didn’t seem to be in despair when your spirit had broken. So, I was thinking of letting you taste despair this time if you came to me, but… well, it looks just right.” (Demon King)

The mouth of the Demon King, who narrowed his eyes, began to distort happily. In front of such a Demon King, Sophia and Kraus were prepared to be wary. Then, the Demon King opened his mouth as if he remembered something.

“Oh yes, I almost forgot. Well, it doesn’t make much sense, but… this is entertainment from me. Enjoy it at best.” (Demon King)

He said so as he snapped his fingers, but there was no change in the place. Nevertheless, they looked down as if they had been hit because they understood what had happened.

“You… Can you even do that?” (Sophia)

“That’s right, I can do that now. Well, don’t worry. I told you. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t mean anything because there is actually a barrier, right?” (Demon King)

That was a fact. What happened just now that the moment the Demon King snapped his finger, several monsters appeared around the royal capital. However, since there was a barrier to prevent monsters, they shouldn’t be able to penetrate the royal capital, but…

“I used to say that it’s meaningless. But, it’s not meaningless, right?” (Demon King)

“That’s true… in many ways. How much impact does it have anyway?” (Sophia)

At present, most of them didn’t notice because they were concerned about the sky, but some of the soldiers should already have noticed. It was only a matter of time before the people noticed.

And if that happened, there was no doubt that the royal capital would soon be overcome by chaos. They were prepared to see something like the Demon King, but it was indeed unexpected that the Demon King really appeared, and such an event would occur.

“Hmm, is there something not true with what I have said? It makes sense because it is something that makes you taste more fear and despair. But if you go down there, they’ll be easily annihilated. So, it’s meaningless in a sense, right?” (Demon King)

“That is true if I go there.” (Sophia)

That was also true. Some of the monsters seemed to be reasonably strong as she might have expected, but they could get rid of them easily either one of them went there.

However, Kraus and Sophia could do that. Even if they were two of them, it was hard to imagine that they could defeat the Demon King. If they fight alone, they would simply be beaten.

“So, you’re not going there… Well, it’s fine. Then, I’ll just play with you.” (Demon King)

“…” (Sophia)

At the moment, the Demon King’s sense of intimidation increased. They knew it, but he didn’t seem to do it all out.

No… it was probably far from his full power. Even so, they had no choice but to do something about it.

There were many things to worry about. Perhaps, the Demon King should have been defeated, but why did he appear this way? Why did he appear here in the first place?

Buf if they asked him, the answer didn’t matter anyway. So now, they just need to focus on this battle.

No matter how hard they tried, it wasn’t possible to win. Therefore, it was important to earn time here. That was why they came all the way to the sky.

It was Sophia’s magic that Kraus was floating in the sky now. But to be honest, Sophia wasn’t very good at this magic.

Moreover, it was for two people, The concentration for the control and the mana were taken away. Compared to fighting on the ground, thirty percent of their fighting abilities had disappeared. Kraus, who wasn’t used to fighting in the sky, couldn’t fight well.

Still, there were two reasons why they came here.

One was that they didn’t have to think about the impact on the surroundings. If they fight on the ground, they didn’t know how much damage would be done. But here, they didn’t have to think about it.

And more importantly, the second reason. There was a certain height here, and it was outside of the range of the barrier.

Since the Demon King wasn’t a monster, even if he came inside the barrier, he wouldn’t be affected. But, in the case of Hildegard, she had to do her best. When they considered the fact, it was better to fight up here for these two reasons.

Of course, until Hildegard came, they had to hold out together, but they could see at a glance where they were fighting. The arrival times would vary depending on where Hildegard was right now, but to that extent they should be able to withstand.

Rather, if they couldn’t do that much, it was a dream to think that they could defeat the Demon King. Even on the ground, everyone should be doing whatever they could.

In that case…

“Hmm… so you want to oppose me, is it? Fine. In that case, just struggle. If it ends in the same way at that time, it will be too awful, isn’t it?” (Demon King)

“Don’t you say that…!” (Sophia)

“Yeah… we’re not the same at that time…!” (Kraus)

Sophia began chanting and Kraus leaped in. The Demon King looked at them with his arms folded, and… they clashed.


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