Ex Strongest Swordsman 203 (Cleaned) – Temporary Peace


Temporary Peace

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The scene which spread in the royal capital seemed to be as usual today. There was a smile on the faces of the people and the square was full of laughter.  Although it was still far from other countries, it was safe to say that it was still prosperous enough.

Compared to the scene that she had seen before, it was at the level of difference between cloud and mud.

“I guess it’s too much to say that… this scene was made by our hard work.” (Sophia)

Looking at such a scene, squinting, Sophia spelled the words not to anyone. The reason why mockery appeared on her face was because she knew exactly what they had done so far.

It was an undeniable fact that they had established this country. However, at the same time, it would be too unreasonable to put them altogether.

In particular, what they had been doing sounded good when it came to national defense, but the citizens merely withdrew to a remote area. Even though Kraus, who had repeated small-scale clashes with neighboring countries, had no recollection of a conflict with monsters since she took the position of territory lord.

Even though she was keeping an eye on the Demon Forest, she was only keeping an eye. The rest was only maintaining the security within the territory, and it was only a matter of course for a territory lord. She wasn’t doing anything she could be proud of.

To say that they had established this country would be nothing more than an impertinent story. Furthermore, when she considered what she had contributed–….

“If you didn’t contribute, isn’t it like I am also not doing anything?I mean I’m lower in position than you.” (???)

Looking at the voice that suddenly appeared, it was a familiar face that was there. The figure was fully equipped with a giant ax on its back, which wasn’t suitable to be brought in this place.

However, it was true that there was no hesitation and the person looked dignified still.

“Camilla… so you have returned.” (Sophia)

“Well, it’s just now.” (Camilla)

“I see… So, how’s the outside?” (Sophia)

“It’s similar to here. It was as peaceful as ever.” (Camilla)

Saying that while shrugging, Camilla lined up with Sophia and looked to her side. She looked and squinted, just like Sophia.

“Yeah… I guess I can’t see it. Speaking of which, you can see them, right?” (Camilla)

“In addition to using magic, there are ‘eyes’ spread around them. If I can’t see this much, I can’t be a watcher.” (Sophia)

“Surely, that’s true. Since you can do that, haven’t you contributed enough to this country?” (Camilla)

“I usually only use it in the territory, you know? And even now, I can ‘t find anything. So, even though I’m monitoring them, there’s still no use. I think it’s more helpful to be on the lookout.” (Sophia)

“No, no, if you aren’t being useful here, I’m also similar you know? I’ve looked around and found nothing so far. Either way, you’re better than me even though I’m moving around.” (Camilla)

“Well, you’re better than me, you know.” (Sophia)

“No, you are.” (Camilla)

“It’s you.” (Sophia)

“Nope, it’s you.” (Camilla)

When they realized, they were staring at each other. Looking at each other’s faces silently for a moment…

“..Pfftt.” (Sophia)

“Haa… What is this? Why are we pushing each other?” (Camilla)

“Dear me…” (Sophia)

After laughing at what they were doing, they turned their eyes to the outside again.

There was still a peaceful sight. They didn’t think that it might be threatened.

However, that was fine, and it had to be that way. In order to remain at peace, Sophia decided to abandon her duchy territory and came to the royal capital.

“But if you don’t have anything up to this point, you’ll have the illusion that it’s actually peaceful.” (Sophia)

“Well, if you say it right here, then, that’s right. Rather, that guy often doubted it. Even though there was a warning, it was anonymous, wasn’t it?” (Camilla)

“Yes, that’s what I heard.” (Sophia)

It was about the possibility that the royal capital would be attacked.

It seemed that this was the first case in which a warning sentence was written. Of course, it looked suspicious, but the problem was that it was delivered directly to the king’s bedroom, and when the king was asleep.

There was also a security problem, and if it was done with a bad intention, why was it directly given to the king? There was no point in using a long way to handle this matter, but if it was done with a bad intention in the first place, what was needed to be achieved by doing so?

It was too suspicious to judge that it was done with a good intention, but the king’s judgment was quick. For now, it was considered as a fact, and the reconnaissance was put around the royal capital.

And then, they discovered that all villagers were gone in the villages where the reconnaissance took place. That happened in all four places where reconnaissance was at the same time. It would be correct for the scouts to give up on further reconnaissance in the event of an apparent anomaly and to return immediately.

They concluded that the warning was true and they even assumed that the bad guy was a Shadow Eater. Furthermore, it was at this time that they considered the possibility of multiple Shadow Eaters from the scale, and they sent rescue notice to the academy.

By the way, they contacted Sophia in the early stages and since the reconnaissance was conducted at the same time, she could see how the king took this matter seriously from the beginning.

“When I think about it, it was correct to entrust him the position of the king.” (Camilla)

“Yes… nobody else could have made this decision. If you look only at the results, it is possible that the initial measure was a bit slow, but it is also possible that the opponent didn’t move because the initial measure was early.” (Sophia)

“Aah, as I expected, you’re also thinking that there is something behind all this.” (Camilla)

“That’s obvious, right? It’s too tricky and cunning. I don’t know if it’s really Shadow Eaters, but no matter what kind of work this is, that monster isn’t something that moves as it pleases.” (Sophia)

Sophia didn’t know what it was but… Hildegard had already made a move, so at least she would know before long who was the opponent.

Unless the opponent was far beyond Hildegard’s expectation, that would be another matter.

“Someone beyond Hildegard’s level? Hmm, that will be someone like Soma, but… speaking of which,I saw Hildegard and Soma together sometimes at the academy. Did you know that?” (Camilla)

“No? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. But then again, in the past, that woman was… interested in Iori and something along that line, so if she is getting along with that boy, I don’t think it’s strange, right?” (Sophia)

“…Is that it?” (Camilla)

“Is there anything else?” (Sophia)

“There are various things, you know? Look, are you going to give your cute boy to that Lolibaba?” (Camilla)

“I didn’t say that, right? What do you think of me?” (Sophia)

“What, you didn’t say that, huh? Tsk.” (Camilla)

“I mean, you’ve been talking about her as a Lolibaba for a long time, but don’t you think that you are also the same?” (Sophia)

“Haa? I’m totally different, and this is my tribal characteristics, so…” (Camilla)

“Well, I’m not saying that since I have no way to confirm it, alright…” (Sophia)

While turning her eyes in the direction of the day after tomorrow, she sighed at Camilla, who was mimicking whistling. For some reason, Hildegard and Camilla didn’t get along well since the past. It wasn’t so much that they were opposing each other, but when it came to certain matters, they were arguing with each other.

When they worked together at the academy, Sophia thought that there was a change in their relationship even a little, but apparently, nothing changed.

“Well, that’s fine. Nevertheless, I thought that she accepted this matter quite easily. I wonder if it has something to do with that area.” (Sophia)

“Aah… I wonder about that. When you say it in that way, I have a feeling that it’s related…” (Camilla)

“You’re here right now, so that boy may be involved, right?” (Sophia)

“Haa? No… It doesn’t matter to me at all.” (Camilla)

“Hehe, really? In that case, I’ll keep that in mind.” (Sophia)

“…Tsk.” (Camilla)

Although she turned away while smacking her lips, Camilla herself knew what it really was.

She was here for security reasons, as evidenced by her full armament. Since they didn’t want the citizens to think that something had happened and they needed reasonably skilled manpower, Camilla was also called in the same way as Hildegard.

However, if they contacted Camilla first… and if she was in Sophia’s mansion, she surely wouldn’t accept the job. Even if she thought about this country, she also had the thought that she wasn’t eligible to do something about it.

However, if things remained as it were, it wasn’t possible to leave the mansion and go to the academy. Needless to say, this was something she expected to happen.

“Ugh… I’m getting angry. By the way, it’s already too late to ask you this, but you don’t seem to care about Soma?” (Camilla)

“Aah, is it about him disappearing? Of course I’m worried about that boy. But I’m sure he’s doing well.” (Sophia)

“Well, yeah. I wonder if he’s doing something anywhere by now.” (Camilla)

Sophia also shifted her gaze from the state of the capital to the sky, just like Camilla, who had a distant eye, while loosening her mouth. What spread there was a clear blue sky.

Whether she looked below or above, it was a scene of peace itself. It was almost as if the illusion was real, but that wasn’t the case. The royal capital was definitely in danger.

It should be that way, but… at this rate, she doubted that it would happen soon. Before that happened, she hoped Hildegard would find any clues. She, then, turned to the clear blue sky and let out a big sigh that didn’t suit the occasion.


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