Ex Strongest Swordsman 179 (Cleaned) – Ex Strongest, Watching the Parent and His Child


Ex Strongest, Watching the Parent and His Child

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Whether it should be said as expected, Felicia and Sheila seemed to be spending their spare time. When they returned to the room, Felicia was looking at the wall and not doing anything.

“Aah, finally you’re back… and these people are…?” (Felicia)

Soma nodded at Felicia’s question which came slightly late. Rather than letting her have a conversation with strangers directly, Soma thought it would be better for someone she knew to mediate.

“Umm, the man over there is more or less the present Demon King.” (Soma)

“…Why are you being ambiguous?” (Sheila)

Unlike Felicia, Sheila, who entered the room and turned her face toward Soma, asked so. It might be because she was simply wondering. Well, it was certainly the time to verify, and…

“Aah, it’s fine if you don’t worry too much. Since the person himself said so, it’s not a big deal.” (Aina)

Aina’s statement was half correct. In fact, Soma actually explained Iori’s position.

But whether it made sense or not, that would be another matter. Perhaps, it should be said that Soma thought that there was almost definitely a certain meaning. This was because Iori’s appearance at that time was somewhat meaningful.

He didn’t say it right away because it was too much of a hassle. It might be due to the circumstances, the time required to explain, and the last was the personality of the person himself. Aina also seemed to be aware that she might get involved in such a hassle, so she avoided talking about it.

“Well, as I have just introduced, I am Iori, the Demon King. Although I am the Demon King, call me Iori. Since you’re Aina’s friends, you don’t need to be formal.” (Iori)

Apparently, the treatment was similar to Felicia and Sheila. Rather than being told by Soma to trust Iori, it would be much better to tell them himself that he wasn’t a problematic someone even if it was a hassle. He let out a sigh since Iori hadn’t changed.

“By the way, it’s fine to meet you, but what are we going to do now?” (Soma)

It was a question to both Aina and Iori. To begin with, Soma came here to escort Aina. It got nothing to do with Soma’s group, and everything depended on Aina and Iori.

“Well… now that you mention it, Kaa-sama hasn’t come back for a while, isn’t it?” (Aina)

“Yes. There’s an urgent business that came out, so everyone won’t be able to return for a few days. Only me and the Demon King are left here.” (Butler)

“Hmm, I wonder if it’s difficult to wait. Speaking of urgent business, there’s a possibility that it will take another few more days. There should be some room, but I don’t think that there is anything unexpected. I would like them to go back with some room… especially if someone is here.” (Aina)

“Why are you looking at me?” (Soma)

Soma tilted his head because he had no idea, but then… he immediately thought again.

If it was about traveling, it was common sense that having two or three people were better than being alone. It was because it would be easier when the number of people increased. This was related to the safety on the way to the destination, and helped in watching the surroundings.

But there were exceptions. For example, if the opponents were stronger, they needed to be vigilant and sometimes would get into more troublesome situations. Not only would they be attacked by enemies, but it was possible to be dragged down.

In that case, it was simply enough to be alone. Especially, when he was used to traveling, he was strong enough and didn’t need to be on guard.

On the other hand, the advancing pace fell if the amount of people increased. It didn’t change even if the enemies were at the same level or stronger. As long as there was an act of matching the pace of the other party members, it wouldn’t increase the advancing pace.

Perhaps, they might be able to improve the pace with a magician, since there was a possibility that the efficiency would be improved with magic support. However, as long as Aina was a magician, rather on that side…

“…No, if that’s the case, it’s not only me, but also Sheila and Felicia. When it comes to that, I have no idea why you said it to me.” (Soma)

“You’re obviously saying that, but you’re still the same as ever. Rather than having no idea…” (Aina)

Aina said it while sighing, but Soma merely tilted his head. He was wondering what this talk was about.

“Well, he is Soma-san after all.” (Felicia)

“…Yes, it can’t be helped.” (Sheila)

“Hmm, do you also think the same? I can’t understand…” (Soma)

“While talking this and that about me, aren’t you also someone who hasn’t changed? Well, I don’t really care about that. By the way, why didn’t you ask me, Aina?” (Iori)

“Is it about Kaa-sama and others? I heard that you don’t know the details, am I right?” (Aina)

“Th-that is…” (Iori)

It seemed that guy was hit by something as he turned his eyes away. This exchange seemed to be a part of a powerful relationship of the Demon King’s family.

“Family… is it?” (Soma)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Iori)

“…No, it’s nothing.” (Soma)

Honestly, Soma didn’t feel like Iori was someone like this, but he probably shouldn’t discuss the matter here. More importantly…

“So, what are you going to do after all? Rather, do you have purposes to come back here?” (Aina)

“Eh? Well yeah, I’m not going to say I don’t have any purpose, but… I wanted to tell you I’m fine, and I wanted to inform the recent situations after leaving this place…” (Aina)

“Aah, in that case, it’s better to have everyone together.” (Soma)

Soma hadn’t heard about Aina’s exact family structure other than she was the only child. But when she used the words Kaa-sama and others, it seemed that there were other family members besides her mother. But in any case, it seemed difficult for them to get together in the near future.

“…Well, it can’t be helped. I wanted to meet Kaa-sama and others since I’m around. For now, I will tell what happen to Tou-sama, and you will tell Kaa-sama… alright?” (Aina)

“Don’t worry about that. I will tell her for you.” (Butler)

“Yeah… if so, I’m relieved.” (Iori)

“Don’t you have dignity as a Demon King or a father?” (Soma)

“Leave me alone. It’s always like this, and it’s just a hassle to do that anyway.” (Iori)

Rather than pretending, he immediately said his true feelings. Soma wanted to utter ‘Goodness’ to Iori, but since Aina and the butler didn’t really mind, he supposed that this situation was normal.

“Then, I will tell you the recent situations… after that, it’s impossible to go back to that village.” (Soma)

“I see. I think it would be possible to do it through the night, but there’s no need to overdo it.” (Iori)

“….Well, I’m not worried about being attacked by monsters, but there’s no change in overdoing it. Plus, there’s no need to hurry.” (Aina)

“Well, if Aina doesn’t want to stay here, the story would be different.” (Soma)

“I-I didn’t say that!?” (Aina)

However, it looked like Aina properly had feelings for Iori since she tried to deny that in a hurry. While Soma was aware that this was none of his business, he shrugged his shoulders at Aina who was glaring at him while letting out a small breath of relief.

“So, does that mean… No, it is fine for us to stay here as well? Right?” (Soma)

“It would be a surprise if someone here says no. Well, the room here will be a waste. On the other hand, the question is what to do with their spare time. It’s too early to have dinner. It’s going to take some preparation as the number of people increases.” (Iori)

To be exact, the current time was too late for daytime, but it was still too early for the night. Perhaps, there would be another two hours before the sun set.


“In the meantime, why don’t we use the time for Aina to tell the recent situations? If you explain, they may have something to ask, and you also want to know what they have been doing these days, right?” (Soma)

“Well, I can’t say that much. After all, it has been only two years. You too… No, you probably aren’t like that. It looks like a lot of things happened on your side.” (Iori)

“Yes, it is… I would rather worry that we don’t have time to hear it.” (Aina)

“That much? Hmm… I can imagine somehow.” (Felicia)

“…Yes, I don’t know everything, but I think it will take some time to tell you what I know.” (Sheila)

“I wonder what you are going to say…” (Soma)

Soma didn’t say that there was nothing happening, but he thought that it was common to that extent. Of course, it would be different if they talked in detail, but if they just thought briefly, it wouldn’t take much time.

“You’re the only person who can say such a thing. Well, I’m going to tell the recent situation briefly, eat and sleep when I’m done, and probably return tomorrow.” (Aina)

“Hmm… I’m aware that you’re saying that, but are you sure they will be fine with it? I mean about your plan to return.” (Soma)

“Well, I have no reason to stop her. I don’t know when other people are going to return, but if Aina decides so, I won’t stop you.” (Iori)

“I’m a butler after all. Therefore, I have no right to speak about Ojou-sama’s decision, and if she is fine with it, there will be no problem.

“…Is that so?” (Soma)

Aina seemed embarrassed when listening to that, but as expected, Soma shrugged without saying anything more. He wasn’t worried about Aina’s way of talking, and knowing that the Demon King was Iori, it looked like their relationship was good.

“Well, let’s move somewhere else for now. I’m going to tell you there.” (Iori)

“Alright. But… is there a good place?” (Soma)

At the moment, Soma realized that Iori was thinking about something not good, but he sighed without saying anything. Well, this was Iori’s house and he was the owner. If he wasn’t bothered, he could just do as they pleased.

“The right place…? I wonder if the place is there.” (Aina)

“If you look at it, you will be convinced.” (Iori)

“Then, please excuse me. I’ll go ahead and prepare the dinner.” (Butler)

“Aah, I was wondering what to do, but what are you going to make?” (Soma)

He could imagine that there were many things that could be done as the chief butler, but it was unexpected that the person would cook. Wasn’t that a job for a cook, and not for a chief butler?

“We’re also looking for chefs, but they don’t come. Since there are none, I’m the one who cook.” (Butler)

“Although he’s saying that, you can expect good things since he’s good. Strictly speaking, the chefs aren’t coming just because no one is better than him.” (Iori)

“I’m grateful for your praise. Is it alright to prepare the usual menu?” (Butler)

“Yeah, I leave it… No, wait. Why don’t you make ‘that’? We have enough time to prepare, right?” (Iori)

“Is it ‘that’? But…” (Butler)

“It’s been a while for Aina to come back, so it’s fine, isn’t it? Those guys won’t be angry.” (Iori)

“…Understood.” (Butler)

The butler said so and bowed. Then, he left the room. To be honest, it was a dubious exchange, but…

“What do you mean by ‘that’?” (Soma)

“Please look forward to it. I think you’ll be surprised.” (Iori)

“I can imagine it somehow, but… are you sure?” (Aina)

“That’s right. They won’t get angry if I explain properly.” (Iori)

“In other words, preparing ‘that’ will make them angry, really?” (Soma)

“Don’t mind about the details. Leaving that aside, shall we go? Let’s gather at this spot.” (Iori)

“Gather, is it? You mean you’re going to move there right?” (Aina)

“…Hmm, could it be?” (Sheila)

“Perhaps, it is what you think, Sheila. Well, it’s faster to experience it, so let’s get together for now.” (Soma)

Felicia was somehow thinking about something. By the way, since they were here, she looked stiffed around Iori. Then…

“Alright, let’s go.” (Iori)

At the same time as those words, Iori snapped his fingers. The next moment, a different scene projected in the eyes of Soma’s group as if it has been switched.


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