Ex Strongest Swordsman 161 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Hired by the Guild


Ex Strongest, Hired by the Guild

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When Soma reached the guild, it was strangely crowded. That was corresponded to the queue of people that reached outside of the guild. It was a matter of course since all entrances and exits of this town were blocked.

The people, who were lined up, were mostly non-adventurers. He wondered if they were merchants. The more he heard screaming and shouting from outside, the more heated the situation unfolded inside of the guild.

However, there was no point in doing such a commotion if permission could be easily given out. After a few minutes of looking, there were many people who were depressed or turned their faces blue, leaving the guild behind.

“Now…” (Soma)

However, Soma didn’t have to look to other people’s affairs. Soma must also lined up from now on, and somehow needed the permission.

Some things had been decided by yesterday’s discussion, but it wasn’t so difficult to assign the role of each of them. Soma would go around the vicinity of the town, and annihilate the monsters if it came out. The other three would try to search for the culprit who was causing this situation. Being on guard and annihilate were sufficient for Soma alone, and as for the investigation, manpower was necessary.

At any rate, the three of them should have already investigating. Therefore, Soma couldn’t waste his time here. Although it was tiring to wait in the line, it wasn’t something to complain about. Moreover, the row had extended little by little while doing so.

“Well, this should be… hmm?” (Soma)

The reason why Soma, who was queuing in line, stopped his feet, was because he noticed a familiar appearance coming out of the guild at that time. It was a familiar person with cat ears who was definitely the receptionist. Incidentally, she seemed to be in a hurry for some reason.

When Soma was wondering what was going on, he saw her looking around, and their eyes suddenly met…

“Aah, I wasn’t mistaken. Uh-uhm, excuse me, but could you come with me?” (Emily)

It seemed like she was talking to Soma, but if she wasn’t, it would be embarrassing. He looked to be sure, but when he tried to turn around, there was no one there.

“Hmm… are you talking to me?” (Soma)

“Yes, there’s no mistake.” (Emily)

It seemed to have matched, but her intention was unknown. Soma didn’t remember doing anything else that would require him to be summoned, but if he didn’t have to queue up and could enter inside as it was, it would be like a wish came true.

Soma nodded obediently as he had no reason to refuse. While receiving envious glance from the surroundings, he was guided by the receptionist and stepped into the guild.



He thought that this would happen somehow, but instead of being led to the reception, he was brought to the interior.

They proceeded to the place where only the related people usually come. Then, he arrived at a room of a certain size. There was a table and two sofas that were facing each other. Perhaps, it was a room for visitors.

However, no one was sitting there now. Soma was wondering if the receptionist, who had guided him this far, would sit down.

“Hey, sorry for being late. I didn’t expect you to come so early. I was slowed down… no, I was doing something else.” (??)

When Soma turned around to the familiar voice, it was the guild representative. Even if he didn’t say that this was unexpected, Soma was truly surprised to see appearance of that person who held the position.

While he wasn’t able to go out from the town, Soma had directly met that representative. Soma wasn’t dull enough not to be able to guess the meaning.

“No, I just got here, and it will be the perfect timing.” (Soma)

“Ah, really? That’s good then. It’s like meeting someone for a date.” (Representative)

“…? Do you know him?” (Emily)

“Yes, I do. I’m going to take it seriously. Well, that’s why I’m offended when they are joking around with this situation. I’m supposed to hold the highest position, but does that mean, I can’t be angry? That’s what I think, but oh well. I’m just going to sit down for now. I’m not going to make it long.” (Representative)

Now that they had come this far, there was no reason to turn it down. They could save a lot of time in this way. Soma sat on the right chair recommended by the representative. Immediately, the other party sat on the left chair.

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When he was wondering what the receptionist would do, she moved to the back of the representative and stood as it was. She looked like a secretary, but it felt weird since she was as if monitoring the representative. She wasn’t looking at Soma, but at the head of the representative.

“Hey, hey. I feel like I’m being watched by something amazing, but is it because my imagination?” (Representative)

“It’s just your imagination, so you can discuss right away. The staff here and there are busy unlike the representative.” (Emily)

“Oh my? Do you hate me that much? Well, I can understand that, so it’s fine.” (Representative)

Soma thought whether it was fine or not, but then, the representative put his hand in the pocket and took something out. It was a palm-sized rectangular object that looked like it was made of wood. Soma didn’t know what was it in a glance, but… as he thought that this object was something needed to be given, the representative handed it over to him.

“Yes, this is a permit to get out of town for the time being. If you show it to the lookout, they’ll let you through. We don’t use any expensive materials to make this, so it’s fine if you lose it, but I’m happy if you don’t lose it because it’s too much trouble to reissue.” (Representative)

“Hmm… will this be alright?” (Soma)

“Ooh, you’re not surprised at all. As I expected…” (Representative)

“By the time I got here, I was able to anticipate a lot, and the moment I knew that you came in, I almost knew why I was brought here. To cut it short, I go out of the town by using this, and explore the surroundings. If there is a monster similar to yesterday, I should defeat that. Am I right?” (Soma)

“Uwaah, that’s fast. It’s too easy. Well, I didn’t mean to say it was annihilation to be exact.” (Representative)

In other words, they came to the same conclusion as Soma.

There were dangerous monsters outside, and the guild couldn’t deal with them with their current fighting force. So. the outside was entrusted only to the person who was capable of defeating it, and the town was practically sealed off. People would feel unhappy, but it was better than looking at a situation where someone was more likely to die under their responsibility.

The reason why they anticipated that was simple. They felt that Soma was going to come to the guild to propose that he would go out of the town and looked around. To be honest, the guild was even thinking about the possibility of asking him indirectly, but since Soma had already been here, they thought that he shouldn’t be underestimated.

Soma exhaled a little while receiving what appeared to be a permit.

“Well, I still have a long way from it.” (Soma)

“Hmm? Uhm, is it no good? After all, we’re asking you to do this…” (Representative)

“Isn’t because you are being haughty? Look, you can at least rub your head against the floor and ask him. That’s the only thing that’s going to help.” (Emily)

“Damn it, I’ll be fired by this receptionist lady.” (Representative)

“Well, if the guild can do it, try it then.” (Emily)

“…Damn it.” (Representative)

“So, is this a request for me?” (Soma)

When he asked them as I interrupted their banter, two pairs of eyes were turned to him. Originally, Soma was going to propose the plan. If he could get reward, it was better than nothing. It might be reasonable since this was asked by the other party.

“That’s about it. There is no request form since this situation is still unclear, but I think I can pay the appropriate reward. I have no choice but to entrust you this.” (Representative)

“Well, that’s fine, but … what is the deadline?” (Soma)

“Hmm… it would take a month at most, I think? Since I asked the headquarters for support in the case of an emergency situation, I’m sure we’ll be able to do something about it by then. We have a stockpile of food, so I’m sure we’ll be able to survive somehow.” (Representative)

“I’m afraid the discontent from the town inhabitants is going to be terrible.” (Emily)

“I guess that we have no choice but to endure that. I’ve explained to the people who come to ask.” (Representative)

“Aah, that reminds me, can you let them know all at once? If you do that the discontent is not that worse, and it will be the same for the guild as well.” (Soma)

“All we know that there may have been powerful monsters out there instead of the miscellaneous monsters. I don’t know if it’s artificial or not, and I think it will just going to add to the anxiety.” (Representative)

“That’s why you only explain to those who come here, yes?” (Soma)

The representative nodded as if he was compelled to do so. Whether the inhabitants of the town could be convinced or not, that would be another matter, but it wouldn’t be bad if they consider the current situation.

“That’s how it is. Oh, if there’s anything else you want to ask, we will tell what we can. After all, we’re asking for your help.” (Representative)

“What else would I like to ask, is it? Hmm, aah, yes, why did you make this request to me? I understand that yesterday was the reason, but is this request is only for me?” (Soma)

That was the detail of the discussion from the appearances of these two. It didn’t matter who defeated the monster, but the two of them had been making this request only for Soma as it was natural.

“Hmm, I’m a bit embarrassed to tell you there reason, but… well I wonder if you understand. “Everyone in your group is amazing, but you are obviously different from everyone else.” (Representative)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

When the representative looked at the receptionist, she nodded. It seemed that there was no mistake.

Soma didn’t show that he fought that monsters, but as expected, strength was the law when it came to Demons.

“Is that the only thing you want to ask?” (Representative)

“Well, that’s it for now. If I have any concerns, I will come to report it, and that’s when you’ll hear it.” (Soma)

“Understood. Well, maybe it’s not me who hears or answers you at that time.” (Representative)

The representative stood up while saying such a thing. Was the hand extended in exchange of the request form?

While thinking about one of the concerns had been resolved for now, Soma shook that hand.

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