Ex Strongest Swordsman 156 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Having Lunch


Ex Strongest, Having Lunch

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Needless to say, the future plan would be decided for the time being. The hint was the present time. In other words, it was lunchtime.

In general, inns were divided into two categories. It was whether there was a dining room or not. It was directly related to the price of the inn.

At first glance, it might look like cheaper inns without a dining room, but it wasn’t always the case. Even if it was said to be a dining room, in most cases, it was a tavern.

Obviously, there were places where only the dining room of the inns accessible only for the guests, and this inn was one such an inn.

“Sorry for the small space.” (Owner)

The owner said so while lowering his head. He was told that they would like to have lunch, and then, he brought them to the place.

There was a dining room in the back of the reception on the first floor. Certainly, it was a place that couldn’t be said to be spacious. There were only three tables, and each had only three chairs. The size of the dining room was also reasonable. By considering the size of the inn, people could say that the size was small.


“No, there is no problem as long as we can have meals, and… it’s not that small, right?” (Soma)

Soma replied so since that was true. Although the place was small, there was no difference.

At least, for Soma’s group, it was good enough to be a place where people could have meals.

“That’s right. If it’s too spacious, you won’t be able to settle down.” (Felicia)

“…Yes, doesn’t it suit with the atmosphere here?” (Sheila)

“Well, I think it would be weird if the dining room is wide in such an old-fashioned place.” (Steina)

“That really helps when you say so. Well then, I’m going to bring you a meal soon.” (Owner)

When the owner saw Soma’s group took a seat, he lowered his head and headed to another room. It didn’t feel like there were other people, but apparently, there were no other employees.

After all, they heard that this area was relatively old place in this town. As for the buildings, they looked the same. It was a place where the leftovers gathered. Whether it was a shop or whatever, they couldn’t go to a new place where people gathered. Only travelers would like to come to such places, and those who wanted to stay here were quite rare.

For that reason, they didn’t have to hire employees, or they couldn’t afford it.

“We didn’t only help his daughter, but we came as guests. So, it would be natural to be thankful.” (Soma)

“Didn’t I tell you that I didn’t help her daughter!?” (Steina)

“Well, leaving that aside, it still has a good atmosphere here. I rarely stayed in a place called inn, but I know that this place is still a good inn. This is just my opinion, but I think if this place moves to other area, more people will come…” (Felicia)

“I’m happy when you say that, but even if I can’t afford to hire employees, I have a certain amount of money to manage to outdo every day. I have a lot of of feelings in this building as well, and… I mean, I would like to give my daughter a little more luxury, but…” (Owner)

Soma understood the reason why the shopkeeper had an indescribable look on his face. He was thinking about the same thing as Felicia, but the owner was probably thinking about his daughter.

They could spend time relatively calm if it was here, but he didn’t know what would happen if they moved. Not to mention the inhabitants, it was also necessary to think about the guests who came to stay. When he thought again, he noticed that the owner was a bit nervous when the little girl showed up, but that was also understandable.

It looked like Felicia also reached the same conclusion as an apologetic expression appeared on her face.

“Aah, no, please forgive me. I don’t even know the circumstances, and yet, I said something selfishly.” (Felicia)

“No, it is I who should so. I’m sorry to interrupt your chat. I don’t know if this suits your taste, but this will be lunch today.” (Owner)

What the owner brought was a meal that should be called simple. A vegetable soup with bread that couldn’t be said neither soft nor hard. It was like boiling down a variety of vegetables and mushrooms on a big plate.

However, it was enough to think that it was lunch, and it might be suitable even if the price was taken into consideration. The meal cost was included in the accommodation fee here, so the lodging fee was slightly higher than the market price, but if lunch was this, the accommodation fee was cheaper than the market price. In short, everything was very conscientious.

If they wanted to eat at least the same meal in another tavern, they would have to pay about five percent more.

“Hmm… the taste isn’t so exquisite, but…” (Soma)

“…It’s delicious. It is the same as the atmosphere here, where you can feel relieved, right?” (Sheila)

“Indeed, that kind of feeling.” (Soma)

It was the taste of home, or something similar. This wasn’t going to get a reputation, but it was a breather. Coupled with the inn’s atmosphere, it could be very safe.


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“…Here you go.” (Girl)

A cup was placed on the table with a small voice that would be missed if it wasn’t heard clearly. There was something like water inside, and when they looked at it, there was a small shadow stretching out both hands.

Apparently, this table was a little too big for her. To be honest, it was also a little too big for Soma’s group.

When he looked at the appearance, their eyes met. However, the girl immediately turned away. She went to Sheila to give her a cup.

“…Ugh.” (Soma)

“Why are you groaning?” (Steina)

“No… I don’t remember being particularly scary to her…” (Soma)

Even if it was unavoidable at first time, it was time to get used to it. Soma was obviously avoided, so he was in a state of shock.

“I don’t think there will be a reaction to a guy who she met once or twice, right? Rather, I just don’t understand why she’s only reacting to me.” (Steina)

“Aside from the reaction to the frog, it’s not strange. It’s just that… there’s also a reaction to Sheila and Felicia…” (Soma)

As a matter of course, Sheila and Felicia were wearing a hood here. In other words, those two would be more suspicious than him.

For such two people, it would be a matter of course if the little kind wanted to run away from them. In fact, the little girl was trying to avoid looking at those two’s eyes, but… to be honest, it seemed to be excessive. Rather than being wary, she seemed to be scared.

However, while he was thinking such a thing, the moment he nibbled the bread soaked in soup, he noticed that Sheila was staring at the back of the girl who was going to retreat to another room. Soma wondered if Sheila was also thinking about the girl…

“…Hmm. Rival?” (Sheila)

“What are you suddenly saying?” (Felicia)

Felicia exhaled a sigh of relief at the remark that was really too abrupt. But on the other hand, Sheila, tilted her head.

“…Character wearing?” (Sheila)

“…Soma-san?” (Felicia)

“I would like you to stop the judgment that I am the cause whenever Sheila says something strange, alright? Well, you’re right this time though.” (Soma)

He had forgotten when it was, but he remembered saying such a word in front of Sheila. He didn’t remember the cut-outs, but… it was after school. Well, it was because the academy was s where various people gathered, so there were similar personalities.

Surely, if Sheila was compared to that girl, they resembled each other. The two of them had few words and were expressionless.

However, Soma felt that the little girl acted in that way because she was wary of them. If they extracted only the elements, both of them were similar, but…

“Hmm… she didn’t have any other character, so there’s no problem, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“…Yes. I’m relieved?” (Sheila)

“On the contrary, I’m worried, you know? Goodness, what did you teach my sister…” (Felicia)

“No, I don’t intend to teach her, but…” (Soma)

“I don’t think it makes any difference because I remember it.” (Felicia)

“Ughh…” (Soma)

It seemed to be disadvantageous to leave the situation like this, so Soma thought if he could change the topic, and he suddenly remembered it. It was the blacksmith.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t said this yet, but as you can see, I’m actually sending my favorite sword to repair.” (Soma)

“Eh? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. There’s no way I can understand by seeing, right?” (Felicia)

“Aah, I was wondering what it was all about, so was that it?” (Steina)

“…Yeah, I knew that.” (Sheila)

“It feels weird to think that I didn’t notice it, but aren’t you guys the weird ones?” (Felicia)

“Is that so? I certainly borrowed something similar to that, but… you know, even if that little girl in a robe, you would notice that she isn’t Sheila immediately, yes? I think that is the kind of difference…” (Soma)

“I don’t think that’s a very appropriate analogy.” (Felicia)

“No, I can’t say that it’s appropriate. I feel different, but I was convinced.” (Steina)

“…I think it’s relatively accurate?” (Sheila)

“Hmm, speaking of the conclusion, the one who is weird is probably you, Felicia.” (Soma)

“I can’t convince myself at all about that…” (Steina)

But, at least in this context, it was true that Felicia was a minority. There was no choice but to be convinced.

“By the way, what I really wanted to say wasn’t that, but actually, I ordered a new sword.” (Soma)

“…Do you need a new sword?” (Sheila)

“It’s good enough, but it’s not perfect. It’s good for more than half of everything.” (Soma)

“I’ve seen that sword once, and I think it was quite a sharp sword. So, I’m sure you may want something more than that.” (Steina)

“I’ll take it as a compliment.” (Soma)

“I’m a minority in this, so I don’t know much about it, but how long does it take to complete it?” (Felicia)

“I was told that it takes a month.” (Soma)

“A month, is it…?” (Felicia)

Soma shrugged his shoulders at Felicia who was staring at him while muttering. It might be a retaliation of deciding that arbitrarily, but it was also justified…

“My bad for deciding this on my own, but if it wasn’t for this time, I could come back to pick it up later. The repair is so going to be over tomorrow. But, depending on how long we’re going to stay here, I may go get the new sword. I just want to let you guys know beforehand.” (Soma)

As a matter of fact, they didn’t have to stay here for one month. Actually, it wasn’t necessary to say that, but sharing information was important. At least, there was no better way to do it since there was nothing wrong with neglecting it.

“Well, it doesn’t seem to affect us, and you can do whatever you want.” (Felicia)

“…We should welcome Soma to be stronger, right? But it feels a bit frustrating.” (Sheila)

“…Well, it’s fine. Leaving that aside, shall we talk about our future plan now?” (Steina)

“Hmm… yes.” (Soma)

That was the plan they had decided until this point of time, and they hadn’t yet decided what to do after this. They would discuss about it for the time being.

When they concluded so, Soma’s group started talking about it while having lunch.

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