Ex Strongest Swordsman 151 (Self Edited) – Small Turbulence


Small Turbulence

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After leaving Steina, Soma decided to explore the east direction this time. As he walked through the alleyways, he had come to a place of the east rather than the north before he noticed it. Well, that was how he met Steina and the small girl.

It was halfway to the eastern part of the town. Although the road was somewhat complicated, he roughly knew which side of the road he was walking and which direction he was heading. It meant that he was walking as if he were coming to this place.

He stopped searching the northern side because it seemed that there was no inn in that place. There was likely a time when there wasn’t a single person on the main street, and it was actually similar especially when he was in the back alley. Therefore, rather than expanding the scope of the search, Soma judged that it would be better to go somewhere else.

If there was a problem, he didn’t know where Steina had searched before, but for Soma, it wasn’t a big deal. They weren’t competing anyway. If a good place to stay could be fine, it was all good.

Of course, he could achieve his goal proudly if he could find a better place to stay. It was like killing two birds with one stone, but he didn’t have to be greedy. The time had passed in its own way, and the remaining time was about one hour left. He shouldn’t be greedy for no reason.

“Well, I guess it’s fine if I get no result, right?” (Soma)

While muttering such words, Soma went forward as he looked around… suddenly, he turned his eyes. It was at the center of the town… No, when he looked further ahead, there might be figures of people, so he narrowed his eyes.

“Come to think of it… I wonder what happens to the two girls.” (Soma)

Even if he thought they were fine, he was still worried about them. As far as he was concerned, the residents of this town seem to have a very calm temperament. So, if it had anything to do with Sheila, she wouldn’t be so late. He didn’t see monsters around this area, so he knew it was unnecessary to worry, but…

“Hmm? Monsters…?” (Soma)

Then, Soma suddenly noticed that there were monsters. At that moment, he had such a thought… speaking of which, there were no big monsters in this area. Other than the one in the subjugation request, he hadn’t seen a single monster.

It depended on luck whether on luck to encounter monsters. He didn’t care too much, but speaking of strange, it felt strange.

“Well, when that time comes, I will do what I need to do.” (Soma)

However, while taking it easy that was all he needed to do for the time being, he resumed the search for accommodation as he worried about the two girls



Sheila narrowed her eyes at the sight before her. There was grassland spreading there, and no matter how she thought about it, this was an impossible place.

But, it was natural in a sense. To begin with, they weren’t in the town. This was something that she couldn’t see in the town, so it wasn’t strange. So, Sheila was tilting her head because of another factor.

In a literal sense, there was only grassland. However, there were no monsters.

“…Yeah, it’s weird.” (Sheila)

“I don’t see even a single monster, but… is that weird?” (Felicia)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

When Sheila turned to the voice, her sister, Felicia was also tilting her head next to her. But she did that because of what she just said.

However, she didn’t think her sister was being ignorant. It was true that her sister sometimes didn’t know things, but as for this matter, she believed there were a lot of people who didn’t know why.

“If it is about common monsters, you won’t see them at all if they are completely eradicated or they are at some particular places.” (Sheila)

“Particular places or situation, is it?” (Felicia)

“…Yes. For example, in a town where there is a barrier to prevent monsters…” (Sheila)

“Aah, I see. In that case, it’s about the place, right? Then, what about the situation?” (Felicia)

“…Well, for example, if there is something strong that emits bloodlust around…” (Sheila)

However, it wasn’t unlikely for that situation. Similar type of monsters wouldn’t fight against each other. So, in the case there was an Evil Dragon that she had seen before, the monsters weren’t running around to hide unless the dragon did an indiscriminate destructive action.

There wasn’t much different even if Sheila became an opponent. When Sheila walked around, no matter how much the combat capability she had, the monster would never run away. No… On the other hand, the greater the difference in combat capability, the tendency was more obvious.

To put it simply, most of the monsters didn’t have that much intelligence. They couldn’t tell how much the different in combat capability.

Thus, the situation where monsters couldn’t be seen at all, if it wasn’t too much, it wasn’t possible to happen.

“Is it even possible even as Soma as the opponent?” (Felicia)

“…Yes, it’s the same. It would be different if Soma displays bloodlust, but he hasn’t done that before.” (Sheila)

“Even when he defeated that monster?” (Felicia)

“…Yes. Soma doesn’t need to release the bloodlust to defeat monsters.” (Sheila)

“I see. I can see why it feels strange. That’s why you said you wanted to check what was going on outside here.” (Felicia)

“…Yes, this is clearly strange.” (Sheila)

Yeah, Sheila and Felicia came here not because they got lost while trying to find a place to stay.

In fact, they couldn’t find an inn at all. So, they were wondering what to do next. Then, the reason they went out there was because they had been looking at the situation since earlier and they became anxious. It would be fine if the confirm this situation again with everyone else after they had made the decision with the inn. At first, they were going to do that, but since they had spare time, they went to verify it.

“This isn’t always the case in the vicinity of a town, am I right?” (Felicia)

“…Well, I can’t say that I haven’t heard it before, but if that’s the case, there won’t be adventurer guild here.” (Sheila)

Moreover, there were a moderate number of adventurers as far as they saw, and all of them were gone when they returned to the guild. She couldn’t think that they were all doing odd jobs or gathering request.

In that case, monsters should appear here, just like any other places. However, there were no monsters right now. This was an obvious anomaly.

“We know that something strange is happening for the time being, but… what should we do? Should we head to the town and join Soma-san and Steina-san?” (Felicia)

“…I’d like to take a look around if possible, but… I suppose it would be safer if they join us. We don’t know what is out there.” (Sheila)

It was best to verify it with own eyes, but if this was really abnormal, there was a high possibility that some information had already been brought to the guild. The absence of the adventurers in the vicinity would have returned to report the situation, unless they had moved elsewhere. The reason why they didn’t pass each other on the way here was because they went to the back alley to find an inn. Whatever it was, it wasn’t too late to make sure.

“So, shall we go back to the city first? If something really happens, I would only get in your way.” (Felicia)

Sheila didn’t think so, but she didn’t say anything about it. It was just that the thoughts didn’t come into her mind. If anything, she wouldn’t say it since Felicia was her family. It wasn’t her duty to say anything, and there was a person who could influence her sister more than her.

When Sheila thought about it, she thought that it was as a matter of course. She heard that they lived together for about a month, but that alone showed how much influence that person had on her. Sheila felt even more might be because she was away from her sister for a while.

Well, in any case, there would be the right person in the right place. It would be nice if the right person could do the right thing. Hence, everyone has their own role.

Sheila looked at her sister next to her, and exhaled quietly. It was because she was finally able to be freed from what tied her. So, she wanted her to be more aware of herself.  When they turned their back to the scenery in front of them, they started walking from that place to the meeting place.

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