Ex Strongest Swordsman 147 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Looking for a Blacksmith


Ex Strongest, Looking for a Blacksmith

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Although it was obvious in a way, as Soma moved away from the center of the town, the hustle and bustle drifted away gradually. There were still buildings around, but he didn’t know what kind of shops were they. The reason why he noticed that was because there was something like a signboard hung in the shopfront.

However, since there were no letters or pictures on it, it was impossible to determine what kind of shops. Did people know what it meant? Or was it because they had no motivation to put anything on it? Anyhow, they got nothing to do with the present Soma. So, he went by as it was with only a glance done.

“Hmm… I wonder if this will lead to the edge of the town.” (Soma)

He murmured so because the scenery around him changed gradually. The sign of the shopfronts had begun to disappear, and only the buildings were lined up.

If this meant that the place was where people live, it wouldn’t be wrong to think so…

“Is this a residential area? Based on this location, it is a good place for an inn, but…” (Soma)

Unfortunately, Soma didn’t see any of that, and he had already begun to see the gate that led out of the town. If he continued as it was, he would find nothing of the kind here.

More importantly…

“Should I leave this place now?” (Soma)

This town had two main streets intersected, but there were other streets as well. There were small and cramped streets extended on the side of the main road, even at his current location now.

However, both of the streets were winding along the way, and he didn’t know what lies ahead. But, it was normal to think that there was also a residential area there. If he thought about the convenience, it made sense to have something similar in the same location.

But then…

“Well, it seems meaningless in the place where I was walking like this.” (Soma)

So, Soma looked to the right and to the left, and he eventually turned to the right. There was no particular reason, and it was just a hunch.

Speaking of which, that girl went there. Soma thought of her for that moment, and…

“…Ooh?” (Soma)

While he was thinking about it, the surrounding scene began to change gradually. In the beginning, it was all about residential area, but after that, the signboard began to appear.

At the same time, he had no idea what they were about. As usual, nothing was written on the signboard, but the door of the shop was open.

The first thing he saw made him felt nostalgic. There was a huge cauldron, and the man next to it was rummaging through its contents in a serious manner.

He thought that man was a Witch for a moment, but he might be an alchemist since the color of the hair was green. Soma had never used their products, but they made medicines with special effects such as potions. In that way, the scene looked suspicious at first sight.

In fact, he was really confused about that man being a Witch for a moment. However, unlike what Witches made, the medicines that alchemists produced were due to chemistry.

If the same procedures were done, everyone could do the same thing, and the same thing could be produced. Finally, there was no need to have a caster on it.

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The man seemed to be concentrating too much. Even when Soma passed by, he didn’t spare a glance, and he did nothing else. He had no interest in alchemist.

As a result of passing through the front of several shops, he understood that this neighborhood was a so-called artisan town. The people who made things gathered here, and they were making whatever they wanted. Although he couldn’t verify all the shops, he was able to verify it to a certain extent. Of course, that was obvious.

As far as he was concerned, it was the same with the shops that were facing the main street. Some of the signboards he saw here were similar to the ones he saw on the main street.

However, because of the location of the shops, some of them weren’t left open and it was closed. Thus, he was convinced.

“There is no way to find out about the shops other than to check it manually.” (Soma)

It was probably because the shops didn’t accept customers without an introduction from a regular customer.

As he kept walking, inside the next shop he passed by, there was a man of his height held an edged tool in his hand, and then, he swung it. Soma became interested by only looking at that man, but when that man swung the tool, he was convinced. What was there was a log.

“Keergh…!” (Man)

“…Is it necessary to notify him?” (Soma)

The moment that strange voice sounded, the tool was struck down and the log was chopped up accurately. He cut it into several pieces of wood, aligned and lined it up. The swordsmanship was remarkable, but wasn’t it wrong to use for that purpose?

“…Well, it’s a personal choice to use sword as one sees fit, isn’t it?” (Soma)

However, Soma was worried whether the blade would chip…

“Hmm…? I see, there’s no need to worry…” (Soma)

While saying so, Soma, who stopped his feet, turned toward the man who was in the next shop. The man put a hot iron road at his feet, and hit it with a hammer at hand. He seemed to be a blacksmith. So, was the earlier shop was a timber shop? That meant, if the tool chipped, it could be send to the shop next door.

Nonetheless, Soma stopped his feet not because he understood that one fact. He had a good reason to stop, and it was because that man was someone Soma was looking for. Soma was looking for a blacksmith for a personal reason.

Yes, for that reason, Soma continued walking in a location where there was no inn.

However, Soma didn’t go straight to the man because if he was a master blacksmith, he wouldn’t accept any customer just like that. In order to ascertain that man, Soma motionlessly stared at him.

The man didn’t notice such Soma at all. He might be focusing on his work. He wielded a hammer and adjusted the shape of a stick at his feet.

That appearance showed as if he was a professional. At the same time, that manner was also the basic of the basic. The man focused on his work and didn’t stop. That was what it meant by professional.

Consequently, the quality of the work was important. It could be said that it was the skill of the blacksmith.

As a matter of fact, Soma had some experience in blacksmithing. In the past, he knocked on the door of a blacksmith in order to master sword. He did so because he felt necessary to understand the feeling of the sword.

Well, in the end, his skill was far from being called a professional, but still, he didn’t think it was a waste of time. Soma was able to take care of himself to a certain extent. Even though he couldn’t understand the feelings of the sword, he felt that he could understand the feelings of the people who created it a little. At the same time, he felt that the meaning of wielding a sword had also became a bit deeper than before.

Based on that idea, if Soma saw the appearance of blacksmithing, he would be able to understand the skill of that person.

“…Ugh.” (Man)

As for that man’s skill, he had no choice but to growl. It wasn’t because he was happy. But, it wasn’t because the product was bad. It was just Soma didn’t know the reason why.

The skill of that blacksmith had reached the master level, but Soma, who saw him, could understand that he was good, but he didn’t know how good his blacksmithing skill was. He could only understand if he mastered the skill. So what he felt about the man’s skill was because of his intuition.

Anyhow, there was only one fact. Soma, who was trying to discern the skill, was captivated by the sight of a man wielding a hammer.

Perhaps, that man was making a kitchen knife based on its shape. The appearance of top tier work displayed the level of his skill. No, the man might not actually show his skill to anyone. At least, Soma felt that way.

Therefore, Soma made sure that the man had finished his last swing. He, then, let the man exhaled a deep, long breath before walking slowly toward the man. The reason why his mouth was loosened was simple and clear. This man must be able to accomplish his purpose without any changes. No, perhaps, his wish couldn’t be fulfilled.

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