Ex Strongest Swordsman 144 (Self Edited) – Unexpected Encounter and Unexpected Suggestion


Unexpected Encounter and Unexpected Suggestion

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Now, Steina wondered what might have happened. Although it was fine to give her name, there was no mistake that the situation could become worse if it was done poorly. She was a fool in many ways, but half of the reasons was because she was forced.

“Hmm… does that mean you are Aina’s older sister?” (Soma)

Well, that was how things turned out to be. She didn’t expect that she heard those words. That was because she didn’t expect that Soma knew about Aina.

So, the question was how to answer him. She might be able to get through easily if she lied, but there was also a high risk of getting stuck in the pot.

In that case…

“Well, about that, is it? By the way, how did you know about Aina?” (Steina)

“All I can say that I met her by chance…” (Soma)

“…Yeah, school friend?” (Sheila)

“Aah, I could have said that.” (Soma)

“…What? School friend… is that girl going to school!?” (Steina)

“Hmm? You didn’t know? Aina is going to the Royal Academy now, you know?” (Soma)

“Rather than not knowing about what’s going on with her… it is about why I couldn’t find her actually. Why on earth is that girl doing that?” (Steina)

That was her true feeling. She knew from the traces that Aina was kidnapped by Albert once, but after that, she didn’t know her whereabouts. Surely, Steina considered that Aina met Soma, but… she never thought that Aina went to school.

No, it might be as a matter of course. For starters, why a Demon could attend the Royal Academy?

When she thought about it, that wasn’t a bad choice. Since Steina couldn’t predict, she couldn’t grasp the idea where Aina was until now. Even if Aina was in a place where Steina could expect, she would still unable to understand what was going on.

In any case, that was the story for now.

“Aina-san, is it? That’s a name I’ve heard several times already. Is she your first friend, Sheila?” (Felicia)

“…First friend… no, that’s too much. She isn’t the first person who I befriended.” (Sheila)

“Is that so? I’ve never heard about Sheila’s friend before, but I’m sure everyone in the forest is too old to be called friend.” (Felicia)

“…That’s not it. Doris is my first friend.” (Sheila)

“As far as I heard, Doris-san is more like a parent to you, right?” (Felicia)

“Hmm… As far as I’m concerned, it seemed that way.” (Soma)

“…Hmm, Soma-san..” (Sheila)

“First friend, is it? Come to think of it, I never heard of it from Aina, so could it be that you are her first friend?” (Steina)

“No. That is not true since the seat of her first friend is mine.” (Soma)

“Why are you making that smug-looking face? I don’t need to see that girl face, but I can imagine she looks sad.” (Steina)

“…There’s no such a thing.” (Soma)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

The talk was somehow derailed. Then, Steina remembered that this talk wasn’t that important. She didn’t have any urgent business, but at least, it would be a mistake to talk thoughtlessly with these people.

Nonetheless, when she tried to leave this place slowly, she was abruptly told by Soma.

“Anyhow, we were looking for that frog even though we were more or less didn’t expect to find it. As far as I’m concerned, I feel like we were given considerable help.” (Soma)

“Aah, that is not wrong, isn’t it? It’s just that… I’ve been in trouble lately, so it doesn’t matter what is the main reason. Leaving that aside, it’s more convenient to think that you don’t have any interest in Aina.” (Steina) (recheck)

“By the time I met Aina, she was precocious for her age, but… even so, she was still a young girl, yes?” (Soma)

“It saves me trouble if you think of her that way.” (Steina)

That wasn’t a lie either. In fact, she was truthful for the most part. That was because immediately after Aina left the castle, those who were dissatisfied with the current policy including the Demon Heavenly Generals, rebelled simultaneously.

When people thought about it, there was a high possibility that Aina purposely ran away if she knew about the rebellion before it happened. However, the person herself didn’t know about it.

When it was about Aina’s bloodline, she was definitely supposed to be safe. There were many who were dissatisfied with the fact that Aina was on the side of the current Demon King, but there was no point in denying that she had left that place.

However, if there was a miscalculation for them, was the scale of rebellion larger than expected?  After all, Steina and others didn’t expect that the first and second Demon Heavenly Generals joined the rebellion.

But then, their miscalculation was that the current Demon King was way too strong. After all, they didn’t expect that the first and second Demon Heavenly Generals were killed in the blink of an eye.

Those who had doubts about the power of the current Demon King quickly turned over, and those who didn’t admit it became guerrilla, and it had been prolonged in vain. Actually, they were going to fulfill each other purposes by taking advantage of the confused state of affairs, but they failed. Although they were able to steal some treasures, that couldn’t help them much. Even though there were still collecting information and looked for opportunities… they were stopped by the boy in front of her.

Steina let out a sigh while remembering the circumstances that she couldn’t talk about. At the same time, she was wondering what kind of situation she was in when she was talking to such a person.

“Hmm, anyhow… I’m not going to say anything in particular. That is depend on Aina.” (Soma)

“Well, since you don’t have anything to tell me anything, are you going to say that you will tell when she returns? Perhaps, we are going to talk more on the way there.” (Steina)

Steina had no other intention when saying it. That was her real intention. When Aina returned, there would be nothing much Steina could do. It was something that came from someone who used to be her family member.

Of course, Soma would tell her about that, but she couldn’t guarantee that those people would be safe when Aina returned.

“I want to tell that myself, but I can’t do that.” (Soma)

“Well, it’s not possible for me to go to the Royal Academy.” (Steina)

Perhaps, there was a way to inform Steina if Kurt was still alive, but then… he suddenly realized. Speaking of which, why didn’t Kurt contact Steina when Aina was in the Royal Academy? Although it was already too late, there should be some contact, but… could it be that Kurt didn’t know about Aina?

Kurt wasn’t a Demon, so there was such a possibility. He should know about Aina since she was an important person, but since that muscle-brain only interested in power, there was no help for it. Kurt used his head at the last minute, but it was already too late to think about it.

She also remembered the recalled the situation after that, but it might be due to a similar reason that Tobias didn’t contact her. As far as she heard, Tobias seemed to have met Soma, so that person should have seen Aina, but Tobias wasn’t strictly a Demon. That person only focus on his work. Thus, it couldn’t be helped if he didn’t know Aina’s face.

But when she thought about it, that outrageous rebellion was possible because of that reason. The purpose wasn’t unified at all, and they just joined hands by chance… so when it came to Steina,, she only continued the mission.

And yet, she thought that there might be such a thing at present, she couldn’t really do anything about it.

“Now… instead of talking here, why don’t we go back soon?” (Soma)

“You’re right… there is no need to stay here since we have fulfilled our request.” (Felicia)

“…Yeah, I already took the parts necessary for proof.” (Sheila)

“Oii, when did you… as expected, Sheila. That helps.” (Soma)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

While doing so, she managed to take care of the job safely. Steina gently exhaled the breath of relief to that. She felt like she wasn’t ready to be immersed in this relaxing atmosphere.

That was why…

“Well. Actually, I am also going to return after completing my request. So, I’ll go ahead first…” (Steina)

“Aah, by the way… Since this is a kind of connection made with another person by chance, why don’t we travel together?” (Soma)

“…Haa?” (Steina)

The moment Steina tried to leave that place quietly, she was told something unexpected. Then, she stared at Soma’s face.



  • I’ve had hard time to figure out what’s going on with this chapter.
  • So, here’s my assumption. Steina is joining rebellion side since she is going to revive the Demon God (which could be the previous Demon King).
  • The relationship between Steina and Aina is probably not sisters by blood since there is no affirmative sentence yet in this chapter. They might be cousins (thus why the term ‘family members’ is used). If this assumption is correct, the Demon God mentioned is the previous Demon King, and Steina could be the daughter of the previous Demon King. This might make sense due to the title of chapter 142 and 143. The title of chapter 143 has question sign.
  • I’ll change this chapter when I get the whole picture.

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