Ex Strongest Swordsman 142 (Self Edited) – The Demon God’s Maiden and the Frog


The Demon God’s Maiden and the Frog

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Steina was completely unprepared. Perhaps, it should be said it was because of her pride, but in any case, it was the same thing. She was now facing the biggest pinch of her life, and it wasn’t a joke.

“Ughh… why is this thing here in such a place!? Are you kidding me!?” (Steina)

However, the abusive thrown was meaningless. To begin with, she was unsure whether the other side understood her words. Even if she hit with its body and glaring as if gouging something before her eyes, there was still no effect.

If she could at least pick up the spear that was rolling at her feet…

“It’s not supposed to happen like this just because I poked it unintentionally! If I have to say, am I really that stupid!?” (Steina)

The abusive words jumped out of his mouth because of her idiocy didn’t improve the situation. She clenched her fist and swung it up to release her anger, but the moment she tried to swing down, her feet slipped.

“Uh, That’s not…!?” (Steina)

She tried to remain still in a hurry, but her posture became awkward. She was closer to it than it was before since she was slightly pulled. Furthermore, since she was crouching already, she couldn’t reach the spear. She didn’t know if she tried her best to get it by extending her body and arm, but it was impossible to do that in this situation.

Steina couldn’t help but think that the spear was completely out of reach. This situation happened because she pricked her spear at the thing in front of her… a Giant Frog.

Based on its name, the monster in front of her was just a huge frog. However, if she was thrown into the mouth that was still open, she would be instantly melted even if it was done half-heartedly. So, it would be better if Steina had a few more seconds. Even if she tried to run away, she was in the middle of being pulled by the tongue of the Giant Frog.

The Giant Frog’s tongue was covered with mucus, which acted like an adhesive by entangling prey. Moreover, the hit was slipped by the mucus, and slashing it with a blade had a little effect from the beginning. Perhaps, if she was let go and her posture was perfect, Steina might be able to do some damage, but now, there was no hope.

Furthermore, because of its high resistance to magic, Giant Frog was a quite powerful monster. Let alone junior adventurers, senior adventurers could easily fall into a devastated state if they weren’t fortunate enough.

Although it was a powerful monster, the monster itself wasn’t so dangerous. Giant Frog basically had a calm characteristic. It usually rolled its body around, and slept. It wouldn’t do anything if people went pass near it.

However, it would be the end if it was given a strong impact by mistake. At that moment, Giant Frog woke up from its sleep. Opening the eyelids that normally closed only took a few seconds.

Giant Frog’s eyes were magical eyes of powerful restrain. Whether people had a strong immunity, the eyes would penetrate through that immunity. It would take away the freedom of the opponent’s body for a few seconds when it opened its eyelids.

If that happened, it would be easy. All it had to do was to extend its tongue and grabbed the prey that couldn’t move.

The reason why that didn’t happen to Steina was because she leaped backward the moment she realized the existence of the Giant Frog. Although she was deprived of her freedom with its eyes immediately after, its eyelids were closed before she was being pulled. Nonetheless, she was still caught by the tongue, but it was still possible to persist.

But then, she fell into a stalemate. If this happened, the rest was the one who would be exhausted first. Steina was on the disadvantage side because of her posture, but this wasn’t a situation where she could talk about it. If she didn’t want to die, she had to work hard.

If it used the eyes again, she would meet her end, but there was no need to worry about it. The magical eyes used a lot of power even though it was powerful, so the frog usually closed its eyes.

Not only that, when it use the magical eyes, it was doing its best. It became completely defenseless while using the magical eyes.

Therefore, if people could attack it at that time, they could easily defeat it without problem. That was why the Giant Frog was powerful but not too dangerous.

Moreover, once the Giant Frog caught its prey, it wouldn’t try to release it, but it would focus as much as it could. It wasn’t completely defenseless, but it didn’t attack. So, if someone else was there, they could easily defeat it by continuously attacking it.

“…Well, I could only wish that I have friends. I don’t know if someone accidently pass by…” (Steina)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

It was too convenient for anything to happen. Perhaps, there was a possibility someone had already found it and a request for subjugation had been issued, but… the problem was there someone who could defeat it?

Speaking of the magical eyes, whether people had a complete resistance to mental attacks or not, they could easily defeat it the moment the frog used its eyes and if people divided their roles of luring and attacking. However, it wasn’t easy as it sounded. To begin with, it was rare for people to have complete immunity against mental attacks, and to the bitter end, senior adventurers were people who could defeat them comfortably. It was a monster that could defeated easily if the senior adventurers made a proper preparation beforehand, but for junior adventurers, they would be destroyed no matter how much preparation they had.

Most of the adventurers who were in this town were beginner adventurers. The town didn’t even had sufficient number of junior adventurers. When Steina showed her guild card, the receptionist were surprised. Hence, she assumed that there were no senior adventurers.

After that, a senior adventurer appeared by chance, and the request to subjugate the Giant Frog was hanged by chance. If they took it by chance, would the senor adventurer appeared here by chance? Why the series of by chance occurrences feel intentional? (TLN: Don’t blame me because the ‘by chance’ was spammed for five times in raw.)

“…If I had been lucky enough, I would have been able to live a better life. Well sure, I thought that I was lucky a little while ago.” (Steina)

In the town where she accidentally stopped by, such a subjugation request for this monster was hanged. She thought how lucky she was. It took two days to find it, and she was able to procure the target materials safely. With these materials, she had progressed one step forward to revive the Demon God.

However, since she didn’t have much sleep, she became slightly careless. When she swung her spear on something that she thought it was a rock, that thing appeared to be a Giant Frog.

“…Whether it relates to luck or not, doesn’t this situation tells me that I am stupid?” (Steina)

Suddenly, she noticed that her body lose power, so she tried to recover immediately. After all, she might be a fool. It was obvious that she would die, but of course, she refused to let that happen at all costs.

“How ridiculous is this, but I still don’t want to die! I think the pulling power has gradually weakened… if it’s like that… gehh!?” (Steina)

A voice, that shouldn’t come out from the mouth of a young girl, leaked, but this wasn’t a place to say it. The mouth of the Giant Frog was wide open and the eyelids, that could be seen on both sides of the mouth, trembled and starting to open.

“Kuhh, are you going to use magical eyes in this state!?” (Steina)

Did this mean that the frog was going to let go of its prey and became defenseless? Or did it decide to do so because it thought that nothing happened so far?

“Whatever it is, it is relatively desperate, right!?” (Steina)

However, it might still be better than this state to continue as it was. It was getting really hard, and if she lost focus even for a moment, she would be likely leaping into that mouth. If that was the case… there might be more if she bet on the chance of that moment.

The moment the frog tried to use its magical eye, its tongue should completely lose power. At that moment, she would get out of the tongue, reach out her body and hand, grab the spear, and throw it. If she could do that, the spear would pierce the frog even if the magical eyes were activated. Even if she couldn’t defeat the frog with that throw, there would be a chance to…

“If I can run away in the meantime… I have to give a big applause to myself.” (Steina)

Honestly, Steina didn’t think she could do it. But, if she didn’t want to die, she had to do it.

She knew that it was a very selfish and convenient idea. But… but…

“I can’t afford to die in a place like this…!” (Steina)

She still had something else to do. At the very least, she wanted to fulfill that task.

“…” (Steina)

It was almost at the same time when she made that decision and the Giant’s Frog’s eyelids were opened. Then, the eyes began to be seen. At the moment the restraint of the tongue loosens, and Steina got out of there. She rolled over, stretched her body and arms desperately… at that time, of course, she could no longer see what the magical eyes looked like.

But, that didn’t matter. She grabbed the spear and rolled over again.

“–Aah.” (Steina)

The red eyes were reflected in the field of view.

‘The magical eyes.’

The Giant Frog’s tongue stretched again and wrapped Steina’s body, which had become stiff and couldn’t do anything, and caught her firmly. Then, she was mercilessly pulled into the mouth that remained open…

“…Flash.” (S???)

She opened her eyes at the next moment after she thought she would leaped into the mouth. A line of light ran through the darkness, and the sight on the other side was reflected in her eyes.

It was the soil, grass, trees, sky, clouds and… and…

“Phew… I barely made it. Aah, is that you? I thought it was a voice that somehow sounded familiar. Anyhow, it’s been a while. Well, actually, it’s been about a week or so.” (S???)

It was a boy that she knew, and he was raising his hand in relaxed manner.



  • Steina didn’t take the subjugation request to hunt the Giant Frog. It was Soma who received the request.
  • Steina sometimes calls herself Steina instead of ‘I’ in the conversation. I’m not sure about other countries, but in my country, some of us call ourselves by our name when speaking to others (especially close family or friends). I can’t do that here since this style of speech doesn’t suit in English.
  • The term Demon God (魔神) is used for the first time in this chapter. I’ve checked the previous chapter, it isn’t the Demon King (魔王) or the Evil God (邪神). I’m not sure if it’s a new entity or similar entity to the Demon King or the Evil God, but we will see in the future chapters.

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