Ex Strongest Swordsman 140 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Receiving a Request in the Demon Territory


Ex Strongest, Receiving a Request in the Demon Territory

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When Soma was heading to the reception, he felt a lifeless atmosphere drifting from the rear.

However, since the reason was unknown, Soma had no choice but to tilt the neck. While thinking that the adventures were probably giving face to newcomers, they arrived at the reception. There, Soma was instinctively blinked his eyes at the person who stood there.

It wasn’t because he recognized the receptionist. What surprised him was there were non-human ears grew on the head.

This wasn’t the first time for Soma to see a demi-human. For multiracial country, Radius, the demi-humans was the second largest race after the human race. Although it was almost impossible to go out of his house, Soma had been attending the Royal Academy recently, and he was in the royal capital. It was inevitable to see demi-humans.

However, even though the country was a multiracial country and most people who went to the Royal Academy was also from different races, the majority of people living in Radius were human. The country welcomed other races to live. Although they actually lived in the country, the ratio was less than ten percent. Even though there were many demi-humans, if Soma took a stroll, he would see only one out of many.

Still, it was still much better than other countries, especially the neighboring country, Veritas. It was because there were no other races living in Veritas which was a monoethnic country unless they were slaves.

The reason was that Radius’s predecessor was part of Veritas. Despite being a multiracial country, the ratio was biased toward human. In short, since it was a country where only humans originally lived, it was natural to be biased towards human race.

Furthermore, there were only two places where Radius faced other countries, one of which led to the land where the Demons live, and the other was Veritas. Even if the country welcomed other races, they wouldn’t come. Recently, there had been disputes going on in Veritas, and it seemed other races were increasing in number little by little, but it would take a while to appear in ratio.

Anyhow, it wasn’t unusual to see other races due to such things, but as for Soma, it was a bit unexpected that a demi-human was the receptionist of the guild.


“Perhaps, this is the first time you see a beastkin doing reception?” (Receptionist)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

It appeared that he was staring hard at the receptionist. The receptionist, who said so, was smiling, but her cat ears were moving as if she was protesting about something.

It was true that this scene was unusual for Soma, but that wasn’t a good reason to stare at the other party. He bowed her head obediently.

“You were right, but I didn’t mean to be rude.” (Soma)

“…Yeah, sorry.” (Sheila)

“Surely, it was rude to stare. We’re sorry.” (Felicia)

Soma thought for a moment why both of them did follow up. It wasn’t to say that Soma wasn’t being rude, but it seemed that the two of them were also staring at the receptionist’s cat ears. Well, he wasn’t sure about Sheila, but Felicia had never been out of that forest. Since there were many unusual things on the way to this place, it was understandable why they were staring at the receptionist together with Soma.

Well, it was still rude just even if he understood why Felicia was staring at the receptionist.

“Aah, no, I mean… I don’t mind. It’s fine. Our race is not everywhere, so I’m used to being rare.” (Receptionist)

“Hmm… is that so?” (Soma)

“More importantly, this is my job. Did you bring a request form? I will confirm it, so please give it to me.” (Receptionist)

“Understood.” (Soma)

Since the receptionist said that she didn’t mind it, they should take it easy. In fact, they shouldn’t interfere with her job anymore.

Strangely, for some reason, other adventurers were still not moving, but they should come with a letter of request from now on. If this could be done quickly, they should do so.

When Soma was thinking about that, the receptionist read the request form, and made a small surprised voice.

“The requirement rank for this is… at least Rank 5? Why there is such a request in this town… aah, well, that remind me, I feel like there was such a request came this morning… Uhm, are you fine with this?” (Receptionist)

That question would probably be in a double meaning.

Soma looked like a kid, and the other two were suspiciously dressed. Incidentally, it was normal to doubt their abilities simply because the two people at the back were about the same as Soma. And of course, whether they had reached the required rank.

Then, Soma looked at Sheila since his adventurer rank hadn’t reached Rank 5. In fact, since he traveled with Sheila, he remained at the lowest rank because he hadn’t visited the guild until now.

However, if Sheila showed her guild card, there should be no problem. The card also could be used here. Sheila, who had been looked that, naturally understood…

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

She looked at Soma, and then, she presented her guild card to the receptionist.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)


“Aah… I was so nervous since I worked here for the first time. Well, it might be more than that…” (Receptionist)

The moment she saw the children left the guild, Emily moaned, and fell down on the spot. It was the same appearance like his younger sister, Ayla, but she couldn’t afford to worry about that.

“Nevertheless, you handled them quite well, you know?” (??)

“How many years do you think I have been a receptionist? Of course, that’s obvious. Well, to be honest, I wanted to run away when they came to me.” (Emily)

She replied by shrugging her shoulders to the Demonis girl who was her friend and colleague. One wing of the girl’s back moved together, and it flapped light so as to agree.

“Well, yes. I thought that it was good that they didn’t come to my place. Of course, I didn’t expect them to pluck your cat ears, but… no, actually, I was worried.” (Demonis Girl)

“Now, I have no energy to deal with your jokes…” (Emily)

“Oh my, this is serious… Well, it is understandable. However, just recover as soon as you can. You may want to pay attention to those children for a bit, but you can’t afford to do that right now.” (Demonis Girl)

“I know…” (Emily)

The surrounding adventurers also shared the same feeling. As soon as the trio gone, the scramble for the request forms occurred. On the contrary, it had become even a light brawl. It was probably for the purpose of alleviating the stress they had received earlier.

“It seemed like you could hear the voices of their heart… saying that they were being watched or observed… At that time, I’m pretty sure that everyone was having similar thoughts.” (Demonis Girl)

“I was so relieved when they came here with a request form. I was worried whether they were going to find faults.” (Emily)

However, that was also understandable. The guild staff and the adventurers thought that the trio was dangerous people, and they were being observed. They didn’t know what to do, but they couldn’t move recklessly even after the request forms were hanged.

However, even the boy submitted the request form, the person in question, Emily, didn’t move, and they even had a meaningful conversation among themselves. The children probably didn’t care at all.

While she was waiting, the children came with a request form. She couldn’t tell how much she felt relieved.

“By the way, that child… no, that person? Anyhow, what was the request he brought with him? I heard that you were saying something about rank restriction, but… was that the one that the people were talking this morning?” (Demonis Girl)

“The request itself is just a request to subdue, and it’s pretty good. Well, that if they are Rank 5 adventurers though.” (Emily)

“Oh, that’s the type of target to be subdued. Was it really for at least Rank 5 adventurers? Certainly, I had that feeling, but in a place where strength is said to be the law, it won’t end well if they fail the request.” (Demonis Girl)

“That’s why I’ve been thinking after working here for five years. It should be that way in the place here. But the guild card submitted by the person next to the boy… it was a girl, I think? That’s why I was surprised.” (Emily)

“Eh, really? I was concerned about that person, and I didn’t think much about the other two, but… I guess the other person is also dangerous. How should I put it? If the boy himself didn’t give you the card, could he ask that girl indirectly?” (Demonis Girl)

“Perhaps, the other two are more dangerous.” (Emily)

After all, there were only three adventurers with that rank in this place. Emily was able to endure the surprise even a guild card of Rank 5 was really presented. Moreover, she was presented with the same thing on the other day, so she wasn’t sure if she overcame with surprised when she was shown a card with higher rank. She might have been perceived that way.

“Aah, it’s a big surprise to the receptionist, and even if it is confusing, it certainly possible that you are paying attention to them. Well, I hope you don’t shake it from the start.” (Demonis Girl)

“I can’t help with it, you know.” (Emily)

After all, she didn’t know who was that person… it might be something about unannounced assessment of the guild, or top position Demons came to confirm something. In any case, Emily, who was only a receptionist, had nothing to do with it.

“Even so, there was a strange person brought a request with restriction on the rank, on the other day, right? You’re saved if nobody pick the request, but… perhaps, the guild is worried about it and send those children?” (Demonis Girl)

“I’ve never heard of the guild that takes care about it… speaking of the guild, that girl might be acting on the guild’s substitute? When I think about it, she didn’t act like it, right?” (Emily)

“You said that girl came with the request, but suddenly withdrew because of stomach ache?” (Demonis Girl)

“That substitute is not a joke… she was proud, saying that she was born under a lucky star, and she would solve the request. That’s what happened last time. I just feel like she is running away from something unpleasant.” (Emily)

“Nevertheless, even if she was acting as a substitute, I’m sure she holds some talents and popularity, but… it seems that it’s possible to relax.” (Demonis Girl)

“Hmm?” (Emily)

Since she understood the meaning of the words, when she looked at the person who submitted a request form, the brawl seemed to be coming to an end as expected. It was likely the adventurers would rush to submit forms to her soon.

“Have you recovered?” (Demonis Girl)

“To be honest, I still want to rest, but I can’t say that.” (Emily)

The reason why Emily continued to be a receptionist for how many years wasn’t because she wanted it. After that, she raised her body, exhaled a breath. She, then, rearranged her mind to overcome the shambles that were coming from now on.



  • Demonis (デモニス) and Demons (魔族) are two different entities. The Demonis Girl is probably the person who work at the cash exchange area.
  • I suppose beastkin (獣人) is under the category of demi-human (亜人).
  • Emily is a Catkin, so she is talking with ~nya at the end of sentence. Ayla is the younger sister.

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