World Teacher 168 (Self Edited) – As Always

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!


Greetings everyone.

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12 thoughts on “World Teacher 168 (Self Edited) – As Always

  1. AsVr

    In Japan the mortality rate is higher than the birth rate, so maybe that is a government policy made to overcome this.
    And in my country the age of marriage for women is 20 years and men are 22 years (if I’m not mistaken).


    1. Kucing Terbang

      In my country for women (girls?) the age of marriage is 16. It’s possible for the girl to be married at 12 if they get exemption from the court.
      Sometimes because the pairs threatened to have sex outside of marriage and its a taboo, no choice left but to approve their marriage.

      Which country? It’s Indonesia.


    2. jorgelotr

      It’s inherited. Many countries have early ages of consent as a leftover of times with short life expectancy. Still, in many countries (Japan included, afaik), that age of consent has caveats and you are more likely than not to be put into jail as someone over 18 if you do the deed with someone under 18.

      In Japan that age of consent is only valid in the following cases:
      -both parties are minors
      -both parties are formally engaged (quite rare and needs some paper trail)
      -both parties are married (here things change, since that’s only valid for girls 16 and over, while invalid for boys, since male marriageable age is 18)
      -(special case) both parties have been going out without interruption since before the oldest of them became 18 and after the youngest reached 13

      in all other cases, being caught having your way with a minor in Japan is your fastest ticket to jail.


  2. Misery's End

    It might vary by state here in the US, but it seems 18 is the age of consent. On the other hand there is a loop hole. While difficult, at 16 y/o can you legally be emancipated and become an adult, with all rights, privileges, and limitations. If the young adult is still with their parents though, if said young adult enters into a physical relationship with someone two years older, the parents can file statutory rape charges against their child’s partner.

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  3. macktheknife123

    Thanks for the chapter. The villain in his past life remind of the character Yaiba Mizushiro in Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning manga. That character was a genius and wanted to create the world in his own image but did kind crazy killer games..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Faust

    thanks for the chapter,i hope lior and beowulf will come and causing mayhem at the war and turn the tables of the war (at the end of winged people arc it’s stated they are now at this continent)



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