Ex Strongest Swordsman 123 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Leaving the Witch Forest Suddenly


Ex Strongest, Leaving the Witch Forest Suddenly

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Sheila unintentionally narrowed her eyes in from of the nostalgic hometown. Apparently, there was something more than she expected.

However, as she reflected upon this nostalgic feeling, Sheila tilted the head unexpectedly. Somehow… she couldn’t say it, but she felt something was different from what it used to be.

However, it wasn’t in the form that should be called as the sense of incongruity. This was because, there was an unexpected person turned up in the place earlier than her.

“Hmm… what? I was wondering why did I feel nostalgic. It was you, Sheila.” (??)

“…Eh?” (Sheila)

It might be said to be obvious. That person was someone of her family, but he was a person who should never be here. It was because–…

“…Why?” (Sheila)

“What’s wrong with me if I come to greet you? It’s to celebrate the return of a younger sister that I haven’t seen for long time. It’s not really strange, right?” (??)

“…You looked like you didn’t know what to say to me just now.” (Sheila)

“Hmm, don’t concern about the details.” (??)

“…I am concerned. …I can’t believe the Chief came all the way here.” (Sheila)

Yeah, the person in front of her was her brother, and at the same time, he was the Chief who ruled over the Elves. There was no way for such a figurehead to come to meet someone he might not know.

“…What happened?” (Sheila)

“Rather than saying that… I’m sure you will agree to it, right?” (??)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

Of course. When it became like this, things like the sense of incongruity she had earlier also came to mind. When she was staring and wondering what the heck was going on, her brother–… Joseph Leonhart let out a sigh.

“…Well, the fact that you came back at this time may be a revelation. Aah, that being the case, I… should do what I have to do as the Chief.” (Joseph)

“…?” (Sheila)

“Sheila, this is my wish… no, it’s an order to you not as your brother, but as the Chief. Be the foundation for our kind.” (Joseph)

When she looked at her brother who was staring her, a reply came out from her mouth.



“…Hmm? What did you just say?” (Soma)

Soma asked so unintentionally. It was because of the details of the words that Felicia spoke was so unexpected.

Although it was a bit about the day of food distribution which was today, the details she spoke about didn’t change its meaning at all at all. Today was the day when the Elves gave her food, which mean more fruit stockpiles. It wouldn’t be strange if it became a malnutrition crisis, but as expected, if he wanted to eat meat…

“You’re not missing anything when I talked about that important matter, right? It’ can’t be helped then… I will repeat one more time, so do not miss it, alright? No food would be provided  in the future, and that is also including today. But instead, we can get out of here.” (Felicia)

He understood that, but it seemed that wasn’t a mistake. But, that was…

“Does that mean the time of me being obscure will come to an end? It looks like it’s impossible to escape peacefully. Nevertheless, if I have to destroy half of the Elves Forest, that would be–…” (Soma)

“Please don’t do that. We would explain properly, alright?” (Felicia)

“Aah, it wasn’t a slip of the tongue, you know? However, if you said like that, it seems I also got the permission to leave this place… No, before that, did you tell them about me?” (Soma)

“…Yes. I’m sorry about that because of my selfish consideration.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… that is fine, but… am I being forgiven? Before this, I had a feeling that it was definitely impossible to go through this without fuss.” (Soma)

Soma was there last time. While remained reading the Book of Witches, he remembered the last time very well. Since Soma knew what the Witches were all about, he didn’t think that kind of response was excessive. Rather, it was a matter of course.

If people thought that the other party would know this as well, it was enough to say that this made sense.

“…You’re probably right. They look like they aren’t doing anything here, but it would have been there.” (Felicia)

“Do they hate the fact about me knowing the fact that they are sheltering Witches…?” (Soma)

Yes, ‘sheltering’. In one glance, this was a situation where people look that Witches were being locked up, but when thinking about it from the Witches’ view, this was definitely a heartwarming response. The only way to keep the Witches alive was to do so.

At least, that was what Soma knew, and that was the same for the Elves. Therefore, it could be said that they were sheltering the Witches.

Of course, that wasn’t due to a humanitarian reason. No, even if that could be said, half of the reason was due to selfishness. As what he could see from yesterday’s praying for rain, if the Witches could do it well, they would gain huge benefits.

However, if the Witches made mistakes, destructions would await them. It might be that this whole thing was about the Elves, but if this matter leaked out, the people, who knew it, literally couldn’t complaint if they would be killed. It was such a great crime after all.

“Hmm… anyhow, I wonder would it be possible for the Elves to create such a space? Well, it depend on how well they can apply it, but I guess they can make it if the size isn’t that much…” (Soma)

“…I haven’t been informed in detail, but that was probably happened. In fact, my release seems to be a condition for dealing with it.” (Felicia)

“Deal… is that possible?” (Soma)

“If they can’t do it, they won’t be able to do that. But then, it would be the same thing if they can’t do it at all.” (Felicia)

“By the way, why didn’t you ask for the details?” (Soma)

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What would they do if it were impossible to deal with? In the worst case scenario, it would be like dying…

“Either way, it’s the same thing. They will explain it in detail later.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… I can’t take proper measure if I don’t know what the situation is, but… oh well, I wonder what will happen later. It shouldn’t be stronger than the former Hildegard.” (Soma)

However, he concluded so when he thought so far. Whatever the circumstances might be, the worst case scenario wouldn’t be easy to happen, maybe. In that case, he would figure out a way somehow.

“…Uhm, Soma-san?” (Felicia)

“Yes? What is it?” (Soma)

“Hearing what you said just now… it seems like you are trying to help, is it?” (Felicia)

“What are you talking about?” (Soma)

Yeah, what exactly was they talking about? That matter was…

“It is a matter of course, right?” (Soma)

“…I mean, this is a condition that was put forward to me, and it has nothing to do with Soma-san, right?” (Felicia)

“Well, I’m probably not related, but for some reason, it feels serious. I mean the duty to save the Elves… Speaking of whether there is anything I can do or not, it may be subtle, but at least, I have a reason to help you. That alone is enough for me to lend you help.” (Soma)

Rather, what else was needed?

“In any case, I owe much to you, Soma-san.” (Felicia)

“That is just a difference of opinion. As for me, I think I’m owing you much more.” (Soma)

Having said that, they looked at each other… and Felicia turned her eyes away first. She sighed as if she had given up something.

“…Understood. However, this is something I have received. If I think it is impossible for me, I will ask for your help. Please help me only then.” (Soma)

“Hmm… I suppose I can compromise on that part. I got it.” (Soma)

“Haa… goodness, this is troubling. Well, anyhow, I have to get ready to leave this place quickly.” (Felicia)

“Understood, but I don’t know what should I bring. Do you want me to pack everything?” (Soma)

“No, there is almost nothing to bring. Most of them were here… Perhaps, it will be used by the next successor.” (Felicia)

“Hmm, so the Book of Witches has to be left, is it? I haven’t finished reading it…” (Soma)

“I’m sorry, but that is something I shouldn’t bring.” (Felicia)

“I guess so.” (Soma)

Even if it was the translated documents, those were discarded immediately as soon as the compounding finished. There was no reason they could take it since there was a possibility that the other Witches could read it. Well, he usually remembered them, and he had no choice but to rely on his memory.

In the meantime, they were ready for the departure. But then, they only brought the thing they had since the beginning.

Soma brought the sword he always used. And Felicia…

“…This is my first time seeing that appearance.” (Soma)

“Yes, this is my first time showing you after all. This is more or less a formal dress of Witches.” (Felicia)

The attire was based on the same black as before. Well, he thought it was quite like that at that time, but… he wondered if it was too much to imagine that she would have a black pointy hat and a broom.

“By the way, I’m not wearing this formal attire just because I’m leaving this place. This is simply my personal belonging. It was also belonged to my mother.” (Felicia)

“…I see.” (Soma)

Soma didn’t dare to ask what was the meaning of that.

He merely nodded. It was a short period of one and a half months at the end, but then, he looked around the house which he was indebted to. And then…

“Shall we?” (Soma)

“Yes, let’s go.” (Felicia)

The two of them stood side by side and left together.

“That remind me, if we go there, will they welcome us?” (Soma)

“…Yes, I think so. You may have to wait a little longer though.” (Felicia)

“Well, I don’t mind that much. By the way, do you have to do something there and will you finish it by the day? If not, I think it is necessary to find an accommodation somewhere.” (Soma)

“Yes, I was going to live in the house of the Chief, and… aah, speaking of it, I’m sorry, I forgot to ask for Soma-san. I will check it later.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… well, the worst is I have to sleep outdoors, but it’s fine. There will be plenty of places to stay.” (Soma)

While exchanging such a conversation, they walked to the destination, and they arrived there before ten minutes passed. Then, the space ahead started to ripple like last time, and that happened at the same time.

“Hmm, I guess we don’t have to wait, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“He is a punctual person.” (Felicia)

After that, a forest similar to where they were appeared, and a blond man stood there. The man, whose name was Joseph, took a glance at Soma with a stiffened face, and then, he snorted.

“Humpph, so you’re the man in question.” (Joseph)

“Hmm… sorry to bother you.” (Soma)

“…I don’t care. Besides, that line maybe supposed to be mine.” (Joseph)

“Hmm?” (Soma)

He tilted at the words muttered, but there was nothing followed after that. Without saying anything, he turned around and started walking.

“Well then, let’s go. I am busy, but… now is important time. The small details can come later.” (Joseph)

“…I understand.” (Felicia)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

Felicia obediently nodded and followed him after that, but… Soma was watching the back of the two for a while. Joseph didn’t spare a glance at Felicia at all, but… did that mean something? Or maybe, it didn’t mean anything, but…

“Really… it seems going to be difficult everywhere.” (Soma)

While muttering those words, Soma followed after those two.

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