Ex Strongest Swordsman 121 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Doing the Compounding


Ex Strongest, Doing the Compounding

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“Is that so? I see…” (Doris)

Sheila loosened her mouth as she looked at Doris who was interjecting as if she was looking forward to it.

The night had arrived outside of the window, and the moonlight illuminated the surroundings. She should go to sleep when considering about tomorrow, but it would be particularly hard for Doris. There was no sight that the excitement going to disappear at anytime soon. Sheila, who couldn’t stop talking, talked further since she was spoiled by Doris.

“…Yeah, I always think so, when I see Soma. …I’m not done yet.” (Sheila)

“I think that there’s no such a thing, but… well, I’m not trying to comfort you. But if you think so, there is no meaning if I say anything, right?” (Doris)

“…That’s not it. …But… yeah, sorry.” (Sheila)

“You don’t need to apologize. …But I’m envy you a little.” (Doris)

“…?” (Sheila)

Sheila tilted her neck as she didn’t know why Doris envied her, but Doris squinted her eyes and smiled.

It might be that Doris was drunk. She loved drinking even though she wasn’t strong against it. So, she was drinking like she was taking a bath, while saying this was to celebrate the reunion after a long absence.

“Anyhow, that means it was correct to entrust you to those people. …After all, I couldn’t do anything for you, but that’s not what I want to say.” (Doris)

“…It’s not like that. …If you didn’t bring me out, I wouldn’t have been here.” (Sheila)

That was definitely true. No matter what choices she made after that, if Doris didn’t take her here, this circumstance wouldn’t happen.

Of course, she didn’t dislike that place, and everyone was still an important companion. Rather, she left that place and experienced many things so far, so it was kind of an unnecessary thought.

“…Yeah, that reminds me, I’ve heard a lot about it so far, but I only have one thing that bothers me. Can I ask you something?” (Doris)

“…? …What is it?” (Sheila)

“I’m just curious, and this is a common saying anyway. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, and I feel like I shouldn’t ask you in the first place. In that case, just think of this like a joke since I’m drunk, alright.” (Doris)

Doris, who said so, was probably drunk. But…

“This is an assumption. Don’t answer if you don’t like it. But… if the Elves in the forest and Soma are… I mean… if there is a situation where you can only choose one of them…” (Doris)

–Which one would you choose?

Doris, who made such a question, looked at Sheila with serious eyes.

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It might be needless to say why Soma looking for the blood of a living dragon. It was to make and drink the medicine that made him easy to focus magical power. The raw materials were all in stock, including those obtained the other day. There were up to ten valuable materials arranged on the work table. Among them were the nectar of a flower than only bloomed on the night of the new moon, and the mandragora that Soma found and obtained.

“This is my first time to deal with such materials all at once… Well, if I have to exclude the blood of the dragon, everything else can be obtained within the barrier. Although these are precious materials, I personally don’t think much of it.” (Felicia)

“To be honest, me too. The only thing that matters is whether or not I can use my magic with it.” (Soma)

Those who listened to their conversation might be fainted. Anyhow, their eyes drop to another object place on the work table. It was a piece of note, and it was the process of medicine that Soma had written down.

The purpose to write it on that paper was, of course, Felicia couldn’t read the book. There is no exceptional thing done apart from that, but Soma wrote down what she planned to make on that day, but…

“You know, it is alright to let me do this alone.” (Felicia)

“Don’t worry about it. I simply want to help you. Well, if you say that I’m a hindrance, I will quietly withdraw myself.” (Soma)

“It’s not like that… something I think it’s better to have someone helps. Well then, thank you.” (Felicia)

“Hmm, leave it to me. I can’t do anything that would require special technique…” (Soma)

“As I said before, I don’t do anything special. Do you think it will be fine to do as what written there?” (Felicia)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

Soma had experimented making one to two medicine. At that time, he was experiment with the compounding. Since he didn’t fail at that time, there was probably no special trait in him.

It was like cooking. If people made it exactly as described in the recipe, they wouldn’t failed.

The reason why it failed was because of applying something not described. If there was no mistake between the process and the quantity, there should be no problem. Yes, there should be no problem, but…

“By the way, I would like to hear one thing.” (Soma)

“Yes? Was there something that you didn’t understand? Rather, this was written by you, so if there is a question, I should be the one asking it…” (Felicia)

“No, I mean, I can read what I have written, but this is the first time I actually make it. That’s true, but… don’t you think that we have to measure the quantity by own eyes?” (Soma)

He had a feeling that there was no item with a specific amount written on it. Rather, he didn’t even remember the specific amount he wrote so far. In the first place, he had almost no memories of reading that part.

…No, actually he was aware of it. When he first read through, he wondered if this was too vague.

Even an amateur who read a cookbook couldn’t understand well. As long as people knew it to some extent, they would be able to understand it somehow. Therefore, this was probably secrets passed among the Witches. Thinking about the possibility, the medicine could possibly be created too…

“No, that’s not the case this time. In the literal sense, it means to put the amount that you think is suitable for yourself. In fact, I have seen my predecessor compounding several times, but there was no need to measure the amount needed.” (Felicia)

“Really? Hmm. I wonder if my image of the Witch is somehow broken…” (Soma)

Although it was about preparing medicine, Soma had an image that the amount was quite precise. However, what came to mind when that was told by a Witch was a scene like boiling something down in a large bowl. If people thought about it, it could be said that it was just like an image with a certain meaning.

“Hmm… well, that is fine, but do you have anything specific to do? I mean, I would leave that to Felicia, but is it more efficient for use to share other tasks?” (Soma)

“I think I’m fine though. However, maybe the result would be better if Soma-san takes in charge of the part?” (Felicia)

“Why is that? Even if you say a suitable amount, I don’t understand it at all, you know?” (Soma)

“I think no one understand it other than Soma-san.” (Felicia)

“What do you mean?” (Soma)

According to Felicia, it was necessary to prepare the Witch’s medicines based on individuals.

Most of the things in the Book of Witches were meant to be used as an aid to Curse. Therefore, based on the constitution and the nature of the individual Witch, it was necessary to adjust the amount of materials for compounding.

“Aah… are you saying I should use as I see fit? I see, it’s not that hard, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“Well… to be honest, I can’t deny that fact. When my predecessor was compounding the medicine, I also said that she might have put it too much.” (Felicia)

“I guess that’s fine… Hmm? But if that happens, don’t you feel that there is no meaning to the medicine that you are giving instead of food?” (Soma)

“Rather than saying that, it is actually bring no meaning in the first place because these are medicines of Curse. However, it seems that the Witches wanted to do it for research purpose only even if they can’t make something that can be used for themselves.” (Felicia)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

If it was for simple research, it didn’t feel like they needed a specific number every month or even decades, but… well, there was no point to delve in this aspect. More importantly…

“How am I supposed to know the suitable amount that suits me?” (Soma)

“Well… basically, there is only one way to do it, and that is to do the experiment. Since these materials used for this medicine are not used in other things, I can’t guess from that.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… in that case, these materials are definitely not enough. I don’t know how much experiment I will have to try since I don’t understand what kind of effect it brings, or will it work or not.” (Soma)

“Aah, there is no need to do that, you know? It’s because you can tell by the taste of the medicine whether it is suitable for you or not.” (Felicia)

“Taste, is it?” (Soma)

“Yes. Depending on the individual’s sense, if everything is in the right amount, it would be very tasty. Conversely, the further you go from there, the taste also will change.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… anyhow, how do you feel that?” (Soma)

“I am basically sweet and bitter. It feels sweet and delicious if everything is the right amount, but the more I use, the more it feels bitter and bad.” (Felicia)

In other words, it seemed that he could only repeat the trial and error. Well, he felt at ease if that was the case. No matter how bad it was, he would never die.

“…Now, how about this?” (Felicia)

“Felicia?” (Soma)

“Well, I think it’s good to try this for the time being. Just start from a small amount.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… I wonder why do I have a bad feeling for some time now. I feel like I can hear the word ‘Stop’ from the corner of my head…” (Soma)

“It’s probably because of your mind. Besides, isn’t this necessary for Soma-san’s purpose?” (Felicia)

“Hmm… you are certainly right. In that case, there is no time to be intimidated in such places!” (Soma)

“Yes, that’s the spirit. Well then, let’s start right away. …And Soma-san, I think you should taste that.” (Felicia)

Felicia felt that she finally she got something, but at that time, Soma was full of motivation, so she didn’t need to mind him.

They, they started preparing the medicine, and speaking of the conclusion after dozens of trials, it could be say that the medicine itself was completed. At least Soma felt that it was tasty, so there should be no mistake about it.

But after all, nothing happened. Looking back on the process that led to it, Soma would continue to do whatever he needed to do to help Felicia, and he decided not to make medicines for himself again.

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