Ex Strongest Swordsman 119 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Reading the Book of Witches Again


Ex Strongest, Reading the Book of Witches Again

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A strong wind was blowing, and the blonde hair rose slightly. The person managed to keep track of the eyes, and the mouth loosened a bit. Thinking whether to bid farewell for a while, the feeling of this was like the last moment here swelled a little.

While thinking about that, the hood wore, and the face became completely hidden. Although it looked normal from the inside, it was a bit uncomfortable.

It was only a matter of time before the mouth naturally loosened again. Even at the time of staying in that stronghold, and even going through suffering, it had become a commonplace that the suffer went unnoticed. There was something wrong with that.

A thought suddenly came out. That person didn’t like talking about the assumptions too much, but… if the meeting with him didn’t happened… If another choice was selected at that time… She wandered where and what she would do now.

“…For now, you didn’t come to this place, right?” (S?????)

Looking back, there was a familiar building. She declined to see it off, but since there was a long holiday, it was unusual that there was no one there.

However, without closing the eyes, it was easy to remember the sight that was there. At least, it was something that couldn’t be obtained without coming here, but… now, there was something lacking.

She turned around, and looked up at the sky. She wasn’t going back for that, but it was true that it held a portion of that reason.

The Elves was a race specializing in magic, and their power increased many times in their hometown forest. If it so, it might be possible to find out where he was. She wouldn’t say it in the case of premature joy, but she was actually thinking about it.

The duration of the long holiday was about two months. If she made haste, there would be plenty of room to go back and forth, and she would certainly able to complete one or two things to do. It was possible to confirm if the whereabouts of that guy was known.

Speaking of the problem, it had already been a month since he went missing. She didn’t think that he was dead, but even his whereabouts was known, it would be meaningless if he had moved to other places. Moreover, if the place was far, it wasn’t possible to confirm about him.

As she thought that whether it was alright to be flexible around that matters…

“…Yeah.” (S?????)

With a nod, Sheila took a step outside of the Academy. And…

That reminded her… about her hometown which incidentally went through her mind. Were her brother and sister well?

In this way, while thinking that she could meet family members who she hadn’t seen in several years, Sheila walked and left for her hometown.



The ingredients stated in the Book of Witches could be divided into two ways even if the ingredients could be easily obtained. It would be either plant-based or animal-based.

The plant-based ingredients were as it was such as flowers on vegetations, or sometimes mushroom. The things extracted from such ingredients would treated as ingredients as a whole. The animal-based ingredients were also similar. In other words, things that could be obtained from animals, such as meat, nails, fangs and blood.

However, the animals that lived in the Witch Forests were called monsters. That was to say, the animal-based ingredients were ingredients that could be taken from monsters.

However, Soma had never been asked to do so by Felicia. Unlike plants, the name of the monsters and its parts were usually written in many cases, so it was easy to understand. He never asked her the reason, but… well, it might be because of her standard.

Basically, she had no fighting capabilities. She couldn’t use skills, and magic for assault. By considering the matter, it was as a matter of course.

For that reason, witches usually created familiars to assist them in their work, and how to do that was written in the Book of Witches. However, Felicia seemed to have no intention of creating familiars at this moment. In other words, she would collect mainly on plant-based ingredients.


“Hmm… I wonder if I can make living blood of Dragon fall somewhere…” (Soma)

“…Soma-san? What’s wrong? Have you finally lost your mind?” (Felicia)

“Hmm, that was a rather sharp criticism. You are not holding back, huh… Well, I personally prefer that, though.” (Soma)

“That was a joke. More importantly, why are you suddenly talk about that?” (Felicia)

“How should I put this… Well, as I said now, I want to have the living blood of Dragon…” (Soma)

Of course, he didn’t mean that he wanted to drink it. He was interested in medicine that used it as an ingredient. He directed his eyes to the Book of Witches at hand because it was written there. The ingredient would make it easy to concentrate mana, and that sentence made him narrowed his eyes.

He didn’t know exactly what effect it would have. However, this was entirely due to Soma’s personal circumstances. If he could obtain this material, why not ask Felicia to make it…

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“…That reminds me. Do the medicines have to be prepared by a Witch?” (Soma)

“No, I don’t it has to be in that way, I think? I’m not doing anything special, because I’m just mixing stuff. Perhaps, since anyone can prepare it, I think it is written that way so that it can’t be abused.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… if you think about it, it’s very likely.” (Soma)

“Aah, but, the finishing touch may have to be done by us, Witches. I just remembered that I had heard the medicines wouldn’t be high quality otherwise. I’ve never had to worry about it before.” (Felicia)

“I see. In that case, there is no problem if I ask you the finishing touch if I do the preliminary steps?” (Soma)

“That is true, but… if you have some preference and if you want me to make it for you, I can do it, you know?” (Felicia)

“Hmm? Are you sure?” (Soma)

“It is rare to have a specific effect written on it. In the end of the day, I’m going to try everything, so there is no problem if the order of medicines goes back and forth. That said, if it is possible to get something like Dragon’s blood.” (Felicia)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

Some of the precious ingredients seemed to be stored here, but there was no Dragon’s blood. Even if there were, it would already be unusable. The Dragon’s blood seems to be meaningless unless it was fresh blood.

This was rarely happened in the Book of Witches, where the Dragon’s blood, was the only material which firmly stated. According to the book, the mystique characteristic of the Dragon’s blood was the important part.

So, unless there were special procedures, the mystique characteristic would gradually fade away. In addition, the blood taken after killing the Dragon was out of the question. The degree of difficulty in obtaining it was considered to be the highest because there was no choice but to steal it from the Dragon or to take it from the Dragon itself.

“By the way, Dragons also live here, right?” (Soma)

“Well… since the previous Witches had made it before, it should be here.

“Hmm… to be able to obtain the Dragon’s blood, were the predecessors so strong?” (Soma)

“I don’t know about that. I only stayed with the predecessor for several years only. I’ve been out of the barrier once for a while, but for some reason, the monsters didn’t come close. The familiar looked like an ordinary cat at first glance, but the Witch’s familiars couldn’t be measure from the appearance. Or maybe, the familiar had the ability to prevent monsters from coming closer.” (Felicia)

While having such a conversation, Soma flipped through the book appropriately. It seemed that there were many things other than the Dragon’s blood were difficult to obtain. It was interesting to see how the predecessors got this though…

“Hmm… I better confirm this myself.” (Soma)

The condition of the body wasn’t perfect yet, but it might be just good for rehabilitation.

Plus, he didn’t know what would happened. Soma remembered the man named Joseph looked at Felicia for a moment before he left. It was something that Soma remembered.

What was displayed on that man’s face was probably a strong sense of responsibility and guilt.

“…Goodness, this is going to be difficult everywhere.” (Soma)

“Yes? What did you just say?” (Felicia)

“No, it’s nothing. Well then, I think I’m going to collect ingredients today as well.” (Soma)

“Aah, yes. Please be careful.” (Felicia)

When the Book of Witches folded, he passed it to Felicia and stood up. It had been already noon, but the reason why he hadn’t gone to collect materials was because he almost finished gathering the ingredients within the barrier.

When it came to outside of the barrier, he would definitely encounter monsters. In that case, Soma was reading the Book of Witches once again because it would be better to check it properly in the case of ingredients outside of the barrier.

Well, it was said that there were a lot of things that Felicia didn’t know about the inside of the barrier, and that was why she didn’t have to go to dangerous places. However, the reason why Soma wanted to go out was because his condition already returned to 80% of the normal condition. He was simply interested in it, and it was for rehabilitation purpose as well. For the rest, he was interested in the medicines made by the animal-based ingredients.

Although there were many things unknown in many ways, if they didn’t try first, they wouldn’t know it. While feeling anxious eyes fell on his back, Soma left the spot and headed to an unknown place.

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