The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 18 (Self Edited) – The Entrance Examination

Another chapter of The Demon King is out!


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

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4 thoughts on “The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 18 (Self Edited) – The Entrance Examination

  1. Halmista

    I have a feeling that they’re famous because of the smallpox incident. Maybe Rook told the higher-ups about the methods on how to vaccinate and prevent widespread infection of smallpox?

    Also pretty sure Yuri is going to be the top scorer of the exam. Finishing in an hour what is calculated to be a 3 hours exam? Yuri, you show off. Haha!! But I just love how flabbergasted he is about how easy the 1st part was and how the 2nd one was something no 10 years old (and a commoner) could answer. And Rook didn’t even tell him the procedures.

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