Ex Strongest Swordsman 115 (Self Edited) – The Witch and the Magic


The Witch and the Magic

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To speak plainly, a witch was someone who could grant a wish by paying a price. The method was called Curse, and it was regarded as a kind of magic because it made a wish came true.

The reason why it was called magic was due to the result of always granting a wish even though there were various things in the process. In a broad sense, what the Witch use was something magical.

However, it didn’t mean that anything could be granted as a matter of course. The Witch’s Curse was a miracle itself. Although it was possible to fulfill most things, there was also a limitation. That it wasn’t possible to overturn the law of the nature.

But, everything was also up to the viewpoints. If it wasn’t possible to use magic by the Witch’s Curse, then…



Felicia exhaled a sigh while feeling the gaze from her rear.  She knew that there was a tremendous expectation, but she didn’t know whether it was going to work… rather, it was far more likely to be impossible. It might be unavoidable that the sigh leaked unintentionally.

Well, in that case, it would be alright if she didn’t receive the glare from the beginning… no, that if she didn’t tell him in the first place, but…

“…If it is possible, you don’t have to go through troubles, you know.” (Felicia)

“Hmm? What are you talking about? Could it be that…!?” (Soma)

“It is still too early, so please sit quietly. Anyhow, I did tell you to wait to see whether it is possible or not, right?” (Felicia)

“There is no way that I can wait for such a thing, no?” (Soma)

“No, I’m bothered when you say with such confidence…” (Felicia)

Even while saying that, Felicia gently turned her eyes away from the face that was staring at her with a smile, as if telling that he couldn’t wait. The jet black showed the difference between him and her, and… that made her remember that day.

It was probably just a whim that Felicia brought back Soma. If it was obvious that Felicia, who was the Witch, wasn’t a good person, it would have been no problem if she left him as it was. But for some reason, Felicia took Soma, who she found in the forest.

She didn’t know the reason and she didn’t really know why she brought Soma home.

When she thought about it later, Soma might have invaded this place because he was aiming at her life, but it was almost impossible to have such an idea. It couldn’t be helped to think it that way because in the last few decades, she didn’t interact with people except those who came once a month.

However, that thought was still a distraction. Would he be angry if he knew that?

“…That might be the case. I feel particularly unease these days.” (Felicia)

“These days…!?” (Soma)

“I haven’t done it yet, so please sit down.” (Felicia)

As she couldn’t help to carelessly mutter to herself, she let out another sigh. Well, this was a good opportunity, so it might be necessary to correct it in this case.

Felicia talked a lot to herself because she spent almost all of the time alone. It wasn’t due to the loneliness. It was actually because she didn’t want to forget words.

At one time, she realized that she had forgotten how to speak after not talking at all for a year. As expected, that was a problem. Therefore, she was trying to express the thoughts, but apparently, it had become a habit. That was one of the things she noticed after Soma came.

“…Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.” (Felicia)

“…!?” (Soma)

“It is fine to feel restless, but since it is starting to become depressing gradually, isn’t better to let it out?” (Felicia)

“Hmm, that’s troubling, isn’t it?” (Soma)

As soon as he said it, he sat down, but as always, his eyes didn’t look away from her movements. It seemed that he was surely expressing his enthusiasm.

…To be honest, Felicia wasn’t able to understand why Soma could have so much enthusiasm. That was because she never had anything like that before.

Well, that was obvious. It was because the Witch was someone who granted something.

Although the compensation was paid, it wasn’t what the Witch want. It was necessary to ask in order to complete the Curse. That was necessary to grant a wish and made a miracle.

If one would rethink this, it might not what they wanted in the first place.

“There is no problem with that, isn’t it?” (Felicia)

“…” (Soma)

“By the way, isn’t it irritating if you stand up, say nothing and sit down?” (Felicia)

“What are you saying to me!?” (Soma)

“Didn’t I ask you to stay quiet?” (Felicia)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

While telling him to correct himself, it was bad for her to continue her own monologue.

With that in mind, Felicia turned the gaze, which fell on her hands, to the rear for a moment. At that moment, Soma stood in silent, but since she felt completely bad, she lightly said thanks, and looked back without saying anything. She could see that Soma sat right after that, with his mouth loosened a bit.

He displayed a disappointment air, but it felt that he was longing to try it again.

…Perhaps, she also thought about the same thing. It might be because she was inspired when looking into Soma’s eyes that filled with something that didn’t exist in her. At that time… Soma woke up and confirmed that she was a Witch.

To put it simply, it was definitely the feeling of fear she had at that time. Even if Felicia had little interaction with people, that didn’t mean that she was ignorant of common sense.  It wasn’t that she didn’t know what the world thought of her when she was a Witch.

That was why she even thought that she would be killed right after that. With that realization, she forgot various things and became careless.

Still, while thinking so, Felicia was wondering and didn’t feel like doing something to Soma. Perhaps, she was paying for that mistake… or it might be the same question that filled Soma’ eyes right now. That was also one of the things that she didn’t know.

However, in any case, Soma asked whether she knew how to make magic usable for those who couldn’t use magic…

“…Haven’t I answered why I was there?” (Felicia)

There was no reaction to that murmur of this time, and there was no reaction when she looked at the rear for an instant. He motionlessly looked at her… He probably abided to her words, or maybe, he entrusted the thing in Felicia’s hand.

There was a blue flower in her hand, which was passed by Soma. At that time, that was the important ingredient to what she was making now.

It was late already, but they were in an atelier. It was the atelier of the Witch in the interior part of the house. It was mainly used to prepare medicine to assist magic and for other purposes. It was also possible to mix various ingredients at hand now to create such medicine, and its purpose is to be classified into the latter.

In other words, its purpose was other than magic, and that medicine was to turn him to become like a Witch.

When Soma told what he was longing for, Felicia wasn’t able to grant it unfortunately. It was because it clearly exceeded the range that can be done by Curse.

However, she suddenly thought of something happened at the same time. If she only needed to have him to be able to use magic, wouldn’t it better to be a Witch?

There were two ways to become a Witch. First, it was obtained from the time of birth. And this medicine was the other way to be a Witch.

But, Felicia knew it. She had never tried this, so she didn’t know whether it was possible to turn him to be a Witch. She just knew that by drinking this medicine, he would have the disposition and qualifications to become a Witch.

To be exact, Felicia had drunk it before, but nothing happened at that time. Well, it was natural because she was already a Witch at that time, but this seemed to be something that he must drink to become a Witch. She didn’t know what it meant, but she had learned that this was necessary.

Anyhow, it was certain that she didn’t know what would happen when Soma drank that, but of course, she told about this to Soma, and also the meaning of becoming a Witch.

But for all that, Soma nodded without hesitation. Because of that, it was illogical for Felicia to refuse preparing the medicine. However, she found that the flower in her hand wasn’t the pivotal point of this medicine…

— Why was there such a thing as hesitation?

Not only had she mentioned about it, she also found the flower.

However, the answer didn’t appear for that question, and the medicine added with the blue flower eventually dyed with the color of the flower. She nodded while remembering that. Then she looked at the rear clearly this time.

“Thank you for waiting. It’s done… maybe.” (Felicia)

“Am I hearing a word that I shouldn’t hear just now?” (Soma)

“It’s just in your imagination.” (Felicia)

There was no way that couldn’t be asserted. After all, she was thought how to prepare it, but that was a few decades ago. She had engraved it in her memory because it was absolutely necessary, but she had never made one.

There was a possibility that some processes were wrong, or something was missing…

“…Aah.” (Felicia)

“Hmmm… Did you really fail…?” (Soma)

“No, that’s not it. Just wait a little bit. By the way, I didn’t stir it well.” (Felicia)

Of course, that was a lie. However, it was also true that it hadn’t failed. She remembered that there was one last thing she needed to add.

To be honest, she had a question whether it was really necessary to add it, but it was inevitable because it was included in the procedures.

“…” (Felicia)

Biting her lips to a small pain that ran to the fingertip, she slowly mixed the medicine so that Soma didn’t notice it. At that moment, there was only a drop of red liquid, but it quickly disappeared into the blue.

After doing so, she transferred the content from the bowl into a container while hiding the fingertip. Speaking of being unnecessary, she didn’t need to hide the fingertip, but she couldn’t let it to be seen after all.

“Yes, it’s done this time. Here you go.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… by drinking this, I finally can use magic…” (Soma)

“It is just that there is a possibility, you know? If anything, it should be low.” (Felicia)

“It is enough if there is a possibility. …By the way, I was concerned about something.” (Soma)

“Yes? What is it?” (Felicia)

“If I drink this, and I really become a Witch… what will happen to me?” (Soma)

“What… uhmm…” (Felicia)

It was difficult to explain. Felicia had explained what it meant to be a Witch. It seemed that Soma also understood it, but she didn’t know what would happen to the new Witch.

However, here seemed to be a pioneer case–…

“When it comes to a Witch, that’s a female isn’t it? So the gender is… well if I compare that with the ability to use magic…” (Soma)

He thought of saying something clever, but he stopped. Felicia let out a sigh to Soma who was somehow in the troubling state.

“Your gender shouldn’t change, so don’t worry. To begin with, male Witches existed in the past.” (Felicia)

“What? Is that so?” (Soma)

It seemed that there were various theories about why people were called Witches, but it was meaningless to think about right now.

Soma also thought the same. That talk ended there, and the delivered contained was brought closer to his mouth.

And then…

“I’m going to drink this.” (Soma)

The contents were drunk all at once.



  • I’m going to maintain the word Curse for the type of magic used by the Witches. I will change in the future once the real meaning is explained.

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