Ex Strongest Swordsman 107 (Self Edited) – Truth and Despair


Truth and Despair

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Sylvia unintentionally became speechless at the scene that was too unexpected. It was obvious. The person she expected to be waiting for her was certainly ‘Lars’.

But even so, why Kurt… no, this was the story to begin with. Wasn’t Kurt supposed to be hospitalized right now? However, it was definitely Kurt who greeted her here.

She remembered a question at the same time. It was the right arm that he raised together with the greetings. The hand was said to be thoroughly destroyed to the point it couldn’t be sure if it could move later or not. But now, it was moving without problems.

No, more importantly, his face. She was told that even if the face could be healed, it was unknown if the face could return to the original, but again, there wasn’t a single wound could be seen.

It was impossible to say that she wasn’t confused, wondering what the heck was going on–…

“Yeah, yeah. I’m glad that you were surprised. If not, it wasn’t worth the effort doing all that. Well to be honest, it was straight to the point. Goodness, are you easily deceived like that? Oh well, I don’t know what to say!” (Kurt)

“…!?” (Sylvia)

As if trying to create more confusion, his face changed completely at that moment. It wasn’t just the tone, but every part that was supposed to be the same changed as if he was an entirely different person.

“Dear me. However, even if I am, I still have an unpleasant tone. The ‘me’ in the past really hate that tone no matter how much I thought of it, but… whatever.” (Kurt)

“…Are you… Kurt-senpai?” (Sylvia)

“Haa? Don’t you get it after looking at me? Do I look like someone else?” (Kurt)

“No, but… it’s just that I am sure you are in the hospital… besides, the injuries…” (Sylvia)

“What, you still don’t get it, huh? It’s simple, you know? As long as I am here, the person over there is not me.” (Kurt)

“That is not Kurt-senpai?” (Sylvia)

It wasn’t supposed to be like that. Kurt was found on that day… eh?

When Sylvia thought about it, she suddenly realized. Yeah, to begin with, the face was impossible to recognized, and yet, people thought of him as Kurt.

In other words–…

“Did you finally notice? That guy and I were lucky enough to be similar in height. So, he only needs to wear my cloth and have my student card.” (Kurt)

Why didn’t she know the whereabouts of Lars? People also didn’t know where he was.

…She caught something in a moment, but it disappeared when Kurt’s voice continued.

“Well, I destroyed his face as if his face was eaten by monsters, but for you people to be deceived by that, it shows that all of you are that simple. It was easy and helpful.” (Kurt)

“…Is that so? But the color of the hair…” (Sylvia)

“Oh, if it’s that, it’s simple. Well, it was amusing even if it gave advantages to me, but I purposely gave a hint, but… I didn’t really mean to do that.” (Kurt)

“…A hint?” (Sylvia)

Was there such a thing? She couldn’t think of anything after racking her brain over. When Kurt looked at Sylvia, he shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t you really realize the missing pieces? Didn’t his arm destroyed?” (Kurt)

“That’s his right arm… so what’s with that?” (Sylvia)

“Are you kidding me? I’m left handed you know? That mean the right arm is not the arm that should be destroyed.” (Kurt)

“Aah…” (Sylvia)

Sylvia remembered that. Kurt certainly had a spear in his left arm.

However, it didn’t matter much which arm was it.

“Anyhow, that is the end of the story. …No, the details aren’t trivial, but it’s not that bad. I can understand why that Albert bastard preferred to do pointless schemes. Well, as far as it goes… rather than thinking about this, don’t you have something else to worry about?” (Kurt)

“Eh? …Aah, yeah, Maria is…!?” (Sylvia)

Sylvia was surprised that Kurt was aware of it, but yes, she came here to rescue Maria. As she remembered that, she moved her gaze from Kurt’s arm to Maria.

At that moment, something chilly came into her senses. That appearance was listless, and Maria wasn’t moving.

“…!? Maria…!?” (Sylvia)

“I didn’t harm her. It is not my hobby to bully weak things. Rather, it was me who was harmed, you know?” (Kurt)

While saying that, what Kurt held out was the opposite hand of the hand that held Maria. It was hard to understand, but… she could see something like mark of teeth on that hand.

The fact that he was harmed… was that because of Maria?

“Well, I didn’t expect that she would do this. Rather, it was the opposite. I mean, she tried to do something about herself. No, as expected, she was doing it for the royalty. After all, I admired that preparedness, you know?” (Kurt)

“…What do you mean by that?” (Sylvia)

“The moment she woke up, she instantly guessed what the situation was. She probably considered that she would put you in disadvantage. She tried to bit her tongue without hesitation.” (Kurt)

“…!?” (Sylvia)

“Oops, do you think I allowed her to do that? Didn’t I just tell you? I was impressed. I accidentally put my hand into her mouth. Thanks to that. I’m hurt, you know.” (Kurt)

“That… should I say, thank you?” (Sylvia)

It was funny, but it was a fact that Maria’s life was saved.

Sylvia didn’t think that was a lie. She didn’t think it was weird for Maria to do so.

“Then, she fainted just like now. So, the person who was being kidnapped was me right? So, I think it’s different to be thanked.” (Kurt)

“That may be true, but… why did you help Maria? It’s fine if you only invite me to come here, and it doesn’t matter what happen to Maria.” (Sylvia)

“Hasn’t that been decided? If she is found dead, you would have run away at that moment. She also knew that, and that was why she chose to kill herself, right? But, if she lives, you will not run away. Otherwise, there’s no point in coming here alone.” (Kurt)

“…” (Sylvia)

That was true. In order to escape from emergency situations, she had a magic tool to escape.

She only had the tool because of the recent incident. It worked well in the dungeon, but it seemed she was completely anticipated.

“Well, I don’t mind if you run away. However, I’m not sure what will happen to her at that time.” (Kurt)

When Kurt said that, he moved his dominant arm just a little… Sylvia understood that she shouldn’t put pressure on him who still held Maria. She probably realized that even if she was observing the situation, she still unable to rescue Maria.

Unfortunately, there was no gap to make it possible. While biting the lips, she urged Kurt.

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“…I will not run away. So, what kind of business do you have with me?” (Sylvia)

“…Well, this is certainly quick. Anyhow, it’s not like I’m trying to kill you. Oops, I’m serious, you know? If that was my purpose, I had already done it long time ago. Strictly speaking, I’ve failed at killing you, but if I have to do it, I can just do it whenever necessary. So, I’m more or less not trying to kill you. Maybe, I’m just going to harm you a little though.” (Kurt)

Sylvia gulped when he mentioned about harming, but after making her mind, she went forward without hesitation. In other words, she thought that would happen when she stepped forward.

Although he said that he wouldn’t kill her, Sylvia wasn’t sure whether that could make her felt relieved. If that was true, it would be better to die, but she was still longing the world.

While suppressing and pushing the fear away, she stepped further ahead. She had decided what she was going to do. No matter what happened to her, she only wanted to save Maria.

Before long, she came to where Kurt was, and… she finally realized that there was something behind him. It was some kind of pedestal. There was a complex pattern drawn, and a jet-black sphere was embedded in the center of it.

That pedestal gave her an unpleasant vibe… However, while her eyes focused on it, Kurt held out a knife.

“…!?” (Sylvia)

“Ooh, I’m not going to stab you, alright? No, I don’t really mind doing that, but as I have said earlier, it’s not my hobby to bull weak things. Do you see that black sphere over there? Just drop your blood there. I called you to this place because of this.” (Kurt)

She didn’t understand the meaning of this, but he probably wouldn’t tell if she ask him, so she couldn’t refuse. She obediently received the knife, and then, cut the fingertips slightly. The blood that oozed out dropped there.

When one or two drops of the red-black blood stained the black sphere, it was sucked it. In the next moment, Sylvia felt something unusual.

“–Eh?” (Sylvia)

The pedestal was shaking. At first, it was small, but it gradually got bigger. It was as if something was waking up and screaming.

“Wh-what is this…!?” (Sylvia)

“Kuhahahaha…! I was half-convinced but… kukuku… I didn’t expect you really did untie that seal!” (Kurt)

“Se-seal…?” (Sylvia)

“Yes, of course. Wait, didn’t you know… No, I suppose no one tells you about this, huh? A fragment of the Evil God power is sealed here. The pedestal is the core of the seal. And… the last key to unlock the seal is the royal blood… Are you really surprised? Like this, I can truly worship the fragment of the Evil God power… hahaha!” (Kurt)

When she heard those words, she grew pale. Certainly, she intended to do anything to save Maria, but… she didn’t even think of doing something like that.

The Evil God was… but–…

“Uh… We-well, my role ends here, right?” (Sylvia)

“Hmm? Oh, well, yeah. So…?” (Kurt)

She looked at his eyes. With just that, Sylvia was struck by the urge to escape from this place right away.

But if she did that, the meaning of coming to this place became trivial. Therefore, she could at least stared back while biting her lips.

“If that’s the case, there is no need to hold Maria, right? I’ve done my part, so let her…” (Sylvia)

“Oh, that’s right. I no longer have the reason to keep her. By the way, this is a simple question. When did I say that I would let her go after you obeyed what I said?” (Kurt)

“…Eh?” (Sylvia)

He… didn’t say that. Sylvia merely assumed that arbitrarily.


“But… but, didn’t you just say you have no reason to keep her!?” (Sylvia)

“Aah, that’s right. That mean I have something unnecessary with me. Well, I don’t need it, so shall I dispose her properly?” (Kurt)

“…!?” (Sylvia)

Let alone the meaning of those words, Sylvia realized an unpleasant feeling when he looked at Kurt’s smile. In short, Maria was–…

“Earlier, you… for weak things…!” (Sylvia)

“Oh, I told you that it wasn’t a hobby, right? That hasn’t changed even now. But… look at this power. You all are weak in front of this power, yes? You all look like bugs. In that case… if I use this power of mine, there should be no problem, right?” (Kurt)

“Th-that…!?” (Sylvia)

Sylvia wanted to shout that it was different from what he had promised, but to begin with, he didn’t make any. Besides, she wasn’t sure if the current Kurt would keep his promise.

Perhaps, all of these were intended from the beginning. So, for what sake she did everything…

“Kuhahaha…! What a naive princess! But, I am grateful though. Well, at least, I’m going to do the same thing to both of you… So, should I ask you in what way shall I kill you? I’m sure I’ll be delighted when she cry…!” (Kurt)

“St-stop…!” (Sylvia)

“–Hmm. How should I say about this? I’m surprised with this small fry villain… Not surprisingly, this is about to get out of hand.” (S???)

“If it’s really easy, I think that it won’t happen that way, you know. Anyhow, you are the only one who can say something like that when you see such a thing.” (H???)

“–Haa?” (Kurt)

That loud laughter was overcome with surprise. There was a tiny gap. It was as if taking the opportunity of that tiny gap that only occurred for a moment, a light came in at the edge of Sylvia’s consciousness.

She didn’t know what it was, but she only knew one thing. As a result, Kurt’s left arm was cut off from his shoulder.

“Wh-what…!?” (Kurt)

“Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy. You should be careful when you do this. Anyone also can say such a thing.” (S???)

“In your case, I don’t think anyone else can do something, let alone being careful.” (H???)

“As expected, I think that is an exaggeration, but… well, that is it for the time being. –Fall down, menial.” (S???)

“–Gaahh!?” (Kurt)

The next moment, Kurt’s body was blown and slammed on the wall. Sylvia reflexively collapsed, but… she suddenly noticed.

Maria, who had lost the support, should naturally collapsed, but she didn’t. There were two new figures there and one of them supported Maria. She wondered when they showed up.

These two people she saw were–…

“…Soma-kun? Headmaster-san?” (Sylvia)

They were Soma and Hildegard.

However, they were looking at the situation as if it was as a matter of course.

“Hmm, it’s been a while.” (Soma)

“It isn’t.” (Hildegard)

“…Eh? Eh? Why?” (Sylvia)

There were various meanings in that question. Why were they here, and why did they help her?

It was too coincidence. As if they were timing for that moment–…

“Hmm? Did I say that I would help you if it is possible? Did you get it when I said that?” (Soma)

“Eh, yeah, you surely said so, but… Eh?” (Sylvia)

Did he mean of giving a hand in this kind of situation? In other words, despite not saying anything at that time, did Soma know everything?

But there was no opportunity to answer the questions. That was because something that was soon to happen was taking place.

Sylvia remembered the unpleasant feeling when she saw that pedestal again. She felt that it swelled up many times stronger.

“Kuh, hahaha! Oi oi it is true that you caught me off guard, but you still don’t really get it huh? Could it be that you have guessed even without me saying anything? What should I do… really…!” (Kurt)

Sylvia turned toward the voice… to be honest, she regretted it. Kurt stood up and leaned against the wall, but unlike earlier, he was different… no, perhaps, he was no longer a person. The instinct told her that.

“By the way, can I ask you one thing?” (Kurt)

“What is it?” (Soma)

“There’s not a single hint of being surprised in your face, but… how do you know?” (Kurt)

“…? I’m not sure what are you asking, but Hildegard and I could understand at a glance the moment Lars was discovered. Well, we didn’t inform that to Sylvia and others to make people think that we weren’t aware of it. If people noticed that, there was a high possibility that you were going to take measures that we didn’t understand. That would be troublesome.” (Soma)

“Tsk… I see. I was splendidly deceived, huh? Dear me, I thought that I could use my head, but it was in my mind. …Well, it doesn’t matter.” (Kurt)

The moment Sylvia saw his face, the body trembling stopped.

Compared to the monsters she had seen so far, the monster here was cute. She felt that there was nothing compared to this time unlike when she was desperately going through this dungeon alone until she came here.

No, perhaps…

“I don’t have to use my head anymore…!” (Kurt)

It might be the death itself. In despair, Sylvia thought of such a thing.

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