World Teacher 158 (Self Edited) – The Surface and Behind the Scenes

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

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23 thoughts on “World Teacher 158 (Self Edited) – The Surface and Behind the Scenes

  1. dicky satria

    wow….. when did there’s someone that ask Fia to accompany them to their room ? is there anyone else that dare to ask that to her beside hilgan ??
    and Karen.. she finally eager to make more friend instead nonstop asking for honey we’re proud of you


  2. tacos1

    I was expecting Luca to somehow find out about Karen’s identity and expose her.

    I guess I was wrong. I thought that Sanger was gonna be the antagonist of this arc but it seems he genuinely wants to help his country and be a good ruler. It’s the vassals that seems to be the bad guys though I won’t be surprised if Hilgan turns on Sanger and joins the vassals. Probably because he’s promised women or something. Anyways I bet the king has been poisoned or something so that the vassals can take advantage of it and Sirius and/or Reese will cure him.

    This information seller that Senia knows is totally gonna turn out to be the second prince isn’t it?

    I’m sad there’s no bonus story like with Hokuto or maybe Lior.


  3. macktheknife123

    Thanks for the chapter. I feel like the enemy in this who is hiding their identity must be acting stupid in order to hide themselves. Or could be that they have being taken over and they do not realize it.


  4. AndresNM13

    First of all thanks for the chapter and all of your work.

    Do you have any plans when you catch up the raws?
    And, do you know why the autor is so irreguler releasing new chapters lately(only 6 chapter in the entire 2018)? Is he writing another novel or is something else?

    Again, really thank you for your har work. This novel is really entertaining and helps me a lot in improving my english(not my first language,sorry if its broken somewhere)


    1. bayabusco Post author

      Yeah, there are six chapters left. Hopefully I can finish it within two weeks. I’ve been looking what to translate next as my main project. By the way, Ex Strongest Swordsman will remain as my side project because it is so difficult to translate it.

      My preferred criteria are matured (no adult/sexual content if possible) and smart MC, war, nation building, or something along those themes. Light harem, and less (or even no) romance are preferable.

      I’ve been reading the Novel’s Extra and Trash Count, and I like those very much. Hopefully, I can find good Japanese novel equivalent to those novels.


      1. bayabusco Post author

        I may make a post for that after translating 3 more chapters.

        I’ve check that sayonara ryuusei manga. Is the MC an OP character? I want to avoid OP MC it possible because the novels that I read with that kind of MC tend to let the MC brushes through everything easily.

        Not that I don’t like it. It’s just I’m getting too old (in RL) to prefer such settings anymore haha.


      2. dicky satria

        well as far i remember, he is OP since his soul is incarnation of the dragon god, but he mostly dont want to use his power since he prefer to fight as human (unless it is really in deep shit emergency) he usually support the other character by teaching them something or giving some item to help their power grow


  5. American Fan

    How about Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru? I wouldn’t say the MC is OP. There is no X-rated scenes that I’ve seen in the manga. Don’t know how many chapters there are for this.
    Or Murabito Tensei~Saikyo no Suro-raifu? I wouldn’t say the MC is really that OP because the god said he wasn’t going to get any cheat powers. I don’t believe there is any X-rated scenes either. It has about 938 chapters so far. But the manga is only translated up to chapter 8 so I don’t know if MC is really OP or not.


  6. American Fan

    Or possibly you could help out with the translation Hidan no Aria? I wouldn’t say MC is OP because he struggles a lot in the story and it seems like other people are kinda what save him in the end.


  7. American Fan

    Also the MC in the Hiram No Aria also tries avoid the heroines in the story for reasons stated in the story. And I wouldn’t say there is a lot X-rated content. if there is it is pretty light and not very graphic



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