World Teacher 147 (Cleaned) – A Step to Know the World

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   


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This chapter has been edited by Badbedbat. Really appreciate it!

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24 thoughts on “World Teacher 147 (Cleaned) – A Step to Know the World

  1. GM_Rusaku (@ Post author

    .   ∫
    .   0□
    ./ イ Thanks(((ヽ
    .(  ノ Nepu!  ̄Y\
    .| (\ ∧ ∧ |  )
    .ヽ ヽ` ( ゚∀゚ ) _ノ /
    . \ |  ⌒Y⌒ / /
    .  |ヽ   |  ノ  /
    .  \ト  ー仝ー イ
    .   |  ミ土彡   /
    .   )     ° /
    .   (     /  
    .   /  /    
    .  /../  /    . .
    .   ( (  )   ) ). )
    .   (  ).   ( | |
    .   | /       |
    . nn.. ).    ( .nnm


    1. daiyuhao

      I’m enjoying them just as much tbh, her diary is my favourite; I wouldn’t mind more of those coupled with Lior’s alternate ending chapters, like the muscle dude shouting “This isn’t even my final form” and turning into Lior.


  2. Ascending Flame Post author

    Yes, you can eat leather shoes. Though, something like that is only used in emergencies. Since leather is technically edible (as it is the skin from cows and other animals), it is digestible. Boiling softens the leather into something that can be chewed/swallowed/digested, and removes some of the oils used when processing the leather. Disinfecting is a good idea cause, you know. . . they were shoes.


    1. Gomgoru Post author

      Only [real] problem is there is very little nutrition in shoe leather…which is why cow (or other type animal,) leather became used for shoes instead of being eaten. Wellllll, that and meat, almost any type of meat, tastes so much better than leather does. That experience speaking here, Not because of real hunger, but because my parents thought we, the kids, should learn what some people had to eat in really bad times, so we would know we could do the same if needed. Much like Karen had to eat the bitter vegetables to learn there was more to them (sweet.)

      I’m finished with my ramblings now!

      Thanks for the chapter!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. jorgelotr

    These vegetables contained a lot of bitterness, but if you kept chewing it for a while, the sweetness contained in the deeper part would seep out and it would make the vegetables taste sweet. <- that's not how it works, youg Sirius; what's happening is that the amilase in your drool breaks down the tasteless starch into sweet glucose.



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