World Teacher 145 (Cleaned) – The Things a Mother Can Do

World Teacher 145 is out!   


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20 thoughts on “World Teacher 145 (Cleaned) – The Things a Mother Can Do

  1. GM_Rusaku (@ Post author

    .   ∫
    .   0□
    ./ イ Thanks(((ヽ
    .(  ノ Nepu!  ̄Y\
    .| (\ ∧ ∧ |  )
    .ヽ ヽ` ( ゚∀゚ ) _ノ /
    . \ |  ⌒Y⌒ / /
    .  |ヽ   |  ノ  /
    .  \ト  ー仝ー イ
    .   |  ミ土彡   /
    .   )     ° /
    .   (     /  
    .   /  /    
    .  /../  /    . .
    .   ( (  )   ) ). )
    .   (  ).   ( | |
    .   | /       |
    . nn.. ).    ( .nnm


    1. sweed Post author

      You also like Mahou Shoujo Pretty Belle? The greatest magical girl manga with 20+ volumes but only 8 chapters released 😦

      “The original setting where a mother died had been done before. Some may think it would be better that way, but because the author likes fun and boisterous setting, the original setting was cancelled to avoid trouble with the future settings.” Good job, author, WOOF

      Thanks for the chapter, baybusco-sensei 😉


  2. gohankuten Post author

    I definitely prefer this setting instead of having Frenda dead and having a seriously depressed Karen. And it makes sense cause Frenda obviously has a trauma to leaving the village by now but still wants to fulfill her daughters wishes of being able to go on adventures so entrusting Karen to Sirius is the best option and waiting for Karen to come back and tell stories helps make it easier for Karen to leave as well.


  3. 😅 Post author

    There’re already a lot of character that lose their mother there, like sirius, the twin, the princess, the elf. It would be overused if karen lose her mother too


  4. Cipher Post author

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Now that noble who was looking to acquire a winged people will obviously spot Karen when they head off to that country and it’ll cause some more conflict for the gang.


    1. digimaster6662000 Post author

      Well, we never did hear the exact wording of her wish, only that it involved being together with Sirius group.


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  6. Necromancer-Bachelor Post author

    “After that, I listened to her dream which she secretly wished for and I hugged my dear daughter.”
    My harem senses are tingling. Part of me wants to pretend that i am a decent human being and say that it is a bad thing but…
    Reus proposed to the 5 year old cat girl!
    And my lewd lobe, which is about 1/3 of my brain by the way, screams “That would be AWESOME!!!”.



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