Ex Strongest Swordsman 81 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Meeting with Acquaintance in the Library


Ex Strongest, Meeting with Acquaintance in the Library

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Soma was surprised at first that there were two figures. The library wasn’t really a popular place. Searching for a book after entering the library, borrowed a book and by the time he came out, it was rare to see anyone with the exception of the librarian. This was the first time for Soma, who had been coming and going to this place since the beginning of the entrance ceremony, encountered two people here in a day.

Besides, to add one more reason why he was surprised, it was because both of them were the people he knew. Nevertheless, the combination was very rare.

“What a rare combination you are…” (Soma)

“…Hmm? …Soma?” (Sheila)

“Hmm, it’s been three days, Sheila.” (Soma)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

As she nodded, her golden hair flowed steadily. Although Soma often saw Sheila in the past month… whether he should say this or not, he still couldn’t get used to seeing them here. Well, he probably will get used to this very soon.

Royal Academy, first grade of elementary school, Swordsmanship Department.  Those were the words that mostly expressed the current situation of Sheila.

Yes, in other words, Sheila also entered the Royal Academy.

Unlike Aina, Sheila shouldn’t have problems with her age. She seemed to have done it by request. It was possible to prove her identity because she was a rank 5 adventurer and an Elf. In fact, she seemed to enroll easier compared to Aina, but… that was another story.

By the way, Soma met her again on the day after the entrance ceremony. He unexpectedly met her when exploring what was there in the academy.

Soma wasn’t particularly surprised because he knew that Sheila was next to Aina at the entrance ceremony, but… aah, no, he might be surprised on one thing. That was Sheila didn’t conceal her face at the academy even until now. He thought that she would only do that during the entrance ceremony, but she remained like that until now. It might be natural since she couldn’t afford to wear her regular attire at the academy.

Anyhow, Soma and Sheila were often seeing each other since that day. Although the departments enrolled were different and the dormitory was also different, it seemed their fate were unusual even though it didn’t happen every day.

However, this was the first time they met in the library…

“Are you looking for some materials?” (Soma)

“…Yes, magic books.” (Sheila)

“Aah, have you decided to use that approach?” (Soma)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

The reason why Aina entered the academy was to train her magic abilities and to deepen the knowledge, but Sheila entered the swordsmanship department not because she wanted to hone her techniques. Sheila’s purpose also hadn’t changed from before… in other words, she still wanted to learn magic. She entered Swordsmanship department because she wanted to be able to do various things at the academy. So, she chose the department that would be mostly likely to enter.

Normally, the Magic department was actually the better choice. When Sheila listened to the fact that Soma entered that department, she admired his method and she became frustrated. Sylvia also told him the same thing, but… that was thanks to Camilla.

Well, despite the possibility of thinking that method himself, it was also true that he was considerably helped because of what Camilla taught him.


“Hmm… so, did Sensei telling you about this?” (Soma)

“Yes. When today’s lesson was over, Sheila-chan asked me where she could find magic books, but as you can see, it would be difficult to understand if she came here alone, right? Since I wasn’t in a hurry and I also had business here for a while, I came here with her.” (Carine)

Indeed, the person who nodded as she handed several books to Sheila was Carine. It was true that the most suitable person to ask about magic books was her. Anyhow, Carine was a lecturer who taught magic. She was a lecturer of Magic department for elementary students. In short, she was also Soma’s homeroom teacher.

As for homeroom teacher, it was exactly similar to its meaning. The students had to move to different classrooms for each basic lesson. There was no particular time for homeroom, but in some cases, it might be necessary to get in touch with them. Anyhow, each department was assigned with a homeroom teacher. So, it was rather normal for Carine to be Soma’s homeroom teacher.

By the way, the reason why Camilla became the guide for Soma’s class during the entrance ceremony was because Carine had to be replaced. Shene had to be the receptionist at the main entrance at the same time with the entrance examination. Because of that, she didn’t have the chance to be the guide.

Therefore, Camilla was acting as a temporary substitute. Actually, Carine was also informed in the meantime, so the job of the guide was handed over.

Furthermore, since Camilla was from Axemanship department, there wasn’t much opportunity to meet Soma. Depending on the future lesson, the opportunity would probably increase, but… well, it was something that didn’t happened yet.

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“So what kind of magic books were you looking for?” (Soma)

“… For the time being, it is the foundation one, I guess?” (Sheila)

“Are you starting from there?” (Soma)

“…Yeah. Since I have plenty of time, I will make various attempts without rushing. I haven’t tried magic books until now.” (Sheila)

“Indeed. If it isn’t because of this place, it isn’t even possible to attempt it soon, like reading a lot of magic books.” (Soma)

By the way, a magic book wasn’t a book that described things about magic. It was somewhat close to a kind of magic tools.

Just by reading it, a certain magic–… No, it was possible to learn magic arts but that didn’t require magic skills. Just by reading, it was possible to use it.

Because of its convenience, it was a very expensive substitute because there was no other to obtain it other to find it in labyrinth which rarely could be found. Basically, it wasn’t distributed and even the royalties couldn’t quickly obtain it.

However, Sheila was reading it not because she wanted to learn magic arts. After all, magic arts were not magic.

If the magic arts and magic were seen based on the effect, even though it was almost similar, there were no other way to learn magic arts other than magic books. To the bitter end, magic arts were just magic arts. It wasn’t a magic. Unlike what Sheila wished for, Soma of course had similar opinion.

However, it was also a fact that magic and magic arts were almost identical. From that point, Sheila focused on reading magic books since it was possible for everyone to learn it. If this could be apply to magic, Soma and Sheila might become able to learn magic.

But, the effectiveness of magic book worked for one time only. If someone used magic books to learn magic arts, the book would remain as a mere book.

As expected, the Royal Academy wouldn’t casually keep such valuable items in its library. Everything here was the remnants of used magic books.

Then, with that as the subject of Sheila’s research, she wanted to match it with the books that had turned into remnants. Even if it had become a remnant, it was no difference that someone could learn magic arts when using it.

In any case, it would be good enough for a research subject… well, it was difficult to study unused magic book. Although it was probably a lame struggle, it probably couldn’t be said that it was totally meaningless. At least, Sheila thought that there was some kind of meaning, and to be honest, Soma also had no objection here. If Sheila didn’t do this, Soma would probably try this someday. So, he expected if there was something here today or not.

Moreover, as a result of having no idea of what to do, Soma was going to postpone it for the first time.

“By the way, does Sheila considering something specific?” (Soma)

“…Yeah. …For now, I’m going to read the contents.” (Sheila)

“Hmm… come to think of it, were you told that it was only meaningless things written on it?” (Soma)

Magic book was something that displayed its effect by using the book only. So, there was no need to actually read the contents. Even so, letters were written like in the ordinary books, but that didn’t mean the magic trick that could be learn was written. It was said that only meaningless things were described.

But when Soma thought about it, he didn’t remember listening to what kind of things was written. If that was the case, there was surely some kind of possibility that the books had hints.

“I see, that is.. hmm?” (Soma)

Soma unexpectedly tilted his head because he sensed a bitter smile next to him. It wasn’t from Sheila, but… it was from Carine.

“Sensei? What is it?” (Soma)

“No, I mean I do understand that both of you are serious, so I’m a bit hesitated whether I should tell you to stop. Well, it’s fine for Soma-kun, but… Sheila-chan is…” (Carine)

“Aah… it sure is.” (Soma)

After all, Sheila was a student of Swordsmanship department. Whether it was a little or not, Sheila’s interest was clearly heading toward magic. As a lecturer, she probably should be careful in this situation.


“…I’m training swordsmanship properly, so there shouldn’t be any problem.” (Sheila)

“Alright. But please think about what you will do. Although I heard a bit, Sheila-chan is good at swordsmanship, right? Let alone the students, you also won against a lecturer. I understand that she was a new swordsmanship lecturer but it was disappointing for her to lose against a student. Uhmm, what am I lamenting for…” (Carine)

Despite saying that, Carine didn’t pay attention to Sheila. It seemed that she agreed to that because she was a magic lecturer.  Her role was to teach, and it was different for being careful. The one who had the role to be careful was the swordsmanship lecturer.

Whether Sheila was relieved, she opened the book at hand immediately. It seemed she was going to check what kind of things written.

However, when her eyes fell there, her brows promptly frowned and her neck immediately tilted after.

And then…

“…I can’t read this.” (Sheila)

That was what she said.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)


  • There are three terms related to magic in three chapters; Mahou (Magic), Majutsu (Magic Arts) and Madousho (Magic Book). Here is the reference.
  • I can’t think the difference between magic and magic art other than magic can only be done with skills which also can be amplified while magic arts requires no magic skills. If I use the example of FFXIV, Magic Arts is like Ninja Arts, Katon. While Magic is like Black Mage Magic, Fire I, Fire II and Fire III.
  • If you have different idea, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you!


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