Ex Strongest Swordsman 64 (Self Edited) – Truth be Told


Truth be Told

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While looking at the report at hand, Sofia furrowed her neat eyebrows.

The contents written here was very unreasonable.

Although it was about another territory and not her own… if anything, something appears to be a dragon was discovered.

Originally, it would be treated as one’s imagination, but… this was already the seventh times.

It could no longer be said one’s imagination.

Furthermore, if it was about unreasonable, that wasn’t the only thing.

Recently, it was also reported that dubious movement could be seen in the side of the Kingdom of Veritas.

“…As expected, should I also let that person know? I might be over thinking if those two are related.” (Sofia)

However, considering the possibility of emergency, that person should be informed.

Even those two matters weren’t related, there was no guarantee that nothing would show up in this place.

If she ignored this, the damage at that time was expected to be enormous.

Nonetheless, if she sent an official report, it would be a problem if it was known to the public.

At the moment, if Sofia considered it as a rumor that didn’t come out yet, it would be very bad.


“…It is best to go in person.” (Sofia)

If she said that she wasn’t happy, that would be a lie.

However, it was also a fact that this made her a bit depressed at the same time.

There were also some other topics that couldn’t be avoided. Although it was also fun to talk a bit it, Sofia would still become depressed.

“Well, anyhow, I can’t overlook this.” (Sofia)

She just settled her work.

Afterwards, if she entrusted it to Camilla, it would take around one day.

Once that was settled, the next action would be quick.

While thinking about what to do first, Sofia stood up and left the room as it was.



In regard to what happened a moment ago, Soma’s group proceeded ahead while being on guard. Eventually, something similar to the angel-like creature, didn’t appear.

Incidentally, the body of the angel disappeared without a trace after a while… given that, it might be that it was still an illusion-type species or something close to it.

Well, that wasn’t the case, but… anyhow.

Instead of saying that, what was there when they proceeded deeper was an steel door.

No, rather, it should be said to be a wall of steel.

Far from having any kind of opening like a handle, joining points and gaps couldn’t be found in the first place.

No matter from where they looked at it, they could only think that a piece of steel board was placed there. However, it was only a one way path until this point.

“Hmm, it’s a dead end… that is to say that it would be hard to think about it when considering the angel earlier.” (Soma)

“It is impossible to lift it up… so what are we going to do now? I wonder if this also a kind of mechanism.” (Aina)

“Aah, it seems likely. If that is the case…” (Lina)

“…Yeah, we should think that the mechanism to open this door is located in another place.” (Sheila)

In other words, it seemed that the made a mistake in the order of the locations within the ruin that they should go first.

Basically, they should come hereafter solving the mechanism at another place.

The door appeared to be formidable, and it might be because of the mechanism.

“Well, that means we have to go back for now.

“…Yes, it’s not use since we can’t proceed ahead.” (Sheila)

“…No. That’s not how it is, you know?” (Soma)

“…Nii-sama?” (Lina)

Even though Lina was wondering, Soma didn’t respond and he practiced swinging for several times on the spot.

The thing held in those hands was the sword that was used by the angel-like creature, but… it seemed that he was going to use it.

There should be no problem.

“…Wait a sec, Soma? Somehow, I have a bad feeling…?” (Aina)

“I dare say this. There is almost no doubt that our purpose is up ahead. Then, there is no need to go back. If there is an obstacle…” (Soma)

“I told you, wait a–…” (Aina)

— The Rule of the Sword – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Divine Protection of Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Ability of Discernment: Self-thought – Imitation – Zantetsuken.

Before Aina finished her words, Soma swung his arms toward the door.

From bottom to top.

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He sliced the ground, from the bottom edge to the upper edge. The ceiling was slightly torn, but… well, if it was about that much, it was within an acceptable range.

When Soma slowly resolved vigilance and exhaled once, there was one long straight line engraved on the board of steel before him.

When he kicked as much as he could, the door fell to the other side.

“And… the entrance was successfully created.” (Soma)

“‘The entrance was successfully created’… that’s not it, you know! Goodness, you are absurd as always…!” (Aina)

“…But, it certainly is no longer necessary to retreat with this.” (Sheila)

“That’s right! As expected of Nii-sama!” (Lina)

“Both of you, don’t praise him too much! He’ll get carried away soon…!” (Aina)

Although it was a matter of thinking first for various reasons… well, it was mainly because he felt annoyed to retreat back. Plus, he wasn’t going to deny that he got carried away since he wanted to check the condition of the sword.

However, he didn’t show that on his face. He just shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, it’s no use. I already did it, so let’s just proceed without delay.” (Soma)

“Aren’t you become defiant? Really… well, it’s pointless to go return back. …But, hey… is it alright to forcibly enter like this?” (Aina)

“Oh, what about it?” (Soma)

“Wait a sec…!?” (Aina)

But, even if Soma was told so, there really was nothing to understand, so he couldn’t help with it.

Although he thought that this probably would be alright, it wasn’t absolute.

“…If there is something, that time is that time, right?” (Sheila)

“At least, I’m certain that I was thinking that nothing else could be done here.” (Lina)

“That would be the case, but… haaa… Fine, I get it…!” (Aina)

Whether Aina prepared herself for the worst when she said so, she immediately stepped forward.

Since it was extremely dangerous for Aina to walk ahead, they caught up with her quickly, and they went inside just like that.


“Hmm… I see. So, this is…” (Soma)

What entered their visions was a space of reasonable size.

They deliberately said that because there was nothing moving in the room.

Although it was made of stone just like any other places, it was pointlessly wide and it had tall height.

The width and the length of the room were easily exceeding ten meters. Even though the height didn’t reach that number, it was at the degree that they couldn’t reach.

There was something in the center of the room.

“A statue of dragon… as expected, it is here.” (Aina)

“But, is there no altar?” (Lina)

“…And also, the statue is not the same, isn’t it?” (Sheila)

Yes, it was the statue of a black dragon which was similar as before, but its right eye was missing.

Incidentally, there was no altar, but just the statue of dragon.

“…Well, if the setting is like this, there is only one thing to do.” (Soma)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

As Sheila nodded, she took out the thing found in the ancient tower.

They saw it nothing but an orb, but… indeed, if it was told to be an eyeball, it might seem so.

That would probably fit in over there.

She understood that, but…

“…Isn’t a bit too high?” (Sheila)

“It is about five meters.” (Lina)

What those two were talking about was the height of the statue.

Yes, the shape looked the same, but the height was higher than the statue they had seen in the past.

It seemed to be five meters in height, and of course the eyes were almost at the top.

Well, Soma’s group could reach it without difficulty if it was only that much. However, since the setting lured them to do such a thing, it couldn’t be helped to feel suspicious.

“…First off, I will try to fit it.” (Sheila)

“Yes, that’s right… whatever happens, I guess it will be after that.” (Soma)

Just to be sure, Sheila approached the statue while being cautious… after confirming that there was nothing, she slightly bend forward.

She kicked the ground and leaped to the sky. She managed to reach it easily.

As she fit the orb of the same color into the missing right eye… it was accurately fit in as if to say that was the correct action.

However, the expectation that something would happen wasn’t fulfilled.

Nothing happened at all. Sheila’s body fell as she was pulled by gravity, and when she landed… still, nothing happened.


“…Hmm?” (Soma)

A clapping sound echoed.

Meeting hand with hand… it was a sound of applause.

It was heard from behind the statue of dragon.

“Oh, this is brilliant. I certainly couldn’t imagine getting here by force without cancelling the gimmick, but… including that, I should say that it is brilliant.” (??)

It was the person of that black robe that showed up.

However, there were no wrinkles in both hands, and the speaking style was different.

However, Soma didn’t think that he was a different person, maybe because he already expected that.

So, he let out a sigh since he wasn’t surprised.

“Together with compliment, I would like to offer my gratitude. Oh, you really helped me. I sincerely thankful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.” (??)

“Hmm… since we did it for ourselves, there is no need to thank us, you know?” (Soma)

“What, don’t be so humble. You guys have done this much, after all.” (??)

“ ‘We did it’, huh? But Instead of receiving gratitude, there is one question I want to ask.” (Soma)

“One question? I can answer as many as you like, you know? You can accept that as my words of gratitude honestly. That’s because I feel good now.” (??)

“Then, I won’t hesitate to ask this… what is that?” (Soma)

When that person was asked so, he was showing an indication of being surprised or delighted.

He immediately shook his shoulders afterwards. It might be because he was laughing.

“I see… did you notice it? Perhaps, you already thought the possibility, right?” (??)

“If I have to say, yes, you are right. Given the possibility of a worst case scenario, something like that doesn’t happen.” (Soma)

“Eh wait… what do you mean? You don’t really know this? Uhmm… how should I say this? I mean, why is that person here?” (??)

“…Yes, in other words, we were deceived.” (Sheila)

“Well, it was obviously suspicious. There is no way a good ending story easily lay down before us, right?” (Lina)

“Eh…? …Does that mean, I was the only one who believed that…!?” (Aina)

“No, we were all believed that, so everyone will be the same about being deceived. It was just that we were having doubt at the same time.” (Soma)

If it was said so, Aina was probably the same.

The difference was even if Aina said something else, she was the only one on believing side.

Well, it was a matter of the differences of personal values.

As for now…

“So, will you give the correct answer?” (Soma)

“Yeah… sure. You have the right to hear this. That meaning will disappear soon, but… that’s it. You’ll be greatly amazed.” (??)

When the man said so, he spread both hands wide.

As if giving a speech, he exaggeratedly raised the hands high…

“This is not a mere statue. It is an existence which was once called an evil dragon! It was divided and sealed! And what you got was the core of the seal. In short… you guys were brilliant! You have released the seal of the evil dragon!” (??)

Although it seemed to be a statue, it was slightly squirming as if it was responding to those words.

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10 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman 64 (Self Edited) – Truth be Told

  1. Ie Post author

    And the Evil Dragon got sliced after its woken up from it seal and ceased from moving for the second time.. Hahaha


  2. M4L4DD1CT10N Post author

    It’s so dumb…why would Soma do this? He’d have to be stupid to not realize that they were being manipulated. So much for all his vaunted skill and knowledge from his past life…if he was actually fooled by this ploy, he was no better than a small child even at his best. Only a child would believe a magically appearing and disappearing hooded and robed character out to just help them achieve their goal…if getting magic was that easy lots of people would have it by now. There is no way everything would be that conveniently lined up for them. The only thing that could possibly make any sense, would be if he did it on purpose so it wouldn’t be someone else who eventually broke the seal. That way he could deal with it himself, but then, why not kill and stop the black robe who was initiating the awakening?


    1. Waoweewoo Post author

      It’s not like he was completely deceived. He said it himself that they were all doubtful from the beginning (IDK about Aina). He can simply go along with the hooded guy’s plan because if anything happens, Soma can just deal with it. As to why you wouldn’t straight up kill the guy, Soma was probably curious about what those dragon statues were for, so he just went along with the guy’s plan since he obviously knew something about them.

      Then again, Soma can heal people by cutting them, so maybe he can prevent people from lying by cutting them too. If anything, Soma’s just doing whatever he wants because he has no better leads at this point.


    2. Drakensji Post author

      He is probably overconfident on his own power. I get the feeling that he decided to do as the robed guy said cause ‘i have nothing to lose/i will handle whatever happens’ and just hoped that there is a one in a million chance that it will help him.



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