Ex Strongest Swordsman 61 (Self Edited) – Encountering an Angel?


Ex Strongest, Encountering an Angel?

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Ex Strongest, Encountering an Angel?

Although this was sudden, there were quite a lot of monsters of humanoid type.

Goblins and so forth were the perfect examples. However, there were not human and it was obvious by its outward appearance that people could see at a glance whether it were monsters or not.

Well, there was an existence of demonic species, Demonis. To judge whether it was a human or not, it was pretty much similar like earlier.

That was the reason why Soma was puzzled.

“Human…? But, that presence is…” (Sheila)

“Eh…? Why is there someone else here?” (Aina)

“Do they have similar purpose as us?” (Lina)

Beyond the line of sight of Soma and others, there was at least an appearance that looked like a human ten meters away from their location.

The body was facing them, but they confirmed that they couldn’t know what it was since it was facing down.

The height was approximately 180cm?

It had a golden hair and slender limbs.

It held sword on the right hand and a shield on the left hand. A breastplate was attached on its slightly inflated chest.

It was considerably light equipment, but even if it was so, Soma and others were not wearing equipment like other people.

Even though they didn’t know its purpose, they were actually considering that there were other people entering this ruin ahead of them, but…

“…No, it is different after all.” (Soma)

“…Yes, it is.” (Sheila)

“Different, is it… eh, what’s the different? No matter how you look at it, isn’t that a human?” (Aina)

“…No, if you closely look at it, it feels somehow uncomfortable…?” (Sheila)

“Hmm… could it be that, or…” (Soma?)

They couldn’t finished the conversation to the end.

It was because ‘that’ already started moving.

The face lifted up was a human face… Moreover, it was considerably beautiful.


A pair of pure white wings instantaneously grew from its back. This clearly showed that it was something other than a human.

“Wings…? Then, it’s not really a human…?” (Aina)

“Wings on humanoid… it is slightly different from Harpy…” (Lina)

“…Yeah, Harpy is certainly having wings as its arms.” (Sheila)

“Hmmm? Oh, I was thinking that it was an angel, but was it different?” (Soma)

“Angel…? What is that? It is my first time to hear that… well, I’m not really familiar with that kind of monster though.” (Aina)

“No, I have never heard of it.” (Lina)

“…Yes, me too.” (Sheila)

“…Hmm?” (Soma)

Soma was frowning as a matter of course. When he said the word ‘Angel’, no one gave a response other than judging that it was a monster.

No, it was surely. Despite of being humanoid, it was difficult to judge it as a human by the time wings grew, but… even so, in Soma eyes, it looked like an angel no matter how he thought about it.

Well, he never really saw the real angel though.

“…I would like to ask you three. By any chance, you don’t know any being called angel?” (Soma)

“I heard it for the first time, but… is it well known?” (Aina)

“I also don’t know, but… could it be a dangerous monster?” (Lina)

“…As I said earlier.” (Sheila)

“Hmmm…” (Sirius)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

Listening to those words made Soma realized after long time that he was in a different world.

He thought that it would be the same in this world since various knowledge here were relatively similar. For example, the names of monsters. However, perhaps… there was no existence called angel in this world.

Rather than thinking that those three didn’t know by chance, it would be good to think that was something obvious.

He thought of it while watching over the being that grew the wings but didn’t show any other alarming movements toward them.

That would be impossible to be an illusion type creature.

Without a doubt, he thought at first that angel was an illusion type creature, but… it was somehow different.

— Illusion-type creature.

It was an existence arising from stars by the thought of human’s imaginary. To put it simply, it was a fantasy-like creatures.

The existence called illusion-type creature, that had dragons as first on its list, but some of them were not natural existence.

There were various opinions regarding the mechanism of its occurrence. However, what was common was the perception was mutually shared among mankind, and it was an existence had either illusion-like or fantasy-like shapes. (TLN: 幻想 = Illusion, 空想 = fantasy)

For example, if it was a dragon, the illusion was the strongest according to the human imagination. The result of the concepts assembled was a shape of a dragon.

It was a heavenly body, but as it went outside of the world, the existence of dragons had taken form.

In other words, human’s imagination and fantasy influenced the world and made it materialized.

Of course, it was impossible to be caused by a single human, but with all humanity combined, it had become possible.

Since this happened unconsciously, it couldn’t be controlled.

It also could be said that the existence created was a common sense of mankind.

To put it simply, the existence of dragons created because mankind accept the notion that it was the strongest, and it happened that way.

At least for human, it was impossible to cause wound on dragons.

Anyhow, due to such a concept, that existence was an angel, right? Soma thought that illusion type creature was caused by some concept, but… it was a fantasy-like creatures in the end of the day.

With human’s thought as the foundation, that fantasy also a part of being a human.

Moreover, if considering that as a common sense, it must be known by most people.

However, since the possibility was low, it meant that there was a high possibility that the existence in front of them wasn’t an illusion-type species.

If it came to this…

“Hmm… it is safe to think of it as a biological weapon then, but…” (Soma)

“When you said biological weapon… could it be that thing was artificially modified by existing living creatures and monsters?” (Aina)

“Yes. In short, as the name suggest, it was supposed to be operated as a weapon.” (Lina)

“…Yeah, that fit the situation. …Biological weapons should have a remarkable appearance of the original creatures.” (Sheila)

“I see… so that is… could it be…?” (Aina)

“No… that’s not the case with that one. If I had to choose one, that thing took that shape for the sake of imitation.” (Soma)

Even if they said biological weapons in few words, the result was similar to what they were seeing, and the process creating it divided into several parts.

Although a biological weapon that imitated dragons existed in the previous life, but as for what the biological imitated, the development ideas themselves were different from an ordinary biological weapons.

An ordinary biological weapons was a blending between living creatures with another living creatures, or maybe living creatures with something else. By doing so, it would amplified its strength.

For a biological weapon to imitate something, by imitating that figure, it was one of attempts to bring it closer to not only to the real figure, but also its strength.

It was just that it should imitating an illusion-like creature.

The reason was let alone imitating an existing creature, it couldn’t come close to the real strength of it.

There was such a possibility when it came to illusion type creature, and ‘that’ was due to the concept of it… Well, it was impracticable theory to the bitter end. Soma also had such a thing in the previous life, but that was the only thing he knew though.

However, even if the world he lived changed, if there was not much difference in the knowledge, there was also not much of different to do about it.

So, the problem here was why they were seeing such a figure?

It was hard to think of it as a coincidence.

Anyhow, the necessity of such appearance was nowhere.

They were thinking something like what made wings grown on a human.

In other words, there was a possibility of someone who created that thing was a person who knew the existence of angels.

Those three here didn’t know about any places that conveyed an existence called angel somewhere in this world, or was it existed in the past… or maybe…

“… Well, whatever it is, that is certainly an obstacle.” (Soma)

“…You’re right. How should I say this… it’s like I have to be really careful.” (Aina)

“Although there was no monster so far, ‘that’ suddenly appeared. So, there is a high possibility that it is related to our purpose.” (Lina)

“…Yes. … If it gets in the way, we just have to beat it.” (Sheila)

There were many things to worry about, but they weren’t in a situation that they should worry about it.

It would be a good idea to defeat that.

Well, whatever it was, it seemed that they couldn’t afford negligence, but they didn’t intend to do so from the beginning.

Nonetheless, the other side seemed not moving to their direction… If that was the case, it was time to head there.

When Soma pulled a wooden sword from his waist, he kicked the ground and headed straight to that angel-like creature.



  • The story is not moving, so another chapter will come out in a few.

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  1. Isaac Post author

    Those three here didn’t know about any places that conveyed an existence called angel somewhere in this world, or was it existed in the past… or maybe…

    Another reincarnator?


  2. kenchan223 Post author

    what’s the different? –> what’s the difference?
    “Hmmm…” (Sirius) –> “Hmmm…” (Soma)
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    At least for human, it was impossible to cause wound on dragons. –> At least for humans, it was impossible to cause a wound on dragons.
    Moreover, if considering that as a common sense, –> Moreover, if they consider that as common sense,
    or was it existed in the past… –> or had it existed in the past…


  3. Mochi-mochi-ponpon

    “…I would like to ask you three. By any chance, you don’t know any being called angel?” (Soma)

    “I heard it for the first time, sore wa nanda?” (Aina)

    “Tabemono?” (Lina)

    “…Oishi nano?” (Sheila)

    “Hmmm…” (Sirius)

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