Ex Strongest Swordsman 58 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Meeting a Suspicious Person Again


Ex Strongest, Meeting a Suspicious Person Again

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In a place where it became lack of human presence, the appearance of a black robe suddenly appeared.

That figure approached that altar and after confirming that everything was gone, he gave a nod once.

“Did they carefully take care of it? Alright, this is going to move forward as planned. Even so, this is more than I expected… Other guys were supposed to do it but not these guys. If that’s the case, they will also break through that place if it goes well, but… …Now, shall I proceed with the last touch? …To be honest, I have a feeling that the acting was way too much, but I guess it’s alright. Everything is for our Lord and ideals.” (??)

As he murmured so, he disappeared in a sudden manner just as he appeared.



After safely returned to Viot, Soma’s group headed to the adventurer guild in Viot.

This time, there was no such things like giving report or exchange for money, but if there were things that they didn’t understand, going to the adventurer guild was a basis of the adventurers.

The guild was the place where most adventurers gathered. It was also a place where most of the information gathered.

The things weren’t known about the rune was because anyone else also didn’t know it or maybe, it was a hidden place.

Therefore, there was no reason to go there.

The guild in Viot was situated in the center of the town but it was slightly off the main street.

It was also similar to the guild in Yeasta and Lumberg, but thanks to this town, if the services for the adventurers weren’t helpful, it would be troublesome. However, it was also troublesome since there weren’t a lot of services available.

But then, most of the adventurers were degraded to thugs, so it was normal to think like that.

It was just that the building itself was big as if trying to demonstrate the magnitude of its role.

Since its size was more than the size of commercial buildings that were facing the main street, the extent of its influence could be noticed.

When they entered such a place and opened its wooden door, a bustling scenery entered their eyes.

There were plenty of tables and chairs lined up there, which also serve as a bar. There were about thirty percent of them filled.

It wasn’t too many, but it wasn’t too few at the same time.

That was how it felt.

“Hmm… I thought whether we were too early, but it didn’t seem to be like that.” (Soma)

“…Yes, they seem to return home a bit earlier, isn’t it?” (Sheila)

“I wonder if it’s the nature of the locality here.” (Aina)

“If everyone around here is doing the same think, we should also do that, right?” (Lina)

Although the sun was declining, it was still early before nighttime.

According to Sheila, ordinary adventurers were likely to stick longer, but whether it was coincidence today, most of them already returned home.

Well, regardless of reasons, it was true that this kind of place was convenient for listening to talks.

It was easy to discuss since there were few people, but for time being, they were holding back from having conversations.

Despite all that, since there were some slippage of mouth often happened when those people were drunk, it was a perfect place to listen.

If there was a problem, it was only their appearance of children itself, but… it couldn’t be helped that something was happening there.

“Well, for the time being, shall we ask to a lot?” (Soma)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

For that reason, they were dispersing to all over the place.



Soma’s group, who examined the altar, was able to find it casually and easily.

It was because the altar moved like the one in the previous ruin, and there was something inside it.

They were wary about whether there was a trap or not, but there was such a thing in particular. They just obtained it without problem.

The color of that thing was black.

Its size was about the size of a palm, and it was made of an unknown material.

If it was the color, it was the same as the statue of a dragon, but it wasn’t the same thing.

It was a small orb. After moving the altar, they found that orb was placed inside it.

To put it simply, that was the only the thing inside it.

Should they took it for granted? After all, there was definitely no explanation as to what it was.

‘–Power that lead to the top of Demon is sleeping here.’

Such a sentence was engraved with ancient letters, but it would be impossible to understand it.

At least, it would be good if magic could be used just by holding it, but unfortunately, that didn’t happened.

However, there was no difference from getting something they wanted. It was just that there was nothing else in the ruin when they searched for it.

Hence, they left the ruin as it was, and they came here to see whether they could get any information about it.

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It should be say as expected, they were able to hear the information smoothly.

The reason was that Sheila seemed already heard the rumor about the ruin.

They had been into this guild before going to that ruin.

They instantly headed for the ruin in Lumberg because Sheila had already gathered information beforehand, but as expected, this guild here hadn’t gone to that tower ruin.

They only got minimum information about the ruin that they were about to go, such as whether there was any danger on the road to go there.

Nonetheless, the time had already passed morning, so there were almost no adventurers in the guild.

The adventurers started moving out in the early morning, almost at the same time as the guild began its operation.

At that time, the guild put requests on board, but… that didn’t really matter at the moment.

At any rate, they couldn’t talk to the adventurers because of that reason. Therefore, they had no choice but to ask the guild.

They headed to the counter and a receptionist was there.

In Yeasta, Doris, who was the substitute of the officials, handled almost all operations by herself, but this place was big in scale compared to the guild in Yeasta.

Hence, official guild staff were dispatched here, and even the receptionists were also hired.

The one who made a first contact with the adventurers would be the receptionist.

Although the person was a receptionist, she seemed to be a former adventurer from the way she confronted them.

Even if there was a slight trouble, she seemed to handle it in calm manner. However, that didn’t felt too much maybe because of her beautiful figure.

Perhaps, the guild purposely made it felt that way.

Only a considerable number of people would say something like they didn’t care too much when looking at beautiful women, so if it led to the achievement as an adventurer, the guild wouldn’t say anything about it at all.

In any case, they were going to fully utilize that thoughtfulness.

Anyhow, they asked receptionist about the ruin, but to be honest, her manner wasn’t admirable.

Although she was smiling on the surface, she didn’t try to do it properly, and it could be understood at a glance.

Well, considering the other party, she didn’t know Soma’s group and she also didn’t know whether they were adventurers or not.

That was why she didn’t know what to do… and, unfortunately, Soma’s group didn’t have the opportunity to get acquainted with those adventurers until now, but most of the adventurers were definitely such existence.

However, that manner of receptionist didn’t last long.

As soon as she looked at the guild card Sheila took out, her manner changed.

‘– Eh, Fifth Rank?’

Soma clearly remembered that the receptionist was making a clamor.

The rank indicated magnitude as an adventurer.

The point wasn’t about the abilities, but it could be said that reliability should be included.

In some way, those who were considered to be untrustworthy as an adventurer would have low rank.

By the way, the rank was from one to ten, there was one Third Ranker, so Fifth ranker was synonymous with first class.

So, why were she surprised about? If in the city of this size and there were one or two adventurers of Fifth Rank, it was considered good.

In fact, it wasn’t normal.

It usually took several years to raise one rank, and it would take more time if people did it something wrong.

Moreover, the difficulty rose every time the rank went up. It could be understand when considering how many years needed to raise the rank to that level.

In addition, Sheila totally looked like a child.

Therefore, it would be impossible not to be surprised.

As for Soma, he felt that it was a bit interesting when the attitude of the receptionist, who knew the fact, completely changed.

Anyhow, they didn’t only successfully got the necessary information from the receptionist, there was also no information about any dangerous things in it. The guild went back after getting something, but at that time, the adventurers were still there even though they were only a few of them left.

From there, the story about Sheila was a Fifth Rank adventurer had spread.

Well, the appearance was that appearance, and the popularity was outstanding.

And the adventurers who opposed Fifth Ranker couldn’t be ranked.

Even though flatters were overflowing, there was no way the adventurer would stay safe if they went against a Fifth Ranker.

Well, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call a Fifth Ranker as the top class.

Of course, that was another story if Sheila did it.



Anyway, they would be able to gather information without much pain, but…

“…As a conclusion, there is no information in particular.” (Soma)

“…Well, I guess that is as expected.” (Sheila)

“Yes. Well, I think that it is normal to be confused if we ask whether they know how that thing make magic usable since it was found in the ruin.” (Lina)

“I’ve heard something like the village near the recent ruin was destroyed. Other than that, there is almost no story about the ruin itself.” (Aina)

“Perhaps it should be said that there is no other way to ask that, and we also don’t need to ask things other than that.” (Soma)

“…Yes. I heard that some people might know how to used that orb if we show it, but apparently, no one knew it.” (Sheila)

After everyone gathered, they sat on a table and laid out the results of investigation.

However, if it could be call as the results, it were as what they had said.

By the way, the black orb that was entrusted to Sheila since the beginning, was entrusted to her for the time being.

Even if she showed the thing, there was no response from anyone… It was needless to say that other people were also having similar response.

To be brief, there was no clue about that orb.

Although that was expected, it was a way of moving forward after having understood the situation.

If nobody knew it, it meant that there was no usual method to know how to use that thing.

Those who knew how to use it probably required an unusual method…

“…Or, we coulld ask someone who knows it, right?” (Soma)

“…Oh? Did you notice me? Hmm, I tried so hard, so I thought that you would be a bit surprised this time.” (??)

They turned around, and…

A person stood over there and he was dressed in a black robe. It was the person who they had seen in the other day.

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  • This chapter took me some time to finish because it was a difficult chapter.
  • The first part of the chapter didn’t mention the gender of the character, so I used ‘He’ to make it easier to read.
  • I separated the chapter to several parts because it was confusing. It started with unknown character > return to the town from the ruin to find info > what happened before going to the ruin > the result of information gathering.
  • I added words in some part of the chapter because the raw was lacking of details again.

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