Ex Strongest Swordsman 57 (Self Edited) – The Mechanism of the Tower and its Solution


The Mechanism of the Tower and its Solution

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Katana Special Rank – Protection of The Forest God – Concentration of Mind – Iai – Mind’s Eye: Dividing Cut

It was noticed from the beginning that the response of the blow was unusual.

Soma jumped out first and Sheila followed him after.

While approaching closer to the enemy’s legs, Soma defended against enemy’s blows with a sidelong glance. He, then, slashed the enemy’s legs at the same time.

By the way, it was strangely soft.

Unlike the look of its appearance, the feeling was like killing a ghost.

It seemed that it had no substance, and there wasn’t too much resistance. It was easy to cut it, but it might be a spur of feeling.

Anyhow, if it was easy to cut, it was a good thing.

The appearance was huge, but nothing serious.

…Whether this should be said or not, actually, it wasn’t easy to do so.

Besides, he only noticed after cutting it.

Although Soma easily sliced the legs, the monster probably didn’t feel any pain. It seemed necessary to repeat the slicing many times in order to hinder its action, and when he had that thought… he noticed that the wound recently inflicted disappeared in a moment.


“…Yeah, as I expected, no matter how many times we repeat, it is the same.” (Sheila)

“The wounds are instantly mended no matter how many times we attack it. I suppose that it is a standard that the speed of our attack can’t keep up with its restoration rate.” (Soma)

“…As expected, it is impossible when it is an oversized monster.” (Sheila)

“Indeed.” (Soma)

While exchanging such words, they didn’t loosened their assault.

Soma mainly prevented the enemy attacks while Sheila was trying to confirm if their assaults were invalid.

Like what they had mentioned just now, all of the wounds were instantaneously restored.

Nonetheless, he didn’t think that it was an opponent that he couldn’t defeat.

He also didn’t think that the wounds could be restored without condition. So, that should consume a lot of energy.

If they kept attacking, the enemy would fall into a situation where it couldn’t restored any longer.

Aina and Lina also moved on that assumption.

Especially Aina, she had been restraining the magical attacks since she worried whether the tower would crumble, but now there was nothing to hold her back.

Even so, there was a bigger target when looking above.

“– Explode. Bursting Flame Bullet!” (Aina) (TLN: The name in raw is 爆炎弾)

When Aina unleashed that magical attack, a part of that bullet exploded and scattered.

However, it never fell to the bottom.

The reason was it disappeared on the way.

Although it was helpful since they didn’t have to worry about falling object… it was also one thing that they should worry about.

In any case, it was the same since that target would be instantly restored when she did so.

By considering the range of attack, it made them think that there should made the enemy exhausted rather than simply slicing it, but–

“How should I say this… it feels like I’m practicing magic rather than fighting…” (Aina)

“Aah, I can understand that. Thanks to Nii-sama protection against the attacks, there is no need to worry about the enemy’s attacks, so it certainly feels like practicing attacks against a huge target.” (Lina)

Those two were talking about it probably because Soma made the first move.

If Soma prevented the opponent’s attacks, it should be easy to attack it.

However, it didn’t seem to be that way since Soma was completely on defense, because he considers that in order for Lina and Aina to gain experience.

Up to now, Soma often did such a thing.

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When the circumstances were good, he would for certain think about it.

In fact, Sheila also agreed with that.

These two clearly didn’t have enough experience even though they were talented.

Although it was a matter of the age… since they were travelling, accumulating experience was never be a bad thing.

It would be even more when considering the future.

They should accumulate experience when they could, and this time around was ideal for that purpose.

There was no need to be impatient when fighting opponent at that level, and if it was dangerous, Soma would eliminate it.

It was possible to accumulate a certain amount of experience, but it was also good if it was done through stages.

Since Sheila understood and agreed with him, she didn’t move too much.

The two were looking for effective blows, but it was also possible to do it if she wanted to do so.

She didn’t do it because she wanted to cooperate with Soma, but… that was not the only reason.

That was because there was something to worry about just a bit.

She was concern about the enemy’s movement.

It was too monotonous.

The monster only attacked with its both arms.

Well, it was obvious considering how oversized it was, but even so, it felt if the monster did something a bit more.

Besides, the monster didn’t care about using its feet at all.

It raised one leg according to the attack. Although it was impossible to step forward, it put down its feet on the same spot.

The floor was certainly shook due to the impact, but even though it was worrisome if it slightly move, it still wasn’t enough to be a hindrance.

No matter how much she thought of that, it would be reasonable if the monster made a move even a little

The hall here was spacious, and even if it tried to protect the altar, it should do as much as it can.

Nevertheless, that didn’t happened probably because of a certain reason, and when she occasionally observed the monster, as for the result, it led to passive movement, but…

“Hmm…I vaguely understand the scheme of that thing.” (Soma)

“…Eh?” (Sheila)

Soma unexpectedly muttered such words while repelling enemy’s attacks.

Since it was too unexpected, she was stunned as she looked at Soma.

It was true that Sheila also somehow noticed it.

It wasn’t a strange thing if Soma also noticed it, but… it didn’t seem that he was observing the monster at all.

Therefore… No, Sheila denied her thoughts.

She should have thought it on her own since some time ago.

Normally, Soma was supposed to be able to attack it.

He didn’t do so because it was for Lina and Aina, but… there was indeed a consistency as he was observing the situation at the same time.

Nevertheless, there was no difference in being unexpected.

“A scheme is it? Is that monster planning on something? I see nothing but a monotonous attack though…?” (Aina)

“I also see that, but… could it be that thing is meant to do something?” (Lina)

“Hmmm… that is another question. For argument’s sake, what do you think will happen if Aina shoots magic right under that?” (Soma)

“When you say that… will it be something difference? No, since it is a good thing to do it, and even if it’s a bit scary, it will…” (Aina)

In Aina’s words, Sheila nodded while inflicting an appropriate assault.

The floor here was certainly just like places they had came through so far.

Even if she shot two magic, it shouldn’t do anything to the floor.

But they weren’t so sure if that happened for couple of times–

“…Hmm… Could it be?” (Sheila)

“Yes, did Sheila notice that?” (Aina)

“Hmm, what do you mean? Did something happened?” (Lina)

“To be honest, we don’t have much time. Although that was a correct answer, our main target is probably the feet. Its assault is aimed to prevent us from getting closer.” (Soma)

“…? Its feet? Isn’t the monster just alternately raise up and put down its feet?” (Aina)

“…If Soma and I are going to do it, it will definitely be over. …But, it is huge. …What if it did such a thing many times with that weight? …Especially the spot there is crumbling.” (Sheila)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“Eh, that is… by no means, it steps on the floor!? But, doing that means…” (Lina)

“No, I guess it is trying to do move further beyond that. Why this part is crumbling is the whole story. If you look closely, every time the monster steps on foot, the tremor extends over this tower.” (Soma)

It other words, the monster’s scheme was to destroy this tower itself.

Even though they were taken aback of such foolish thought, if they took a distance from that thing, it definitely didn’t pursue them. It just stopped attacking but still kept stepping on the floor.

They literally understood through the body about the fact that vibrations were transmitted throughout the tower.

“I want to say that this is a mistake but… I understood that was the truth. But then, why is the monster doing that? If this place is going to collapse, it would be good if we don’t this leisurely, right?” (Aina)

“By the way, didn’t it show up to protect that alter? I thought that was obvious, but…” (Lina)

“It didn’t go on rampage because that wouldn’t break the whole tower. Perhaps, it was originally aimed to spread the shock over there. I think the reason for breaking the tower is to protect the altar. To be exact, it would rather destroy everything rather than having something to be taken away from here.” (Soma)

“Wh-what do you mean? It can’t protect everything if it’s being a nuisance, right? Are you for real!?” (Aina)

“…Yeah, it’s quite common in ancient ruins.” (Sheila)

“The people of ancient times were stupid, weren’t they…?” (Lina)

It was a very common thing to do to the extent that it couldn’t be denied.

The mechanism of ancient ruins was basically to protect something that existed inside, but there were times when it could be directly or indirectly protected.

It seemed that this was the example of the latter.

By considering that alone, this was relatively not bad.

If the mechanism was like that, they only had to defeat it.

Or, the tower itself would be destroyed.

If the monster aimed to make sure that they didn’t take something that it was trying to protect, the method itself was quite effective.

“…I wonder why it would go that far to protect the altar.” (Sheila)

“Hmm, to be honest, it is suspicious, but the possibility of being something meaningful has increased.” (Soma)

“That is fine, but… what are we going to do in the end? It’s impossible to stop it, don’t you think? Even if you attack it with full power, I don’t think the feet will be damaged.” (Aina)

“It’s pointless to go to that altar and search for something, isn’t it?” (Lina)

“It’s hard to think that there is nothing here when considering the existence of that trivial mechanism. You ought to think that you must do something about it.” (Soma)

“…Yes, I agree.” (Sheila)

That was how it should be when it came to the ancient ruin.

if they didn’t overcome the mechanism, they wouldn’t be able to obtain the object aimed.

Perhaps, f it was depending on things, Soma felt like he could do something about it, but–…

“Hmmm, I was satisfied as a teaching material, but to be honest, it doesn’t matter anymore. Oh well, it can’t be helped then.” (Soma)

After saying that, Soma took a step toward it.

It was too natural, and their response were delayed for a moment.

“Eh, wait… what are you going to do!?” (Aina)

“I have decided, you know? Even though they should be a correct way to solve this… we don’t have time to look for it.” (Soma)

It was obvious for Soma to resume his assault.

Together with its feet, Soma sliced both of its arms…

“…Flash.” (Soma)

It was a small muttering and a single sword swing.


Nothing else could be seen but there was something.

It was because the monster stopped moving right after that.

However, without worrying about it, Soma continued walking as usual, and eventually he reached its feet.

Nevertheless, Soma didn’t stop. It was as if he remembered something and he moved at the same time.

Its whole body became a countless fragment and it was shattered.

That made their difficult struggle looked like a lie since it was ended too quick and too easy.

Then, when Soma reached the altar, he turned around and looked curious.

He was trying to say why they didn’t go to where he was.

“…Seriously. He is so random as usual.” (Aina)

“…Yeah, that’s absurd.” (Sheila)

“As expected of Nii-sama!” (Lina)

They were saying that while wryly smile at Soma.

Then, Sheila and the rest walked toward him.

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