Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 52 (Self Edited)


Ex Strongest, Meeting a Suspicious Person

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The first thing that Soma thought when he turned toward the voice was suspicious.

But, that would be inevitable.

Anyhow, the one who was there was a suspicious person who wore a black robe that covered the whole body.

It was impossible not to put oneself on guard.

“…Are you talking to us?” (Aina)

Even though Aina spoke with a caution voice, it was also natural that Lina stealthily brought her right hand to the waist if anything would happen.


Sheila didn’t put herself on guard, and the reaction itself was strange.

“Yes. I would like you to listen to my story… so how about that?” (??)

“You ask… if we want to listen huh?” (Lina)

“Hmm… Well, I understand that you are wary being told by someone who looks suspicious in a glance, but that is not necessary. I think that the girl over there knows.” (??)

While saying that, the man who knew the person mentioned lifted his hand.

A concealed wrinkled hand appeared, and he was pointing to a single person.

And whether this was expected, he was talking about Sheila.

“Hmm… you were acquainted?” (Aina)

“…Yes, he told me about that ruin.” (Sheila)

“Aah-…” (Aina)

Aina nodded since he was coincides with the appearance heard from Aina. Hence, even if this person brought fishy story, it wouldn’t feel strange.

Soma also agreed with her, but rather than believing the story from this man even just a little bit, he thought that they should listen.

“It seems that we are convinced. Nevertheless, you know about the ruin because you have been there, right?” (??)

“…Yes, this is the result.” (Sheila)

“Hmm, I want to say that you have made full use of my story, but it seems that you are not satisfied.” (??)

“…There were treasures, but nothing else was there.” (Sheila)

“What? It wasn’t there anymore? …I’m sorry about that.” (??)

The man looked down while saying so, but since they couldn’t see his face since the beginning, it felt really suspicious.

And then, such a suspicion was deepened by the words that the man said next.

“Let me apologize, and while saying that, would you like to know the information of other ruins? In that place, there is something similar to the one that I had mentioned before.” (??)

“Hmm, we really appreciate your story, but is it alright for you to say that as if it is not a big deal? We earned money from that ruin, so it is something important, you know.” (Soma)

“That’s just a pointless moral obligation. Besides, I am old as you can see. Rather than having me carry the burden, it would be better if I convey it to someone who holds the future.” (??)

As the man said so, he told them about the places where ruins were located, and then he left immediately.

After seeing him off, Soma’s group looked at each other.

“He just said whatever he wanted, but… anyway, what did he do in the first place?” (Aina)

“Is it to tell us the information on ruins?” (Aina)

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“Even when he said sorry…?” (Aina)

“…That is just a proper etiquette?” (Sheila)

“Hmm… Sheila, in what situation did the previous information was informed?” (Soma)

“…Remember about the meddling earlier. When the small disturbance became bigger, it made other people getting annoyed. …When it ended, the man was there, I think? …After that, he said thanks.” (Sheila)

If speaking whether it was more or less logical, it was indeed acceptable.

However, she had a feeling that it was too coincidence at the same time.

It seemed that Aina and Lina also felt the same.

“Well… it isn’t just his appearance. He is just way too suspicious, isn’t it?” (Aina)

“I also feel uncomfortable. Somehow, it has a similar feeling of meeting celebrity in a party.” (Lina)

“Aah, yes… that feeling seems to be correct. At least, that man is definitely lying.” (Soma)

“…He is lying?” (Sheila)

“Hmmm. Although he said that he was an old man… his actual age is probably not that much.” (Soma)

“Eh… how about his hand?” (Aina)

“Maybe it is an illusion or something. That’s because it gave me a slight discomfort feeling. I think that Aina didn’t notice it because he was using something else other than magic…” (Soma)

Soma couldn’t tell the exact detail after all.

But what he understood was the sense of incongruity.

“I think that is expected if Nii-sama could notice that, but… hmm, does that mean that man is trying to deceive us?” (Lina)

“Now, how about this… for the time being, there is no mistake that the man is hiding something.” (Soma)

“So, what are we going to do? Well, even though we were informed, that doesn’t mean that we have go to those places.” (Aina)

“…Hmm, I want to go.” (Sheila)

Well, it would be that way.

It was indeed suspicious, but there was a possible that there were something like last time. In addition, treasures could be discovered too.

Since they were told similar places existed, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

“Will it be fine if you don’t return to Doris for a short time?” (Soma)

“…Yes, Doris told me that if things here finished, I can go to anywhere I want.” (Sheila)

That seemed likely to be different from the actual, but there was no need to mention it.

At least, Sheila intended to go as it was. Now, the rest was up to Soma, Lina and Aina.

Of course, Soma didn’t plan to step back…

“Well, since we can take advantage on this, I think that is good enough. Since I’m waiting for Aina and Lina decision, I think you have another hand to help you in this.” (Soma)

“You’re really planning to go huh…” (Aina)

“Well, of course.” (Soma)

In the first place, the purpose of this trip was either to get the clue  on how to make magic usable.

Was there any reason not to go to places where clues could be obtained?

Nope, there was none.

“Haa… you haven’t changed. Well, it’s not like I have anything to do in particular. Rather than waiting, I have free time anyway. So, I’m going.” (Aina)

“There is no way I’m not following Nii-sama!” (Lina)

Just like this, they decided to continue the journey to explore the ruins.

Besides, it was also convenient for Soma.

Anyhow, the circumstances of the future hadn’t been decided yet.

There was no point in going to that ruin any more, and there was nothing else to check since Sheila had already surveyed the surrounding area.

The only thing he worried was what would happen after this.

Besides, another good thing was Sheila was coming along together.

There was no particular meaning. It was just simply encouraging.

Sheila seemed to live a life of an adventurer for long time, and they were helped in various ways during the journey.

To be honest, the self awareness of Soma’s group was kind of ignoring the ways of the world, so it really helped them if Sheila was still traveling together.

“Well, anyhow, please take care of us some more.” (Soma)

“…Yes, likewise.” (Sheila)

Together with a girl who decided to stay together for some more time, after a toast again, Soma drank its content with the significance this time.

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