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Ex Strongest, Holding a Celebration

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“Well then… hmm… wait a sec? This remind me, it doesn’t really matter what are we celebrating, right?” (Soma)

“Aah, yeah… isn’t alright to celebrate the success of the ruin exploration?” (Aina)

“That is even though when we didn’t find what we aim for, isn’t it?” (Aina)

“…But, it yielded something.” (Sheila)

“Hmm, from the viewpoint of adventurers, it can be said that it is a success, but… well, I have another idea, so would you like to hear it? Then…” (Soma)

…A toast to the success of the ruin exploration.

Four voices overlapped. It was a light sound, but… ‘that’ didn’t echoed.

The reason was simple.

In order to make it resonate, Soma’s group extended their arms to the fullest, but it was impossible to hit each other’s cup.

The chair and the table where the four were sitting were basically intended for adults.

Although it wasn’t suitable for all of them, the difficult part was just the arms length.

Even their foots didn’t reach the ground…

It was possible to hit the cups if they stood on the chair in case they wanted to do it, but… this place wasn’t the place to do so.

Therefore, the four of them bitterly laughed at each other in such a situation and they stopped holding the cup.

Then, everyone made a sound ‘Fuhaa’ almost at the same time.

By the way, what was filled in their cups was milk and water.

There was no specific law that prohibited minor from drinking in this country, but the body simply couldn’t accept it.

Although it was a bit inappropriate considering such a place, it was happening at present.


“Well, whether the luck was good or bad, I am not sure about the result we got.” (Soma)

“Why not? If looking only at the result, shouldn’t we considered lucky?” (Aina)

“It will be different based on how you look at it.” (Lina)

“…Yes, from our view, it was bad. …But, it was good as adventurers.” (Sheila)

“That’s true. When thinking about the future, it can be said that it will get easier, but… it’s already good enough from the start. Therefore, it’s not bad at all.” (Soma)

While saying so, Soma looked what was on the table.

Besides each other’s cup, there were meals that could be called as feasts.

As for Soma’s group, it didn’t really have the right quality, but given the location, it would be appropriate to call it so.

Soma actually wanted to say this earlier… that the ruin exploration was successful… and it was profitable.

When they came out from the hall, they immediately noticed that there was something wrong.

Although the hall could be reached when they had to turn right in the passageway earlier, what was in front of them at present was a passageway that turned to the right.

Basically, it was strange because the passageway didn’t turned to the left.

But, when he thought that he needed to start all over again, it made him felt like he already got used to it.

It wasn’t weird to think that the transition would happen even if they were in the hall.

One of the options was to wait for the transition to happen again, but by judging that there wasn’t much time left to wait for the passageway to change to the left, they just turned to the right as it was.

And when they went ahead, they discovered another hall.

However, there was nothing there that Soma and Sheila hoped for. On the contrary, it was a success to find another hall as adventurers.

It was a place where things that could be called as treasures such as precious metals and jewels were present.

Soma didn’t know whether to consider them as lucky or not because the treasures were discovered, but… there was no reason not to collect what they had found.

For the time being, they held the treasures without arranging it according to the value. However, they immediately did it after leaving the hall.

It was a familiar scene where the gate that led to the outside was present. They carefully advanced in order not to activate the trap again, but there was no particular sign of something to happen.

In that way, Soma’s group successfully and safely escaped.

That was the end of the ruin exploration. After that, they head toward the guild of Lumberg. They exchanged the treasures they brought back, and now, they were celebrating the achievement.

“Well, speaking of earning enough money in Yeasta, that much is already enough…” (Aina)

“We don’t need to buy anything in particular anyway.” (Lina)

“Hmm, it isn’t enough if we buy something luxurious, but ten gold coins are good enough on normal stuff.” (Soma)

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Ten gold coins.

That was the amount of money Soma’s group got in Yeasta. It was earned from the monster they took where they killed it while on the way to that town.

If one didn’t live in luxury, it was sufficient for a general household to last for three month with a single gold coin. Therefore, if he wanted to considered it as travel expenses, it already exceeded the necessary amount.

That was the reason why they didn’t need to stay in Yeasta as adventurers.

Nonetheless, that monster was strong as it was, but since it was something they could easily defeat it, they were initially surprised with the price offered… Well, Doris should have no reason to pointlessly offer higher price, so it seemed the price was appropriate.

In the first place, an adventurer needs an income anyway.

Not to mention weapons and armor, potions and others were also necessary.

Together with such expenses, it was inevitable for the transaction amount was likely to become high since the price of monster materials was determined by the supply and demand.

As they listened to the talk, Soma’s group also bought potions and others, but as of now, they were not in the situation to use those items.

Even in the ruin earlier, they wasn’t any problem…

“…That remind me, aren’t you going to buy a sword, Soma?” (Sheila)

It seemed that Sheila had been thinking about it for some time.

Surely, they had earned enough money to buy a sword. Moreover, the sword that Soma used was a wooden sword.

However, Soma didn’t plan to buy a new sword in particular.

“Hmm… well, I don’t have any problems with this. Besides, I made it myself, and it might be because I’ve been using it until now, I have grown a strange attachment to this sword.” (Soma)

In the previous life, he wouldn’t say such a thing.

A sword was something people should treat even as their own half, so there was no reason not to use good ones.

However, Soma was already a swordsman and not a swordsman.

Although he used a sword, since he didn’t walk on the path of the swords, he wasn’t a swordsman in a right sense.

Hence, he decided to remain like this until the wooden sword broke or until he needed a new one.

“Well, as a matter of fact, that’s really good enough…” (Aina)

“As expected of Nii-sama!” (Lina)

By the way, this hadn’t been mentioned until now. Actually, Aina was wearing a black robe and had a cane made of wood.

Even though it was made of wood, the material didn’t come from nearby and it wasn’t produced in a similar way like Soma. It seemed to be made by a skilled craftsman using quite good quality wood.

Together with the robe, those gifts were given by her parents when they knew Aina had talent in magic.

When she ran away, she took it along with her.

Speaking of running away, when Lina joined Soma and Aina, she was properly equipped.

Although it was light equipment, the breastplate was firm, the sword size was compatible with Aina, and it was a considerable sharp sword.

She secretly brought along the equipment which were given by Sofia. With all that, those two didn’t need to buy any equipment in particular.

In a sense, the one needed the most was probably Soma.

He was barely equipped with any armor.

In the beginning, Doris told that it was ridiculous.

And yet, he wasn’t equipped because it wasn’t necessary to do so.

For starters, he seemed to be doing the same in the previous life.

It couldn’t be helped since he already got used to it. Plus, he could easily cut off all attacks.

When he said that, even Aina and Lina showed an expression of this guy would say anything, but they reluctantly consented even though he practically displayed his abilities.

In any case, Soma’s group didn’t really cost much as adventurers.

“By the way, I think about this from a little while ago. It is surprising that everyone is not speak up.” (Soma)

“…? What do you mean?” (Sheila)

“No, I mean, if people look at us, they will see us as four children, right? Therefore, it is not strange to get involved. This place is also a common place for that to happen.” (Soma)

He turned around when he said that, what was there to say was a scene that could be said as squalid.

Anyway, there were muscular men everywhere, and they were eating meals and drinking.

Despite the appearance of women, many of them didn’t differ much from men in terms of speech and conduct.

When considering the place, it was suitable, but it was certain that at least it wasn’t a scene where an ordinary person would want to approach.

Radius Kingdom, Arvent Barony, Lumberg Adventurer Guild Branch, and here was the tavern setup.

After cashing the treasures in the guild, Soma’s group was in such a place because it was troublesome to go to other places. Moreover, there were a possibility of being said in various ways if they entered other shops.

For that reason, they ordered the feasts as it was, but from that time until now, they were not entangled with anyone even though they were observed by the surroundings.

It was honestly surprising because as far they had heard, the impression toward the adventurers was that they were crude people.

“Surely, it is strange to be told that.” (Lina)

“Well, when you look around again, it is something inevitable, isn’t it?” (Aina)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

And then, Soma also looked at the surroundings again… and he also felt that the people were strangely taking a distance.

Or perhaps it should be said that they were looking at them while saying something…

“…’White Devil’? It seems that they are saying those words while looking at Sheila.” (Soma)

“She certainly covered with white robe on the whole body, but… what’s with the ‘Devil’?” (Aina)

Rather than saying that, she was hiding her face with the robe.

However, it should be a reason to call her ‘Devil’.

They thought that there must be a reason, and… apparently, Sheila seemed to know about it.

“… Maybe the cause is a meddling when I came here with Doris?” (Sheila)

“So, what did you do?” (Lina)

“…Nothing serious. …It’s just that I blew them away.” (Sheila)

Perhaps, it wasn’t exactly like how she said it, but Soma understood her.

If that was the case, she wouldn’t be called as ‘Devil’ if such a thing didn’t happen.

Maybe, it happened in a considerable flashy situation.

And since Doris was also there, they could somehow imagine the situation.

Even if they couldn’t see her face, they knew that Sheila was a child just by looking at her.

Did they call her ‘Devil’ because of that gap?

“Hmm… if there was no trouble, you didn’t have to do that right?” (Soma)

“You’re right.” (Aina)

Since he thought about her promise of saying the real intention, he was also concerned if they got involved, but as he didn’t want to do it without dragging Aina and Lina, he ought to think that it was all good.


“…You guys, over there. Can you give me a minute?” (??)

At that time, a voice called them out.

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