Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 50 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Reaching the Deepest Part of the Ruin?


Ex Strongest, Reaching the Deepest Part of the Ruin?

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What Soma noticed was the passageway movement… or transition that happened in a certain time, and there was a regularity in that.

To notice it based on time wasn’t difficult.

It was easy to understand when he was being careful. At first, he thought that it depend on the distance moved, but that possibility was easily eliminated.

Although there were some randomness, the transition still occurred even when they stopped moving, so he had no doubt that it was based on time.

It took a while to deal with the regularity of the movement.

In this regard, Soma decided to rely on original method to solve this problem.

To be brief, he put markings.

He put small scratches on the wall, but it was easy to understand even with that alone.

Soma would had to think of other ways if the scratches were automatically repaired, but apparently, this was just a common ruin, and not a labyrinth.

There was no indication such a thing would happen, and thanks to that, the concern about proceeding with the last resort didn’t happen, but that was just a digression.

Anyhow, as a result of this, Soma found out about something.

It was that the transition occurred in two fixed places alternately.

When they were at the spot A, they would be transited to the spot B, and then, they would returned to the spot A again.

If strictly speaking, it might be called a section rather than a spot.

Perhaps, there was a corresponding passage for each passage, and every time the transition happened, the passage where Soma’s group at would move to the corresponding location.

Moreover, the direction they faced seemed to be reversed at that time.

Assuming that they were facing north when transferred from A to be, when they returned from B to A, they would face south.

If they didn’t notice it, they would keep walking the same place all the time.

That was the mechanism.

Well, by noticing that trick, what remained was to understand which direction they were at present.


“Hmmm… is this the place?” (Soma)

It might be a coincidence for them to arrive there.

There were times when they needed to establish the mechanism. However, when Soma though whether he had to execute the last resort soon, they were unexpectedly arrived at that place.

“Eh… here? Could it be?” (Aina)

“There is no doubt.” (Soma)

“Well then, is this the end of this ruin?” (Lina)

“…Yes, it looks like it.” (Sheila)

This place was clearly a different place compared to the time when they were walking until now.

It wasn’t a passage, but it was a hall.

Soma thought that the passage would continue, but when he turned around the corner, a hall was there.

The size of the place was around ten meters square.

Earlier, he was thinking how wide the hall would be, but… it was only about that wide.

It was alright not to think so, but something existed in front of him. (Redundant?)

“That is… an altar, right? Besides, the thing behind it…” (Aina)

“…uh… Black… Dragon…?” (Sheila)

“Is this a place where the dragon was worshiped? But, even so… eh, Nii-sama!?” (Lina)

While the three seemed to be somehow amazed, Soma casually approached the altar.

He heard voices of impatience from behind, but he disregarded it.

Well, it was true that there was something like an altar, and there was a statue of a black dragon.

He understood in a glance that this was a suspicious place, but that was it.

It seemed to be something, but he couldn’t understood it if he looked from a distant.

In order to confirm it, he needed to come closer.

Even so, Soma was confident that he could do anything if something happened.

Even if that exquisite statue moved… he probably could do something.

Let say it was a real dragon, it wasn’t as much as the ones he fought in the previous life.

He tried to be cautious, but after reaching the altar, there was nothing happen.

“Hmmm… to be honest, it is a bit anticlimactic.” (Soma)

“Don’t go ahead and say something selfish… You… if something happen, what would you do?” (Aina)

“I planned to survive like normal?” (Soma)

“Surely, if it is Nii-sama, he would do it as always.” (Lina)

“…Yes, I can imagine that.” (Sheila)

“Even Sheila too huh.. well, I also will not deny it.” (Aina)

For the time being, Soma examined the altar while having such conversations, but… he couldn’t find anything.

After examining all the way, Soma tilted his head.

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“Hmm… there’s nothing.” (Soma)

“There’s nothing, is it… which remind me, do you know what is supposed to be here, Sheila-san?” (Lina)

“…I also have no idea.” (Sheila)

“But, did you hear that if you come here, you will be able to use magic?” (Soma)

“…To be exact, I heard that this place supposed have some power sleeping that can lead to the summit of Demons?” (Sheila)

“Eh, you don’t really understand that? I was thinking that you heard something exact, but… I mean, why did you think those words mean something that can make magic usable?” (Lina)

“At that time, I was told that my wish will come true if I use ‘it’. …But, when I think about it, it’s probably weird?… It is because I never told anyone about my wish except Doris.” (Sheila)

“Hmm, that is obviously suspicious and weird… well, I also knew this since the beginning.” (Soma)

“Hmm… should you have listened more properly?” (Lina)

“… I’m sorry.” (Sheila)

“No, if you heard such words, it is natural to think that there is something here that make magic usable.” (Soma)

The reason for that was magic was said to be the power of Demons and it was operated according to that principle.

The Mazoku also used the word Demon, and it was the opposite of the holy.

Those were the common law his world.

The distortion of the law manifested as a result of own desires, and …same goes for magic.

When they knew that, the words that Sheila heard were naturally associated with magic. Therefore, when she was told that her desire could be fulfilled, it wasn’t weird if she thought that it was something that made magic usable.

By the way, if it was Soma, he probably would think the same.

“In the first place, when you listen to that, it is impossible to confirm it. So, in the end of the day, there is nothing… uhmm, by the way, what are you doing from some time ago, Aina?” (Soma)

He was thinking why Aina didn’t join the conversation, but apparently, she was looking at  pedestal at the altar over and over again.

She was frowning while changing the place and angle of her views.

“There shouldn’t be anything else…?” (Soma)

“Yes, but, I am somehow curious. What is this feeling out of place… what is this… eh, what?” (Aina)

“Aah…” (Lina)

They were surprised because the pedestal was broken when Aina unintentionally touched it.

It was tilting…

“Eh, Aina-san, what are you doing!?” (Lina)

“No, I didn’t do anything…!?” (Aina)

“Just calm down. I was also thinking that Aina broke it, but isn’t it supposed to be out of place in the beginning?” (Soma)

“…Yes, it looks like that.” (Sheila)

As Sheila said that, she lifted up the pedestal and there was hollow inside.

It was a space where something could be concealed inside, but nothing was put in it.

Although there was nothing, there was a plate buried.

In addition to day, there were certain characters written…

“Eh… what is this? I understand that it looks like characters, but..” (Aina)

“…Maybe, it is ancient sacred characters.” (Sheila)

“Eh, you mean this!? This is my first time seeing it…” (Lina)

“But, to have this kind of thing here… Surely, it was characters used over hundred years ago? And yet… the characters don’t look old… Anyhow, what does it says?” (Aina)

“…As expected, I don’t know.” (Sheila)

“Well, you’re right. As for those who can read the ancient sacred characters, there should be a few right now–…” (Aina)

“–<Power that lead to the top of Demons is sleeping here.>” (Soma)

“– Eh!? Nii-sama… by any chance, can you read it?” (Lina)

Not only Lina, the other two was also looking at Soma with surprised eyes, but Soma himself was also surprised.

It was because that the characters were very familiar.

Although he had forgotten… there was no way he made a mistake.

But as he was thinking of why, he decided to put the question aside.

There were other things to consider right now.

“Well, for the time being, those words were something that Sheila heard before right? However, given that there is a hollow space that can conceal something inside, someone else has already stolen it, right?” (Soma)

“…You are the same as ever… Well, it’s fine. More importantly, it’s been a long time since Sheila heard that, isn’t it?” (Aina)

“…Yeah, it’s like a month ago.” (Sheila)

“If it was like that, there was other person who listened to the talk, so it is no wonder if that person arrived here earlier…” (Lina)

“That seems to be the case.” (Soma)

Well, it was common things to happen in places like ruins and labyrinths.

Rather, someone who taught this to Sheila might tell the information after finding it.

Unfortunately, they had to accept the result.

“Well, it is good to know that this place is actually our goal. Therefore, we should think positive about it. If we didn’t notice this, we would have been looking further.” (Soma)

“…That’s true. When I think about it, it is because of Aina’s achievement.” (Lina)

“It’s just coincidence, so I don’t feel really happy about it, but… well, let me say thanks for the time being.” (Aina)

“…Yes, I’m sorry for hoping this.” (Sheila)

“No problem.” (Soma)

If there really was something here, there was also a possibility that it existed in other places.

If that was true, the possibility to make magic usable should exist as well.

…However, there was one thing to feel worried about.

Actually, Soma was thinking about this all the time, but… no matter how he thought about it, this was not a place where Sheila should feel hesitated.

Although there were some gimmicks, this wasn’t a ruin that made Sheila thought it was impossible to explore by herself.

Of course, Soma wasn’t suspect that she was lying.

He might made a mistake since this was his intuition.

But if she was right… there should be something here, wasn’t it?

At least, this was the first time Sheila reached this location.

Soma looked at Sheila for a moment. The head was covered with hood, but she was shaking the head a bit.

Sheila also knew it, but it was fine if she didn’t mention it.

Well, Soma was also having same opinion.

Somehow, he had a hunch that all these were bluff.

In any case, it was certain that something was already not here.

If he said that he didn’t mind, that would be a lie…

“…Well, for starters, shall we return?” (Soma)

“You’re right.” (Aina)

“I have no objection!” (Lina)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

Anyhow, they left the hall to get out from this ruin.



In that hall where nobody was there, one shadow unexpectedly took a shape.

A black robe covered that person. It was indeed a suspicious person…

“Hmmm, apparently they seemed to be promising… if that was the case, they should be able to unseal the seal here, right? If that person… in various ways… No, that would have hindered the execution of the plan, so again this would be the best. Indeed, it is troublesome, but it can’t be helped. Everything is for our Lord and ideals.” (??)

When such words murmured, that person disappeared again.

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