Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 49 (Self Edited) -The Elf, Knowing an Absurd Existence


The Elf, Knowing an Absurd Existence

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— Katana Special Rank – Divine Protection of The Forest Spirit – Concentration of Mind – Iai – Mind’s Eye: Dividing Slash.

While slicing the ghost that appeared, Sheila breathed out once.

About an hour had passed since then, but Sheila and others were still in the ruin.

As she expected, the sun kept inclining. Even though there was still time before night came, there wasn’t enough room to leisurely explore the place.

Despite this, they were still here because they couldn’t do anything unless Soma did the last resort, but… he still hadn’t done that yet.

In the first place, he didn’t even try to do it.

Apparently, Soma seemed to notice something, so they decided to check it first.

They had no specific reason to escape from the ruin in a hurry, and if he didn’t destroy the ruin, Sheila also felt fine with it.

Since Aina and Lina also agreed with it, they were still exploring the ruin in this way.

By the way, Soma didn’t tell them when he had noticed.

It seemed that there was a possibility that it might be a mistake.

Well, if anything, he let Aina and Lina to try noticing anything, but… since it was Soma’s group policy, Sheila just kept silent.

Incidentally, Sheila was probably aware what Soma had noticed.

Anyway, her speculation came from Soma’s behavior, so it was an act close to cunning.

Although it was one of ways to get information, it wasn’t something she could feel proud.

Rather, Sheila was wondering how Soma alone could notice it.

She became curious about that person…

“…Hey, come to think of it, I’ve been curious about this since a little while ago… no, I mean since the beginning.” (Aina)

At that time, Aina suddenly said such words.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? When you said since the beginning, is it about what I noticed?” (Soma)

“…What?” (Sheila)

“No, how should I say it… I mean you guys are slicing the ghosts like normal, right?” (Aina)

“…?” (Sheila)

Sheila was confused because she didn’t understand what Lina was saying.

…Literally, she didn’t get it at all.

“…is it because they can be sliced?” (Sheila)

“I see.” (Soma)

“So, let me tell you guys, it is weird, you know! The Ghosts have no real substance, right!? Basically, you can’t defeat it without magic, isn’t it!?” (Aina)

“Hmm? …Is that so?” (Soma)

“…That remind me, I wasn’t concerned because Nii-sama and Sheila defeated them like normal, but Aina was certainly right.” (Lina)

“…With what she said?” (Sheila)

This was the first time to fight against non-substance monster, Ghost, so Lina didn’t noticed because they both defeated the monsters normally, but in normal situation, the monsters such as ghosts could only be defeated by special methods such as magic or magical sword.

Although Sheila’s Katana was specially manufactured, it shouldn’t be able to deal with the monsters.


“… Is it because of Special Rank?” (Sheila)

“No, I am also a Special Rank holder, but I don’t think I can defeat the Ghosts. I entrusted Nii-sama and Sheila to defeat it not only because the monsters didn’t come to my side, but it was also because I didn’t think I could defeat it.” (Lina)

“In the first place, Soma is not a Special Rank holder anyway.” (Aina)

“…Eh?” (Sheila)

Sheila came to halt while letting out a natural surprised voice because of Aina’s casual words.

Even though she became quiet, questions in the head never disappeared.

…Not a Special Rank holder?



“Hmmm… are you curious about that? Instead of not able to see its appearance, I know it is visibly there, so I think that it is common to be able to kill it, right?” (Soma)

“…In Soma’s case, it seems he really can do that, right?” (Aina)

“That is expected, but Sheila-san also is able to do it, so there must be other reason.” (Lina)

“…Wait a second.” (Sheila)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Soma)

“…What do you mean by not a Special Rank holder?” (Sheila)

As Sheila finally caught up with the thoughts, she let out the doubt she had.

It was because this was the first time to hear something unbelievable.

The rank of a skill was basically absolute, but among them, Special Rank was different.

For example, even if there were several people who had Advanced Rank skills, they couldn’t even go against a Special Rank holder.

And that was how extraordinary Special Rank was.

Perhaps, if there were conditions such as short distance or long distance, there was another possibility, but the condition was the same for both Soma and Sheila… No, on the contrary, Sheila was even more advantageous.

However, Soma was obviously superior compared to her.

Therefore, there was no way Sheila could believe that Soma was not a Special Rank holder.

“…Eh? Didn’t we mention that to Sheila-san already?” (Aina)

“That reminds me, I don’t remember saying that.” (Lina)

“It is obvious because I just said it.” (Aina)

However, as far as the reaction of those three was concerned, apparently it seemed to be true.

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Although she couldn’t convince herself, if they said so, there was no choice but to agree…

“Aah, I think you also know this right? Actually, Soma doesn’t have any skills.” (Aina)

“…Eh?” (Sheila)

Did she say that Soma didn’t even have Advanced Rank skills?

And yet, he surpassed her Katana Special Rank skills…

“…Well, I think that he shouldn’t be able to use any skills, right?” (Sheila)

“Is that normal?” (Soma)

Sure, it was.

Skill was basically meant that if people didn’t know it, they couldn’t learn the skills. In addition, they also wouldn’t know how to use the skill.

No, sometimes their body would glow. If they had martial art skills, people could clearly see the difference when they held weapons. Although the reason why the body glowed was completely unknown, it was basically something that wasn’t well understood.

When people tried to do something and if they had a skill that could make the action possible, the skill would be automatically triggered.

Well, strictly speaking, Sheila was saying so because she believed so.

To be exact, no one really knew why.

After all, nobody noticed that fact actually existed. (not really redundant)

For example, when a sharp slicing attack was released, whether it was due to one’s strength or whether it was the result of using certain skills, the person himself didn’t know which one.

No, on the contrary, even if he used skills, he didn’t even know what skills he was using.

For that reason, those who thought that they had no skills, it was quite possible for them to have skills.

However, that was in the case when he didn’t receive a skill appraisal…

“…Did you receive a skill appraisal?” (Sheila)

“Of course, I did. After receiving it, I was told that I didn’t have any skills and I couldn’t learn even one skill.” (Soma)

Then, it was probably not that.

As far as Sheila was concerned, there seemed to be other possibilities…

“…How about Divine Protection?” (Sheila)

“That is certainly true for Nii-sama. He is likely to have it!” (Lina)

“Well, I’m not going to deny that, but isn’t obvious you can’t do so much with that Divine Protection alone?” (Aina)

“…You’re right.” (Sheila)

It was said that the Divine Protection was given by existence of higher dimensions such as Gods or Spirits.

Although the details were unknown, but the effect was equivalent to skills or it would give the person to achieve the minimum effect of skills.

The details were unknown because there was no skill to identify just like a skill appraisal.

The purpose of skill appraisal is to see the skills as it were, but it didn’t mention about Divine Protection.

There were records about people being awarded with Divine Protection when they had a direct contact with Gods and Spirits, but no one really knew the detailed information.

However, as Aina said, people couldn’t go against Special Rank holder with Divine Protection alone.

In records, the Divine Protection might give an increase in physical abilities, magic potency, or specific resistance, but since it was too varied, the details were not clear.

“Hmm… In regard for that, there is a possibility that the Divine Protection Sheila has is higher, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“…? …Why?” (Sheila)

“Don’t you realized that you also defeated the Ghosts?” (Soma)

“Aah, I see… that is because of the Divine Protection.” (Aina)

“The Elves seem to be descendants of the Spirits, so it is likely to be true.”(Lina)

“…That is a secret.” (Sheila)

However, since it was likely to be true, she could convince herself.

The problem was Soma also could do the same…

“…Is Soma also having the same?” (Sheila)

“Yes, Soma is having the Spirit’s… uhm, that’s a secret. Should I say that? …It’s troubling when you are not denying it.” (Aina) (TLN: The kanji used in this sentence is Spirit, not God)

“That’s it, I supposed that is the case! Nii-sama is surely different because he is really amazing!” (Lina)

“When listening to that, I’m not sure what are you complimenting on, you know…” (Aina)

After all, they agreed that the matter of discussion was something not well understood.

Even so, it was certain that Soma could use swordsmanship skills equivalent to Special Rank.

In other words, it was possible for Soma to defeat no substance existence like normal.

Despite of such a talk, Sheila tilted her head while watching Soma who was continuing the exploration

She didn’t understand this well, but… he was certainly an absurd existence.

That was the impression Sheila had on Soma after knowing the matter.

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  • Aina assumed Soma’s received protection from the Spirits instead of the Gods.

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