World Teacher 116 (Self Edited) – The Extremely Free Person


The Extremely Free Person

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“Here you go” (Ichigo)

As Shishou’s explanation was finally ended, we felt a bit thirsty, and the tea brewed by the attendant Elder was prepared on the table.

It seemed that it was a tea using flowers blooming only around the Holy Tree, and the fragrant scent made us naturally smile.

“What a good scent… it calms the mind.” (Reese)

“The taste is also very delicious. If it is alright, would you share the tea, please?” (Emilia)

“Don’t mind about it if you have the permission from Seiki-sama.” (Ichigo)

It was a delicious tea with a very good taste and faint sweetness.

The tea leaves were also good in quality, but what most important was the brewing technique that made the taste better. Since Shishou was very particular when it came to drinking tea, there was no mistake that this attendant Elder seemed to be trained to do it.

It was a delicious enough tea if it was for us, but Shishou looked at the tea while frowning.

<Hmm… although it is slight, there is a disorder in the scent. Were you concern about something while brewing it?> (Shishou)

“Please forgive me. Since there was someone who was slightly looking when I performed my duty, I was a bit disturbed.” (Ichigo)

<Don’t be bothered with such a thing. Goodness, you’re not having enough training.> (Shishou)

“It may be because of you…” (Sirius)

While scolding Shishou who didn’t even think that she was bad, how did Shishou drink tea?

Apparently, a cup was prepared in front of Shishou, but since the Shishou before me was a temporary body made with mana, I didn’t think she could taste it by drinking it.

Whether the disciples felt the same, when we curiously watching it, the attendant Butler recovered the cup he placed before Shishou…

<Hmm… The fragrance was regrettable but the taste was so so.> (Shishou)

“I feel ashamed.” (Ichigo)

He approached the Holy Tree and spill the tea on the root.

Although it was certainly drinkable, that was a bother.

Was Shishou enjoying the mood and the scent on the table made with the root with the one that placed before her? And the taste should be tasted at the root of the Holy Tree.

I had a feeling that it would be the same if the tea was spilt on the table since it was also a root, but I guessed that it was Shishou’s insistence.

“…Aniki.” (Reus)

“I am also concerned, but leave it alone. It would be troublesome if you get involved.” (Sirius)

He was satisfied with that explanation, so that was good.



As we enjoyed the tea while switching from such unspeakable mood, Shishou turned a sharp look at me after looking at the bound Elders.

<By the way… I forgot to leave the punishment decision to you.> (Shishou)

“Wait a sec, what kind of punishment?” (Sirius)

<What are you saying? It is about the Elders over there.> (Shishou)

Aah… yes.

It was unavoidable, but I took away two lives of the Elder Elves.

It was cause by other Elder, but all of them had to take some responsibilities. 

“Yes, I understand how it is with the anger when Fia was done by them. If there is a punishment, I will obediently accept it.” (Sirius)

<That’s fine. Well then, what shall I do…> (Shishou)

“Please wait, Seiki-sama!” (Fia)

As I was waiting for Shishou’s punishment since I was already prepared for it, Fia, who was sitting, stood up, came before Shishou and knelt down.

“On this occasion, originally it was started when I left the village without permission and brought the Elder Elves-sama anger. Therefore, I should receive the punishment instead of Sirius.” (Fia)

“Fia…” (Sirius)

“If my Master bears the sin, it is the same for the attendant… if you punish Sirius-sama, please do it to me too.” (Emilia)

“I am so swinging my sword with the intention of killing, so I am the same as Aniki!” (Reus)

“We are all in this together…” (Reese)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

When I realized it, everyone except me was kneeling in front of Shishou and they lowered their head.

The one who did it was me, so it was fine if they all were not at fault, but… this was troubling.

It was true that it made me happy. While I was wondering how to call them out, Shishou opened her mouth wide and laughed.

<Hahaha! I like what you have done so far.> (Shishou)

“Well… They are my disciples, my friends, and my lovers. Therefore, Shishou, if there is punishment… it will be only me…” (Sirius)

<There is no such thing.> (Shishou)

““““…Haa?”””” (Emilia/Reus/Reese/Fia)

“Woof?” (Hokuto)

The disciples and Hokuto were confused with the obvious words from Shishou.

Goodness… I had predicted that, but it was as I expected, huh?

<There is no punishment. Rather, if I am angry, I want to say it to those guys.> (Shishou)

“Uhm? In other words… you are not angry when Sirius-sama completely annihilated them?” (Emilia)

<If you are invited for a fight, you can completely ignore it or retaliate back. And if the opponent tries to kill you with no good reason, you certainly need to kill them… and that what I taught him. Although it was terrible to let three of them escape.> (Shishou)

“That is true, but isn’t the Elders an existence that Shishou created? I wonder how should I think if it is about killing them without reserve…” (Sirius)

<Even if they are children born by me, it is necessary to punish those who don’t follow the rules. You understand that the most, right?> (Shishou)

“Well… yes.” (Sirius)


They tried to kill the Elves who were also the gatekeeper of the forest here, and he tried to kill Fia who already caught Shishou’s eyes.

Shishou, who knew enough how important the gatekeeper was, would never forgot what those fools had done.

<In any case, I’m not blaming you. Rather, it was my fault to produce such fools. Hey, you guys go back to your seats.> (Shishou)

“…Understood.” (Sirius)

“O-ouu!” (Reus)

<Now, shall we finish the talk? Do you guys have anything to say?> (Shishou)

And then, when Shishou asked the Elders who were bound by the root of the tree, the leader-like Elder was groaning and begging for Shishou.

“Seiki-sama. It is wrong for us to use the power in such a place.” (??)

<Is that what those who have lost my protection want to say? Besides, I am shocked because you are not saying anything about killing the Elves without reasons.> (Shishou)

“Seiki…-sama…” (??)

<Moreover, no matter how I think, you all are my protector. I don’t need those who don’t follow my order.> (Shishou)

When Shishou swung her fingers while she was amazed, the root of the tree began to cover the face of the Elders.

And then, they were completely captured and integrated with the root. The Elders, who became the object of the root, emitted faint lights, and Shishou kept staring with a slight calm mood.

<Do not forget your duty when you are reborn next time…> (Shishou)

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In this way, the punishment for the Elders in which they returned to the Holy Tree had ended. Shishou, then, talked to the attendant Elder as if to change the mood.

“Now, explain this to the Elves next. Ichigo, go to the village and explain to them. Tell them that the Elf over there receives the protection of the Holy Tree and that man who killed the Elders is forgiven. Hence, those two are not criminals.> (Shishou)

“Certainly.” (Ichigo)

“I am saved because you make things better.” (Sirius)

<It’s not a big deal if giving this much information. This is the end of my part, so what are you going to do now?> (Shishou)

“Well…” (Sirius)

Since the day was already late, even if we go back to Fia’s house with the guide of the attendant butler, we would arrive late at night.

If it was Shishou, I didn’t she would say anything if we spend overnight here, but… it seemed that it would be better to go back.

When I was about to say that we should head back, Reese and the siblings broke up to interrupt me.

“Hei, Aniki. You were able to meet your Shishou with trouble, so shall we stay around here today?” (Reus)

“Yeah. I also think that you have a lot of things to say, and I also think that she doesn’t mind.” (Reese)

“I have brought camping tools, so what are you going to do, Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)

Fia didn’t say anything, but it seemed that she also wanted to stay from the state of everyone.

Whether the Elders were told by Shishou, rather than showing hostility, they were not interested about us. Since there were no dangerous monsters came to this area, we shouldn’t be attacked…

“Do you want to stay?” (Sirius)

“Ou! I want to fight Aniki’s Shishou once!” (Reus)

Although Reus was telling a honest answer, the woman tend to look away. I guessed that they wanted to hear about my previous life from Shishou.

It was certainly true that I was glad to see Shishou again, but on the other, there was a part of me that really didn’t want to get involved. Since Shishou acted rashly when she made mistakes, I was concerned about the safety of my disciples.

But well… this was also an experience, right?

“Got it. Shishou, will it be fine if we stay overnight in this area?” (Sirius)

<Do what you want. But there is no vacant house because the Elders live everywhere in this area, you know?> (Shishou)

“The Holy Tree itself is like a roof and since we have our own tent, we will be fine.” (Sirius)



After the attendant Elder headed to the village of the Elves, we took down the baggage that Hokuto had carried and started preparing for the camp.

If it was a normal situation, fire was strictly prohibited when near trees, but it was used extensively when the attendant Elder was making tea. Besides, since we were told that the Holy Tree couldn’t be burn with the degree of fire needed for cooking, we started fire and cooked without reservation.

As we were preparing soup with dried meats and wild vegetables which could be picked up around here, Shishou was standing with arms crossed facing Reus who was grasping his sword in a slightly opened space.

Reus said earlier that he wanted to fight Shishou, and since she acknowledged it, they seemed going for it immediately.

“Please take care of me!” (Reus)

<Hmm, come at me from anywhere.> (Shishou)

I tried to stop him from fighting Shishou, but Reus stubbornly wanted to taste the strength of Shishou.

For that reason, I advised him to fight with full power and asked him to give priority to defense rather than attacking. I told Shishou many times that she shouldn’t kill or overdoing this, but… honestly, I was worried.

It would be good if he could leave with just bone fractures, but…

“Dorashaaaa–!” (Reus)

<It is a considerable sword, but it is not enough!> (Shishou)

Shishou swept the sword that Reus swung down with full power with a flat hand like slapping bugs. She, then, grabbed Reus’ hand and threw him on the ground.

Reus, who had his sword repelled so easily, was surprised, and Shishou overlooked him with a ferocious smile.

Well… that was it.

I forgot to tell Reus, but I hoped that he would fully appreciate it anyway.

And then, while the intense sound echoed from the battle between Shishou and Reus, Emilia was making tea with a serious expression next to me.

“…Yeah, it is something like this. After that, warming up the cup…” (Emilia)

“Don’t keep it at it too much, you know? It would be endless if you get involved with Shishou.” (Sirius)

“No, as an attendant to Sirius-sama, it is natural to satisfy Shishou-sama.” (Emilia)

After the attendant Elder headed to the village of the Elves, Shishou decided to take a closer look at Emilia, and she suddenly told her to make tea.

Whether it was the blood as an attendant, Emilia was nervous about making tea after assuming the responsibility.

Truthfully, I didn’t want to let her get involved with Shishou and tea, but there was no reason to stop Emilia.

As I stir the soup while cheering Emilia on the inside, Reese, who was helping me cooking, became harden when looking at another place.

“Ouchhh!? Why it is so easy… my arms!” (Reus)

<Hahaha! There is no rope!> (Shishou)

“What do you mean by rope!? Gyaahhhaa!” (Reus)

Looking at where Reese was looking, Reus was knocked down by Shishou and it was caused by an arm lock technique.

Shishou merely avoided Reus’ sword until earlier, but it seemed that she had read everything of his movement.

“Uhmm, Sirius-san. Reus is…” (Reese)

“It is still fine if it is that much. It only hurts.” (Sirius)

It was one of the techniques she did it to me many times in the previous life. In other words, Shishou was only playing when she attacked like that.

Although it was considerable painful whenever he was done with the technique, I honestly commended Reus’ guts for not releasing his sword no matter what.

At that time, after finished preparing tea, Emilia presented it to Shishou who was sitting in front of the table.

Incidentally, Reus was playing with the Shishou’s second body, and the first one was here. Since it was a temporary body, it seemed possible to have two to three people at the same time.

Seeing a number of Shishous at the same time… it seemed that I would go crazy if I saw like this in the previous life.

<What kind of tea leaves did you use?> (Shishou)

“It is a flower called Ouka that I got during the journey. This is Sirius-sama’s favorite.” (Emilia)

<Hmm… the scent is not so bad. Well, then. Pour it on the root.> (Shishou)

Having told that by Shishou, Emilia approached the Holy Tree and poured the tea. That was a surreal scene no matter how many times I saw it.

And then, Shishou, who tasted the tea (?) with eyes closed, slowly opened her eyes and looked at Emilia.

<…Thirty points.> (Shishou)

“!?” (Emilia)

Because of the evaluation lower than the expectation, Emilia took a step backward while being shocked. It was a feeling of a thunder fell behind and receiving a shock that was always seen in manga or tales.

“Wh-why? The teaware is warmed well, and I did it thoroughly to the last drop…” (Emilia)

<The temperature is bad! The hot water is at 95 degrees and what’s with the angle when you poured the tea!? There are also times when the taste is too smeared, and it becomes no good. Plus, the oxygen contained in water is also important!> (Shishou)

“Wh-wha!? I don’t really understand, but to notice it that much…” (Emilia)

<You got wrong determination when drinking tea! For me, if you take out unsavory tea, I will drink tea with the determination to destroy a town!> (Shishou)

That was a nuisance determination.

Whether she actually had destroyed a city was not certain, but I had heard those words even in the previous life. Even when listening to it again, I still felt that it was strange.

<Did you get that? The bubbles that come out just before boiling is…> (Shishou)

“Yes! That is the signal.” (Emilia)

In regard of tea, Shishou displayed a tremendous insistence, but it seemed that Emilia somehow could take it. She greedily absorbed the knowledge taught by Shishou.

<Next is this! Hey, what’s wrong?> (Shishou)

“Aaarggh!? So, why–… ouch, ouch!” (Reus)

At that time… whether Reus reached his limit as expected, he let go of his swords, so this time Shishou had decided to solidify his legs. 

“Th-that’s amazing. Reus was easily dealt with up to that degree.” (Fia)

“Reus looks completely like a child. And Sirius-san was training every day with such a person…” (Reese)

“Yes, it is. I wonder how many times my heart was stopped…” (Sirius)

Reese and Fia were smiling while looking at me, but somehow I felt that look mixed with the feeling of pity.

I’d been constantly fighting such a person, and it felt mysterious even for me.

And then, Hokuto…

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

He became more afraid at Shishou, so he didn’t try to leave my side.

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When the surrounding became dark because the night had arrived, the surroundings of the Holy Tree were bright enough to the point it didn’t require the light from the luminescent plant.

At that time, the attendant Elder came back and the dinner we made was also finished, but the dinner couldn’t be started because Emilia, whose eyes were empty because tremendous knowledge engraved in short time, and Reus who didn’t move while collapsing nearby.

“The hot water is at 95 degrees… the angle during the brewing is…” (Emilia)

“Are you alright, Emilia? The meal is served… you know?” (Reese)

“Aah, it’s fine. This soup… since there is no bubbles, it is not a suitable temperature for tea, isn’t it?” (Emilia)

“That’s why this is a meal! Get a hold of yourself, Emilia!” (Reese)

While murmuring and grumbling, Emilia, who couldn’t recognize between tea and reality, had her shoulders shook by Reese.

“Hey Reus, if you don’t get up soon, how are you going to have dinner?” (Fia)

“Aah… uhh… my arms… to be bend over there… stop ittt…” (Reus)

“…It’s no good. There is not a single scar when I saw him. I wonder what is going on?” (Fia)

“It was an aggressive attack that went deep inside his body. He’s probably trying to escape reality.” (Sirius)

In other words, it could be said that his heart was broken. My heart was also broken many times in the previous life.

Anyhow, it was time for dinner, so they had to wake up soon. Since there was no response as Fia said so, I lifted up the upper body of Reus and brought him to Hokuto who was lying next to me.

“Oops… Reus also had become sluggish. Hokuto.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Buhuuh!? …Eh, why is it so dark already!?” (Reus)

And when Hokuto forefoot hit Reus’ cheek, he gained sanity due to a moderate impact of the palm attack.

And then, when I slowly stroke Emilia’s head who still felt empty…

“The tea that suits for this soup is… ehehe…” (Emilia)

“…She really know about Sirius-san’s stroking.” (Reese)

Since she felt delighted while the tail wagged as usual, she returned to normal after I stroke him for a while.

Shishou, who was watching the scene, finally enjoyed the smell of tea Emilia brewed and muttered.

<While saying that they are your fellow disciples, the treatment is like for a pet.> (Shishou)

“By no means, I want you to understand that I’m not doing this because I like it.” (Sirius)

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care whether you treat them as a pet or sex slave, do whatever you like.> (Shishou)

“Shishou, for that, I can feel that it is full of maliciousness.” (Sirius)

“Ehehe… it doesn’t matter if I am Sirius-sama’s pet or even sex slave…” (Emilia)

“Aah… she came back.” (Sirius)

Finally, we started having the dinner when Emilia returned to normal.

It was a weird story about her drinking tea, but since Shisou was a tree, she didn’t need to eat meal. Nevertheless, since she was staring at us while we were having meals,

<I probably can have if it is a soup. Ichigo!> (Shishou)

“Haa… Understood.” (Ichigo)

<…Yup, it is not bad. But I’d like the taste if it’s a bit stronger.> (Shishou)

“Please act a bit more like the Holy Tree, you know…” (Sirius)

<That’s why I am acting as it is now!”> (Shishou)

The attendant Elder was sighing as well. I guessed that I wasn’t the only one who saw her as a selfish person. Even though it was temporary, not only the appearance was excellence, that deplorable attitude also stood out.

According to Fia, the Holy Tree was considered a sacred existence among the ordinary Elves, but… she didn’t show that appearance very much.

As we were amazed while eating the meals, Fia was raising hands with a smile.

“Seiki-sama. If you don’t mind, can you tell us about Sirius when he was in a different world?” (Fia)

<Hmm? Is it about when he was a child?> (Shishou)

“I am also interested. I mean what kind of child was Sirius-san?” (Reese)

“Sirius-sama has been working hard since he was a child, so he must have been a wonderful person.” (Emilia)

“Aniki had always fighting with that Shishou… and I respect that!” (Reus)

The unusual faith aimed by the siblings was embarrassing. However, I wanted them to stop having excessive expectations when it was about my childhood. In Reus’ situation, he understood it since he tasted it with his own body.

And then, Shishou started talking about my life, but I didn’t think of stopping her.

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

Hokuto seemed asking me whether I should stop her, but I didn’t really mind.

To be honest, it was embarrassing, but I didn’t want to spoil this calm mood. While stroking Hokuto’s head, I listened to the conversation between Shishou and the disciples.


<Which remind me, there were also times when I was attacked several times when I was sleeping. That child, who was only interested to win over me, knew that he was a man at that time.> (Shishou)

“Aa, awawa…” (Reese)

“Ehehe, he was a boy, so it couldn’t be helped, right? He always welcomes me when I creep in the night.” (Fia)

“Sirius-sama. If you tell me, I’ll be with you anytime.” (Emilia)

“Nope… I was only six years old at that time. So, I was only thinking about defeating Shishou, you know?” (Sirius)

That was the only mistake corrected.

At that time, I was young and without libido. On the contrary, her sleeping appearance wasn’t that appealing, so it didn’t mean that much.

Anyhow, as a result of surprise attack when she was sleeping… I was hanged on a tree until morning.

After that, Shishou’s stories continued, and the disciples alternately felt rejoice and anxious every time they heard the stories.

They turned pity eyes on me when she talked about the content of training that could be considered abusive and the time when I was threw into the battlefields.

The most troublesome part was when they knew that I had no parent, Emilia and Fia offered lap pillows while looking with motherly eyes.

I spent about ten years staying together with Shishou, but… it was merely training. Shouldn’t it be said as a bleak childhood?

“Ho, there is no other story, is it?” (Reus)

<Sure… when the wolf there was a dog, there were times he got lost when he walked in the forest. When that guy entered the forest to look for the dog, he also lost in the forest too, and I had found them.> (Shishou) 

“Woof!?” (Hokuto)

“I see, there was such a thing for Hokuto-kun too.” (Fia?)

“Woof, woof!” (Hokuto)

“Calm down, Hokuto. It couldn’t be helped since we were both children, right? By the way, it was bad because Shishou was living in the depth of mountains like this place here.” (Sirius)

After that, our talks moved here and there, and the noisy night continued on.

“The lost child Sirius-sama… it makes me want to save you.” (Emilia)

“Where did you go when you searched in the forest…” (Fia)

“Is it because of the past?” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)



In the next morning… Shishou watched us when we prepared for departing.

“Thank you for your help. This is very valuable experience and it is fun.” (Reese)

“Me too. Besides, thank you very much for teaching me various knowledges.” (Emilia)

<Is that so? It is good if you are satisfied. It was fun for me too.> (Shishou)

“Next time, I will be able to fight you better!” (Reus)

<Hmm, work harder. At the very least, try to make use of my techniques.> (Shishou)

“Ye-yes!” (Reese)

After talking to the siblings and Reese, Shishou slowly extended hands to Fia. She was surprised but, she exchanged handshakes with Shishou.

<You have received my seed, so take a lot around the world to your heart’s content.> (Shishou)

“Yes! Seiki-sama, let’s meet again.” (Fia)

<Hahaha! You don’t have to be reserved. Just come and see me anytime. And…> (Shishou)

When Shishou gradually waved her hands, a branch of the length that surpassed my both hands fell from above my head, and Fia grabbed it reflexively.

That branch was largely curved, and it looked like a bow without string.

<Since the Elves will be easily targeted, this will be a weapon that can make them easily understand. Even if you don’t use it, it will be a good weapon to deter enemies.> (Shishou)

“To give me such a thing… thank you very much.” (Fia)

<Forgive me for the inconvenience. But you have to look for the string yourself.> (Shishou)

Was that a bow made of the Holy Tree branch? It should have some kind of mysterious power, right?

Lastly, Shishou looked at me and put up a smile.

That smile… it somehow felt troublesome.

<Actually, I have something I want to ask you.> (Shishou)

“Is it something troublesome? Don’t say something reasonable, alright?” (Sirius)

<It was about the time when I was traveling around the world. In those days, I had made various magic tools in the spur of moments while traveling. When I had the idea, I made it and leave it there. Therefore, there is a possibility it still remain in the world.> (Shishou)

“…Come to think of it, I saw one.” (Sirius)

On the altar in the town of Fonia, it was engraved with Shishou’s seal. Indeed, it was really made by Shishou.

<If you find my work in the middle of the journey, please destroy it if it is used for wrong reasons. Because it leave bad aftertaste.> (Shishou)

“Got it. Can I use my own judgment?” (Sirius)

<Yes, I will leave it to you. Besides, this is not mandatory. It is just a side talk.> (Shishou)

To be brief, it was not a feeling of obligation or responsibility. Shisou entrusted the judgment whether I should destroy them or not. It would be fine if I remember it in the nook of my head.

Suddenly, something flew away and when I reflexively grasped it, it was a wooden knife that Shishou used when I fought her. Perhaps I should say that if I didn’t grasp the knife, it would prick my face. Was this really the time to do that?

“What is it? Are you going to give me this, Shishou?” (Sirius)

<Aah, it’s a reunion gift. Since it is a part of my body, I am confident if it’s only about the sturdiness.> (Shishou)

“I understand that well. It can go against Mithril after all.” (Sirius)

It was a tree shaped like a knife in a glance, but it seemed that there was unusual mana loaded into it.

Thinking that it was a part of Shishou, it felt a bit creepy, but… there was no loss to have the knife.

When I thought about it, it was the first time getting things from Shishou. I was really happy. Let’s accept it without reservation.

As I thought about making a knife holder later, Shishou threw a fist with a smile, so I stuck my fist and hit it.

<You have been reborn once. I hope you will enjoy the world to the fullest.> (Shishou)

“Don’t worry about it. I already enjoyed enough, and I will enjoy it with my companions from now on.” (Sirius)

<I’m glad. Yes, after all, travelling is…> (Shishou)

And then, the Shishou, who had been doing her own things more than anyone when traveling around the world…

<Freedom is the best.> (Shishou)

While sending an innocent smile like a child, she saw us off.

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Extra NG Scene


The most troublesome part was when they knew that I had no parent, Emilia and Fia offered lap pillows while looking with motherly eyes.

“Sirius-sama. If you are fine with me, it will be great if you take this opportunity without hesitation. Well, here’s my lap.” (Emilia)

“I also can treat you like a mother. Please sleep on my lap.” (Fia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Well then, I choose Hokuto.” (Sirius)

““!?”” (Emilia/Fia)



Presenting Hokuto


That day… Hokuto was facing a crucial moment.


<Dear me, will it be alright if you are not doing this together with your beloved master?> (Shishou)

“…Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun was trying to challenge Shishou alone.

However, Shishou was an opponent of Hokuto-kun’s mental block.

Hokuto-kun’s body was shivering even just confronted her in this way, but… he mustered his courage and raised mana.

<Hmmm… you’re really serious, huh? I didn’t think that the dog that followed behind that guy had grown this far.> (Shishou)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Well then, let’s go all out for a while!> (Shishou)

“Ku…kuwooonnn…” (Hokuto)

With the intimidation and bloodlust released by Shishou, Hokuto-kun saw something like revolving lantern for a moment.

The scene where Shishou extended one hand to reach out kitchen knife with a smile, and when she sharpened the knife in front of a boiling pot… everything was a symbol of fear.

Like that, he forgot everything and wanted to run away. Moreover, he was driven with the urge of being spoiled in the Master’s bosom, but…

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun took a step forward.

He was reincarnated, and he was born as a strong Hundred Wolves. It was the time to overcome fear.

<Really!? There’s nothing to be embarrassed if you are afraid even when you are a Hundred Wolves!> (Shishou)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

<Aah, I didn’t really mean that. Your will… and then, the thought made you choose Hundred Wolves. I hope that you are proud.> (Shishou)

“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)

<So, do not hesitate and come!> (Shishou)

Both of them kicked the ground almost simultaneously, and then, Hokuto’s claws and Shishou’s knife collided.

Although it looked like a wooden knife, it wasn’t ripped until now when it clashed against Hokuto-kun’s claws.

However, Hokuto-kun predicted that from the battle between Shishou and the Master. So, he kept swinging claws and tail regardless of being repelled.

They were fighting a diversified battle like how Hokuto-kun fought in the depth of the forest by kicking trees and wielding mana as foothold.

However, Shishou wasn’t only seen everything. While moving exactly in same way, she swung the knife and repelled Hokuto’s assaults…

As the intense battle continued, Hokuto-kun and Shishou finally decided to unleash the last blow, and they took a distance from each other.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

<Hahaha!” (Shishou)

And then, Hokuto-kun’s strongest attack was unleashed…


“Hmm? I’m back, Hokuto. How was it?” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun for some reason made a proud smile.


<Well… he has considerably grown up. It’s been a while for him to taste pain, isn’t it…?> (Shishou)

“*Yelp*!?” (Hokuto)


Hokuto-kun was surprised when she suddenly approached.



– The preview of the next installment –


Sirius and others headed back to the village of the Elves.

And the one who waiting for the daughter was Fia’s father.

With respect to such a father, Sirius confronted him with fists.


‘This time… please give me your daughter.’


“Phew, with this, it’s alright…” (Fia)

“Fia-san, what are you doing?” (Emilia)

“I’ve made a wish. This… it was on the book that I read a while ago. For two people, who become tattered, to collapse after hitting each other, it would be nice of them if they recognize each other.” (Fia)

“If it is Sirius-sama, I feel like it will end in a blow.” (Emilia)

“Aah…” (Fia)

“I also think the same.” (Reese)

“Well… then that’s fine. He will know and acknowledge Sirius’ splendour.” (Fia)

““Is that really fine!?”” (Emilia/Reese)

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  1. kirindas Post author

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