Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 37 (Cleaned) – Intermission: The Ruin after the Conclusion and the Emptiness before the Beginning

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Intermission: The Ruin after the Conclusion and the Emptiness before the Beginning

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Intermission: The Ruin after the Conclusion, and the Emptiness before the Beginning

Going back to a few hours just before Soma and others went on a journey…

It was a place where Soma did whatever he pleased, and as a result of their departure, the place turned to ruin.

There was not even a single appearance there, but…

There was one thing that visited such a place.

“Hmm, although I have woken up, it seems that there was nothing I had to do. To say it simply, it was easy, but rather it reflects the reputation, right?  Is there no such thing for me now? Well, it seems so. Well, it is not unusual to think about this for a while. I bothered to come back here because I thought so.” (??)

The one that muttered alone was a small shadow.

No matter what one thought about that person, it was nothing but a child… No.

In fact, the girl was sighing when she looked at the surroundings.

“Anyhow, it seems nothing remained here, as I expected. It is obvious, of course. I thought of giving a present to him, but… eh? Did he return something he had? No, no, he probably had a chance to hand it over, but at that time… eh? In the first place, he is not interested in such things? …It is for certain. I guess this was thoughtless.” (??)

She dropped her shoulders while being seriously disappointed, and she even let another sigh.

Somehow, she thought that this meant something.

However, no matter where she went, nothing changed. It was totally a meaningless labor.

“Uwaah, there is nothing to be said, right? I can be seriously depressed… probably. Eh, why would I say ‘probably’? Well, I don’t really know that much about myself. I don’t know any information other than what was given to me, and they didn’t include me in the first beginning anyway.” (??)

Although she was quite indifferent when saying that, it was not known whether the sentiment was true or not.

She looked around again without caring too much. And then, she stretched out one more time.

“Well, it turned out to be meaningless, so I guess I should head back. It seems that I won’t be too late, and I can make it in time. …Eh? Is that fine? Indeed. To be honest, it’s not good, but it can’t be helped. I will look forward to the next time I wake up.” (??)

As she said so, whether she really looked forward to it or not, she was smiling.

For such a time to arrive, it wasn’t something that she could look forward to.

“Eh, that’s not true, you know? If that time comes, I can probably talk to him next time. I am looking forward to it, you know… eh? I am going to be cut by him? Hmm, well that is possible if it is him, but it will be interesting.” (??)

It wasn’t an interesting matter at all, but regardless of that, she still found it very interesting.

She started to walk with a smile on her face.

“Now, now, what kind of situation will it be the next time? It won’t be necessary, but I don’t mind that at all.” (??)

Perhaps… that was her true intention.

But at the same time, she wasn’t wishing for it.


“Yes, I know. Everything is for this world, right? And I was born for that reason. I understand that well, you know? That’s why, I will properly fulfill my duty next time.” (??)

She closed her mouth at once, and she opened a part of her mind to emphasize that.


“…As a ruler of Mankind.” (??)

Her duty and the meaning of her existence were described by those words.



There was a throne in a certain country.

However, the time had already passed for quite some time since the sun set, and it should be regarded as late at night.

Originally, there shouldn’t be any figures there.

But if that logic was ignored, there was one shadow.


There were two shadows there.

“Hmm… and then, we will attack them during that gap… No, we will take it back. It is such a thing, right?” (??)

“Yes, it is.” (??)

“…But, is such a thing really possible?” (??)

“Well.” (??)

“…Oi.” (??)

Such a word was thrown to one of the shadows by a man who was sitting on a throne, but he raised his voice again while squinting his eyes and hiding his eyebrows.

However, if it was a normal person, the woman would be trembling when he squinted his eyes, but she just shrugged her shoulders.

It completely didn’t work well on that woman.

Moreover, his face and whole body were covered with a black robe, and she couldn’t notice it since the beginning.

“Even if you threaten me, I do not know something that I do not know. I will do what I should do, but I will not take responsibility whether it is possible for you to do it after that.” (Woman)

“Hmm… if that’s the case, say it sooner. And that worry is needless. There is no way we can lose to them.” (Man)

“Although you let them go, you can’t attack them now, right?” (Woman)

“…!” (Man)

With the sound of teeth screeching, the line-of-sight that was likely to kill people was directed, but it wasn’t that much, after all.

And she let out a small sigh.

“Even if you look at me with such eyes, it is the truth, right?” (Woman)

“I understand even if you don’t tell me…! Damn, if that guy… if that guy was not there…!” (Man)

“That may be the case, but I can’t help saying it. First of all, it is the matter of national defense, and you also can’t move over there.” (Woman)

“I told you that I understand that, right!? Besides, I wonder how you are going to do it this time…!” (Man)

“It is completely troubling when you tell me to do it for you guys. I have my own purpose, and I will not do more than that.” (Woman)

“Hmm… is it that resurrection planned for Him because he was sealed in the past? You can’t be honest, huh?” (Man)

“That’s fine. You overlooked what I did. In fact, all you have to do is attack him after that happens.” (Woman)

“Even if that is true, there is really nothing other than attacking him, huh?” (Man)

“That’s too verbose. Although I am annoyed with your way of speaking, no matter how many times we say this, I swear by my name as a Demon. In the first place, our real purpose is what happened earlier in that place. And, I don’t have the time to be bothered with you.” (Woman)

“Hmmph, I wonder…” (Man)

The man didn’t seem to trust her words from the beginning, but it was justifiable.

Although this was like a secret meeting, they seemed to be hostile to each other.

It wasn’t possible to trust each other.

“Well, it’s fine. If you are lying, I will destroy you.” (Man)

“Isn’t that my line, too?” (Woman)

While snorting at each other, the shadow turned her back.

Since the things that needed to be confirmed had ended, there was no reason to meet face-to-face with each other.

While the shadow disappeared, as if it melting into the darkness… silence started to spread in that place, and the man was the only person that remained.

The man looked at the darkness for a short while, where the shadow disappeared, and… before long, he snorted again.

“Hmmph… to believe the fairy-tale that the King was destroyed in the past, is she a Demon after all? But if those guys make a fuss over there, I guess I just need to follow the flow. It doesn’t matter whether they fail or not. …Yup, even if I have to use those guys… this time, we will make sure that He will return. For our land and those ignorant fools.” (Man)

As he said so, the man, Veritas XIII, the King of the Veritas Kingdom, had his mouth distorted while delightedly imagining that moment.

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  • The author admitted that this chapter had meaningless talk.
  • I might make mistake on the second part of the chapter because the way the woman and the man talks were inconsistent. Please let me know.

21 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 37 (Cleaned) – Intermission: The Ruin after the Conclusion and the Emptiness before the Beginning


    ummm… so the first pov was related in some way to Soma in particular that girl could be the dragon who “granted” his wish and they have something to do with saving the world or something and she is humankind’s something?
    The second POV was about how the Veritas king is in kahoots with the people summoning the dark lord/god or whatever.
    That’s what I understood…
    Thanks for making this chapter much easier to understand!



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