Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 35 (Cleaned) – The Conclusion of the Incident

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The Conclusion of the Incident

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He thought that it was a mess.

He also thought that it was a joke.

The matter of this time was supposed to be perfect.

Together with his talent and those who shared the same idea, the resurrection of that person was supposed to come true.

And this time, it was supposed to be accomplished by them.

They crawled on the ground like incompetent garbage, but now it was the time for them.

But… but…!

“Because of you… because of you…!” (Albert)

“You’re so noisy. You’re just blabbering, so how about you stop doing that? Or perhaps I should say, if you want to talk, can you talk something more meaningful. Rather, the words you spoke were meaningless, there is not much meaning for you to be alive.” (Soma)

“You bastard…!” (Albert)

That word was completely stopped.

Albert never went all-out until now.

If he did so, it would definitely become a troublesome matter.

But, he didn’t care about such a thing anymore.

He unlocked the limiter on his whole body, and magic was overflowing to the surroundings.

With that much magic gathered, it was highly possible to slaughter a whole army…

“Die…!” (Albert)

He hurled everything towards the one before him, but that everything was erased in an instant.

“Wha, it can’t be… Such a thing, it is not possible…!?” (Albert)

There was no way it was possible.

And there was no reason for that.

“Something like this is…!” (Albert)

While screaming, Albert hurled his magic with full power.



Aina was simply staring at the scene before her.

She felt like she was dreaming… No, she even wondered if it was real.

Honestly, she was about to die earlier, and that made her wonder if it was a dream.

Because it was too convenient.

He came to help at such an exquisite timing… Moreover, he was at least on par with the Demon Heavenly Generals.

…Well, Aina suddenly thought about it.

…Because it was Soma, after all.

“Absurd… This is really absurd…! Why… why are you disturbing us in the first place…?!” (Albert)

“No, even if I want to tell you the reason, I don’t know any. I don’t even know what you were trying to do. …But, you hurt my sister and my friend, who is my magic Shishou. That’s a good reason to bury you.” (Soma)

When Aina listened to his words about her being his magic Shishou, her mouth became slightly loosened.

Even if he said that, Aina hadn’t done anything.

However, she thought of another thing at the same time.

This was an incredibly convenient sight, which looked like a dream, but… she was thinking here and there, regardless of what it was, she believed in Soma.

Otherwise, such a thing like the act of using magic just before losing consciousness when she was kidnapped wouldn’t have happened right away, and she also wouldn’t have been able to maintain it all the time.

Besides, once she noticed all that, she was able to accept this convenient scene.

To accept it… and not doing anything, Aina just continued looking at such a sight.

Because it was not necessary to do anything, not even a bit.

So, while solely staring at Soma’s back, Aina waited until this was over.



Previously, Camilla used to see battles between the Demon Heavenly Generals and her.

The last incident was in a battle more than a decade ago.

Camilla had never forgotten about that time.

She was a frontline fighter, and it was impossible to see it from the rear.

It wasn’t possible to forget.

And perhaps, that was the crucial moment when Camilla’s heart gave in.

No matter how much effort she put in, she didn’t believe that she could reach that degree.

She gave up as she thought so.

It was also the reason why Camilla was a Skill Appraiser for a long time.

It was a way she chose to run away from the reality, and in fact she ran further away than that.

So, in the depths of Camilla’s heart, the inferiority complex that overwhelmed her…

“Uhh, this is not possible… there is no way this is possible… this brat… bastard… you bastard… I am…!” (Albert)

“If you are going to keep talking like that, you will be forever at that extent.” (Soma)

Camilla was stunned, while looking at such a scene.

This battle was no less than the battle at that time.

No matter if it’s ice, fire… lightning, or wind…

Everything was raging from all directions… and the one facing all that was a small boy.

It was a scene where some would be waiting in despair, no matter how one looked at it.

In his hands, there was a wooden stick and an iron bar.

However, in such a situation, the boy didn’t display the usual irreverent attitude.

Every magic that was hurled towards that boy disappeared, as if to say that it was a proper thing to do, but he didn’t advance one step ahead, as if a line was drawn.

It seemed like there was a barrier laid out, and it was probably true.

The barrier of the sword.

Anything that was rampaging from left and right was suppressed by the flashing sword.

It was such an expected sight.

Moreover, as if to say that there was an additional gain, the body of the opponent was cut, little by little. It was like he was being trimmed down.

If Soma wanted to, it wouldn’t have gone to that extent, but the result was clear after a certain amount of time passed.

The strength difference was way too obvious.

The man kept showing various emotions on his darkish face.

“Well, have you reflected enough? Have you despaired? …Then, just go away. Of course, to the other world… However, if you want to commit suicide, I won’t stop you.” (Soma)

“…You, bastard… you make fun of me…!” (Albert)

“I’m not making fun of you. I just have a small sense of compassion. To be honest, I want to kill you so badly, but… I had never done such a thing before, and I felt bad about it. I also still remember the heart of being merciful.” (Soma)

“…Is that so? …Then… you should regret it…!” (Albert)

“Uh…!?” (Soma)

Whether Soma knew what the man was trying to do, there was a staircase that led to this place behind Soma, and he noticed that Camilla was there.

There were also two girls that needed to be protected behind Soma.

The first one was Lina, who fell on the ground, and another girl that Camilla hadn’t seen before.

She was probably Aina, but… when the ground bulged up and became a blind spot, spears made of soil popped up out from there with tremendous force.

“That’s bad…!” (Camilla)

When Camilla noticed that, she realized that she couldn’t make it in time for Aina, no matter how much she considered it.

With that distance, she wouldn’t have enough time.

Even so, she promptly moved and extended her hands…

“Kekeke, I will not die alone… at least I will bring your companions…” (Albert)

“…Haaa.” (Soma)

A dejected sigh was leaked at that moment.

Although various magicks were still raging in that place, for some reason, his mind felt very clear.

And in the next moment, he stretched his hands towards Aina and the magic was erased without a trace.

“Wha… what…!? It can’t be… that should’ve taken care of them… it should’ve been in time, but…!?” (Albert)

“Good grief… you really are a detestable man to the bitter end. I am too disgusted. On the contrary, I think that was very thoughtful. …Well, thanks to that, the heart of being merciful has totally vanished.” (Soma)

“Da-damn it… damn it…!” (Albert)

The man with anger dyed on his face leaped toward Soma for nothing but as the last resistance.

Moreover, the surrounding flames that had better force were also striking at once…

“…Flash.” (Soma)

It was a small muttering that echoed on the spot.

However, it sounded clearer than anything else and it was also the signal of the conclusion.

The raging fires had all disappeared, as if there was nothing from the beginning, and the man, who was vertically cut, went through both sides of Soma.

But the next moment, the body was behind Soma, it was sliced into small pieces and it disappeared without leaving a trace.

“I will not allow you to leave even a single fragment in this world. Repent your own foolishness in the other world… well, there is not even a fragment of forgiveness I feel for him.” (Soma)

When the words were muttered, Soma breathed out once and turned around.

By the way, Camilla was about to approach Aina, but since it became unnecessary, she stopped in an awkward posture.

Camilla, who noticed that, cleared her throat and spoke to Soma, as if nothing had happened.

“As I expected. I came just to make sure, but I was unneeded, after all.” (Camilla)

“Well, as you can see, it is just a small matter.” (Soma)

Soma shrugged his shoulders while saying that, but if this was a small matter, this world would be filled with small matters.

Well, it seemed true when he said so, but at least for Camilla, she was so sure that she didn’t have enough ability to hold up for even one minute.

“Small matter, huh…? I think that you know this, but Albert is a Demon Heavenly General.” (Camilla)

“But, a man with those kinds of manners is a small matter, no matter how you look at it, right?” (Soma)

“Well… I won’t deny it.” (Camilla)

While listening to such a conversation, she turned to where the battle took place.

Even if she looked at it again, it was dreadful.

On the other side where Soma stood, rather than just partial destruction, it was complete destruction to the point that no one could guess what was there before it happened.

She noticed that there were several prisons made of stone, but it was possible to notice it because the jails that were near them were nearly unscathed.

Let alone the wall, the ceiling was also scooped out. That much evidence showed how far the battle was going on.

Because of that, the differences on their side were more noticeable.

It was somewhat bizarre when Soma was the one who did it.

Or it could possibly be enough to grasp even a sense of repulsion, but as far as Camilla could see, it didn’t seem to be that way. (recheck)

While thinking so, Camilla herself was slightly surprised.

She certainly saw that the Demon Heavenly General was defeated earlier.

However, it wasn’t overwhelming at that time. Soma didn’t have High Grade Skills like her, and he didn’t even know any Martial Art Skills.

With that in mind, it went without saying that someone like Soma couldn’t possibly exist…

“…Well, what to do now?” (Camilla)

While saying it with a feeling of amazement, Camilla remembered some specific words.

‘Whether there is a Skill or not, it is up to oneself to decide his own way.’

They were the words that were once said from someone who was a teacher to Camilla.

Because Camilla believed such words, she was recklessly aiming for the Seven Heavens.

Eventually, her heart was broken before an overwhelming talent.

Before this, she was wondering what would’ve happened if she had met Soma earlier, and she thought that there were no such benefits.

Well, it was an assumption that did not have much meaning.

In the first place, Soma wasn’t even born at the time her teacher said that.

If there was a real meaning, it was improbable.

Perhaps, it was a completely different feeling she had until now, instead of the time she was aiming for the Seven Heaven.

“…Anyhow, it is a meaningless assumption.” (Camilla)

Because Camilla had already given in.

As she shrugged her shoulders, she abandoned those thoughts and looked at Soma again.

With this, this incident was settled.

When she considered what would be after this, it was going to be slightly troublesome, but… it would be good to think about it again after returning to the mansion.

“For the time being, the things that I wanted to do here are done.” (Soma)

“Aah, after this…” (Camilla)

“Hmmm… Well then, I leave the rest to you.” (Soma)

“…Haa?” (Camilla)

Camilla wanted to say that they were going home, but the words were interrupted midway. Instead of saying that, she couldn’t understand what he meant, and leaked out a surprised voice.

However, she immediately understood his meaning.

Soon after that, Soma’s body started to tilt, and he fell down on the ground as it was.

“So-Soma…!?” (Aina)

And Aina’s flustered voice echoed in that place.

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