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Brother and Sister

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To put it simply, Lina Neumont was very irritated.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t unexpected. In fact, it was chronic.

She was frustrated all the time because of a certain matter.

She turned toward outside the window to look for the cause, but it seemed that she couldn’t see him today.

That made her feel even more frustrated, and she made a big sigh.

And apparently, she seemed to be unfortunate to be noticed.

The voice that had been echoing forever until now ceased, and she felt a sharp gaze.

When she reluctantly turned around, one of the spectacled tutor’s eyes was lifted, as expected.

“—Ojou-sama, are you listening!?” (Tutor)

She let out a small sigh this time in order to cover the continuously piercing voice that was uttered.

While she didn’t listen to the lesson, she was thinking of what would happen if she said something, but she just kept silent because it would get more annoying.

Well, to be honest, she didn’t listen because she didn’t feel like it.

It was a waste of time to listen to something she already understood.

“…I’m listening. To be brief, as a result of Mother’s hard work, this country has become peaceful. Since she is working hard even now, the peace continues without facing invasion from the Demons. Am I right?” (Lina)

“Ye-yes… well, that is the thing, but… that alone—” (Tutor)

“And because Father is doing his best, the other countries will never attack this country. I firmly understand that.” (Lina)

“Y-yes… I’m sorry. But, even if you are listening, you’ll be in trouble if you keep that kind of attitude.” (Tutor)

“I’m really sorry about that. There was something interesting outside the window.” (Lina)

“Outside the window, is it…?” (Tutor)

Thereupon, the tutor tilted his head because he knew that there was nothing visible by looking from his position.

Lina’s room was situated at the eastern end of the mansion.

Moreover, the window immediately next to Lina was also on the east side, and what could be seen from their location was the flank direction of the mansion.

And what was spreading there was a boring sight, which basically had nothing to be looked at.

It could be said that it was peaceful. The sound of earth, grass, and trees could be heard. Occasionally, birds crossing the sky, and… very rarely, there was a strange figure heading straight to this backyard.

“Well, there is nothing to be seen anymore, so there is no need to worry about it.” (Lina)

“Haa, is that so?” (Tutor)

The tutor didn’t seem satisfied, but he still remembered his duty.

“Well, I understand. I will resume the lesson, but… is that alright? Please listen properly. Otherwise, Ojou-sama may also become like ‘that’. That is something unpleasant, isn’t it?” (Tutor)

“Yes, yes, I got it.” (Lina)

As she listened like always, or… as she pretended to be listening properly for a short while, Lina looked outside the window again.

Anyhow, if looking outside was boring, listening to the tutor was many times more—

“…!?” (Lina)

However, the moment when Lina saw the shadow of that person who she hadn’t seen until now, she immediately bit her lips.

The reason was simple. She didn’t want the irritation to grow any further.

Yeah, that person was the reason why Lina had been recently frustrated all the time.

It was natural for her to do so.

“…Who is making excuses? Am I—” (Lina)

While quietly murmuring, that person moved and crossed through Lina’s sight.

The figure disappeared in less than a minute, and… she unconsciously let out a breath.

What was suddenly passed through her mind was something that happened about a week ago.

That person— he was a person that she longed for once. She saw him for the first time in a year.

And at the same time, the feeling of happiness… didn’t swell up.

If it was anything else, it was anger.

It didn’t matter to her, since she didn’t think of anything like naturally meeting him for the first time in a year, or whether she would be happy, or if he said that she became cute.

The number one reason why Lina suffered the most was that face.

She was angry that her brother seemed to have fun.

But, if only that was the case, they probably would’ve parted even by exchanging meaningful words.

Those words didn’t come out because what that person said to her. His invitation was the cause.

There would be no problems if only she was invited to go outside.

Rather, if it was about going out, Lina could do that more than him.

Even if it was something undesirable, there was no difference in being outside.

Therefore, although she would be glad to go outside… she couldn’t hold it when he made such an inquiry.

At that time and place, and on that day.

Rina was merely looking at his back once.

She could still remember well, even until now. She felt as if being soiled by his own hands.

Of course, such an accusation was her imagination.

She understood it to a certain extent.

However, whether she could endure the fact, it was another story.

Rather, she just couldn’t confess everything, and she had to endure.

Speaking of any changes, maybe nothing had changed.

Long time ago… or a year ago, the path for Lina and him, Soma, had been split.

—‘Please remember that brother as nothing.’

—‘No, there was no such a person from the beginning.’

Lina was told such words by her mother during her 5-year-old birthday party.

The birthday that Lina knew before was modestly celebrated by her brother, mother, and the people of the mansion.

Of course, it was enough to make her happy, but a great party was held on that day.

There was no way she wouldn’t be pleased. However, when she looked at the people gathered at that spot, she noticed it for the first time.

That her brother wasn’t there.

So Rina asked her mother.

‘Where was Ani-sama?’

And the replies she got were the ones from earlier.

—That wasn’t something that made her the most unhappy when she was told that by her mother at a gorgeous and remarkable birthday party.

In fact, she firmly understood the meaning of those words.

To be honest, even Sofia didn’t expect that Lina would ask that question.

If it was related to Soma, even if the aspect of maturity was filtered, Soma was special from Sofia’s view, but a child was a child.

However, she couldn’t understand that the reason she was told was because it was an obligation for Sofia to tell her so.

As she slowly understood the reason, what she felt was only sadness—

“…I understand, Mother.” (Lina)

When Lina saw her mother nodding, she understood the matter for the first time.

Lina was also, more or less, a precocious child, or she could be known as a genius.

And the word ‘genius’ was true to its meaning.

Although Soma had a high degree of understanding because he had a previous life, Lina’s level of understanding was because of her own talent.

She understood her position, her brother’s and her mother’s.

She understood everything only by the situation and the words from her mother.

It was undoubtedly unfortunate, and both Lina and Sofia realized that nothing could be done in this matter.

Just like Soma, Lina also understood that her household wasn’t a normal household, and she also knew the obligation of nobles.

…Or maybe, she could feign ignorance.

Nevertheless, it was for the sake of Lina.

However, Lina knew that most people were not happy when this happened.

Hence, she obediently accepted it—

“…Yes, that’s why.” (Lina)

She unintentionally muttered that, but when she looked at the room, the tutor was already not there.

When she tried remembering, it looked like she was absentmindedly seeing him off.

She wasn’t told anything even though she wasn’t paying attention, maybe because the tutor simply didn’t notice it or he just hated troublesome matters.

“…Well, it doesn’t matter which one.” (Lina)

She took out a pocket watch from her pocket and when she checked the time, there was still a bit free time before the next tutor came.

It might be because the previous tutor left early.

Having some spare time, Lina moved her eyes from the hand and looked outside the window. And then, she saw him.

Good timing… or maybe it was bad timing that Soma came back from the backyard.

—Soma was an admiration for Lina.

That figure of forcing through and unyielding to anyone definitely had an effect on the present Lina.

He was always full of confidence, and he never took a step back even in any circumstance, but…

The present Lina knew that the figure of Soma was nothing but a show.

It was because Soma had no Skills and he couldn’t learn anything from now on.

The absence of talent was brimming.

Or maybe she was innocently thinking that he was an ordinary child.

It was due to the universal sense of a child.

However, the other person was that Soma.

She didn’t really think that he didn’t notice it.

…No, it was still within an acceptable range.

He wasn’t informed about her skills.

If that was the case, if he had expectations for the future, it might not be surprising, even if he had confidence in it.

Indeed, Lina knew that the tutors were heartily praising her.

Even if it was a show, they had justifications.

However, that was if he knew about her Skills.

Even so… what she saw this time was that figure.

No matter how she thought, it was impossible for him to have Skills.


“…I want you to stop that.” (Lina)

She wanted that unchanging figure since that time to appear.

Even if it was for her sake, she felt nothing but emptiness.

She wanted him to stop going to that forest.

Lina still remembered the sword dance she saw on that day, even until now.

She was a child at that time, but she certainly thought that it was amazing.

Although the reality was not so, she wanted to keep the beautiful figure in her memory.


“…But, if it doesn’t come true—” (Lina)

Looking at the appearance of the smiling Soma, Lina made a decision while tightly grasping her fists.

She noticed that she had reached her limit when looking at the smile on Soma’s face.

—At that time, Lina forgot one thing.

No, actually it wasn’t just her, Sofia and the tutors were also the same.

The thing was Lina was still a child.

No matter how early, and even if she was a genius, she was no different than being a child.

Therefore, they didn’t notice that their thinking was wrong.

Compared to the previous tutor, the new tutor despised and called Soma incompetent.

That had influenced Lina’s overall thoughts.

She was enduring until now, even as a child, but… from the look of Soma’s eyes, he was laughing without knowing about her feelings.

It was too much for her, even though he took this last step.

As long as the words couldn’t be comprehended, the truth was irrelevant.

What reflected in his eyes was totally about everything.

At one time, she desired that.

Hoping that any kind of Skill existed in his body.

Her heart had exceeded the limit since long ago.


While staring at the back of Soma who was leaving—

Lina decided to destroy every beautiful memory she had about him.

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