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A Choice to Take On

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I became a referee and gave the signal to start, but Albert and the mercenary didn’t move while holding swords at each other.

No… it could be said that they couldn’t move.

Albert was completely using a strategy of waiting because he was wondering how to attack the iron-masked mercenary.

“Aniue… you should stop waiting.” (Marina)

“Al wasn’t stopping. Although Al attacked during the training, he is really good at waiting battles like now.” (Reus)

“If that is the case, why did he train in such a way?” (Marina)

“I’m not sure about the details, but Aniki was going to make Al grow a lot.” (Reus)

Just as what Reus and Marina spoke about with loud voices, Albert’s training was mainly focusing on proactive assaults.

It was because Albert had already achieved an adequate level in parrying techniques. Because of that, when he gained an appropriate physical stamina and other techniques, those parrying techniques would also be naturally polished.

He didn’t only observe and memorize, he knew when to make a move. That was necessary for Albert.

“…He is moving!” (Reus)

Even though Albert was fighting the battle, he was probably imagining the battle.

Simultaneously with the words of Reus, who was reading the movements of the other side, the iron-masked mercenary stepped forward, while swinging his sword.

He seemed to be an excellent swordsman with the same power as Reus. The sword that was swung according to the swordsmanship was heavy and sharp, and if Albert fought him upfront, he would be in disadvantageous situation.

Nevertheless, Albert calmly looked at his opponent and he moved according to his opponent’s sword that was swung down.

“Haa!” (Albert)

A violent sound of iron clashing reverberated around us, and at the same time, there was a sword flying in the air until it landed at the corner of the courtyard. When I saw them…

“…It’s my win…” (Albert)

“Aah.” (Regis)

The mercenary lost his sword and there was a figure of Albert pressing his sword against his neck.

The outcome of the match was clear.

“The winner is… Albert!” (Sirius)

“Albert-sama!” (Pamela)

Pamela headed out at the same time as my declaration, and she leaped in order to hug Albert.

“I believed in you!” (Pamela)

“Thanks, Pamela. With this, we can openly—… Tha-that’s a bit too strong, Pamela! Calm down a bit more!” (Albert)

“You were so magnificent! Let’s get married soon!” (Pamela)

“Guhh! Aah… Ma-marriage—… guhh!” (Albert)

“A-aneue, please stop it! There’s a weird sound from Aniue’s body!” (Marina)

“Aah!? I-I’m sorry. I’m just so happy…” (Pamela)

It seemed Marina managed to get things to settle down, even though she was a bit late, but now he got more damage than the match.

From now on, it looked like Albert would need to train more in order to endure that strength. His true enemy was likely the fiancée, huh?

“You did it, Al! That was a superb technique!” (Reus)

“Yeah. That’s because I was watching the sword next to you.” (Albert)

To put it simply, what Albert had done in the battle, he just hit the opponent’s sword and flicked it away.

However, since the opponent had a fitting strength, Albert couldn’t easily repel a sword that was strongly held. To be honest, if it was Albert before going through the training, not only repelling, it was impossible for him to evade and deflect the trajectory of the sword.

But, the present Albert already got used to Reus’ and my swordsmanship. He could determine the force loaded by the opponent from the direction of the sword.

Moreover, Albert, who memorized an offensive approach from the mock battles with me, stepped in without hesitation and unleashed a precise blow.

It was Albert’s complete victory in this way; but, of course, the uninterested young noble clenched his teeth with regret.

“How… How did he get so strong in such a short time? Albert wasn’t this strong.” (Young Noble)

“Just admit it. Rather than making that guy answer your unreasonable demands, he fought against me and he won, you know?” (Regis)

“What did you say…? Didn’t you go easy on him!?” (Young Noble)

“What a rude employer. Listen, I seriously fought him and I lost. Even if you love Pamela, you lost to Albert.” (Regis)

“What!? I love her and—…” (Young Noble)

While the conversation progressed between the noble and the iron-masked man who suddenly became talkative, Albert and Marina were curious, while looking at Pamela and her father, who were somehow surprised.

“You didn’t take on the challenge by using your own power, and you didn’t fight for what you loved. That’s enough, I noticed something was wrong with your behavior. You were deceived by that suspicious woman.” (Regis)

“Y-you’re wrong… For me to be deceived…” (Young Noble)

“Well, the soldiers are coming soon, so if you want to do it, do it quickly. To be honest, I also feel suspicious.” (Regis)

“Y-you bastard, what are you!? For a hired mercenary to talk this much…!” (Young Noble)

“What do you mean? I am that kind of person, anyways.” (Regis)

And then, the mercenary loosened the belt of the protective gear attached to the waist, and took off the iron mask without hesitation.

A fox tail came out from the armor, and fox ears grew on the head from where the iron mask was taken off.

In other words, he was also a Foxtailkin, but the noble seemed to have remembered something when looking at that unmasked face. With a sharp-looking eyes, he was smiling like a child. I felt as if I had seen him somewhere.

Recently… like a woman… yeah, he looked similar to Pamela.

“Wayne(1)!?” (Pamela’s Father)

“Onii-sama!?” (Pamela)

When the truth was out, Pamela and her father were yelled in surprise.

In other words, he was Pamela’s older brother, whom Marina talked about earlier, and he was the eldest son of Romanio’s family head. He really looked similar to Pamela.

“By the way, I have the right to say this to you. If you understand, quickly go home and ask that woman. The results won’t be different.” (Regis/Wayne)

“Bas-bastard…” (Young Noble)

There were probably circumstances that only the two of them knew. And then, the young noble departed without saying anything.

As he saw off the retreating figure covered with grief, he waved at his family.

“Hey, Oyaji. And I’m home, dear sister.” (Wayne)

“Onii-sama, you were fine!” (Pamela)

“You came back… huh? Dear me, a person like you…” (Pamela’s Father)

“Wayne-san. Why did you…?” (Albert)

“I also had my reasons. Even so, you have become really strong, Albert!” (Wayne)

As he laughed, he tapped the surprised Albert’s shoulder, and explained the circumstances.

Wayne continued being an adventurer while hiding his face under the iron mask. It seemed that he came back to Romanio a while ago, after suppressing Guirdjieff.

“Then, it was difficult to return home because something troublesome happened in the house, so as I tried to gather information from the guild, the person from earlier made a request to me.” (Wayne)

The content of the request was to compete against Albert. He was fortunate enough to have received such a request.

Thereupon, he got to know the current situation, and heard the information he was concerned about from a servant who lived in the noble’s mansion.

“That guy is a bit arrogant, but he is not a kind of guy who would ask for something impossible like he did this time. Recently, it seems like his personality had suddenly changed, and it was also because of a woman who showed up in the mansion.” (Wayne)

He judged that woman, who hid her face with a hood, to be suspicious, and he thought to fully investigate her, since Albert was returning home.

“Anyway, Oyaji… Send someone to that man’s house at once. His situation is really suspicious.” (Wayne)

“Uhmm… alright.” (Pamela’s Father)

“Onii-sama, I understand the fact that you investigated a lot of things, but didn’t you think that it was unnecessary to fight against Albert-sama?” (Pamela)

“No, I was thinking about whether Albert was suitable for you, sister.” (Wayne)

To put it simply, although he was sneakily investigating, as far as I heard about him being an oddball… no, I guess he was a person who lived on instincts.

The father, who saw the attitude of Wayne, who was laughing without any feelings of shame, directed his sight towards Pamela.

“Pamela. Do it.” (Pamela’s Father)

“Yes, Otou-sama. You see, Onii-sama, please accept a hug from your younger sister.” (Pamela)

“No, your hugs are not even funny… guhooo!?” (Wayne)

He seemed to be hugged without any trouble, and a voice beyond Albert’s earlier echoed.

Whether they were in the same opinion as Pamela, Albert and Marina didn’t try to stop her. They kept silent and watched.

After a while, Wayne, who got released, unsteadily approached Albert and shook his hands.

His expression was serious, but I didn’t think that it was due to the pain in his body.

“Albert. Let me say this again, I completely lost. I also want to say this. Please take care of my sister.” (Wayne)

“Wayne-san… thank you very much.” (Albert)

“If you are like this, I think things will go well under you.” (Wayne)

“Eh? Under me… that means…?” (Albert)

“When you are married to Pamela, Romanio’s next family head is probably you. I can’t rule the town, and I’ve been talking to the guards and asked them to work under you.” (Wayne)

“No, no! Wayne-san, did you step down because of that!?” (Albert)

Although this was an opinion of an outsider, I thought that Wayne was right.

As the eldest son, Wayne asserted that even if he, himself, or his parent was the family head, Albert, who would inevitably marry the daughter of the present family head, would be the candidate for the next term.

Even if that was impossible and Pamela was from another noble household, in my opinion, Albert had the ability to govern the people

He seemed to be liked by the people in the Parade town, and there was almost no one who looked at him in a negative way, except for a few.

As a person who wasn’t disliked by the people… he would have enough abilities as a family head.

“Yes, that’s right. We are happy if you can succeed me, instead of Wayne.” (Pamela’s Father)

“O-ojii-san…” (Albert)

“However, that will be a story for the future. You don’t have to worry about that until after we confirm the situation. Now, I want to see you and my daughter in your finest clothes, even if it is a bit sooner. If it is possible, having grandchildren…” (Pamela’s Father)

“That’s right, Albert-sama! There is nothing to stop us anymore.” (Pamela)

“…Understood. I promise that I will protect you.” (Albert)

They faced each other, Albert went down on a knee and took Pamela’s hand.

“There is no more need for words. Pamela… please marry me!” (Albert)

“Yes… gladly!” (Pamela)

Albert had made a proposal, and as Pamela accepted it, we gave them a big applause.

The ladies in the house were enviably looking at them, who were hugging without worrying about the surrounding gazes.

“Haa… it is wonderful. I also… with Sirius-sama… someday…” (Emilia)

“I want to be proposed to when I’m on Hokuto.” (Fia)

“Hehe… I will always be waiting for you.” (Reese)

Although I could settle down when that came into mind, I was still on a quest of being an adventurer with no goal.


“Yes, surely… someday…” (Sirius)

Looking at those girls, I told them that I would officially propose to them.

Marina looked at them, who were full of happiness, with a smile and overflow tears; but, somehow, there was sadness in that smile.

“Anieu, Aneue… I’m really… happy for you.” (Marina)

“…Say, Marina. If you are lonely, please have a proper talk with Al later. It’s not good to keep silent, you know?” (Reus)

“Wh-what are you talking about!? I’m happy that Anieu and Aneue are getting together, so why would I feel lonely!?” (Marina)

“Well, is it because of that? I was also happy when Aniki and Nee-chan became lovers, but I felt like she was going far away and I felt a bit lonely. So, Marina also feels the same way, right?” (Reus)

“That’s not it…” (Marina)

Marina objected what Reus had said, but in the middle of seeing her brother and her future sister-in-law embracing each other, she finally ended up sighing.

“…Yeah, maybe you were right. Like you said, I feel… a bit lonely. Aniue is not for me anymore… and that’s the only thing I have in mind.” (Marina)

“As I expected, right? But, that is just your imagination. It’s just that we are imagining things. Al probably won’t change, you know?” (Reus)

“Why are you looking so proud? But… yeah. I can understand, a little.” (Marina)

Rather than dodging the thought, it was also important to notice it.

Thinking how Reus was, I was happy with his growth.

Unlike the two who swore marriage over there, the atmosphere around here became good again.

I didn’t mind Reus and Marina getting along well, but when I thought ahead, it was going to be a bit troublesome.

Since we were adventurers, the time for those two to part was getting closer.

Later, we heard about the suspicious woman being verified, according to Wayne’s investigation, but based on the security report sent from the noble’s mansion, it seemed that she already ran away.

Whether she was real or not, even the shadow and the appearance, the said noble also didn’t remember about her well, almost as if they didn’t know about her at all.

“When sniffing that becomes a habit, it felt like I could do anything. She was the one who said that—… Damn! I can’t remember!” (Noble)

I tried diagnosing him, apparently, he had been sniffing drugs that deprived him of his thinking abilities and had somehow become fascinated.

And as the thought was induced by the woman’s words, even when Pamela was trying to obtain some information, it was impossible. He just continued with his murmurs.

However, they couldn’t find any proof. Either way, the noble himself had decided that. The noble acknowledged that he was wrong and honestly apologized. Although it was frustrating, the two of them accepted his apology. The good relationship between Albert and Pamela was displayed, so it could be said that they had to accept it.

I also tried to find that woman, but it was nearly impossible to find a person whom I never met, and didn’t know the face nor mana of, too.

Even when the guards searched through the town, they couldn’t find her, or got satisfactory eyewitness testimonies. Therefore, the search for that woman was canceled.

Although it left a bad taste in the mouth, Albert’s problem was concluded.

A few days later… even though Albert’s problem was solved, we still hadn’t departed yet.

The sightseeing had ended a long time ago, but we were here to participate in the wedding ceremony of Albert and Pamela in a few days.

For that reason, we were helping with the preparations, but when we returned to Parade, we were led to Albert’s brother.

The reason was to report the current situation. Since it contained a prohibited story, I was the only person who showed up.

“…The report is more or less like this. It seems that the marriage between the two have given a sense of discomfort to some nobles, but they were blessed based on the mood of the whole town.” (Sirius)

“Thank you for your hard work. How is the preparations for the wedding?” (Albert’s Brother)

“Although the time was spent a lot, it will be done without problems after two days.” (Sirius)

“I think it will be safe if you come here, but just don’t be careless. Anyway, what kind of reward is good for you?” (Albert’s Brother)

“Well, I want flour, salt and sugar. Will you also give me some more of the luck of the lake that I got the other day?” (Sirius)

Like before, since I had accepted the request of observing Albert and surrounding situations, which was still continuing. Therefore, I was getting rewards while continuing the request.

Although the rewards were basic necessities, since we were using it in many ways to produce new dishes and seasonings, I was being paid with food ingredients and specialty products, instead of money.

I left the mansion after finishing the rest of the report, and then, I joined my disciples, who were taking a walk in the town.

“Sirius-sama. Have you finish with the report?” (Emilia)

“Yes. What are you doing over there?” (Sirius)

“We were looking for congratulatory presents for Albert and Pamela.” (Emilia)

“But since we are already familiar with this town, I was wondering if there was something unusual here. That was why we were looking around a lot.” (Fia)

Incidentally, I thought of a wedding cake, but I stopped for a certain reason. Therefore, I decided to cook dishes that were not from this area.

After that, I also looked around and went window-shopping at various stalls, but I couldn’t find something good.

“Hey, Aniki. In this situation, what is the best thing to give to them?” (Reus)

“Hmm. Things that are based on local customs or good auspicious objects would be good.” (Sirius)

I mentioned a few things that seemed to be auspicious, which would make me think that the bond between them wasn’t separated, but it seemed that Reus didn’t get it.

“You see, I really want to surprise Albert!” (Reus)

“You are more earnest than us, right?” (Emilia)

“Yeah. That’s because Al is my friend!” (Reus)

Together with the training, the relationship between the two who could rely on each other was getting very deep, and he was also on good terms with Marina.

For that reason, saying goodbye would be difficult, and these days, Reus was smiling a lot to hide his sadness.

Since Reus was pretending to be alright, Emilia asked him something, as his sister.

“Say, Reus. If it’s alright with you, you can stay here—…” (Emilia)

“Wh-what are you talking about, Nee-chan? I have decided that I will follow Aniki. Didn’t I take a vow!?” (Reus)

“Right… If that is what you have decided, it is fine, then.” (Emilia)

I guessed that this was because of me.

Although this was necessary, the upbringing of Reus, since a young age, was with me as the center.

Therefore… those words came back.

It was the path Reus chose, and I didn’t think it was bad to yearn me, but… I wanted him to look for something more than me.

Perhaps it was time for drastic measures, but there wasn’t such an opportunity yet.

I was giving up halfway when I thought so, but then… that opportunity came.

Next morning, when we were preparing at the inn to go to Romanio, I noted that the whole town was unusually noisy.

Whether there was something, we all gathered at the hotel reception to find out about the situation, and then, the woman who was the secretary of Parade’s family head hurriedly entered the inn.

“That’s great! I’m sorry, will you please quickly go to the family head?” (Secretary)

“What happened? Why are you rushing?” (Emilia)

“It seems to be related to this situation. Understood, we will immediately go there.” (Sirius)

“Thank you very much. I will tell you the situation along the way there…” (Secretary)

We, then, went to the owner’s house, while asking the secretary to explain the situation.

Whether the situation affected here as well, there were few people guarding the mansion.

We went inside, without stopping, and we got to hear the detailed situation from the family head.

“…So you have come? I’m sorry to call you, but did you ask her about the situation?” (Albert’s Brother)

“Yes. It seems that hordes of monsters are approaching this town.” (Sirius)

Hordes of monsters appearing in this world was not an unusual phenomenon.

For example, if the goblins living in the forest bred too much, they would come out all at once from the forest to seek food and women to multiple. There were various situations, but it was a common occurrence.

However, since this town had many adventurers and guards in the town, it would be possible to deal with large groups of small-sized monsters. In the worst case scenario, they could even escape to the lake with ships.

The outside was noisy because of its defense preparations. The ships were probably being prepared for the critical moment, but it seemed a bit of a different situation this time.

“According to the observation, the number of monsters is approximately 600. There will be a considerable number of victims; but, somehow, the number of monster that we can handle…” (Pamela’s Brother)

“…Apparently, this doesn’t seem normal.” (Sirius)

“Yes. It is confusing with this large number of monsters this time. Even monsters that are said to never be in a group are pressing closer to the town.” (Pamela’s Brother)

Since the monsters that lived on instinct would not join hands with other monsters or species, only goblins… would work together with similar species.

However, the approaching hordes of monsters this time were not only Goblin-types, but also various species. Furthermore, the monsters were going straight to the town without merging together.

“Now, rather than finding the reason, we can’t look away from the present problem. If there is only one type of monster, it is easy to set up countermeasures, but it is difficult when there are various types. Anyway, I want to gather war potential, even if it is a little bit.” (Pamela’s Brother)

“Hmm…” (Sirius)

I verified with everyone here, but they all had a smile full of enthusiasm.

However, I would be the one who made the final decision, so everyone didn’t say anything and were waiting for my words.

Although it was a short encounter, I had received an accommodation with meals and rewards. Moreover, he was Albert’s immediate family. There was no way to overlook the favor.

“Understood. Let us help, too.” (Sirius)

“Are you sure? We’re saved.” (Pamela’s Brother)

“Hehe, rest assured. With us and Aniki here, it will be easy to defeat the monsters.” (Reus)

“Hmmm. I’m counting on you since you guys trained my brother until now. The place where the monsters will approach is from the northwest of the town—…” (Pamela’s Brother)

In this way, we were told about the strategy and location and it was decided we would rush to the battlefield, but we returned to the inn because we were lightly armed.

After returning to the inn, we put on the equipment in the carriage. And then, we were in front of the inn, waiting for the carriage requested by the family head.

“Reduce the number with magic and projectile weapons from a long distance, and when it come closer, join the adjacent groups and fight the monsters.” (Sirius)

“After seeing the place, we will adapt with the situation.” (Emilia)

“Yeah. Do not forget to pay attention to the surroundings because this is a collective battle.” (Sirius)

“““Yes!””” (Emilia/Reus/Reese)

When confirming a series of flows during free time, Reus suddenly tilted his neck while moving his nose.

“Eh, that smell is…” (Reus)

“Smell? Oh… why is that child…?” (Emilia)

As I instinctively invoked [Search], I understood the feeling that made Reus tilted his neck.

“What’s wrong, you two?” (Reese)

“Look, over there.” (Reus)

When I turned towards where Reus pointed out, Marina was running towards us with a disordered breathing.

Although she should be busy with the wedding ceremony, she wouldn’t leave Albert. So, why did she came here alone?

There was no doubt that something came up with that desperate expression, but when she saw us, her expression was slightly relieved.

“Aah… that’s great. I found you.” (Marina)

“What’s wrong, Marina? We are going to get rid of monsters soon, so we are not that free.” (Reus)

“It-it can’t be! Here too…” (Marina)

“Here too? Oi, does that mean the other side also…” (Reus)

“That’s right! Hordes of monsters are approaching Romanio!” (Marina)

When I listened to the details, there was report a said that hordes of monsters were approaching in the early morning. It appeared that the Romanio side would collide with the monsters sooner than us.

Apparently, it was larger than here, and the variety of monsters didn’t change. Similar to Parade, they formed a unit and headed out  to intercept them. It seemed that Albert and Wayne were also participating in it.

In order to tell the situation to Parade, Marina came aboard a small boat that was prepared in a hurry.

“Please! Please help Aniue! I can only depend on everyone now…” (Marina)

“Calm down, Marina. If it is the present Albert, he will not easily be done in. Wayne-san is also there, and unless they are separated…” (Sirius)

“…They are likely to be separated!” (Marina)

It looked like Albert and Wayne were divided into right flank and left flank.

As the strategy was decided, Pamela came to see Albert off and they exchanged kisses just before leaving the town.

The surroundings were pleasantly looking at such a harmonious scene, but Marina, who noticed the gazes that some of the noblen directed to them, felt something wrong.

“It wasn’t only the feeling of envy, I could feel something really disgusting. So, after hiding my appearance with the ability of illusion…” (Marina)

Because of the tails, Marina was probably sensitive to other people’s gazes.

Anyway, when she sneaked behind those suspicious nobles, it was believed that the nobles, who thought Albert was an eyesore, were gathered.

“The content of the conversation was to get rid of Aniue or something ominous, and I got to know that the leader of a unit fighting together with him was working under that noble.” (Marina)

In other words, they planned to deal with him by guiding the force and let Albert be isolated with a group of monsters. And then they would pretend that it was an accident.

So, if he obediently followed, he would lose his advantages when he got lost in the confusion? No… perhaps it was the same noble who pressed Albert to take on the challenge?

“When I knew it, Aniki already departed. So, when I talked to Pamela-san’s father, he said that he would send help. But, considering the size of the monsters and the war potential…” (Marina)

She didn’t think there was a surplus to rescue isolated troops and personnel.

Marina, who understood that there was no point in heading here alone, bet on the possibility of us and forcibly came aboard on a ship to come here.

“If you can help me, I will do anything! Please, lend me your strength! Please… help Aniue…” (Marina)

“Of course! Leave it to us!” (Reus)

As Marina deeply bowed, Reus was smiling at her as if she didn’t need to worry.

Even so, there were two hordes of monsters happening at the same time, and they were attacking two different towns?

The possibility of a coincidence… was low, and I felt that this was an obvious set-up.

There were a lot of things I didn’t know, but first of all, let’s deal with the monsters in one way or another.

In addition… although this was that kind of situation, I was going to utilize the incoming opportunity.

I might be punched by Reus later though.

“Aniki! I will go to where Al is!” (Reus)

“How are you suppose to get there alone? It will be half a day by boat.” (Sirius)

“If that’s the case, if Aniki or Fia-ane can carry me—…” (Reus)

Accordingly, Reus looked at Fia, but she had been listening with her eyes closed. Finally, she opened her eyes and had a sad face.

“I’m sorry. I would like to carry you, but… it is impossible.” (Fia)

“Wh-why!? Al is in great danger. Please, Fia-ane!” (Reus)

The impatient Reus came closer, but Fia shook her head sideways with a serious look.

“The Wind told me just now. It seems that my village… is being attacked by monsters.” (Fia)

Flag Brief Story in Full Throttle

Just before Albert brought the troops and departed for the hordes of monsters…

“Albert-sama!” (Pamela)

“Pamela!? Why are you here?” (Albert)

“Of course, I am supporting my future husband. Be sure… to come back, alright?” (Pamela)

“Aah, of course. After this battle is over, I will marry you.” (Albert)

“Yes, I will be waiting for your return.” (Pamela)

And then, their faces were getting closer…

“…I’m going. When I return… let’s continue this…” (Albert)

“…Yes.” (Pamela)

※Question… How many flags were raised?

Answer… in next chapter.

Presenting Hokuto

No story in this chapter. It will be in the next chapter.


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