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The End of a Certain Swordsman

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A man suddenly realized that he was lying on his back.

The passing blue sky filled his field of vision, looking as if he was likely to reach it just by extending his arms.

It was beautiful fine weather.

I wonder if such a thing is just a passing thought?

While thinking that, the man inadvertently tried to reach out, but… failed.

For some reason, his arms weren’t moving.

He was questioning himself, why such a thing was—…

[—Splendid, human.] (??)

When he looked towards the sudden voice he heard, there was a huge mountain over there.

Nope, with that degree, he couldn’t think of anything else but something huge.

And the man finally remembered when looking at it.

He was wondering what he had been doing… and why it became like this.

“Hmmm… it seems that I have somehow won.” (Man)

[…I guess so. You haven’t even lost a limb, but look at my situation. There is no doubt. It’s your win.] (??)

The voice wasn’t only heard from the huge one.

It was rolling towards him, and the thing was too small, compared to what he heard.

The huge one was its body, while the small one was its head.

However, this was a persistently talk to the bitter end, that the small one was bigger than the man.

When looking at such a thing, the man let out a sigh.

“A…Well, to be honest, I don’t really feel that I have won. And you haven’t died. By the way, how can we speak even in such a state?” (Man)

[Hmm… Isn’t because I am a dragon? Furthermore, I am standing at the top amongst them. Since this is the case, I will not die so easily. And in the first place, I am not talking to you with my vocal cords. I have no need for such a feature.] (Dragon)

Yes, it was a dragon.

With that exaggerated imitation, it wasn’t done by any imposter.

The thing that was his existence was one of the few mysteries.

When looking at the sky, the human was fascinated. But he was embraced by fear again.

It was the strongest symbol of desperation and misery.

It was ridiculous, but it hadn’t died, even though its neck was severed, and he understood that well.

“Oh dear… you’re a troublesome superfluous existence. This is out of common sense in many ways. If your neck has been cut off, just die.” (Man)

[Are you saying that, especially when I was killed by the hand of a human? Instead of me, you are the one with a lack of common sense. Normally, it would be impossible to reach me with that blade, let alone kill me.] (Dragon)

“Well, that’s because I challenged you. To know whether my sword has reached the degree that I expected.” (Man)

Right, although a dragon was an existence that brought calamity to humans, the man didn’t challenge him for that particular reason.

It was the worst of the worst.

A dragon among dragons.

It was call the Dragon King amongst humans and the reason he went there was simply to fight him. He just wanted to test it.

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Test his forged body and his swordsmanship.

He was called the world’s strongest, so there was some self-confidence, but was his test as he expected?

Had he arrived at the top of swordsmanship?

To answer that question, that was the reason why he fought the dragon.

[And the outcome has come out. Your sword has reached even my degree. With that body, you have been well-trained.] (Dragon)

“…Is that so? Did I finally arrive at the top of swordsmanship?] (Man)

[Hmm… I have recognized that. There’s no doubt that you have arrived. That’s why you could kill me.] (Dragon)

He felt that everything was rewarded by those words.

It was a life that he had spent on nothing else but that.

Only thinking about the sword, he spent his time polishing his ability.

There were no regrets.

There were no reasons.

He did all he wanted and had accomplished them all.

There was no regret of not trying.

“And because of that, let me say, once again. You are splendid.] (Dragon)

“…To be honest, I didn’t really care about killing you.” (Man)

[Hmmm… you’ve killed me for the sake of proving it, huh? Again, you already reached that point… and that is it, and I am also satisfied. —…] (Dragon)

When it said until that point, the dragon suddenly changed the mood.

As if it embodied the mystery of dragons, if it was said to be a God, it was something that could be agreed upon.

Between them, it said.

[Although you are satisfied, it has nothing to do with my pride. With that, let me ask you a question. Do you have any desires?] (Dragon)

“…I am not sure what are you talking about. You are asking the opponent who killed you, are you masochist? Nevertheless, while asking that, are you just asking, or is there an ill-natured meaning?” (Man)

[Just say it, or my pride will be affected. Even if it so, I am still called a God. You may be satisfied, but I cannot be satisfied if I don’t do anything.] (Dragon)

“…For you to even say such a thing. I have no desires after reaching the top of swordsmanship… but let alone hoping, it is impossible. Whatever it is, I will soon die.” (Man)

It was a definite future.

In other words, he couldn’t move his arms.

In a literal sense, everything was overthrown.

It was reasonable when his life was running out, but even with that, the man didn’t regret anything.

[If you wish, it is possible to breathe life back into that body, you know? Well, you may not want it.] (Dragon)

“Ooh, there is such a thing. The thing that I want is beyond hope—” (Man)

At that moment, there was one thing that passed through his mind.

Although it was a lingering affection, the man was thinking of one thing, and that was it.

Moreover, the man had no family, and he never made friends or lovers.

That was why it wasn’t about people… once he remembered it, he was jealous, and longed for it.


It was said that it had been already lost in this work, yet he wanted to use it.

For that man, it was his only regret.

However, he didn’t say it because it was meaningless.

Although it was a lingering affection, the man had chosen the way of the sword.

Even if he lived a long life here, there was no way to find that road.

Well, alternatively, if it was possible to be reborn again, but then… even if he opened his mouth, it would be meaningless.

That was why he didn’t need anything.

Just being satisfied, and quietly letting this life end here.

He tried to reply, but he noticed that he couldn’t do it already.

The body of the man truly was beyond limit.

It wasn’t unusual for the light of his life to end at any time… and when that time finally came, that was it.

But even the dragon could understand, when it looked at the face of the satisfying man.

He was thinking that—…

[…Hmm, is that your wish? Understood. With me as a God, I will surely make it come true.] (Dragon)

He felt that he was told something at the end, but it didn’t reach his consciousness.

And the curtain was lowered down for his life as it was.

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