World Teacher 93 (Cleaned) – Advent

Chapter 93 is out!    


Greetings everyone.

This chapter has been edited by Dogboy90, thank you very much!

Thanks for the Patreon members who are willing to support this translation. A huge appreciation to:


Toan N.;

Daryl; AzothViz; ; MadHatter; Jared R.; Shaei-P; Rigo G.; Carlo C.; Andy T; Igor B.; tlinga; Beligerante; Mervin. L; Shawn M.; AO B;

Zaq Q;

Travis V;

Kazuo M.; Vasosulf; Babar Not the Elephant; Vincent G.; Samuel K.; Alexander P.; Chris B.; Simon v. E.; Shyll;

Do enjoy!


43 thoughts on “World Teacher 93 (Cleaned) – Advent

  1. primo23

    Since there’s a possibility that Mira religion will be gone then
    It’s time to make a new reli- *got punched in the face*
    Tha-Thanks for the chap ~


  2. Mischa

    I’m wondering if he would get struck by lightning or something afterwards for pretending to be gods messenger. Good luck Hokuto hardest trick in the book “don’t wag the tail” when your happy.


  3. happinezz001

    somehow it doesn’t feel original cuz both satou(death march) and touya(isekai wa smartphone) kinda did the pretend to be god thing once


  4. itssumitrai

    Does anyone else feels like this novel is becoming more and more boring ? Its nowhere near the level it was few months ago. Stupid and weak villainous character showing up now and then, lots of focus on minor characters, and less focus on the MC and his girls 😦


    1. Cipher

      It’s probably this arc that’s boring due to the religious group being not very big so the villains don’t have a lot of power to use against the MC but this arc is more focused towards Chris and Ashley anyway.


      1. macktheknife123

        This arc might lead into something. Like who was it that told Dogar about the Spirit User (Holy Knight) or where did that Fire Wolf come from and who brought the Fire Wolf to them. Like a secret organization that gave them the information in order to control certain places in the shadows that they will be the 1 of the main villain group in the series. But so far the only time that something like a big event happen was the invasion of the school arc. The other arcs were more like bring in characters and introducing (maybe) other characters in the future.


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