World Teacher 89 (Cleaned) – A Secret Visit after a Visit

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A Secret Visit after a Visit

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After separating from Emilia, Reus and Amanda, Fia and I headed to the temple, which was the main headquarters of Mira’s Doctrine, located at the center of the town.

As Fia walked next to me, she didn’t cover her head with the hood attached to the mantle and grandly exposed her beautiful face, and we gathered the attention of the believers and adventurers who were walking around. It went without saying that most of them were men.

Some people tried to call Fia out because they were attracted her rare and good looks, but, as they walked by, their shoulders were sliced with wind, and they gave up when they realized that I was wearing a mantle that could only be worn by the upper class.

“The lady over there. The place where you’re going is the temple of Mira’s Doctrine. Perhaps, you are interested in Mira’s Doctrine? If you are fine with me, shall I teach you various things?” (??)

There were also believers talking about Mira’s Doctrine amongst them, but the man, who appeared before us, had eyes that were obviously aiming for Fia.

Towards such a man, Fia slightly lowered her head with a businesslike smile.

“I refuse. I can’t move beyond the order of this one here.” (Fia)

It seemed that she was already trying to be a character of my secretary.

The other side faltered by Fia’s businesslike manner, but this time, he changed his mind and turned his eyes to me.

He probably wanted to include me in the conversation, perhaps he judged that she would come if I came…

“Excuse me, if it’s alright, about Mira’s Doctrine… Hiii!?” (??)

When he saw my eyes contained with bloodlust, he ran away with all his power.

Fia, who was next to me, laughed a bit, since I snorted as if to say that we would not stop walking due to trivial matters.

“Hehe… although we looked calm, let’s get heated when we get inside.” (Fia)

“Of course. I will quickly teach them the sin of laying their hands on Reese.” (Sirius)

There was a high possibility that elites would be sent from Elysion by the orders of the King and Liefell-hime, and that wasn’t a joke. Mira’s Doctrine would be destroyed, and even if Ashley returned, it would be impossible to rebuild.

Besides, I didn’t know what was happening to Reese under the clutches of those lowlives. Since I became concerned, should I confirm with [Call] again before entering?

“Reese, how is it going?” (Sirius)

[…Yes. I am trapped in a room, but I am safe. Since the outside is somewhat noisy, it seems that they are not in a situation to pay attention to me.] (Reese)

According to Reese, after being taken away to the temple, she seemed to be imprisoned in a certain room.

It would be a strange story for them to suddenly leave her alone, but when they returned to the temple, Vagle was summoned by a man wearing a gorgeous robe; apparently he was being taken away.

He was being taken obediently, maybe because that man was the Archbishop, Dolgar.

“It is almost time to visit the temple, please be patient, alright?” (Sirius)

[Yes! I’ll be waiting.] (Reese)

She didn’t seem to be scared or anxious with that kind of voice. At least, it looked like it was unnecessary to forcefully breakthrough at the present moment.

Since there was still a distance away to the temple, I talked about Spirit Magic with Fia while walking.

Specifically, the reason why Reese lost.

“Say, Fia, does the power of Spirit Magic change according to the number of Spirits in the surroundings?” (Sirius)

“Yeah. The more Spirits of the same attribute, the stronger the power and the faster the spells will be activated.” (Fia)

To begin with, the Spirits were activated by the users when they gave mana to the Spirits, and they would lend their strength to cast spells. And the Spirit seemed to have the habit of cooperating with the same Spirits who were nearby.

“I thought of it when I flew earlier, but there seems to be very few Wind Spirits around here. It was enough with ten mana in the past, but I feel like I need fifteen here.” (Fia)

“Reese also mentioned that there were very few Water Spirits, so is there a lot of Fire Spirits around here?” (Sirius)

“I can only see Wind Spirits, but I don’t think that is a mistake. I talked about it before, if I use Spirit Magic, I can activate the Spirits enough to use it, and the number of the same Spirits will increase to the surroundings.” (Fia)

For example, each time Wind Spirit Magic was invoked, the Wind Spirits were activated, and they would call Spirits with the same attribute. In proportion to that, other attributes were said to move away from the spot to escape. Of course, there seemed to be a limit of convergence. Hence, it appeared that the place couldn’t be completely filled with the same Spirits. According to a certain book, the Spirits unconsciously maintained the balance of the world, but it was unknown whether that fact was correct or not.

And Vagle always used Spirit Magic to exterminate monsters in the surroundings of Fonia as a cover of venting his anger.

“That man, Vagle, often used Spirit Magic, right? Then, I guess that there are many Fire Spirits around here.” (Fia)

“…Even with just a few Spirits, if there is a monster at the same level as Hokuto, it can’t be helped for them to be defeated…” (Sirius)

Maybe, if there was no Fire Wolf, Reese would have definitely won with the condition of the same amount of Spirits. However, in a situation where we could fight with equal terms in this world, the match would be decided by how it plays or rules.

The disciples became stronger, and if all three of them were together, I judged that they would be fine, unless it was with a group of Advanced grade adventurers or a legendary monster.

When I reflected on my assumption that it was a bit of an overestimation, Fia poked my shoulder with narrowed eyes.

“Hey, you don’t need to feel down. It is bad for Reese, but this time, that is the consequence because that child had decided on her own.” (Fia)

“It’s not that I am depressed, but the fact is I was a bit careless. I don’t want it to happen again, next time.” (Sirius)

“See it positively. I wonder if you are worrying too much. But you know, there is also a part that you can’t understand in anyway because you can’t see Spirits, so the ones who should properly grasp it are Reese and me. Since we feel relieved if Sirius stands behind us, please stay with us as usual.” (Fia)

“I guess so. Thanks, Fia.” (Sirius)

“Hehe, you’re welcome. I am the Onee-chan when looking at this situation.” (Fia)

I felt the reliance by Fia’s smile as if to say to entrust it to her, while lightly closing one eye.



And then, we came before Mira’s Temple, which was the center of Mira’s Doctrine.

There were a lot of Mira’s Doctrine symbols, which were attached at the summit of the building when I looked at the temple of Mira’s Doctrine.

Even though there was no king, from the point of having this degree of large structure, the scale of Mira’s Doctrine might be beyond my expectations.

According to Ashley, there was a huge chapel, if we went through the huge main entrance of the temple. It seemed that the ordinary believers would enter up to that point.

Next to the main entrance, there seemed to be a residential section at the end of the door, which was large enough for two people to pass through and there was no one that could enter it, except high-ranked believers.

Understandably, there were two standing believers guarding the entrance. They talked to us when we slowly approached them.

“Only Mira’s Doctrine officials are allowed to enter. If you come to pray to Mira-sama, please go to that chapel.” (Guard)

“I urgently request a meeting with a person who is managing Mira’s Doctrine.  Please relay the message.” (Sirius)

“I haven’t heard of such an arrangement. Since Archbishop-sama is busy, please make an appointment by talking to the believer in the chapel.” (Guard)

Although it seemed likely to be rejected by an extremely obvious response, I showed the crest of Elysion depicted on the mantle to the believer.

Well, it was time for bluffing from now on.

“I am an Imperial Guard of Melifest Continent Elysion’s next Queen, Lifell-sama. I came to Fonia as an envoy of such a person.” (Sirius)

“Wh-what…?” (Guard)

“However, I lost sight of an escort subject when I took my eyes away. According to the people in the town, I heard that the subject was taken away by a man called the Holy Knight of Mira’s Doctrine. A girl who has beautiful blue hair and is one head smaller than me, don’t you know about it?” (Sirius)

“N-no… I…” (Guard)

At first, they were looking at us with a suspicious look, but when I mentioned the characteristics of Reese, a change in facial expressions was seen.

It seemed that there was a high possibility that she passed through here with Vagle. Should I press for an answer while they were being agitated?

“I personally want to hear whether that person didn’t come here. If I can’t have the meeting, I will have no choice to report to Elysion that I was refused by Mira’s Doctrine.” (Sirius)

“Ple—… please wait a moment!” (Guard)

I wasn’t sure whether the name of Elysion reached here, but with a splendid mantle depicted with an emblem, my dignified attitude, and bringing a rare elf, it would be difficult for a guard to arbitrarily decide that we were fake.

One of the believers, who couldn’t decide, remained on the spot, while the other one went into the temple and looked for confirmation.

The remaining guard didn’t relax his attitude, as if to say that he was clearly in a higher position. He kept waiting calmly while crossing his arms. And then, they seemed to get the permission to let us have a meeting with the Archbishop.

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“Co-come on in. Archbishop-sama is waiting for you in the room.” (Guard)

We left our weapons midway, and as we kept walking in the temple, headed by a strangely nervous believer, Fia and I were guided into a room at the innermost part of the temple. When I used [Search] along the way, I found that Reese was in the building in the courtyard of the temple.

“I walked quite far, but what kind of room is this?” (Sirius)

“Well… this is also Arcbishop-sama’s office, and it also serves as a meeting room with those who have fitting status. Holy Knight-sama is waiting inside, too.” (Guard)

The believer quickly left after saying that. So, I knocked on the door of the room, while raising my vigilance, and entered the room after getting a reply.

“Welcome, guests from Elysion.” (Dolgar)

When I entered the room, in front of a large desk that could fit nearly ten people, and likely to be used for conference, there were the Archbishop and a man sitting on chairs and smiling.

His age was probably, forty years old? Wearing a luxurious robe, his appearance with a gentle smile and dignified beard made him look like a kind old man who raised pocket money for his grandchildren.

He seemed to match with Ashley’s explanation. He didn’t look like a man who was in charge of Mira’s Doctrine, but I didn’t fail to notice his sharp-looking eyes observing us the moment we entered the room.

Vagle, who I verified from a far distance not long ago, was standing by the Archbishop’s side without an expression. As I sat down on a chair, while searching for traps, I started with my self-introduction.

“Nice to meet you. I am Sirius, an Imperial Guard of Elysion’s next Queen.” (Sirius)

“The Queen’s guard, and… you are, Sirius? Certainly, that’s the name of the winner who won the Fighting Festival the other day…” (Dolgar)

“Yes, that’s me. But now, I am coming here as the Guard of the Elysion’s next Queen. Although you looked busy, it seems that I asked for a sudden meeting.” (Sirius)

“No, not only the famous Elysion, you’re also the Champion of the Fighting Festival, so there is no reason to refuse you. It’s a bit late, but my name is Dolgar. I am the Archbishop of Mira’s Doctrine.” (Dolgar)

Since Dolgar reached out for a handshake with a smile, I received that hand.

Hmm… from the circumstances of his hand, it seemed that this man never held a weapon. He was perfect for internal affairs.

And when I introduced Fia by my side, Dolgar directed his eyes toward her.

“This is… what I heard from the guard. You are bringing a beautiful Elf.” (Dolgar)

“Yes. She is also my secretary and lover.” (Sirius)

“Nice to meet you. My name is Fia.” (Fia)

“Ooh… Besides having a beautiful Elf as a lover when you’re young, you are also an Imperial Guard of a country and the Champion of the Fighting Festival, huh? It looks like Sirius-sama has exceptional talents.” (Dolgar)

It was only until a certain extent, but I could feel the lust in his eyes when he look at Fia.

Unlike Dolgar, Vagle was watching Fia without hiding his worldly desires.

“This is my son, Vagle. He is also the Captain of my guards. Hey, please say hello.” (Dolgar)

“I am Vagle. You, you’re taking that beautiful Elf, right?” (Vagle)

“Hey! Don’t say rude things to the guests! Your tone is indecent, you know?!” (Dolgar)

They wanted the same person… these people really were parent and child.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? What’s wrong with saying ‘beautiful’ to a beautiful person? Say Elf-san, rather than that man, I am…” (Vagle)

“I refuse. I am all over Sirius-sama.” (Fia)

Fia made a smile as if to say, ‘Try again’. After that conduct made Vagle’s smile seemingly funny, I noticed sparks were scattering around.

Leaving that matter aside, was Fia trying to imitate Emilia, rather than being a secretary?

Since there seemed to be a feeling of tension, I cleared my throat and asked Dolgar in order to change the mood.

“Which reminds me, you seem to have a girl called a Saintess in Mira’s Doctrine, right? I know a different Saintess from her, but I would like to meet your Saintess once.” (Sirius)

“That would be impossible. It’s an embarrassing story, but she is not Mira’s Doctrine Saintess now. We are pursuing her because she is a traitor.” (Dolgar)

“She is being pursued? This is unsettling talk, isn’t it?” (Sirius)

After that, Dolgar talked about the reason why Ashley was supposed to be pursued. It was roughly the same as what Ashley explained.

The difference was I agreed that I didn’t well understand about the matter of Saintess, but did he have to explain and ascertain the fact that she was an evil?

“While reaching out to those in trouble with smiles and love, it seemed that she was extorting them, which she claimed to be offerings. Although she is still young, it is a very sad story.” (Dolgar)

“Did she frequently do it using Mira’s Doctrine as a cover? Of course, Mira-sama also will get angry.” (Sirius)

“Mira-sama is a goddess of love and equality, but there is no mercy for those who defile Her. So, it is natural for me to award an oracle that passes judgment to the traitor.” (Dolgar)

“Understood. I also won’t overlook such a wrongdoer. I will inform you if I find her.” (Sirius)

“We haven’t caught her since she ran away, so please, if you can cooperate. But, please be sure not to kill her. I will pass an appropriate judgment in front of Mira-sama.” (Dolgar)

I consistently gazed at Dolgar’s eyebrows and gaze. I was predicting his personality by distinguishing the truth from a slight change in facial expression.

After that, the conversation continued awhile, but since Vagle nearby was starting to get irritated, until it made Dolgar startled to a certain extent; I decided to get into the subject before he exploded.

“Sirius-sama, the matter about Ojou-sama.” (Fia)

“Oops… The talk about Mira’s Doctrine was so interesting that made me forget about the main subject. I have a habit of getting interested when there is a thing to worry about.” (Sirius)

“No, if you are interested with Mira’s Doctrine, I will tell you as much as you like. According to the guard who explained it to me earlier, you’re looking for someone, right?” (Dolgar)

“Yes, I’m looking for a girl who is known as a Saintess in Elysion. Not only the next Queen of Elysion, she is also an existence favored by the famous Magic Master.” (Sirius)

“W-what!?” (Dolgar)

Their expression didn’t change, but I noticed a slight amount of wrinkles had gathered between the eyebrows of the person to whom I explained about Reese.

Not only the whole country, he was a cake addict now, but it seemed that for her to be favored by the Magic Master wasn’t something that can be ignored. By the way, since the Magic Master, Rodwell, and Reese were limited to cakes, I didn’t tell them a lie.

Without answering my question, I pressed for an answer in no time.

“I am under the orders of the next Queen, Lifell-sama, to escort her on a journey of training. However, she has a habit of walking around here and there, like a tomboy, and I lost sight of her while looking away for a bit. As I was looking for her and kept asking in the town, I heard that she was taken by a person called Holy Knight.” (Sirius)

“I see. That is…” (Dolgar)

“If something happened to her, even the Magic Master will get involved. I would like to find her because it has become a serious matter, but have you seen her?” (Sirius)

“Tha-that is…” (Dolgar)

“I don’t know about that.” (Vagle)

I indirectly told them to return Reese. However, Vagle pounded his hand on the desk while glaring at me, seemingly uncomfortable. He clearly refused.

“Wha!? Vagle!?” (Dolgar)

“You suddenly come here, and think I am the kidnapper? Although I haven’t seen her, I am amazed how the Imperial Guard from Elysion fixates upon the matter.” (Vagle)

It would be uncomfortable when suddenly being accused to be a kidnapper, but there were many eyewitnesses in the town, so I felt that the evidence was good enough. Aah, what if he decided to manipulate the information by threatening with fire?

“…Are you sure that you don’t know about this?” (Sirius)

“Yes, of course. There are many blue-haired women anywhere, and I have taken a different woman.” (Vagle)

“Well then, can I see that woman? I want to confirm whether she was the one I am looking for.” (Sirius)

“Cheh… I already drove her out! She is not here anymore, alright?” (Vagle)

The way he said that was at a childish level. It seemed that something had happened, but I guessed that he was trying to push it through. In fact, he had the power to do so.

Vagle’s mana rose, and apparently, flames were created amongst us. The temperature in the room was slightly high, but it felt like it was going to increase more.

Dolgar tried to stop Vagle, who was behaving recklessly, but he was afraid of flames, so he couldn’t get close.

“Spirit Magic is sometimes troublesome. There are times when I get angry or get into trouble, the Flames come out on their own. So, before my hand slips and burns…” (Vagle)

“Un-understood. If she is not here anymore, I think I’m going to excuse myself.” (Sirius)

Since I also obtained the information, I pretended to give in to the threat and pulled back.

I understood well that he didn’t feel like returning Reese, and as what the informer said, it turned out that Dolgar no longer held the reins of Vagle.

Dolgar was obviously upset when it was said that Reese was related to Elysion and the Magic Master, since he was supposed to talk about her.

I got up after putting my hand on the table. And then, I lowered my head toward the other side.

“As what the Holy Knight has said, I think that I will go look in the town again. I apologize for taking your time.” (Sirius)

“I have no problem in particular. If it’s alright with you, why don’t you pray to Mira-sama in the chapel? Maybe you can find her by Mira-sama’s love.” (Dolgar)

“Do you mean that tomboy? She might have gone outside the town.” (Vagle)

“Shut up!” (Dolgar)

“I see, whatever it is, I’ll put that into consideration. Well then, please excuse me.” (Sirius)

I headed out from the office, while properly taking their words into my mind.



Due to the long talk with Dolgar and Vagle, the outside was dim when I left the temple.

We received the weapons we handed over when we left the temple. While pretending to walk around the town and finding an accommodation, we were talking about future plans.

“You see, Sirius. I thought that this was your matter, but won’t you rescue Reese?” (Fia)

“Of course I will rescue her. I was going to see how they reacted when I told them about the risks of kidnapping Reese.” (Sirius)

“That big kid was angry, instead of being scold.” (Fia)

“No, it is a reaction after we had gone. To tell the truth, I am tapping their voices now.” (Sirius)

Before I left, I set up a special magic stone behind the table and headed out.

I carved a magic formation on that magic stone. When it was activated, it had the characteristics of absorbing ambient sound. It was one of the failures that I made by chance when trying to make the magic formation of [Call].

Since the magic stone continued to stretch by connecting it with a superfine [String], I could hear their conversation around the magic stone when I put the [String] in my ear. In other words, it was a wired bug.

It was very useful, depending on the situation, but once activated, it continued to exhaust the mana within the magic stone. It could stay for one hour, until the mana within was exhausted, and then, it would become an ordinary stone. Even if it was designed to be able to absorb mana supplied from an external source, it wasn’t worth it, since the mana consumption was severe.

Furthermore, the magic stone must stay connected with [String]. Since my chest hurts when considering the price of a rare magic stone, I only made a few of them.

The conversation of those who could be heard from the bug-like device was like this.

[Vagle… what are you thinking?! If you don’t return that woman as she is, we’re not only making a country as an enemy, but also the Magic Master!] (Dolgar)

[Oioi, if that guy returns to Elysion and informs the Magic Master, how long do you think it will take until they come here?] (Vagle)

[…if that is not possible, what are you planning to do?] (Dolgar)

[Plus, that will be the story if that guy reports it to the country. With my Flames, it is easy to get rid of that guy, you know?] (Vagle)

[But, he is the Champion of the Fighting Festival. Do you think it’s easy to dispose him?] (Dolgar)

[Heh! Isn’t the Fighting Festival mainly about fighting with weapons? Whatever it is, my Flames are undeniably better.] (Vagle)

[Well, it is surely true, but…] (Volgar)

[Besides, if I can handle that man, you can also get that Elf. I know that you have been fascinated, right?] (Vagle)

[Hmm… there is no other way, then. But, don’t do it in the middle of the town. Since the Champion of the Fighting Festival is an outsider, it is difficult to erase the evidence.] (Dolgar)

[You’re noisy, and don’t get in my way! I’ve been following your orders until now!] (Vagle)

[I am the one who picked you up and raised you until now! It would be natural to listen to what your parent says! Besides, you are doing something out of my orders these days. Do you know how difficult it is for me to deal with your troubles!?] (Dolgar)

[The one who told me that I could do anything with my Flames was you, right? Although I am practicing it, why should I be yelled at or disturbed!?] (Vagle)

[Don’t you understand that there is a limit!? Everything will become troublesome if you keep threatening…] (Dolgar)

[Too much of your preaching!] (Vagle)

And then… Vagle used flames to threaten Dolgar and forced him into silence. The conversation just now was the real nature of those guys… it turned out that they were lowlives.

Whether the mana within the magic stone had run out or not, their voices couldn’t be heard any longer. Hence, I severed the [String]. When I told Fia about the conversation earlier, she turned her eyes towards the temple with ridiculing feelings.

“When you use the wrong method to raise people, they will turn out to be such fools. Let’s be careful when our children are born.” (Fia)

The education will be difficult… not too strict and not too spoiled.

In my case, I pampered my disciples, but that was because they would respond to my expectations. And since my disciples were aware that it wasn’t good to behave like spoiled children, I thought that it wasn’t necessary to frequently scold them.

Of course, there were times of failures, like this time, in the case of Reese.

However, knowing and learning from the results because of the failure, it would be good if they could make use of it next time in order to find the answer, while having less troubles. It was good enough if they could do it.

While looking away from Fia, who was looking at me while expecting something, I cleared my throat to change the mood.

“That will be sooner or later… right? So, shall I rescue Reese? Since they boldly said that Reese wasn’t there, there would be no problem if she disappeared.” (Sirius)

“It’s also not necessary to face them.” (Fia)

“Yes. It seems that Emilia and Reus have already returned to the carriage, so Fia will also return to the carriage.” (Sirius)

I told Emilia and Reus to return to our carriage after telling them about Dolgar and the hostile believers.

Apparently, it looked like they were taking Amanda along, but… there was no problem.

“Understood. Make sure you get Reese back.” (Fia)

“Of course. I’m going.” (Sirius)

Entering the back alley, I took off the cloak and the long coat and handed them over to Fia. After that, I went back to the temple while avoiding public eyes.

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If I combined [Air Step] and [String] with my skill, there would be almost no buildings that I couldn’t infiltrate in this world.

However, when I returned to the temple, I quietly waited behind the building.

I already knew the location of Reese, and what happened to Vagle, but… the problem was the Fire Wolf.

It seemed to have high detection capability that was as good as Hokuto’s, so if I infiltrated the temple, there was a high possibility of being detected.

It was a bit hard to have both the Fire Wolf and Vagle as opponents at the same time, and that’s why I decided to have the Fire Wolf leave the temple.

If he understood the matter that I conveyed through [Call], he’s supposed to take action soon…

“…oo… ooo…” (Hokuto)

The moment when Hokuto’s howling barely arrived, the Fire Wolf appeared on the roof of the temple, and jumped out into the town. After that, it used the roof of houses as footholds to move and head outside of the town.

Yes, I asked Hokuto to take the role of luring the Fire Wolf away.

Since the siblings were returning to the carriage, Hokuto’s burden to guard Chris and Ashley became lessened.

And I told Hokuto to escape without fighting the Fire Wolf. If I wanted to fight them for real, that would be after I rescued Reese.

“I’ll depend on you, Hokuto. Well, let’s get going.” (Sirius)

Lastly, I told him not to do the impossible, and then I hung the [String] on a roof, and infiltrated the temple.



Since the position of Reese and Vagle hadn’t changed from earlier, I immediately roamed inside of the temple without going for the rescue.

Even if there were many guards, since I could check their position through [Search], sometimes I avoid, hide, or let them go over me, and then I was able to find a reference room and storehouse without being found by anyone.

I wasn’t going to steal valuables in particular. Instead of that, I was looking for evidence of their wrongdoings.

As I collected the evidence to the extent that it didn’t hinder my actions, the reaction of Vagle started moving towards Reese, so I moved on as well.

The place where Reese was captured was the building in the courtyard of the temple. According to believers, it was Vagle’s private residence.

When I arrived there, Vagle was in the middle of calling out to the guards in the courtyard. It appeared that he instructed that nobody approaches the courtyard. After confirming that no one was around in the vicinity, Vagle went into the building.

Although I had already entered earlier, there was no problem because I had business with Vagle.

While Reese’s voice calling my name could be heard inside my brain and from the building in front of me, as I quietly approached the building and peeked the inside through a window, a scene of Vagle trying to woo Reese entered my eyes.

“That Sirius or something from early was a noisy guy. Unfortunately, that guy has headed home when I said that you were not here, you know?” (Vagle)

“Do you think Sirius-san will obediently return home?” (Reese)

“Hahaha, unfortunately, it’s true. Taking this opportunity, I will bring his dead body tomorrow.” (Vagle)

“…While having such power, why don’t you use it the other way? Spirits are not just tools to head your orders!” (Reese)

“No, aren’t they tools? Since they hear anything if I order them to.” (Vagle)

“They are not tools! Spirits are… friends!” (Reese)

I wasn’t sure if the other side noticed it, but as someone who could see Spirits similar to Reese, Vagle’s action was something that couldn’t be forgiven.

Vagle’s mood was getting worse every time Reese argued, but she faced him without fear.

Although this was not a safe situation, Reese, who was usually kind and barely excessive, was very angry. Without immediately rushing in, I decided to wait to observe the situation while watching her.

“I heard from Dolgar that people will listen when they are threatened. Such conceited preaching when that small fry is losing to me!” (Vagle)

“People can’t live just by threatening others! If you keep doing that, people will naturally avoid you, and nobody will understand you!” (Reese)

“I don’t mind if nobody understands me. When my Flames burn, no matter what kind of person, they all will burn and it will be over. In other words, strong people are always alone!” (Vagle)

“No, you know nothing about the world. There are a lot of people in the world who are stronger than you!” (Reese)

“Keh, you can only say cheeky things, woman. I will immediately ‘train’ you so that you won’t say bothersome things again. First off, would you like to get burned with fire? Or, maybe I will ‘train’ you by using my body until you can’t move…” (Vagle)

“Let’s make it so that you can’t move, then.” (Sirius)

“Hmm, who’s that… aarghh!?” (Vagle)

I secretly stretched the [String] and coiled it around Vagle’s ankle, and then, I poured mana towards Vagle in a go.

If you let a foreign mana, which wasn’t yours, flow throughout your body, the whole body would be numbed with severe pain as if you got hit with a stun gun. It was one way to forcibly disable an opponent. I named it [Stun] since it was like the magical version of a stun gun. Incidentally, since it would destroy the whole body from the inside if I seriously did it, it was difficult to adjust to the degree of disabling him.

“Aah… gahh…” (Vagle)

“Good, it seems that you have a reliable consciousness, Hey, do you understand my words?” (Sirius)

Somehow, he could only move his neck and eyes, he glared at me, who was approaching him, in disgust. His voice appeared to be communicating well.

“Bastard… you… just now…” (Vagle)

“It is meaningless if you can’t unleash your prideful Flames. How is it? How does it feel when you are being overlooked by someone whom you despise?” (Sirius)

“I… will… kill… you…” (Vagle)

Vagle tried to get up while clenching his teeth, but since his whole body was completely paralyzed, the best he could do was agonize himself.

Maybe this could last for an hour, but there was enough time to tell him about my business.

“I came here because I got something to say to you, other than to rescue Reese. First off…” (Sirius)

When I turned around, there was a figure of Reese standing still while stretching out her hands. Apparently, she couldn’t easily barge in because she was concerned about being a hindrance to us.

Because of that, when I spread both hands and signaled her to come, Reese jumped into my bosom while smiling. As I kept holding her and stroking her head, Reese looked up at me with tears overflowing.

“Sirius-san… thank you. And… I’m sorry.” (Reese)

“Aah, it’s alright if Reese is safe. It’s alright now.” (Sirius)

“Yes!” (Reese)

When I smiled back at Reese who, had a natural smile that attracted people, Vagle, who was lying at our feet, groaned with regret.

“Sh—… she… is… mine…” (Vagle)

“Nope, Reese is not yours. She’s mine.” (Sirius)

I didn’t really like the way he treated women, but I had to clearly finish what I wanted to say to him.

And then, Reese, who heard my proclamation, was blushing. She buried her face in my chest in order to hide, and started to writhe. Well… since she was happy, there was no problem.

Whether Reese regained herself after a short while, she separated from me while still blushing, and she moved to my rear. She seemed to think that I was about to do something.

After stroking Reese’s head, I looked down on Vagle with cold eyes as if I was looking at an insect.

“Well, do you understand well how narrow your world is?” (Sirius)

“Where… is… that…” (Vagle)

“If it is about the Fire Wolf, it is chasing my partner outside the town. That’s because you depend too much on Spirits and those around you.” (Sirius)

“I will… you… with… my… Flames…” (Vagle)

“Well, for guys like you, can’t you just admit that you lost, since you are not in a situation where you can use your ability?” (Sirius)

It was easy if I finished Vagle off here, but considering Ashley’s arrangement, which was planned for later, it would be soon anyway.

“There is a vast plain with a rock southeast of Fonia, right? Come with the Fire Wolf only, tomorrow morning. My partner and I will fight you and your partner.” (Sirius)

However, the main reason was… my own selfishness.

I wanted a complete verdict when he could use Spirit Magic. I want him to regret it from the bottom of his heart.

“Since this is not about having a match, but killing each other, I don’t mind if you bring your companion, other than the Fire Wolf. In that situation, you will be degraded into a weakling who will not feel confident about your own ability.” (Sirius)

“…Are… you… kid—… me…?” (Vagle)

“You don’t want people to see your lame appearance, right? Think about it carefully.” (Sirius)

If he was too proud of himself, he would come, even if I didn’t provoke him up to that point, but just in case, I would increase his anger towards me as much as possible.

In the end, I laughed as if looking down on him. And then, picked Reese and left the building.

Once I got out of the building, the sun had already set and the outside was dark In this darkness, the possibility of being noticed when I flew in the sky would be really low.

I held Reese by carrying her, and invoked [Airstep]. I jumped higher than the temple and escaped.

I succeeded in rescuing Reese and striking a challenge to Vagle.

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After separating herself from Sirius, who was going to rescue Reese, Fia, who returned slightly earlier to the carriage, was greeted by the siblings.

“Welcome back, Fia-san.” (Emilia)

“Welcome back Fia-ane. Eh…? Where is Aniki?” (Reus)

“He went back to save Reese.” (Fia)

“If that’s so, he will come back soon. Aah, Fia-san. Those are Sirius-sama’s coat and mantle, right? Since it is folded, I will keep it.” (Emilia)

“Really? Alright, please.” (Fia)

Emilia, who received the coat and mantle with a smile on her face, was walking towards the carriage while hugging it with great care. While on her way, it went without saying that Emilia was wagging her tail because she was sniffing the smell on the coat.

Fia, who was looking at Emilia’s back, muttered while remembering the old days.

“If a Silver Wolfkin… gets hooked, will they all be like that?” (Fia)

When Fia was traveling by herself, she had met several Silver Wolfkin adventurers.

Thinking Emilia as her companion, there was not even one who happily wagged their tails, like how Emilia was while being crazy about her Master.

Reus, who was nearby, replied to her muttered thought.

“It’s not that, Fia-ane(1). It’s just Nee-chan, because she belongs to Aniki.” (Reus)

“I see.  Well, is Reus different?” (Fia)

“It’s a bit different because Aniki and I have a close relationship like a real brothers. Men are those who are tied with a deep bond! Eventually, I would like to be called his partner like Hokuto!” (Reus)


[Aniki—!] (Reus) ← while wagging his tail.

[Aniki’s cooking is delicious after all!] (Reus) ← while wagging his tail.

[Aniki, I want more!] (Reus) ← his tail was… more or less…


“You’re also the same.” (Fia)

“What?” (Reus)

She wouldn’t want to say that… Sirius probably thought of him as nothing but a pet.


Presenting Hokuto


Currently, Hokuto-kun, who left the carriage, was on a hill that overlooked the town of Fonia.

After Hokuto-kun received orders from his Master, he chose the right time at his own discretion, and loudly howled.

“Awoooo——!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun’s mission was… to lure a monster who claimed to be a Fire Wolf in the temple.

Hokuto-kun hadn’t encountered it yet, but since he heard that it was similar to himself, he kept waiting while somewhat being cautious.

And… the change soon came.

A thing like a red light was approaching towards him from the town at a tremendous speed.

Judging that wasn’t a mistake, Hokuto-kun turned his back without verifying the appearance of the other side, and then, he ran away.

Why didn’t Hokuto-kun verify the opponent?

It didn’t matter who the other side was.

Just as he was ordered by his Master, Hokuto-kun would lure the Fire Wolf for as long as he can to earn time.

Apparently the one with higher speed was on Hokuto-kun’s side.

Because of that, Hokuto-kun kept running while maintaining the speed at a distance where he could see the other’s appearance.

Since it would be troublesome if the opponent gave up because he was too far from it, he didn’t forget to shorten the distance on purpose once in a while.

The frustrated opponent shot a ball of fire many times, but if it was compared to Master’s [Magnum], it was like seeing a fly. Without even turning around, Hokuto-kun repeatedly jumped and easily avoided it.

By handling it in this way, the frustrated opponent continued to chase Hokuto-kun for over an hour.

And then, there was the withdrawal signal coming from his Master through [Call], so Hokuto-kun accelerated all at once to greatly widen the distance from the Fire Wolf.

The Fire Wolf seemed to give up on Hokuto-kun, who ran like the wind. After confirming that his opponent stopped moving, Hokuto-kun also stopped.

[You are a coward! Remember this! I will burn you to the bones when I see you next time!] (Enrou)

Hearing a howl that sounded like a loser, the Fire Wolf went back to the town.

“…Woof!” (Hokuto)

‘You don’t need to worry, I will fight you next time.’

While Hokuto-kun seemed to say something like that, he returned to the carriage to wait for his Master.


※Later… he received an excessive brushing.

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  1. (TLN: The raw says Reese instead of Fia, I think the author made a mistake.)

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