World Teacher 85 (Cleaned) – The Feeling that won’t Lose to Anyone

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The Feeling that won’t Lose to Anyone

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{It’s finally decided! Since Participant Reus is unable to fight, the winner is Participant Sirius! Coincidentally, the winner of this year’s Fighting Festival has been decided!} (Announcer)

As the excitement of the live coverage told the end of the match and the winner, the cheering resounded enough to shake the arena.

I should responded to the cheers that made me reflexively want to close my ears, but I was using [Scan] on Reus, who had fallen.

There was a countless number of wounds from being cut with the knife. The bones were not broken, but there were cracks on the bones here and there that stood out, and he was able to attack me well in this state.

Well, what I wanted to say was…

“…I overdid it. Sorry.” (Sirius)

I should’ve gone easier on Reus, but he was stronger than I expected and it was difficult to be moderate. Prior to that, I was glad with Reus’ growth, and that made me become serious.

There were several reasons why I heartlessly fought to the point of releasing bloodlust. The main reason was to see Reus’ growth.

I thought that Reus was good enough to go all-out without submitting to my bloodlust, but he broke through my passing. As a result, the bone on my left arm was fractured. My arm hurts a bit, but the disciple who gave more than I expected made me involuntarily smile.

If he could reach so far in this year, he would certainly surpass me in the future. Oh well, since my specialization was in an unusual direction, it would be different from the direct strength.

When I was treating Reus with [Regenerative Activity], Reese came in front of us, together with the treatment staff of the Fighting Festival.

“Sirius-san! Is Reus alright!?” (Reese)

“Judging from Reus’ vitality, his life is not in danger. Since I have finished treating the vital parts, I leave the rest to you.” (Sirius)

“Understood.” (Reese)

“Uhmm, we will also…” (Treatment Staff)

“There’s no need. I can do this alone.  Healing water, lend me your power…” (Reese)

Reus’ whole body was covered with a water that contained therapeutic properties at the same time Reese activated her Healing spell. The wounds were healed, and the dirt was removed.

The staff were surprised when they saw the speed of recovery. In the meantime, Jekyll and Beowulf, who came along with Reese, came beside me.

“First of all, congratulations for your victory. I thought you were strong, but it was more than I expected.” (Jekyll)

“Congratulations from me, too. How stupid I was a few days ago. It’s embarrassing.” (Beowulf)

Beowulf was certainly saying, ‘Good luck on making me go all out’… or something like that. Would you also want to miserably scratch your head?

As I answered and was congratulated by those two, Beowulf turned his attention to Reus, who was being treated with a question mark on his face.

“I have a few questions. Where did Sirius-san gain such strength?” (Beowulf)

“Ooh! That’s what I wanted to ask too. I understand that Reus is being trained by a monster like you, but how did Sirius become so strong? Tell me if you know any tricks!” (Jekyll)

“I also want to ask!” (Announcer)

When I turned to a sudden voice I heard from the side, the woman who did the live coverage held two magic tools. She came in front of me with a full smile on her face.

It wasn’t weird to say that she was an unusually sexy and well-known person, whose age was in her mid-twenties. However, it had already been understood that she would recklessly behave when her ‘switch’ was turned on.

“Are you done with the live coverage?” (Sirius)

“I came down to the stage for the Award Ceremony and I’m going to ask you some simple questions. Nevertheless, I really can’t endure when looking at you this close! from a glimpse, you have a thin body, but to think that an overwhelming strength lies within… it’s making me lose my mind! If it’s alright, would you hug me with those mighty arms?” (Announcer)

“Tha-that’s not good!” (Reese)

The female Announcer approached with a heavy breath and glistening, fiery eyes, but Reese jumped from the side and hugged my left arm.

“Reese… that hurts, so please tone it down a little bit.” (Sirius)

“Aah!? I-I’m sorry.” (Reese)

I could endure the pain and I didn’t mind the hug of jealousy, but I never thought that she would stop Reus’ treatment.

Still, the treatment seemed to be almost over, so it would be alright if he rested after this. Now, the staff was putting him on a stretcher.

“Oh, are you the lover that was mentioned in the introduction? However, Lover-san, it is said that great men have great fondness for the sensual pleasures, so I think that one or two women should be alright. Like for the Nobles and their descendants, it is normal to have two to three marriage partners.” (Announcer)

“I am sorry, but I already have three lovers, including her, so I decline hugging you.” (Sirius)

“…Wha!? You already have three!? As expected of the winner!” (Announcer)

I thought that being the Champion of the Fighting Festival and the number of lovers were unrelated. Meanwhile, Reese seemed to concentrate on casting a Healing spell on my arm, but it seemed that she didn’t hear our conversation.

When I looked to the surroundings, Jekyll was happily whistling, and Beowulf was sighing with an obviously dejected look.

“More importantly, how about the Award Ceremony? I think the audience is waiting.” (Sirius)

“Yo-you’re right! I will ask some questions when the Award Ceremony is over, so please answer within the range that you can answer. You can use this.” (Announcer)

The magic tool that was handed over was drawn with the magic formation of [Echo] that could make your voice resound throughout the surroundings. When mana was poured into it, it became a substitute for a microphone and speaker.

There was a staff nearby that came to pour mana into it to activate the magic tool, but I turned him down, since my mana was enough.

“I’m sorry, but will it be alright if everyone, other than the winner, get off the stage?” (Announcer)

“Aah, sure. Well then, I will watch over Reus. You can receive the award without worry.” (Jekyll)

“I’m sorry.” (Sirius)

“Don’t worry about it because I was satisfied after fighting with that guy. Hey, Beowulf, how long are you be like that? You also come here.” (Jekyll)

“Haa… Got it.” (Beowulf)

Since there was a possibility that those who bet on the sleeping Reus might attack him for revenge, it was very helpful to have someone watch over him.

Those two descended from the platform while chasing after Reus, who was carried off by the stretcher, but Reese didn’t try to get away from my arm.

“I leave Reus to you. The treatment is not over yet, right?” (Sirius)

“But, I have to cure SIrius-san’s arm.” (Reese)

“It is not bad. I will heal it myself while getting the interview.” (Sirius)

“…Understood But, please be careful of that person.” (Reese)

The pain was considerably alleviated, but since the crack on the bone couldn’t be immediately healed, even with Reese’s Healing spell, I would like her to concentrate on Reus now.

Reluctantly separating away from me, Reese got off the stage, while looking here many times. I tried to urge the female announcer about receiving the award, but…

“With Participant Jekyll’s muscles, and Beowulf’s beautiful slender body… I can’t endure it!” (Announcer)

“Oi, come back.” (Sirius)

“Ha!? So-sorry. Well then, shall we start with the real thing?” (Announcer)

It seemed that her consciousness was flying off somewhere, but she regained herself and then activated the magic tool. So, I also followed her by activating the magic tool.

{Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for waiting. Now, let us begin with the Awards Ceremony of the Fighting Festival.

I noticed that the entire arena was quite excited as they listened to the Awards Ceremony, but I felt that hot gazes were directed towards me among the audience, especially from the women.

It was the only town which organized the Fighting Festival, and perhaps there were a lot of strong people attracted to it.

{The winner for this year has been decided and he is Participant Sirius, an adventurer! And the reward money for Participant Sirius is a white gold coin!} (Announcer)

White gold coins were rare coins made of Mithril. One of these was equal to twenty gold coins… and it was worth two million yen, if I converted it to the value from my previous life.

Commoners rarely used it. It seemed to be mainly used by Nobles and royalties. I heard that I could get the reward as gold coins, but I decided to get it as a white gold coin.

{This year is similar to the year when the ‘Strongest Sword’ participated. Subsequently, I will ask some questions to the winner, Participant Sirius!} (Announcer)

And then, I answered, since I was asked simple questions, which were similarly asked by Jekyll and Beowulf along the way.

{Although we have heard this from the winner every year, how did Participant Sirius become stronger? Of course, you don’t have to answer, if it’s impossible.} (Announcer)

“Well… know your limit, and from that, you need to push yourself over and over again, until you surpass that limit. And take a break by taking a day off.} (Sirius)

{Take a day off… is it?} (Announcer)

{It is not all about training your body. You will recover by resting and that will make your growth bigger. Hence, moderate training that doesn’t break your body and proper rest. Those are my basics.} (Sirius)

{I see. The Strongest Sword didn’t talk about anything but swords, and you told us a story of training.} (Announcer)

{Other than that, I would always remember to be in a perfect condition and prepare for battle. And since I properly rested in an inn called [Wind Cape Cottage] that I found in this town, I was able to fully demonstrate my ability in the match.} (Sirius)

Already, there were no existences that would threaten [Wind Cape Cottage], but I tried to publicize to the extent that it would blow away the spread of the rumor at once. If the inn that I stayed at was known, it would gradually regain its popularity.

In addition, since they heard the tangible method of training, it looked like most of the audience was dumbfounded when I explained some stories that took place at the Elysion school in the past. There were some people who murmured that it was unreasonable, but the students at the school, who participated in the training, were able to get good results; so it wasn’t impossible, since Reus and I were living proof.

{I understand how Participant Sirius became strong. Lastly, is there anything would you like to say?} (Announcer)

{Well, I will just say one thing. I am currently in the process of going around the world, so I am not going to be under someone. Because of that, let me tell you now, in advance, that I will refuse any invitation.} (Sirius)

As there were seats for Noble guests, there was a considerable number of Nobles who came to watch the match, so there was a high possibility that invitations would come after the match.

In Elysion, Reese’s sister, Lifell-hime, took various measures; but it would be hard to get through here, since this was a different continent. Hence, it was best to clearly say it in this place.

{In the case of directly putting measures on my companions and lovers… I will not hesitate to crush you. I ask you to keep that much in mind.} (Sirius)

As an insurance, I properly gave a warning while releasing bloodlust to the surroundings. Although it might’ve been quicker if I had declared that I had been scouted by the next queen of Elysion, there was a possibility that my action might cause some inconvenience, so I intended to keep my mouth shut about it, except for when it was necessary.

However, since I would also depart from the town in a few days, it might not be necessary to worry about it. Well, if they still picked a fight even with this, I would accept it as a price of being popular. And, let’s make an example out of them, if they played their hands.

{Haaa… to feel Participant Sirius’ bloodlust from such a close distance… I can’t handle it! Uhmm, I heard that you already have lovers, but me as a lover…} (Announcer)

{I refuse.} (Sirius)

{Wha!?} (Announcer)

I could take it easy because I preferred choosing my women, but I would definitely refuse because I felt that her personality didn’t match with mine. She was depressed because of me, but she immediately regained herself with a smile.

How should I say this… she was professional. She had various and unique personalities, but I wanted to praise only on the quickness of the ‘switching’.

{Although I was easily turned down, with this, this year’s Fighting Festival ends. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s meet again next year!} (Announcer)

Finally, the Fighting Festival ended with a round of applause from the audience.

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“Congratulations, Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)

When the Fighting Festival, and almost all of the audience returned home, I came to the seats where my companions were watching.

Emilia was running with her tail wagging when she saw my figure, she looked up at me with glistening eyes and both hands in front of her chest.

“If it was Sirius-sama, I believed that you would be the Champion. As expected of our Master.” (Emilia)

“Thank you. But, it seems that I overdid it with Reus a bit. I’m sorry, Emilia.” (Sirius)

“No, Sirius-sama. You don’t need to worry about that. I felt a slightly complicated at the beginning, but I am glad to see Reus’ growth, and that child is probably satisfied, too.” (Emilia)

“Really? I am also happy to have disciples who understand like Emilia and Reus.” (Sirius)

When I stroked Emilia’s head, who was really happy, she narrowed her eyes and wagged her tail as much as she could to express her joy.

“More importantly, sorry for asking a lot of things. Was it hard to make a round-trip back and forth in the crowded town due to the festival?” (Sirius)

“Since it’s Sirius-sama’s order, I don’t feel any trouble at all. Rather, I want you to order me some more.” (Emilia)

“I will let you know, then.” (Sirius)

Actually, I came here once before, together with Reus, before the match, and asked Emilia to do a few things.

As for that matter, I asked her to return to [Wind Cape Cottage] and tell the people in the inn to prepare for a celebration. At that time, Reus and I would surely win the championship and the second place.

Since I gave them the funds, they might be busy with buying stuff at this time.

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

“Hehe, as expected, isn’t it? Congratulations on winning.” (Fia)

When Emilia moved to my back from her original position, Hokuto, then, rubbed his nose against my chest, and Fia came in front of me with a smile.

“Thank you. I’m relieved that there is nothing wrong here.” (Sirius)

“Instead of us, is Reus really alright? Basically, It wouldn’t be funny if he died from that.” (Fia)

“Aah… I might’ve overdone it, but he’s going to be alright, since Reese is treating him. He will wake up soon.” (Sirius)

I saw Reus’ condition before coming here, and his breathing was stable, so I smiled in order to make Fia relieved and there should be no problem.

“Well then, you’re going to return to the inn as soon as Reus wakes up, right? Since the celebration is today, I also want to cook something as a celebratory gift for Sirius-sama and Reus.” (Emilia)

“Yeah, I also want to cook something to calm myself down, but before that…” (Sirius)

There were things left that I hadn’t settled yet.

I invoked [Search] while watching the platform getting cleaned up, and I confirmed that the targeted person was approaching us.

Since Hokuto, who was rubbing against me, became vigilant towards the passageway at the same time, I stroked his head to calm him down. Hokuto wasn’t acquainted with the other party and could easily defeat them; however, it seemed that he was personally displeased with the attitude that was directed towards me, his Master.

“Oi, lead me.” (??)

Jekyll was the one who appeared along with the voice from the passageway, but he was only a guide.

There was someone else behind Jekyll…

“…Sieg?” (Fia)

It was Sieg, who had me choose to decide to participate in the Fighting Festival.

Fia looked puzzled because of Sieg’s appearance, but maybe because she immediately remembered, she hugged my arm and crossed her arms. It seemed that she had forgotten Sieg’s existence until she saw him, so I thought that he was a bit pitiful.

He was behind Jekyll until he came here; but, after he confirmed our presence, he went forward and made a sullen look.

“Emilia…” (Sirius)

“Yes. I will head back to the inn first. I will prepare the feast with Cecil-san, and we will wait for your return.” (Emilia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Emilia and Hokuto, whom understood the situation, quietly left by using the passageway that Sieg came from. They were my proud, loyal subject and faithful dog who understood, without the need to say anything.

Well then, was this going to be the continuation from a few days ago?

“…First of all, I would like to congratulate you as an audience member.” (Sieg)

“Aah, thank you. And, do you remember the promise?” (Sirius)

If I won against Jekyll and Beowulf, whom Sieg hired as escorts, he promised not to court Fia again. Although I didn’t fight with Jekyll, he seemed to have no complaints, since I had obtained the overall victory.

He regrettably glared at me; but, this time, I planned to do this without reservation because Fia was in trouble.

“I remember. If you can show your strength to that point, I can’t say that you can’t protect Shimifia-san. I will embarrassed myself if I pursue her any longer.” (Sieg)

I thought that… he would not give up, but he was more obedient than I expected.

While feeling a little bit let down, Fia secretly whispered to me.

“I wonder what happened? Even though he was so aggressive, don’t you think that his change is too much?” (Fia)

The other person, who was passionately preaching about love and said that she was the his other half, had become like this.

Fia was questioningly puzzled, but I remembered this kind of change before… that person was from my previous life.

“I love Shimifia-san! But, when I think that a strong man like you has aimed for her, I thought that it was impossible. I thought that… I could not possibly win against you.” (Sieg)

“Do you give up on her?” (Sirius)

“There is no merit in protecting Shimifia-san when she has such a man. That’s why, I would like to wish for Shimifia-san’s happiness. I entrust her to you(1).” (Sieg)

“Actually, I was never yours, you know…?” (Fia)

As a matter of fact, Fia was right, but since Sieg himself was drunk, it might’ve been best to leave him alone. After all, he lost to me and had to give up on Fia.

I didn’t think that I overdid it. I didn’t want to entrust her to a guy who submitted to my bloodlust.

“So, don’t lay your hands on Fia anymore, alright?” (Sirius)

“Don’t make light of me! I won’t imitate those who shamelessly change their promises. Shimifia-san… please be happy.” (Sieg)

“Of course. Because Sirius is my destined partner.” (Fia)

Sieg, who had a full smile on his face, turned around and walked away.

Even if Sieg’s back was emitting an air of unrequited love and sadness, Jekyll, who was quietly watching, waved his hand.

“I won’t say anything much, but I think that Employer-san acknowledged that he had no hope. So, don’t worry about it.” (Jekyll)

“I understand that, but I think he’s a bit bad because he liked me.” (Fia)

“You’re too kind. Well, please leave it to me from now on. Because there is an effective way for that kind of man.” (Jekyll)

“The things I said about Reus, I was wrong in various ways.” (Beowulf)

“We can’t obtain money when the employer can’t get a hold of himself. You guys don’t need to worry about that.” (Jekyll)

Jekyll had a refreshing smile that didn’t make me feel bad. Whether his life experiences were plentiful, he was mature in many ways.

“I would also like to express my gratitude, thank you.” (Fia)

“Hahaha! After all, I’m glad to be thanked by a beauty. Alright then, both of you, please take your time.” (Jekyll)

As we saw Jekyll off, Fia let out a big sigh while stretching her body out to unravel the tension.

With this, there was no one who would meddle with Fia, but… there was something I wanted to finally ask her.

“Haa… it’s over with this.” (Fia)

“No, not yet. Fia, I want to ask you once again.” (Sirius)

After I untied our linked arms, I put my hands on her shoulder and looked into her eyes.

“What is it? Aah, you can do it any time, it’s not a problem.” (Fia)

“That will be nice at a proper place. More importantly, Fia should have felt my bloodlust in the match against Reus. Didn’t you think that was scary?” (Sirius)

Emilia and the rest knew about my true nature, since they have been associating with me ever since they were children. They still followed me even after they knew about my bloodlust, but… Fia wasn’t necessarily like that.

Even if we long for each other, there was another possibility. I didn’t unleash my bloodlust when we first met. However, if Fia was going to be our companion from now on, I would like to hear her intention after feeling my bloodlust once.

Even if she liked me, I didn’t want her to be frightened every time I went all-out.

Fia thought with her eyes closed for my serious question, but she immediately opened her eyes and lifted her hand…

“Eii!” (Fia)

She hit my forehead with her palm.

Although it didn’t hurt or itch, I rubbed my forehead as it made a good sound, and the smiling Fia brought her face closer.

“As I expected. This is my answer.” (Fia)

And then… Fia’s lips touched mine.

The kiss continued awhile. Then, Fia slowly separated from me. She touched my face with her hands while laughing in satisfaction.

“To be honest, I thought that the bloodlust unleashed by Sirius was scary. It is definitely beyond me, and for you to hold such a terrible amount of power… However, I know that Sirius is a person who will not drown himself with that power and understands when to use it. It was necessary for the current Reus… right?” (Fia)

“Aah. It’s Fia as said, today’s bloodlust was to see Reus’ seriousness, and wanting to let Fia know about myself.” (Sirius)

“Besides, you could easily avoid that palm strike just now, but you didn’t even try to avoid it, right? In other words, that much is evidence that you trust me.” (Fia)

“Of course. It’s the story about what to do when you can’t forgive your lover(2).” (Sirius)

“The relationship between me and Sirius is still early, but I really understand your kindness when looking at Emilia and Reus. That is why I am no longer afraid at Sirius, and that is my answer.” (Fia)

Fia brought her face closer again, and she kissed me.

Dear me… she was a passionate and big-hearted woman.

“I also thought about this since long time ago, but I can’t suit you in many ways.” (Sirius)

“I may lose in terms of strength, but I will not lose to you if it’s only about love. Of course, the same goes for Emilia and Reese.” (Fia)

“Them too, huh? I won’t tell you not to quarrel, but please let me know if you’re having a disagreement, alright? I can’t choose a single person, sorry about that.” (Sirius)

“Hehe, you don’t need to worry because I have no intention of quarreling with them. We are talking with real feelings, and it is like we’re siblings who like the same person. That’s why… please love us equally.” (Fia)

“Aah, I will do my best to make you guys happy.” (Sirius)

And then, I headed to Reus’ treatment room once again with Fia, who linked her arm with mine, but she pulled my arm, as if she remembered something.

“Aah, yes. I want a lot of children, so please let me know as soon as you think that I should give birth. I think that I want at least four children.” (Fia)

Since I was currently in the process of going around the world, I properly told them that I couldn’t afford to have children, and the ladies also acknowledged that.


“…Isn’t it too soon?” (Sirius)

“Not particularly. After all, am I not an Elf? I can offer you my youthful body; but, someday, you will leave me.” (Fia)

“Oioi…” (Sirius)

She easily said something that’s difficult to be said.

Indeed, when comparing the longevity of a human, such as me, and an Elf like Fia, I would surely die first. I thought that I would talk about it someday, but I didn’t expect her to easily talk about it to this extent.

However, thanks to that, I barely felt the obligation. I must thank her for the consideration she brought up by her.

“But, won’t loneliness fade if there are many children? When that time comes, please do your best. By the way, Emilia wants a boy and a girl, while a girl seems ideal for  Reese.” (Fia)

I had decided to prepare, but… I thought it would be good if I increased my preparations one degree higher.

“Although it seems to be tough, I will do my best. I promise that you will never regret accompanying me.” (Sirius)

“I am expecting that from you. But, you know, I don’t plan to be a woman who only relies on you. I will also do my best to be a good woman who can support you.” (Fia)

The number that I needed to protect had increased, but… I would do the same things as before.

While feeling the warmth from the arm that was embraced, we were naturally smiling.

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“Well then, to celebrate Sirius-sama and Reus’ victory and second place… Cheers!” (Emilia)

“““Cheers””” (Reus/Reese/Fia)

That evening, we returned to [Wind Cape Cottage] and cooperated with the inn employees for the preparation, and then, we had a small celebration at the inn’s bar.

On the table, which was made by combining two tables together, there were dishes not only made by Cecil, but also Emilia and Reese.

By the way, the participating members were us, and the daughter of the inn’s landlady, Kachia, who was allowed by her parents.

“Delicious! What is this dish!?” (Kachia)

“This is Karaage, a dish that I learned from Sirius-san. But, Cecil-san’s dishes are also delicious, aren’t they?” (Reese)

“They’re Okaa-san’s dishes, after all. But… Okaa-san was a bit excited. Isn’t there easily enough dishes for ten people?” (Kachia)

“Really? This much is normal, you know?” (Reese)

“Eh!?” (Kachia)

As Kachia was absorbed with looking at the dishes prepared by my disciples for the first time, she, along with Reese, was stuffing her mouth and enjoying them.

Emilia was waiting next to me. She was attentively taking care of me in order to prevent me from using my injured left arm, which had a splint and bandages. Well… it was just like usual.

“Sirius-sama. Here you go, please open your mouth.” (Emilia)

“Yeah… it’s delicious. Sorry about it.” (Sirius)

“Ehehe, this is my happiness, so you don’t have to be bothered. Here is the next one.” (Emilia)

I had no trouble eating by myself, since my right arm was fine, but Emilia wanted to help me, so I was thinking of responding to her request as much as possible, since I had asked her to do some things today.

There was another guest of honor next to her, Reus, and he was being fed by Fia.

“Delicious! But Fia-ane, rather than vegetables, I want to eat more meat!” (Reus)

“That’s not good. Sirius was saying that you need to balance the intake of vegetables and meat while receiving treatment. That’s why, you should eat vegetables first.” (Fia)

“I am happy to be fed by you, but I don’t want only eat vegetables! Look, I ate the vegetables, so next is meat, right?” (Reus)

“Aah, this vegetable is good for bones, right? Here, say aahh…” (Fia)

“Give me meat, Fia-ane!” (Reus)

Most men would be jealous to have a beautiful Elf feed you, but if you judge from the side, they were like an owner who was disciplining her pet dog.

By the way, Reus woke up in the evening, and with my and Reese’s treatment, he was recovering to the extent that he could walk. However, since the condition of both of his arms was quite severe, both of Reus’ arms were firmly fixed with bandages and splints in order to prevent them from moving.

So he had no choice but to be fed. At first, Emilia was about to feed him, but Fia volunteered. Thus, this was the situation now. According to the person herself, since she had touched me in the arena, the next would be the skinship with the younger brother.

After that, when I watched Reus, who was happy to be finally fed with meat, a new guest came from the entrance of the bar.

“Oou, I came as promised.” (Jekyll)

“Thank you for calling us this time.” (Beowulf)

The ones who appeared were Jekyll and Beowulf.

They stayed in a different hotel with Sieg, but I invited them to come for my celebration, so long as Sieg allowed it.

I pointlessly invited them, since I was hated by their employer, Sieg, but I didn’t expect them to actually come.

“Thanks for coming. The drinks are…” (Sirius)

“Here’s the additional drinks and dishes.” (Cecil)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Incidentally, the drinks were given when I turned my eyes, and Cecil-san brought more food and drinks.

Next to her was Hokuto, who had a tray on his head and was helping Cecil-san serve. If it came to Hokuto’s skill, he would certainly be able to carry cups with water in them without spilling. Since Emilia was attending me, Hokuto, who was available, decided to help as a waiter.

As those two received drinks from Cecil-san, they were smiling when they saw the dishes lined up on the table.

“Thanks. Hoho, it seems delicious dishes have been lined up.” (Jekyll)

“Yeah. I have never seen these kinds of dishes before.” (Beowulf)

“Since the taste is guaranteed from the first bite, please do not hesitate to eat.” (Sirius)

While being surprised by Hokuto, who was serving, they started to eat after sending congratulatory words.

“Ooh, it’s delicious! I’m glad that I came here.” (Jekyll)

“That is good, then. By the way, although I invited you guys earlier; somehow, you were able to come. Did Sieg give you permission?” (Sirius)

“Hmm? Aah, yes, he absentmindedly gave us permission. Besides, isn’t he also having fun?” (Jekyll)

“What are you talking about?” (Fia)

“Fia-ane, my mouth is lower!” (Reus)

Because Fia was slightly concerned about Sieg, she turned her face towards us while feeding Reus. Whatever it was, properly feed him, you know? Because the Karaage entered Reus’ nose.

“After separating from you guys, Employer-san was noticeably depressed. As soon as we returned to the inn, he was drink alone, so I brought him an escort.” (Jekyll)

Jekyll also knew about that place, and he had been going there several times, so he became familiar with the service. Hence, he introduced a rather suggestive escort.

“Although people who have broken hearts will have different kind of shocks, sometimes, they will feel refreshed if they embrace a woman.” (Jekyll)

“He was confused at the beginning, but after they got along well, they went into the next room.” (Beowulf)

“That is why I carefully selected the escort. I briefly explained the circumstances, and that Nee-chan will surely comfort Employer-san. Ooh, this is also delicious!” (Jekyll)

“Yeah… if that makes him feel better, it’s good then. That is also an escort’s job.” (Sirius)

After finishing the explanation, Jekyll started hanging around Reus, while putting food and drinks inside his mouth.

“Nevertheless… to be surrounded by beautiful Nee-chans, the dishes feel more delicious. You have the best spot, right?” (Jekyll)

“I am thinking a bit differently since the Nee-chan’s are Aniki’s women. But, the food is delicious and since Aniki is here, it’s really the best.” (Reus)

“Is that so? Hahaha!” (Jekyll)

“Although they look like a child and an adult, they are getting along well.” (Beowulf)

Looking at the two who were happily talking with each other, Beowulf, who sat next to me, muttered how amazed he was with them.

“They are likely cut from same cloth. You can enjoy this without holding back, Beowulf.” (Sirius)

“Yes, I’m going to enjoy this. But, before that, there is something I want to talk to Sirius-san about.” (Beowulf)

When I was wondering why he suddenly became respectful, Beowulf turned his head with a serious look.

“Today, I fought Sirius-san and I lost. I also learned about the truth of my Tou-san. Being proud of my strength, then losing in various ways, I think today is the day that I am reborn.” (Beowulf)

“Well, if you think so, it was worth teaching you, then.” (Sirius)

“Yes, it was a necessary action for me. And I’ve decided that I have been reborn.” (Beowulf)

“Is it alright for me to listen to that?” (Sirius)

“I want you to listen because it was because of you. When I’m done being an escort for my employer, I think that I will go on a journey to find the Strongest Sword.” (Beowulf)

From Beowulf’s refreshing look, it seemed that it wasn’t going to take revenge for his father.

Even though he would challenge him with his current ability, he would only be beaten at his own game, so I was a bit relieved.

“I heard the story from Sirius-san, but I would like to hear it from the Strongest Sword, himself. Because he was the person who took care of my father’s last moment.” (Beowulf)

“Since this is the path that you have chosen, you should live it the way you like. But, don’t challenge the Strongest Sword, even if you get stronger. If you challenge him with half-hearted feelings, he will be a Jii-san who easily breaks a bone or two.” (Sirius)

“I will do my best.” (Beowulf)

Well… even he didn’t challenge him, I felt that he would challenge him from a different direction.

“And after I meet the Strongest Sword, and see Sirius-san again… will you make me as your disciple?” (Beowulf)

“…To become my disciple, you will see things like what happened to Reus today, you know?” (Sirius)

“I am prepared for that. Besides, as the son of the Sword Saint, I want to test how strong I can be. It is not because of anyone else. I have decided this myself.” (Beowulf)

“Is that so? I have no intention to refuse a guy who is willing. I am not sure when it will be, but that will be when I meet Beowulf again, so let’s wait for the day that I can directly teach you.” (Sirius)

“Thank you very much.” (Beowulf)

“Here you go, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

As Beowulf was delighted with my answer, Emilia handed a cup of wine to us.

I see, it was a toast of today’s celebration. I gently stroked Emilia’s head because of her nonchalant behavior.

“Well then, let’s toast to Beowulf’s new beginning.” (Sirius)

“Yes.” (Beowulf)

Beowulf and I lightly bumped our cups, and we drank the contents at once.

Although I was old enough to drink in this world, I didn’t drink much, so my body instantly became hot. Oh well, I didn’t feel bad.

As I savor the moderate drunkenness of the alcohol, Beowulf drank it all at once, and…

“Gohuu!?” (Beowulf)

…He fainted while banging his head on the desk.

It seemed that Beowulf was a non-drinker, but I didn’t expect him to be ‘defeated’ with a single glass of wine.

“Sirius-sama, the meat that suits with the wine have been prepared. I will cut it right away.” (Emilia)

“Cecil-san, I would like to have more of this, please.” (Reese)

“Are you still going to eat, Onee-chan!?” (Kachia)

“Since you can’t use both arms, I will give you meat if you alternately move your ears. Here, try it.” (Fia)

“Yo…ho… how’s that, Fia-ane?” (Reus)

“Hahaha! Today is the best!” (Jekyll)

However, since everyone was at their own pace, they apparently didn’t even notice that Beowulf had fainted.

I confirmed his condition with [Scan], and, as I expected, it seemed that he was not good with alcohol.

“I will bring a blanket for him later, so please eat without worry, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“…I guess so.” (Sirius)

Such a noisy celebration continued until late at night.

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In the middle of the celebration party… a certain someone visited us.

“Hello, good evening. As for the celebration, I am also holding a celebration.” (??)

“Wha!? Why are you here!?” (Emilia?)

“You don’t like it, huh? Didn’t I say that I will be staying here in the interview?” (Announcer)

She was the woman who did the live coverage in the Fighting Festival.

Emilia stood up in front of me, while, at the same time, revealing her vigilance.

“Oh my… what a tremendous amount of vigilance. I just wanted to be an acquaintance with a strong person.” (Announcer)

“This is just to confirm, but may I ask to which extent?” (Emilia)

“Oh yeah! A date, of course, and to be his acquaintance in bed…” (Announcer)

“No, absolutely not!” (Emilia)

Bristling her ears and the tail, Emilia was threatening to the extent that I rarely saw it. I clearly declined her confession at the arena. Hence, Emilia didn’t seem to hold back.

I didn’t think that she would pursue me, but for the time being, I pulled Emilia back to calm her down. I held her in my chest, while stroking her head.

“Aah… so happy…” (Emilia)

“It seems that there is no room for me to enter.” (Announcer)

Looking at the happy Emilia, who was wagging her tail, the female announcer had, apparently, given up.

“Well then, the next strong man…” (Announcer)

As soon as Reus’ line-of-sight matched with hers, he swung his arms up in a panic.

“Lo-look! I can’t do it because my arms are like this!” (Reus)

“Please, don’t worry. I will do everything, and you don’t have to move at all!” (Announcer)

“Aniki, save me!” (Reus)

Since Reus was seriously frightened and hid behind my back, it looked like she had to give up because it was impossible. Although his conduct was like that, it didn’t seem like he was forcing it. She was, somewhat, an unbalanced woman.

“It can’t be helped then. The next strong man is…” (Announcer)

And then, she was looking for the next target… and her movement stopped at certain point.

“Such a strong man is defenseless like this… I can’t bear it!” (Announcer)

It was Beowulf, who had fainted by drinking some alcohol.

“Haa… haa… I can’t bear it! Let me take him home by all means. Whatever happens… I’ll get the consent afterwards.” (Announcer)

I didn’t understand what she was saying, but she used a power that was unexpected for a woman, carried Beowulf, and walked away from us.

“““…””” (Sirius/Emilia/Reus)

…Nobody was trying to stop her.

Everyone couldn’t move due to the overwhelming power she showed.

Later, Jekyll, who was absorbed with the drinks and dishes, noticed and gave chase. It seemed that Beowulf’s chastity was protected.

Presenting Hokuto (Instead of Hokuto, it’s a bit different)

Late at night… when the partiers were sleeping in [Wind Cape Cottage], Hokuto noticed something and opened his eyes.

If he noticed it, his Master would notice, as well. Hokuto raised his body, without making any sound. He looked into the face of his Master, who still had his eyes closed in the next bed.

“Really? I leave it to you, then.” (Sirius)

It seemed the meaning was transmitted, and his Master allowed him.

Although his Master achieved victory, he should also be tired from the Fighting Festival. Hokuto lightly rubbed his nose against his Master. He, then, left the room so as not to wake Reus.

“Hokuto-san.” (Emilia)

Emilia was standing in the hallway when he left the room.

From her somewhat serious expression, it didn’t look like she was going to sneak into his Master’s bedroom. Apparently, she seemed to have been aware of something.

<I’ll help.> (Hokuto)

As those who had same Master, they conversed through eye contact. After that, a human and an animal walked out of the inn.

And with Emilia as the lead, a dagger suddenly approached from Emilia’s back at the corner of a corridor.

“…How naive.” (Emilia)

However, Emilia, who predicted that, went around in an instant, and the dagger was conversely sticking to the throat of the assailant.

“You didn’t hide your bloodlust, did you? Are you aiming for us? As I am obeying Sirius-sama, what were you trying to do with that poisoned dagger?” (Emilia)

By the way, when the interrogation began, a shadow that jumped out of the shadows that were slightly away was noticed.

He wondered whether the shadow would attack them, but since he ran towards the window, he was probably trying to escape.

And when the man tried to ram his body to break through the window…  the window naturally opened. The shadow dashed out of the window, while wondering about it. He prepared his landing position, but… he noticed an out-of-place feeling.

His body didn’t fall, no matter how much time had passed.

“I wonder where you are going?” (Fia)

When he turned towards the direction of the heard voice, beautiful hair was seen fluttering under the moonlight. A female Elf… Fia was floating in the air.

The shadow was surprised about the impossible phenomenon, but it wasn’t over yet.

This time, water gathered to cover the shadow’s body, and when he noticed, he was completely wrapped with water, other than his face, and he became unable to move.

“He can’t move with this.” (Reese)

“Alright, I will drop him off.” (Fia)

Fia exchanged glances with Reese, whose face was exposed from the window. She dropped the shadow, wrapped in a water ball, to the ground by manipulating the wind.

And when they both went outside the inn and approached the shadow… daggers popped out from the nearby bushes, aiming for those two.


“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Without a moment’s delay, Hokuto jumped in and repelled them with his forefeet and tail.

The assailant, who judged that he couldn’t win, dashed out of the bushes and kicked the nearby wall. He leaped high and ran away.

“W-what!?” (Assailant)

However, Hokuto was already at his landing position.

As he was unable to do anything in the air, the assailant was knocked down by Hokuto’s paw and became silent.

And then, the three assailants were bound with rope, while the female team and Hokuto were discussing before them.

“There are three assailants. I don’t know who they are, but it was as Sirius-sama said.” (Emilia)

“What are we going to do with these people? We should hand them to the city guards.” (Reese)

“Well… they may be people from the underworld, so it might be more effective to expose them, than to hand them over to the city guards. Anyway…” (Fia)

Fia wrote large words with ink on some paper taken from the inn, and stuck them onto the men’s heads.

“These people tried to kidnap women but got defeated… right? Since this is a fact, there is no problem then.” (Reese)

“This kind of opponent probably dislikes standing out. There are still many people here because of the Fighting Festival, so it will be more effective if we toss them towards the square. Hokuto, can you do it, please?” (Fia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto brought the assailants, by using his mouth, to the town square by using the roofs, and threw them towards the square to the extent that they wouldn’t die.

And then, Hokuto left the spot after confirming that the assailants were properly taken in by the city guards.


  1. TLN: FYI, Sieg used ‘Kisama’ towards Sirius. Since I don’t want to use ‘you bastard’ all the time, I just use ‘you’ instead.
  2. ED: I think this is some sort of Buddhist thing

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