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One Step Higher

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— Reus —

“Participant Reus! Please head to the platform since the match will start soon.” (Staff)

As I parted from Aniki, the staff of the Fighting Festival came to me while I was heading to the arena, and then I ascended onto the platform.

Jekyll, who was my opponent, had already drawn his sword and was waiting. When he saw my face, he smiled.

I understood the pleasure of fighting strong opponents, but it was unusual for this guy to openly enjoy it to that extent. I thought only Lior-Jiichan was that kind of person.

“Oh, you have come. Finally, it’s going to be a tough battle.” (Jekyll)

“I guess so. But since Aniki was holding back, let’s decide this at once.” (Reus)

“Do it if you can. But you know… your Aniki is really a monster. He could treat that Beowulf like a child, huh? How can he become so strong?” (Jekyll)

“Aniki seems to have started training since he was a baby, I think? I thought that was a joke when I heard it for the first time…” (Reus)

“Aah… it doesn’t sound like a joke.” (Jekyll)

As expected, everyone was thinking the same thing, right? Aniki was way too abnormal.

But… I came all this way to stand in line with Aniki. No, I was still had a ways to go. So, in order to get even a little bit closer, I had to defeat this guy and fight against Aniki.

I turned sideways and I confirmed that Aniki was sitting in the seat for the participants. Jekyll was also watching Aniki in the same way.

“He looks like an ordinary guy, no matter how I look at him, but honestly… I don’t feel like I could win. I feel like I’m challenging Lior.” (Jekyll)

“Well then, please be defeated like an adult. Because I want to fight against Aniki.” (Reus)

“No, no, it’s a rare opportunity to fight a person that strong. Even if I don’t feel like I could win, it is natural that I want to try, right?” (Jekyll)

“Is that so?” (Reus)

{Thank you for waiting. Since the maintenance of the platform has been completed, I would like to start the second Semi-final match.} (Announcer)

As I listened to the live coverage, I pulled my partner from my back and took the stance of [Strong Heaven]. Of course, Jekyll had also taken the same stance.

“As you can see, this is a match between [Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style] users. And everyone is well aware about the strength of these two participants by now. This is just my expectation, but I think that this match will be strength against strength.} (Announcer)

By checking Jekyll’s equipment, his armor was a full body armor made of leather, other than vital points, and he had a greatsword whose blade was shorter than my partner, and it had an unusual thickness. It might be better to be careful since there was a strange presence coming from that greatsword.

After verifying the opponent’s and my equipment, I waited for the start of the game while quietly regulating the mana inside my body.

{Well then… I would like to start the match between Participant Jekyll and Participant Reus. The second match of Semi-finals… Begins!} (Announcer)

“Ooooh!” (Reus)

“Oraaa!” (Jekyll)

The moment the gong rang, we kicked the ground and jumped forward while activating [Boost] at the same time.

The basic technique of ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’, [Strong Heaven], gave no room. As I swung the sword with all my power and hit the other’s sword, a roaring sound rose to the degree that it wouldn’t be weird if the swords broke.

{What a terrible sound! Honestly, it sounds like an illusion that is not a sword, but a hammer!} (Announcer)

Our swords were grandly repelled by a huge shock. Both Jekyll and I fell one step without able to hold out, but we immediately stepped forward and swung our swords. We had no way to retreat now.

The second clash was also at the same time, but rather than the swords being repelled this time, it was jostled.

“Your strength is more than I imagined! This is fun!” (Jekyll)

“Me too!” (Reus)

If I had to be honest, I was also having fun.

If Aniki was the opponent, he would either avoid the blow just now or diverted it at the perfect angle, and I would receive a counterattack. Since it was rare to find an opponent who could directly receive the blow with all the power that I could release, I felt really refreshed now.

“From Lior-san! To be taught the sword by him! I really can see it!” (Jekyll)

“Of course! I would have been killed! Many times!” (Reus)

I was really scared because Lior-jiisan occasionally made mistakes.

Hitting our swords while throwing words, the sound of the steel hitting each time reverberated, and the entire arena seemed to be excited.

My and Jekyll’s strength was almost equal… No, I noticed that I was slightly pushing him back, and I felt something strange from Jekyll’s sword when we clashed for the tenth time.

“[Shattering Strikes]!” (Reus)

Since it seemed like it was a sign that he’s releasing a technique as well, I had released the six slashing attacks at almost the same time and they collided and canceled each other out.

By the way, it would be seven slashes if Aniki used it, and Lior-jiichan made eight. It was a terribly difficult technique to release six slashes or more.

“Haha! That’s brilliant!” (Jekyll)

The moment [Shattering Strikes] ended, Jekyll released a kick while taking a big leap to the rear, so I accepted it with my Tekkou.

That’s dangerous… I forgot that about the legs. If I didn’t watch Beowulf’s match, I might not have been able to defend that in time.

“Isn’t that a splendid Tekkou!?” (Jekyll)

“Of course, it’s from Jii-chan!” (Reus)

I was really saved because it was strong with moderate weight.

Jekyll wasn’t only using ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’, he also used Taijutsu as well. I thought that he could only use the sword because he adored Lior-jiichan, but Jii-chan was weird because he used nothing but the sword at any expense.

Incidentally, I had Lior-jiisan’s ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’, Garve-jiichan’s and Aniki’s Taijutsu, and my Fire spells(1).

There were times when I hesitated, but Aniki had said that I needed to train all around, so that I could respond to any situation. Rather, since I was forced to do that during daily mock battles, I was naturally trained.

“This time it’s my turn! [Flame Knuckle]” (Reus)

“Chantless!?” (Jekyll)

With the arm that defended the kick, I countered by releasing [Flame Knuckle].

Jekyll was surprised at the fist of flames that he had never seen before, so he instantly used his sword as a shield and received my fist. Since he was an adventurer who was older than me and with experience, his response was quick.

My fist released a blast and blew Jekyll away with his sword, but it seemed there was almost no damage since he safely landed with both feet.

“Geez, you can use the sword and also magic to a certain extent…  what on earth do you want to be?” (Jekyll)

“It’s for the sake of standing beside Aniki. Besides, I am the weaker one because Aniki can do everything.” (Reus)

“Haaa… if the Shishou is like that, the disciple is similar too, huh? I say… you’re not putting on airs.” (Jekyll)

Jekyll scratched his head as if it couldn’t be helped. He started to pour mana into his sword, and a wind wound around Jekyll’s sword.

“It’s frustrating, but your strength and your ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’ is better than mine. That’s why, even though it is unfair, let me use this guy.” (Jekyll)

“I don’t think this is unfair because it is a fight. Come at me without reservation!” (Reus)

“Heh, thanks! Well, I’m going all out from now on!” (Jekyll)

Jekyll, who had a ferocious smile, raised his sword and charged, and I also swung my sword down at the same time.

That greatsword… I couldn’t see any changes other than being coiled around with wind, but if I was going to attack, I would hit it with all my power.

And the moment when Jekyll’s sword hit mine…

“Activate!” (Jekyll)

The wind blew out with an exploding momentum from Jekyll’s sword.

The momentum of the wind added to the greatsword, so I was overmatched and my sword was repelled. Fortunately, Jekyll’s sword was diverted and I was unscathed.

“Cheh! It’s a miss, huh…?” (Jekyll)

“What was that!?” (Reus)

What was that just now? I understood that a Wind spell was activated, but it was invoked without chanting?

I didn’t think Jekyll could do chantless from the way he was surprised by my spell, so if there was a secret…

“…Is it because of that greatsword?” (Reus)

“What? Did you notice already?” (Jekyll)

“I have seen similar things. Could that be a magic sword?” (Reus)

A strange pattern was also drawn on Aniki’s sword, which he got from Dee-nii.

A magic sword was a sword depicted with magic formations that could activate spells, but since it was very difficult to draw magic formations on a sword, and the effect was subtle, the number of magic swords wasn’t big.

However, you could rarely find powerful things and magic swords in ancient ruins, it seemed likely that Jekyll found it in a ruin.

“Is that so? Let me tell you since you already know it. I found this sword in a certain ruin. When I pour mana into it, a wind will blow.” (Jekyll)

“It is certainly amazing, but it seems like you are not used to it yet, right?” (Reus)

“Of course. It is difficult to control it, you know?” (Jekyll)

In fact, the sword didn’t hit earlier because Jekyll failed to control the wind.

Nevertheless, it was troublesome. In other words, he was using a sword supplemented with a Wind spell, which Nee-chan used to jump high and far, right? Aniki said it wasn’t like that, but I would be out pushed(2) if it remained like this.

However, if it exploded with that much wind, I felt that his mana would hit the bottom after using it around ten times…

“No, I can’t show such a miserable fight to Aniki! I will break it head-on!” (Reus)

“Now, you’re talking! Since I’ll be doing the same from now on, I’m going to slash you a few more times!” (Jekyll)

We kicked the ground and swung our swords with full power at the same time.

Although Jekyll had a magic sword, I might be able to win if I used other techniques and spells, but I wanted to win against him from the front. I wanted to be even a little bit stronger for the next match.

Hence, the battle between me and Jekyll had become a battle of strength. This simple battle could result in killing someone if they lost by the smallest amount.

Although I swung down with more force than before, I was still overwhelmed by Jekyll’s sword, which gained propulsion from the Wind.

This time, he didn’t fail to control the Wind, and I was about to be cut down.

“Got you…” (Jekyll)

“Uooohh!” (Reus)

I released one hand that was grasping the sword, and then, I hit Jekyll’s sword with a part of the Tekkou and forcibly deviated the trajectory. It was possible to do it because of Jii-chan’s Tekkous.

The deviated sword hit my shoulder and I bled a bit, but it was far better than a direct hit.

“What was that!?” (Jekyll)

“It’s not over yet!” (Reus)

I forcibly swung the sword that I grasped with one hand, but Jekyll dared to get beside me and avoided the swing.

Damn, he avoided it in the same way as Aniki!

“Ugh! You really are an outrageous one. Are you good with a fist or sword?” (Jekyll)

Jekyll was surprised, but I thought that Aniki would avoid it with unexpected movements if Lior-jiichan did it like normal.

{This really is a battle of power! It seems that Participant Reus is pushing through, but Participant Jekyll seems exhausted!”} (Announcer)

So, we took a distance from each other, and we’re toeing the mark again.

I was sharply cut on my shoulder, but the bleeding wasn’t that much. I still had a lot of room on stamina and mana.

But as the Announcer woman had said, Jekyll’s breathing was a bit ragged, and sweat had spread on his forehead.

“Hey… isn’t too early to get exhausted?” (Reus)

“Well, of course! I’ve been spending mana on [Boost] and the magic sword.” (Jekyll)

“Really? I’ve been using [Boost], you know?” (Reus)

“You are abnormal! This is fun, but it is hard to use this sword after all.” (Jekyll)

“If it’s Lior-jiichan, he would be pleased if it’s intense, I think?” (Reus)

Since Aniki was able to become his rival, rather than just gaining back the physical strength from when he was at his prime age, even after being sixty years old, he said that he could be stronger than that.

And even if his body was in pain, he was an abnormal guy who would be pleased if he could become stronger.

“Aah… Lior-san is certainly like that. That’s not good, I was saying something pointless.” (Jekyll)

“Don’t worry about that, just go down quickly. I’m not going to lose next time!” (Reus)

“Even though you have lost twice, you’re still going to try? Sounds good… but how are you going to handle the next one?” (Jekyll)

“…I wonder how?” (Reus)

I hadn’t felt like losing yet, but I couldn’t think of a technique to counter the Wind of that greatsword.

This time, I would probably try to hit it with my sword, so should I purposely get hit and aim for a counter?

No, if it’s about swinging, let’s try that.

Unlike Aniki, the battle with Jekyll was purely a battle of strength. If I could do this well… then, I could win!

“Ouh, it seems that you have decided.” (Jekyll)

“Yes, I have. More importantly, that magic sword… I might break it if I do it poorly, so let me apologize first.” (Reus)

“Ooh, ooh, you’re getting more confident, huh? But you don’t need to apologize. As a sword, it will be satisfied if it breaks during battle. It doesn’t matter, alright.” (Jekyll)

“Is that so? Well, I won’t hold back… I’m going!” (Reus)

I have the transformation ability called the Cursed Child.

It was an amazing ability that allows wounds to get healed quicker, my strength would increase by several fold and my whole body would become a wolf-like figure. The disadvantage was that it was difficult to calm down since I would be in an excited state.

Because of that, I tried not to transform when I faced strong opponents like Aniki, Jii-chan and Jekyll, but… I always thought it was regrettable if I couldn’t freely use that power.

So, I…

“Arrghh!” (Reus)

I transformed only the arm that held my sword.

It was inferior to the full-body transformation, but if I could add a little more power against an opponent like Jekyll, it would be alright.

While feeling a hot sensation only in my arm, which seemed to have become another existence, the moment when my swung down sword and Jekyll’s magic sword collided…

“Oi, oi! That is…” (Jekyll)

Jekyll’s magic sword… was broken.

I was prepared for my sword to be broken, but I didn’t expect the magic sword would break away. As expected of sword Jii-chan made to survive against Lior-jiichan’s sword.

Although my arm was concealed to a certain extent because of the Tekkou, I tried to calm it down to dissolve the transformation while closely hiding the hair that grew from the elbow. I didn’t want the figure of me being transformed to be seen by anyone other than Aniki and my family.

Jekyll showed me his broken sword with a smile while raising both of his hands up.

“…Haa, I am completely defeated. I give up.” (Jekyll)

{It-it’s been decided! According to Participant Jekyll’s declaration, it was decided that Participant Reus is the winner!} (Announcer)

As the cheers sounded, Jekyll came closer to me to shake hands with me, who finally dissolved my transformed arm.

“Congratulations. Next is the match against your Shishou.” (Jekyll)

“Thank you. But your sword…” (Reus)

“Hmm? Aah, I said that before, you don’t have to worry about it.” (Jekyll)

For a swordsman, a sword was a partner and it was a very important thing. Even if Jekyll said that he didn’t care, I thought that it was terrible to break it after all.

Maybe because that mood transmitted outside, Jekyll was loudly laughing while hitting my shoulder.

“Lior-san is strong, not because of the sword, but because of himself. You made me notice that it’s pointless to rely on that sword.” (Jekyll)

“…Is that so? However, let me apologize. I am sorry for breaking your sword.” (Reus)

“Oh! Well, I’ve been dreaming to break your sword too!” (Jekyll)

“I also enjoyed fighting you.” (Reus)

““Hahaha!”” (Jekyll/Reus)

When I noticed it, Jekyll and I were shaking hands while laughing.

We got along strangely well, maybe because he had a part that was similar to me.

“I look forward to the Final Round. Show me how far you can go against that monster.” (Jekyll)

“Leave it to me!” (Reus)

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As Jekyll and I got off the stage altogether, Aniki, who was sitting in the seat for the participants, came up to me with a smile.

Even though he would be my next opponent, I felt somewhat happy since Aniki also looked happy.

“Congratulations, Reus. Well, I knew that you would win the fight.” (Sirius)

“Of course. As Aniki’s disciple, I won’t lose!” (Reus)

“Huhu, those are reliable words. Well then, next is our Final Round, but… I have something that I’d like to discuss for a bit.” (Sirius)

“Hmm?” (Reus)

“Oh, what is it?” (Jekyll)

There was Jekyll, who was interestedly listening to the conversation, on the side, but Aniki didn’t mind him and kept explaining.

The matter of the discussion was that even though there was a break until the Final Round started, he wanted to ask the staff of the Fighting Festival to postpone it.

“I’m not sure when the fight will happen, and there are many things to consider when fighting you, who is tired at the moment. Originally, we would fight without taking a break, but… I want to fight you in a perfect condition this time.” (Sirius)

“Fuh! You’re that confident, huh? Well, what about you, Reus?” (Jekyll)

“I’d like to do that too. I want to fight with Aniki with all my strength!” (Reus)

“Understood. Alright then, shall we immediately go and discuss this with them?” (Sirius)

Aniki satisfactorily nodded, and he explained to the staff who came to treat me.

The staff was reluctant because complaints from the audience would come since the break was too long, but the request went through because of Aniki’s persuasion and Jekyll lent a hand.

{Everyone who is sitting at the audience seat right now! Look forward for the Final Round! I am also looking forward to it! Anyhow, since Reus got tired after fighting against me, don’t you want to let him recover and see a fight between him and Sirius, where they can go all out!?} (Jekyll)

While letting my shoulder heal, Jekyll explained to the audience by borrowing the magic tool.

In order to make it happen, the skill of manipulating the mood in the place must be good. There was no remarkable repulsion from the audience due to Jekyll’s persuasive words, and everyone excitedly gave their approval.

“Thanks, Jekyll. With this, Reus can sufficiently recover.” (Sirius)

“You don’t have to thank me, since I want to see that too, but isn’t it alright if we extended it a little bit more?” (Jekyll)

The break Aniki asked for was extended from one hour to two hours.

I didn’t think my physical condition would be perfect by doubling the time, but… it was enough for me and Aniki.

“There’s no problem. Alright then, let’s do this, Reus.” (Sirius)

“Ouu!” (Reus)

We still got Jekyll to come with us, and then, Aniki and I came to the treatment room at the arena.

I immediately removed my equipment and, when I lied down on the bed in the treatment room, Beowulf, who was sleeping in the next bed, had a strange look.

“Congratulations, Reus-kun. More importantly, what is going on? As I can see, you don’t seem to have a serious injury…” (Beowulf)

“Well… I’m going to sleep. So, goodnight then.” (Reus)

“Eh? Wait a sec!?” (Beowulf)

Although there was plenty of time, it was wasteful.

I left the explanation for Beowulf to Aniki. I relaxed my whole body, and cut off my consciousness.

“…that what he meant. By the way, I want to ask a favor from Beowulf and Jekyll…” (Sirius)

“Sure. If I can do it.” (Beowulf)

“Ouh, you can tell me.” (Jekyll)

As I listened to Aniki’s voice from the side, my consciousness slowly faded away, and I fell asleep.

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“…eus. Reus, it is time.” (Reese)

“…Hmm?” (Reus)

I sensed my body being shaken, woke up and raised my body from the bed while loudly yawning.

I stretched my body and confirmed my physical condition, but I couldn’t find any sense of discomfort or fatigue in my body. My recovery at this point was thanks to Aniki’s [Regenerative Activity] that was used on me, who was sleeping.

Even the wound on my shoulder, which could only be healed on the surface by the medical staff was completely healed, and I could certainly tell that I was in perfect condition.

“Aah, good morning, Reus. How do you feel?” (Reese)

“Reese-ane? Hmm… Aniki?” (Reus)

“It looks like he is already waiting in the waiting room.  More importantly, how’s the injury? Is there any discomfort?

“It’s alright. It feels like how I got up in the morning.” (Reus)

I listened to what it was time while getting off the bed, and it was almost time for the match to begin.

By the way, only participants and authorized personnel could enter this place, so why was Reese-ane here?

“Sirius-san explained to the staff. Therefore, I was the only one allowed here. We managed to persuade them well because I can use healing spells.” (Reese)

“Yeah, healing is very important. Even so, Reese-san’s healing is truly amazing.” (Beowulf)

Well, the wound on my shoulder was healed by Reese-ane, after all.

When I looked to my side, Beowulf’s fine bruises were healed, so I thought that Reese-ane examined him, since his complexion was getting better.

“Hehe, thanks. Leaving that matter aside, I think that it is alright for you to stand up. However, it’s not good if you overdo it.” (Reese)

“Ye-yes.” (Beowulf)

Somehow, Beowulf looked happy with a reddened face, but it’s pointless if you want more than that. Reese-ane belonged to Aniki!

“Nevertheless, you just recovered after only a little sleep. What is with your body?” (Beowulf)

“Eh, it has?” (Reus)

“Yes, it has! I was asked by your Aniki, and I was watching whether you would do something, you know?” (Jekyll)

When I noticed it, Jekyll, who was sitting in a nearby bed, explained to me with an amazed voice.

So, I heard that Aniki asked them to protect me, in case some fools decided to appear to try and play tricks before match by putting their hands on me, who was sleeping.

I thought whether there would be such fools, but since Aniki was right about fools coming out from anywhere, Jekyll was also convinced that it might be true. Fortunately, it seemed that such fools didn’t appear.

“By the way, although he is your Aniki, he will be your opponent from now on and not your Shishou, and it should be alright if he doesn’t stay around… that’s what he said. He’ll fight you without exception.” (Jekyll)

“That much is expected. I couldn’t even put my hands and legs on him, so if he becomes serious, I can’t imagine how strong he will be.” (Beowulf)

Yeah, Aniki was my opponent now. I didn’t want to think that much, but it might be good to fight without considering him as my Aniki.

“Since I got permission, I will stay near the platform. However, I would like you to return to us without getting hurt as much as possible.” (Reese)

“Ou, Something unreasonable is alright if Reese-ane is there!” (Reus)

“Haa… what a troublesome child. Should I also bring Emilia?” (Reese)

While sighing, Reese had a bitter smile, as if it couldn’t be helped, but I showed my readiness with one arm.

If Nee-chan was here, she might hit me, but I was glad that she wasn’t here.

When I was secretly relieved, Beowulf frowned a little bit.

“Reus-kun, you shouldn’t worry Reese-san too much, you know?” (Beowulf)

“Let me tell you, Reese-ane is Aniki’s lover, so she is my Nee-chan. So, you can’t have her!” (Reus)

“Yes!?” (Beowulf)

“Wait a second, Reus! Why are you suddenly saying that!?” (Reese)

“Hahaha! You guys are having fun!” (Jekyll)

In a strangely noisy treatment room, I lightly warmed my body up while preparing for the match.

I put the armor on my body and removed my sword to check it. Beowulf got up and then, we headed to the platform.

On our way there, I informed the Fighting Festival staff that I had recovered, and when I entered the arena, two participants were in a match on the platform.

Maybe they thought that it was bad for the audience to be kept waiting for two hours, so a special match was performed by the participants who couldn’t fight in the Main Rounds.

Although there was no prize for the winner, there seemed to be several participants who wanted to test their skills. Apparently, it was quite exciting.

It appeared that the match was over at the same time I showed my face, and the winner gladly raised his hand. That was… the spear user who fought against Aniki in the First Round. Other participants were also on the platform, but… I couldn’t see Kon, whom I fought before.

{The winner is Participant Godjin! It was a splendid way of handling a spear by keeping the opponent away. Everyone… thank you for waiting. I’ve been informed that Participant Reus has recovered, so I would like to start the Final Round now!} (Announcer)

Oops, it was me, rather than Kon. I had to concentrate because the real thing would start from now on.

When Fighting Aniki, a momentary carelessness would lead to loss.

“Um… good luck, Reus. Come back safely.” (Reese)

“I pray that it won’t be a match like mine.” (Beowulf)

“Show me how you will fight, alright?” (Jekyll)

“Ouh, well then, I’m going!” (Reus)

{First of all, Participant Reus, please get on the platform.} (Announcer)

Although Reese-ane had a worried expression, since I was being called by the announcer, I walked through the passageway and walked onto the platform.

I thought that I would be nervous about the Final Round and the cheering sounds from the audience, but my heart was mysteriously calmed.

{The strength of Participant Reus no longer needs an explanation. Reus has the strength to cut down Participant Jekyll’s greatsword, so I am very much looking forward to how he will fight Participant Sirius!} (Announcer)

After all, the audience and the match didn’t matter to me anymore.

Now that I had grown so much, I just need to go all out to convey that to Aniki.

{Next is the entrance of Participant Sirius!} (Announcer)


At that moment… I certainly forgot to breathe.

The abnormality didn’t only affect me, but also audience that was visible from the edge of my sight. Most of them were shaking their heads while rubbing their bodies. They couldn’t calm down, as if they were frightened by something.

In that situation, the figure of Aniki, who appeared from the passageway, was a state when he took off his usual long coat… In other words, he was perfectly equipped.

I had seen this state of Aniki only when he got angry at the school’s labyrinth and when he seriously fought against the Headmaster.

And the most unusual thing was the air coming from Aniki.

This Aniki, who was always cheerfully smiling, was unleashing a bloodlust strong enough to make my body naturally tremble.

I remembered the existence of the god of death that was told in stories when I saw Aniki, who was releasing so much bloodlust that he even affected the audience, who he didn’t purposely direct it towards.

“Why…?” (Reus)

My mouth didn’t work well.

Why… why were you unleashing so much bloodlust?

Aniki came over in front of me, who didn’t understand anything, and stood still. He, then, opened his mouth with cold eyes.

“Reus. This is the first battle, so come at me with the intent to kill.” (Sirius)

Aah… was that such a thing?

With those words just now… I noticed that it was pointless to lightly think, whether he was being serious or with all his techniques.

If I didn’t fight Aniki with the intent to kill, I would be killed instead.

I instinctively… understood.

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Part of the conversation between Sirius and Emilia’s group on the evening before the day of the Final Round.

“If Reus advances to the Final Round at tomorrow’s match… I’m going to go all out.” (Sirius)

“Well, I think that Reus will also go all out when he sees Sirius-sama himself. That child will dislike it if you go easy on him.” (Emilia)

“Rather than going easy, I will fight with the intent to kill him, you know?” (Sirius)

“To kill, huh…? That’s dangerous. Of course, there is a reason, right?” (Emilia)

“Aah, I was planning to seriously fight him soon, and I think that the time has come. So, tomorrow, I will fight with the intention to kill Reus.” (Sirius)

“Wi-will it be better if you don’t it in the match itself?” (Reese)

“It’s because this is a match. It can’t be helped if his concentration is distracted when people are looking, and there are also other reasons. There is a possibility that Reus may die if he doesn’t do well, so Emilia… at that time, I…” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama, please don’t worry about me and fight to your heart’s content. Reus has chosen his own path, so even if that happens, that child… and I will never hate Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“It is impossible to stop this… right? So, I pray the match will safely end.” (Reese)

“Both Sirius and Reus are men. It’s rude for me to interrupt. That’s why, I will firmly watch the battle between you guys.” (Fia)

“…Thank you.” (Sirius)

Extra/Bonus (Please be aware since this will destroy the original version) (TLN: It’s fiction)

“Why…?” (Reus)

My mouth didn’t work well.

Why… why were you unleashing so much bloodlust?

Aniki came over in front of me, who didn’t understand anything, and stood still. He, then, opened his mouth with cold eyes.

“Reus, the curry that I left to ripen yesterday…did you eat it?” (Sirius)

“Hi…hiiiiiii—!?” (Reus)

“Kyaaaahhh—!” (Reese)

“What’s wrong, Reese-san!?” (Beowulf)

Sirius-kaachan’s resentment towards food was deep.


  1. ED: The author made a mistake with who Reus learned what from, so I went ahead and fixed it to what I think he meant. This is the original Raw:  ちなみに俺は剛破一刀流に兄貴とガーヴ爺ちゃん譲りの体術、そして炎の魔法だ。
  2. ED: In other words, in their strength competition, if it continued on like it was, he’d be pushed back and possibly lose the competition

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    This next match would be as mucher’s lovers a spectacle as it was dangerous. Master’s lovers seemed understandably concerned indeed. Hmm…I thought reading the air was my specialty.
    Feeling slightly disappointed, I followed Reese-san as she left her seat and headed towards the treatment room where master, Reus-kun, and their respective opponents from earlier had gathered. Come to find out, the air was read accurately. A battle to the death potentially. Master was sure to win. But would his disciple lose more than the match? Only time (and the air) will tell.



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