World Teacher Vol 12 Intermission 1 (Cleaned) – Sirius and Everyone in the Settlement

Volume 12 Intermission 1 is out!    


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Sirius and Everyone in the Settlement

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The next day, we stayed at the house of the siblings’ grandfather, Garve, and I woke up because of a noise.

“Uhmm… have you woken up?” (Garve)

Since the house was not so spacious, there were only two rooms; the living room and Garve’s bedroom. Because of that, Emilia and Reese used the bedroom, while the guys, Reus and I were sleeping together with Garve in the living room.

We could immediately notice who woke up in such a place. Then, I greeted Garve, who had woken up earlier, while yawning.

“Good morning. Basically, this always happens at this time, so please don’t mind it.” (Sirius)

“Aah. I’m going to head out for a moment, you should stay in bed.” (Garve)

“Where are you going?” (Sirius)

“It’s my morning training. I never miss doing this every day.” (Garve)

“Ooh… can I go along with you?” (Sirius)

“Have it your way.” (Garve)

Thus, I decided to join Garve’s early morning training. I was wondering whether I should wake Reus up, but he was sleeping like a log because he made a lot of noise yesterday. Emilia was the same, she still hadn’t wake up yet.

They were having fun, especially because they had reunited with their family. I decided to take it slow, for once. Therefore, only Garve and I went out.

“Hundred Wolves-sama, please watch over us so that we can stay healthy for today, as well.” (??)

“Hundred Wolves-sama. I wish for a good harvest this year.” (??)

“Woof…” (Hundred Wolves)

When we came out, we were greeted by Hokuto, who was sleeping next to Garve’s house. There were several silver wolfkin already praying in front of him.

I thought that they were probably going to do farm work. Since they were wholeheartedly praying, Hokuto seemed to be unable to leave his spot. I slightly waved my hand to cheer him up, and then, Garve and I headed out into the forest.

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Morning training seemed to start with running in the forest. Somehow, it felt like we were similar, and a strange sense of intimacy was swelling up.

Maybe it was because we were running on a path every day. When I kept running in silence, until the path became smaller in the forest, Garve, who ran in front, looked back with a slackened mouth.

“…So you can do it. Having stamina to catch up to me so easily… your victory was not a fluke, huh?” (Garve)

“I guess so.” (Sirius)

While running, I thought that the speed was strangely quick. Apparently, I was being tested.

“Other than my son, the only one who can catch me with me probably you. If I have to say more, you are a human being. The world is truly wide.” (Garve)

“Yeah, the world is wide, and there are different kinds of people. As far as I know, the one with the sword…” (Sirius)

And then, I continued running with Garve, while talking about strong men like Lior. I heard this later, but the people who live in the settlement seemed to certainly collapse after this kind of running pace.

After we finished our run, we headed to the settlement’s square.

There were ten men, who seemed to be Garve’s disciples, lining up side by side. They started rearranging their postures and lines when they noticed that Garve and I were coming. It seemed that they had good discipline.

Aery-san’s husband, Jiria, was also among these men. He raised his voice when he noticed my appearance.

“Eh… is that Sirius? By any chance, are you coming for a visit?” (Jiria)

“Well, I wonder about that. Anyway, I am curious about what kind of training is done here.” (Sirius)

“Aah, Garve-san and us…” (Jiria)

“Jiria, stop with that nonsense talk and go line up. I’ll be strict today!” (Garve)

The training was a sparring session with Garve on a one-on-one basis.

Not just fighting, Garve thoroughly proceeded while pointing out their weaknesses.

The time for each person wasn’t long, but since they were constantly made to move, all of the men collapsed, filled with sweat after the sparring session. Even after after sparring everyone, Garve wiped off only a small amount of sweat.

This way, Garve was forging himself by sparring with his disciples every day.  At the lowest rank, there were also kids who were less than ten years old. However, Garve enthusiastically taught and treated them like adults.

After all of the members had fought him once, the morning training was concluded. As I returned home with Garve, I discussed some points that I had in mind while he was sparring.

“Say, Garve. When you were sparring with Jiria, I felt that your center of gravity was strangely unaligned. Could it be that your arm…?” (Sirius)

“Is that so? Please tell me the details later.” (Garve)

Even if the advice was from someone who defeated him, he was proactively listening in order to become stronger. He understood that even if it was this much, it could make him stronger.

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There were no people praying before Hokuto when we got back home. However, there was a basket filled with offerings, such vegetables and dried meats, placed in front of Hokuto.

Although he said that he didn’t need them, he couldn’t turn them down because the people firmly wished for it.

Hokuto didn’t need to eat meals. But, since he already got it, I asked him what he wanted to eat. And then, Hokuto held the basket in his mouth and put it on my hands.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“…Are you giving me this? But isn’t this for you?” (Sirius)

“Hundred Wolves-sama said it’s all good. It would be impolite not to accept them.” (Garve)

It felt awkward to receive the offerings, but since Hokuto said so, let’s accept them. When I told him that I would brush him later, he happily wagged his tail.

As we entered the house, Emilia and Reese, who were already awake up, stood in the kitchen and they were preparing breakfast. Reus, who was stretching in the living room, noticed us and greeted us with a smile.

“Good morning, Aniki, Jii-chan.” (Reus)

“Aah…Good morning, Sirius-sama, Ojii-chan” (Emilia)

“Good morning. Breakfast is almost done.” (Reese)

“Good morning.” (Sirius)

“Morni—… Breakfast… Good morning.” (Garve)

Garve was relaxing his expression as he replied to the morning greetings from his grandchildren, but he immediately switched back to his usual expressionless face. But when I saw him from the back, I understood that he was desperately trying to hide his joy because his tail was slightly trembling.

I thought of giving them some help, but they drove me out and asked me to take a seat. Since it couldn’t be helped, I handed over the offerings that I got from Hokuto, waited and relaxed in the living room.

“I made a dish that I learned from Aery-san.” (Reese)

“It’s a unique dish, but I changed the taste a bit to suit ours. Whether it fits Jii-chan’s taste…” (Emilia)

“Don’t worry about it. It is good enough just to have it prepared.” (Garve)

The dish was cooked with beans and herbs. It was a roast on whole meat in soup, which was boiled with various meats and vegetables. The amount was huge for a morning breakfast, but in this world, it wasn’t unusual to eat a lot in the morning. It appeared that the silver wolfkin tend to have that strong tendency. I noticed it since the siblings also eat well.

Garve ate the arranged dishes, and then… he hardened.

“How was it? Ojii-chan.” (Emilia)

“It is not up to Aniki’s level, but Nee-chan’s dishes are delicious, right?” (Reus)

“…Uhmm. It has a slightly thick taste… but it is delicious.” (Garve)

“The dishes here are lightly seasoned, for most of them, I think. Sirius-san, what do you think?” (Reese)

“Yeah, it has a good taste. Both of you have improved.” (Sirius)

Emilia and Reese were pleased and doing high fives because of our replies.

I heard this from the silver wolf tribe. They said that Garve mostly had meals alone when his son, Felios, left.

Since this Jii-san might be overwhelmed because there were suddenly four more people, including his grandchildren, but he was certainly pleased. As no one noticed that Garve was slightly in tears, we started to eat breakfast.



After breakfast was over, Garve headed out to hunt with the young men, and Reus said that he wanted to come along.

Emilia, Reese and I visited the settlement and enjoyed a stroll.

The young men headed out to hunt, while the rest in the settlement was working hard, doing field work, making necessary various goods, and repairing houses.

“It is peaceful, isn’t it?” (Reese)

Reese was right, this settlement seemed peaceful. No one was hungry and diseases didn’t spread too far. There were many monsters in the surrounding forests, but the silver wolf tribe was so strong in general, so there was no problem.

We walked along the farming area, and I gave some advice based on my previous life’s experience. Since I had been to countries with food problem many times, I had some knowledge about farming.

By the time it was late morning, I finished giving advice. When we returned home to prepare lunch, Hokuto came out with a basket filled with crops, once again. It seemed that he was worshipped again and was given crops. I gratefully accepted it.

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After we finished lunch and the usual training, we were wondering what to do next. It was good to continue our training, but I wish there was something to change that.

“Sirius-sama, let’s play Frisbee!” (Emilia)

“Please, Aniki!” (Reus)

When I thought that, Emilia took out the Frisbee that she always used. Do you always carry it around?

That question was raised, but I didn’t complain about playing Frisbee. We immediately went to the square. And then I took a throwing posture after the siblings finished warming up.

“First, I’ll throw lightly. Here you go, go get it.” (Sirius)

The moment I threw the Frisbee… the air in the village changed.

Children who were interested came…

Housewives who were tanning pelts…

The young men and women who were handling the meat…

They were staring at the Frisbee all at once, as if a black hole attracted their eyes.

The children came running behind the siblings, they were frolicking happily while waving their tails.

“I got it, Nee-chan!” (Reus)

“Kuh!? I will get it next time.” (Emilia)

It was Reus who succeeded in catching it, but he seemed to have noticed the abnormal circumstances.

While gathering attention, Reus returned it to me. I grabbed the Frisbee and stroked his head, and then, the silver wolfkin in the settlement crowded me.

“Hey! What is this?” (??)

“It’s an interesting projectile weapon. Can you make it for me?” (??)

“Please, make it for me, too!” (??)

I thought that there was some entertainment, but… was it up to this point?

For the time being, other people joined in after I finished teaching them how to make it. Since the throwers were only me and Reese, we became unquestionably tired. It would be nice if another adult could throw it, but the thrower seemed to want to chase it after they threw it. Throwing was, somewhat, unpopular.

A sight of nearly ten children chasing a single Frisbee all at once felt surreal.

In this way, Frisbee is said to be a common thing for the silver wolf tribe.

When I got home, after I had enough with the Frisbee, I received a basket that contained three times the amount of offerings from Hokuto. It was already like this. It made me feel that there would be no problems regarding our meals if I have Hokuto during my stay.

Apparently, he was asked by a parent to bless their child. Since he had a large number of visitors, I decided to brush him thoroughly this evening.

I spent several days in the settlement just like that, but I gradually noticed something wrong with Emilia. I vaguely understood the reason, but it wasn’t time to give her a helping hand at the moment. So, I decided to quietly watch her.

And just when I thought about us leaving soon, I was invited by Garve for a nighttime stroll after dinner.

I thought about having a thorough discussion for once. I also wanted to ask for his guidance to the sibling’s settlement, and he accepted it. I was, then, led to a small hill that was slightly away from the settlement.

Garve and I were the only ones looking down on the settlement from that location. He poured some sake that he brought in two cups, and presented one of them to me.

“Are you at the drinking age? Can you keep me company for a bit?” (Garve)

“Well, then, just a bit.” (Sirius)

Lightly bumping our cups, we quietly looked over the settlement while drinking. Garved poured a second cup and opened his mouth after making a big sigh.

“My grandchildren… they are cute. Thank you so much for saving them.” (Garve)

“…I accept your gratitude.” (Sirius)

Garve finally opened his mouth of what he thought of the siblings. I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand his mixed feelings. I didn’t rescue the siblings because I wanted his gratitude. I just did it because I wanted to do it.

“If they are cute, you need to properly say it, you know? The two of them care about you, but if you continue being like that for too long, you’ll be separated.” (Sirius)

“I understand, but I don’t want my grandchildren to think of me as their family, until I mourn my son. That is… why.” (Garve)

Drinking the poured sake in one go, Garve’s monologue continued while looking up at the moon, as if he bore the weight of something.

“I couldn’t believe the love between Felios and Rona. I regretted it a lot, but that was burdening me the most. I regretted it so much, to the extent that I think it was better to die at hands of the monsters together with my son…” (Garve)

“But, Garve. You are still alive. And you were able to meet your grandchildren, correct?” (Sirius)

“Aah… I understand that. Regardless of how much I regret it, the past will not come back. And, the moment I first saw my grandchildren… my heart trembled as much as when my son was born. In recent years, I went to my son’s settlement while killing some monsters, everything I did was to mourn Felios, but they are the warmth that I haven’t felt in a long time. I also thought that it was good to be alive for my grandchildren.” (Garve)

“But is it because of that? That’s why you had such attitude towards Emilia and Reus, huh?” (Sirius)

“That’s right. Even if I am aware of it, I can’t convinced myself. I can’t move on until I mourn my son, I’m such a miserable man. I am not worthy to be called ‘Jii-chan’ by my grandchildren.” (Garve)

At the end of those words, we kept tilting our cups without saying anything.

I drank the first cup because I understood what this guy wanted to say, and then put the cup away. I looked at Garve, who was drinking his fourth cup.

“Will you come with us?” (Sirius)

“…Although I can be said to be shameless by relying on the young, I still want to follow you. Please… I want you to take me.” (Garve)

Garve quietly placed his cup down and deeply bowed. But, he didn’t really have to bow. Even if Garve didn’t say that, I would have invited him, anyway.

“Please, raise your head. You also have enough strength, and you know the location of the settlement, right? Moreover… aren’t Emilia and Reus your family? It’s alright for you to follow us openly. Before you say something shameful, please be nice to your grandchildren.” (Sirius)

“I guess so. I will think about it… Sirius.” (Garve)

“Stubborn old men are unlikable, Garve.” (Sirius)

It seemed like it was going to take some more time before he could be more affectionate towards the siblings.

Although there was an age difference, I enjoyed drinking under the moon together with Garve, who called my name like we were of the same age.

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