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Demonstration between the Strongest


I agreed to fight against the headmaster, and the details and arrangements were prepared beforehand.

First of all, the fighting place is the school arena. We can fight to our heart’s content and it’s unavoidable to display magic to the students.

But if the headmaster fights against me seriously, I’m worried about the impact on the surrounding. Since we’re going to use long range attacks, there is enough possibility of stray magic projectiles reaching the audience. When I think about it, it seems the countermeasure for that has been taken care of.

It appears that the barrier that covered the school during the disturbance of revolution is installed between the arena and the audience seating. Various improvements were added up based on the faults of previous installment. Once the barrier is invoked, it won’t be broken until the mana supplemented is cut off, making it something similar to a switch.

Even though we can fight without worrying about the surrounding, the graduation assignment has not yet been announced. I expect the delay is just to prepare the countermeasures and emergency precautions.

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“The match will in two days time so I suggest you spend the time studying… The announcement of the assignment will be made to the students later through their respective teachers. I look forward to seeing how many people will turn out.” (Rodwell)

“Since the opponent is me, there are probably a lot of people who are going to say that I shouldn’t fight.” (Sirius)

“That would be a problem, wouldn’t it? Shall I state that I shall cancel the graduation should they not attend?” (Rodwell)

“If you do such thing, there will be people coming to complain.” (Sirius)

“That’s preferable. It would be good if they show on the appointed day. If they come to make a complaint, I shall persuade them to come.” (Rodwell)

That is a considerably irresponsible method to cope with the complaints but he probably looking forward to the aspirations that may come the situation.

No matter what he does, people say that it is because he is a genius but if they think that’s the standard to have strength, as they will hopefully realise during the fight, they will realise how much power they may gain with effort.
(Editor Note: This was hard to understand, but I did my best to decrypt it)

Eventually, it is decided that a special temporary class for all students would be arranged to ‘study’ the fight.

“With this match, it will give hope to those who have accepted a lower standard.” (Rodwell)

“Though I don’t intend to stop at this late hour, won’t people give up if the level is too high?” (Sirius)

“We’ll think about it when the time comes. It is a good opportunity for the bigwigs to understand that the overall quality has gone down.” (Rodwell)

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The arrangement was over and I left the headmaster’s room.

Since the preparation for the arena and the other arrangements were done by the school, all I can do is to prepare for the appointed day and maintain a perfect condition. Since it will be a disadvantage for me if it’s just battle with magic only, I am allowed to bring my own weapons and to engage in close combat. Thus, I will fight with all I got.

I left the headmaster’s room and returned straight back to the Diamond Cottage. On my way, I realized that school had ended for the evening, and I needed to tell the result to the disciples.

As I returned to the Diamond Cottage, I told of the discussion’s content while calming the worried disciples.

I didn’t speak on the matter of compensating for the wall or the noble as a reflection for Reus but when I told about having a match with the headmaster, the disciples opened their mouth wide and were flabbergasted. But in mere moments, they regained their composure and accepted the result with open arms.

“Aah…finally. The time for Sirius-sama to show his true power has finally come. Do your best and I will root for you!” (Emilia)

“Defeat the headmaster and get revenge on those who made fun of you!” (Reus)

“I will also root for you. But since the opponent is the headmaster, please be careful with injuries.” (Reese)

I agreed with them, I should devote myself to fight without reserve.

“The match will be in two days and he is an opponent known as ‘Magic Master’. I can’t be careless because we have agreed to fight each other seriously.” (Sirius)

“It’s going to be alright if it’s you, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“It’s easy if it’s Aniki.” (Reus)

“I hear that the principal is very strong but I can’t imagine Sirius-san will lose.” (Reese)

I can’t show an unsightly battle, especially for the disciples who have no doubt about my victory.

The time I spent preparing for the match passed in the blink of an eye.

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Two days later, I warmed myself up in the lobby of the arena. My body does feel light, and it’s in perfect condition to fight.

I took off the robe and checked my battle attire and the equipment that I wore. I confirmed that the equipment fitted in many places on the attire was in place. I fastened the prized mithril knife to my chest belt so it won’t fall off due to vigorous movements.

After I finished checking carefully on every part, I headed towards the arena since the match was about to start.

On my out into the arenaI, I had to stop and watch the countless number of students filling up the audience seating. And the best sentence to give when all students of the school gathered…

{Now, thank you for waiting. I’m looking forward to seeing the fight between the headmaster and Sirius-kun.} (??) (TLN: I’m going to use { } symbol to mark live coverage for the time being.)

The owner of the voice that echoed throughout the whole arena was Magna-sensei. At his location, there’s a tool drawn with a magic formation of [Echo] that amplified voices extensively. It looks similar to a microphone, which was often seen in my previous life.

When I looked around, there wasn’t only students but also some adults mixed among them. Or perhaps I should instead mention that the person who sat on the VIP seat was an acquaintance.

{Furthermore, the Elysion royal family, Lifell-hime, is coming to watch the match today. Ladies and gentlemen, without delaying any further.} (Magna)

Senia and Melt were waiting besides her. When Princess Lifell was introduced, she stood up, raising her hand, and the students cheered loudly. Being popular is the best, but I am even more amazed that an influential person is the same as ever. And for her to come here and to see me… When my eyes met Reese’s, she lowered her head apologetically as if she was somehow forbid from speaking.

And when I turned back my sight, Princess Lifell noticed me and waved her hand, and waved again.

{I know a lot about the headmaster but since I don’t know much about Sirius-kun, I’ve brought someone to tell us about him.} (Magna)

{Hmm.. should I touch this magic tool and talk? Good morning to all students, I am Mark Holtia. I can more or less tell you about him since I’ve been taught some by Sirius-kun.} (Mark)

{I am Sirius-sama’s servant, Emilia. If it’s about Sirius-sama, you can leave it to me.} (Emilia)

Mark together with Emilia… what on earth are you guys doing over there? I almost fell when my friends performed live coverage but the remaining Reus was nowhere to be seen. I don’t think that guy will sit quietly so what on earth is he…

“Go for it, do your best! A, Ni, Ki!” (Reus)

“Go for it, do your best! B-O-S-S!” (Reus’ underlings)

I turned my eyes when the corner of seating became strangely noisy. Reus was cheering and waving big flag around with his friends (underlings).

I was wondering what was he up to since he wasn’t calm yesterday but I guess this is it. I was so embarrassed and felt like returning to some other place but Reus continued swinging the flag as if he swinging his sword. I think you shouldn’t wave the flag with such speed.

{Hey Reus! what do you think you’re doing?} (Emilia)

Emilia gave warning by using magic tool. Hear me, I want them to stop those embarrassing act.

{You won’t be able to see the flag if you swing like that, don’t you think so? The Onee-chan here is saying to swing the flag in big arc, right?} (Mark?)

“Oh yes!” (Reus)

…What should I do, I really want to go home. Even if I say I want to go back, it’s impossible because I’m not sure where the situation will lead.

Nevertheless to be an inspired ‘Onee-chan’ in gathering information, isn’t that a ‘Nekomimi’ servant? I’ve decided, if I see next time, I’m going to make her eat the ‘Iron Claw’.

From the start position, I walked to the center of the ring while those three continued their live report.

{How do you think the match will turn out? I think the headmaster which is the teacher will win but since Sirius-kun’s real strength is unknown, I expect a good fight.} (Magna)

{Right. Normally, you must say the headmaster will gain victory but I know Sirius-kun’s true strength to some extent. Maybe… he has some hope.} (Mark)

{I have confidence Sirius-sama will win.} (Emilia)

{It seems these two have high expectations of Sirius-kun but other students don’t appear to agree.} (Magna)

Half of the surrounding students were like…’why is he challenging the headmaster?’… or, ‘This incompetent is doing something reckless’… or, staring disapprovingly or others still were hurling insults at me.

{Anyhow, the strange armor that Sirius-kun wears… no, is he wearing an unusually strange clothing? It’s pitch black everywhere but do you know what that is?} (Magna)

{That is Sirius-sama’s battle attire. It is an attire that doesn’t hinder movement, he’s wearing it if he’s going to fight seriously. In other words, Sirius-sama is going to go all out against the headmaster.} (Emilia)

{I’m sorry to interrupt midway but will he really be alright with that armor? It seems has no resistance if he were to vet hit by the headmaster’s magic.} (Mark)

The defense potential seems extremely low based on the exterior part with the exception of the vital spots, but it is a finished product that I made after countless attempts and much trial and error.

It is stitched to the limit with the same magic thread used for school robe. Moreover, it maintains the level of freedom of movement I need and if it got hit with weak [Flame], the heat won’t go through. But since this attire doesn’t exist in this world, it’s strangeness obviously stands out.

As I expected, the students were laughing while pointing their fingers when they look at the debut of my attire but Reus shouted loudly after he stopped waving the flag.

“Just look at it but don’t laugh!” (Reus)

The students became suddenly quiet because of Reus’ loud shout. Meanwhile, Emilia already got used to the situation continued explaining without minding everyone’s reactions.

{Sirius-sama’s battle style is evasive. He doesn’t let any blows hit, so the nature of the attire is appropriate with his battle style.} (Emilia)

{I see. When I think about it, I don’t think you’ll be safe if you receive blow from the headmaster’s magic no matter what you wear. It is appropriate attire in a sense.} (Mark)

{I understood it well. Now, it seems both of them will assemble in the arena soon.} (Magna)

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When I arrive at the center, the headmaster was slowly appearing from the passage on the other side.

He’s not wearing his usual robe, but instead wore a wonderful snow white robe inlaid with ornaments and put on shining big mantle with emerald color. It’s an attire befits the ‘Magic Master’.

{That robe… it seems the master is serious too.} (Magna) (TLN: Magna is Rodwell’s disciple.)

{Though it’s an impressive robe, it is not only for appearance, right?} (Emilia?)

{That is an attire he will put on when master is facing a war or powerful enemy. It had been handed down from the high elf of light and stitched with mithril thread. It’s a first class product that has more defense than even poorly made iron armor. Although I feel it is slightly immature to bring out such thing… does he anticipate something from Sirius-kun?} (Magna)
(Editor Note: the bit about it being handed down wasn’t clear, so I did my best)

Due to the contrasting black and white attires, I think it’s am interesting display, with us side by side. The headmaster was smiling but my body was tense as I knew he had fighting fierce spirit inside.

“The day has finally come, Sirius-kun. Let me hear once again. Are you truly going to fight me? It won’t be strange for you to die if you do badly, you know?” (Rodwell)

“I’m always next to door of death when I fight. Furthermore, the headmaster will be my stepping stone in order to reach higher.” (Sirius)

“Huhuhu… stepping stone is wonderful but can you really do it so easily? Well then, shall we start the match soon?” (Rodwell)

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After finishing this last confirmation, we separated from each other at once and took a certain distance. It appears that I’ll be in unfavorable position since magicians have an advantage in ranged attacks and on plain ground, but I have decided to show the fight that the headmaster wants from the beginning. And after showing enough to the students, it will be a free form fight.

Although we arrived at our designated location, the headmaster invoked magic to raise his voice and began to talk about this match to the students gathered.

“Students of Elysion academy. All of you probably think like this: “Is there any meaning of doing a hopeless battle? It is certainly immature of him to go all out against a single student.” and you might think there is no point for a reckless challenger to fight the ‘Magic Master’. But…when this is over, you will know you have made a grave mistake.” (Rodwell)

Thereupon, the headmaster stopped talking once, he looked around with his mantle swinging and proclaimed loudly, “From now on, please watch the battle carefully. This battle will make you realize that you have infinite potential in magic, even if you believe you don’t have any talent at all. It is a well known fact that the person in front of you is a colorless, however, a colorless that is aware of how high he can go if he put his effort. The period of laughing without knowing anything and looking down on others will end today.” (Rodwell)

The barrier spread between the arena and audience seating just as the headmaster finished his speech. Once the headmaster confirmed it, he turned towards the live coverage seats. Magna-sensei nodded and took magic stone out of his chest.

“Well then, let’s begin the match!” (Magna)

A [Flame Lance] were shot towards the sky from the magic stone, the battle between me and the headmaster… Rodwell began.

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“First of all, us see what you can do.” (Rodwell)

I let Rodwell make the first move, he is ‘Master Magic’ after all. Assuming chantless is his nature, it seemed there were nearly ten spears of fire brought forth. As Rodwell was smiling, he shot [Flame Lance]s without holding back.

He said this was a show, but to have abruptly fired ten [Flame Lance]s, isn’t the degree of difficulty high? Won’t a normal student be finished just like that?

While everyone had already assumed the fight was over, I waved my hand and all [Flame Lance]s exploded and disappeared in the air.

Looking at the result, the students in the audience seating were astonished at what had happened.

{…Say, what on earth happened just now?} (Magna)

{It is [Impact], Magna-sensei. I’ve seen that when I practiced together with him. Even so, I didn’t think he was able to use ten of it at the same time…} (Mark)

{This much is only natural for Sirius-sama.} (Emilia)

“Aniki! As I expected!” (Reus)

While the students were stunned, Rodwell threw [Flame Lance]s again and I intercepted in the same way earlier and shot it down. After that was repeated twice, Rodwell stopped his magic and matched his eyes with Magna-sensei’s.

{Everyone, good eyes are needed to intercept magic but are you aware Sirius-kun invoked his magic chantlessly? He wasn’t taught by anybody but it appears that he learned it by himself.} (Magna)

It seems those are the words prepared for the students who don’t understand even if they look. Hearing those words, the students who realized about it were surprised again but this is just the beginning.

“Huhu… isn’t it simply becoming a warm up with this degree? Well then, shall I raise the difficulty a bit!?” (Rodwell)

Whether the tension is rising or not, Rodwell invoked [Multi Elemental], like that which was used against Gregory and others.

Spear of fire, ball of water, blade of wind and lump of stone appeared, three of each. And then, Rodwell launched them while waving his arm at the same time. I can intercept [Flame Lance]s and [Rock Bullet]s with [Impact] but since it has poor effect on the ball of water and blade of wind, I purposely avoid aiming at those.

“Strafe [Impact]!” (Sirius)

Extending both hands, I fired off [Impact] and collided with the magic fired at me from the front.

Speaking concretely, I only evade the ball of water and the blade of wind while intercepting spear of fire and lump of stone with [Impact]. Since I avoided it while moving around the ring, the aftermath of Rodwell magic fired flew at the audience seating but it was all prevented by the barrier. The audience seating were safe because of the barrier but the students understood that Rodwell didn’t cut corners by seeing how the countless magic hit the barrier violently.

{Err… It look like he sometimes flies in the air, why is that?} (Magna)

{He’s flying by using [Rock Bullet] as a foothold. If it’s like Reus’ sword, Sirius-sama can handle it easily.} (Emilia)

{…Amazing. If it’s me, it’s too many for me to defend. How on earth can you evade such fierce attacks?} (Mark)

{Everything is a result of training. That person continued to constantly train himself and never forget to put up great effort. We siblings are not able to touch him even if we siblings attack at the same time. He has no problem with that degree of attack.” (Emilia)

Let alone the siblings, Reese also sometimes joined the fight. If I compared this with avoiding Emilia’s blade of wind and Reese’s countless bullets of water while dealing with Reus’ sword, this is easy.

Whether Rodwell noticed about my use of the rock bullegs or not, he increased the number of magic and he fired off when it’s nearly 30 spells but everything was evaded.

This situation continued for a while, and when I had gotten used to Rodwell’s style, he suddenly changed the way he moved. When I thought the number of [Rock Bullet] was decreasing, the soil under my feet rose and began to stop my movement. Furthermore, another wall of soil appeared in front of me and the previous soil movement was stopped. I was aimed at that moment but I successfully avoided by leaping to the sides.

“Is it [Create]? What a clever action…” (Sirius)

“Though I can’t use it for offense, it has enough effect if it used in this situation. Either way, you can’t defeat me just by evading, you know?” (Rodwell)

Even though I used that tactic aiming for him to be exhausted in mana, he still had it a lot from looking at his condition. Rodwell was serious and it seemed even the students understood too, so let’s begin the assault.

“[Boost]” (Sirius)

Since it’s easy to evade magic with strengthened body, I intercepted his magic by firing [Impact] at the opponent. However, Rodwell made full use of step and avoided it, and returned the favor by firing his magic. Is it normal to cast magic while moving? ‘Mobile artillery’ is a troublesome thing.

“Although I can still attack while moving, it’s not easy to aim, you know.” (Rodwell)

“I get it! [String]” (Sirius)

I made wide hand swing, flicked the thick magic string that I made like a whip and attacked Rodwell while tearing up the ground. The opponent was caught off guard but it was easily avoided since it’s a frontal attack.

“I was surprised. Indeed, to use [String] like that… No, I’m surprised how you make string with such strength.” (Rodwell)

“Thank you. But, my attack is not over yet, you know?” (Sirius)

I’m going to lead the opponent by hitting the [String] to the center where the stand-by [Impact] which had been installed here and there in the arena. There were several installed [Impact] spoiled due to the aftermath of earlier magic assault but since the [Impact] is completely connected to the [String], it is possible to launched them simultaneously with one indication.

While I evaded a lot earlier by running around the arena, it was actually for that reason. Rodwell who was concentrating on offensive came to my direction and noticed there were other mana in surrounding area besides his own mana.

“This is…by no means, was it also done behind the scene?” (Rodwell)

“That’s right. [Impact] from all directions… can you evade it?” (Sirius)
I poured my mana through the [String], and there were approximately thirty [Impact] aimed and fired at Rodwell.

{A-amazing. All magic that Sirius-kun use are non-attribute magic but it’s totally different from the non-attribute magic that I know. Perhaps, is that probably different magic?} (Magna)

{No, that’s not correct. The magic that Sirius-sama shot is certainly [Impact] and [String]. He told us many times that everything is about ‘Image’.} (Emilia)

{I heard about that too. I was taught about what kind of changes when ‘Image’-ing deeply and strongly on the magic that I always use with common sense instinctively. I had some troubles but because of him, I was able to grow even further.” (Mark)

In regards to the [Impact]s that came from all directions, Rodwell prevented it by immediately enclosing himself in a dome-shaped of [Earth Shield]. Since the [Impact]s this time were thrown with certain power, I thought the [Earth Shield] would crumble if I concentrate the [Impact]s but it was stood strong even getting hit.

I think that may be because of the difference in mana used, however there was small amount of crumbled rock from one part of [Earth Shield]. He was… using the same principle as the [Earth Shield] that I showed during [Trade] match. To do it after looking it once…

“Although this was learned by watching others, it is a splendid protective wall. And it’s a way to use [Earth Shield] too.” (Rodwell)

When I thought the remaining wall of rock can be broken easily, a broken piece came flying to my direction. The flying rock seems similar to [Rock Bullet] but to turn it from defense to offense, that’s why he excels in both defense and offense magic.

I evaded it by leaping to the side but the moment I did it, my feet were brought down to the ground.

“As you surprised me, I shall surprise you also.” (Rodwell)

It was too late when I noticed it. A big pitfall was made by [Create] and I fell down ungracefully since I lost my foothold. I thought of using [Air Step] but it would be troublesome if people know I could fly. Since there is no harm to fall down into the hole made, I obediently fell down.

The depth of the hole wasn’t that deep. I was going to escape immediately from vertical pitfall of that degree but then I realized it was impossible after looking at the sky. There was a boulder bigger than the pitfall fell and blocked the entrance.

{W-will he be alright? Isn’t bad if we don’t help him immediately?} (Mark)

{Unless it is something from the external source, he will be alright. It is something that I do too but it is quite severe method. Since you will be crushed if you enlarge the hole to escape, it would be difficult to escape unless you break the boulder with single blow.} (Magna)

{Sirius-sama will be fine. It is because he can crushes the boulder at that level.} (Emilia)

{Hmmm… although it is a big boulder, Sirius-kun probably can do it with [Impact]. So, don’t worry.} (Mark)

{That’s right. With that level of boulder, it is going to be easy. He has destroyed a bigger bolder with his bare hands.} (Emilia)

{…What did you say? Did I hear… with his bare hand s?} (Mark?)

{Yes, with his bare hands. After strengthening body with [Boost], his fist is protected by mana and he shattered it with single blow.” (Emilia)

{{…}} (Magna/Mark)

Now, I can escape by crushing the boulder according to the live coverage but when I sensed through [Search] , Rodwell seemed was waiting with prepared magic. Even if I destroy the boulder and go out of here, I will be aimed without reserve at that moment. Therefore, I was not going to escape immediately because of that. I took out a tool from breast pocket and prepared it.

Since the hole isn’t considered a trap by itself, it is possible to work out the plan. In case I ever use this strategy, I think I should either fill the hole with water or make spears of soil at the bottom of the hole.

As I finished the preparation, I hit the boulder that covered the hole with [Impact] and activated the drawn magic formation at the same time.

The boulder crushed with thunderous roar and a dust rose covering the vicinity Without delaying any moment, Rodwell used [Wind] to blew the dust and when he was going to attack with prepared magic… I wasn’t there anymore.

“What’s the matter? Couldn’t you end it with that level of assault?” (Sirius)

“There is no such thing!” (Rodwell)

Stopping at the position, the students who sat on the audience seating were on the higher ground probably noticed this. At the same time when the boulder that covered the hole destroyed, there was a hole appeared behind Rodwell.

I drew [Create] magic formation inside the hole and I made secret passage which reach to his rear location when I crushed the boulder to drew his attention. I jumped from the hole I made and took a bit distance. Then, I pointed my index finger at Rodwell’s back who was turning.

The projectile speed of [Impact] is slow so I shoot [Magnum]. He won’t die even if he get hit directly because I didn’t ‘Image’ it with a live bullet but a rubber bullet.

The [Magnum] which I fired hit the defenseless Rodwell’s back… No, it was resisted by something just before it hit. When I saw it, wind swirled around Rodwell and it seemed to flip the [Magnum]. Although I didn’t shoot seriously, wasn’t it a foul play to repel [Magnum]?

“Headmaster…did you use that?” (Magna)

“What on earth is that wind? To think that’s it’s possible to make a wind that can repel Sirius-kun’s [Impact].” (Mark)

“That was the ability of the mantle that headmaster put on. Though it consumes huge amount of mana, once it is invoked, a wind swirls for short while like just now to protect against projectile assault. I thought he won’t use it but with that much, the headmaster is probably serious.” (Magna)

“…Such magic tool exist too, huh.” (Emilia)

I have no intention to say it was childish. Even I used a tool to draw the magic formation and besides, I have few more hidden in my pocket. There are differences in the tool’s design but we are equal in this regard.

Since the main objective to display the possibilities of magic has already been achieved, it’s no longer necessary to hold back.

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“My judgment was correct when I invoked it. Fortunately I was cautious. You are really not following common sense.” (Rodwell)

“It’s not about not following the common sense. It just it didn’t occur to you guys, right? It is unfair that I am seen with such judgment.” (Sirius)

“Dear me, you are surely right. That statement made the ears hurt. I wonder what kind of revolution I might bring If I study magic together with you.” (Rodwell)

“I am colorless so I may be troubled if you expect too much. Then, now…” (Sirius)

“Indeed. It won’t be a match anymore but true fight.” (Rodwell)

The fight until now is just for demonstration.

We shook each other’s hands and did fresh start once. However, I should try to suggest one thing before we began.

“I have something to worry a bit but isn’t this place more favorable for you?” (Sirius)

“Hmmm… you are right but even if we change the location, won’t the battle damages the surroundings since there is no barrier?” (Rodwell)

The arena has holes made here and there due to the aftermath of magic but since there is no basic cover, Rodwell who is good at magic, has an advantage.

In regard to the jobs of my previous life, I used numerous situational tactics and utilized the terrain. And I have handicap since I can’t use [Magnum] seriously.

“Will it be alright if I more or less tamper the arena to some extent, so I can have advantage? It won’t take too much time.

“Alright. I won’t stop you if you can do it. Besides. I want to see your seriousness.” (Rodwell)

“Thank you very much. Well, then…” (Sirius)

I took out magic stone from different breast pocket and bend down. I put the stone on the ground’s surface, extend my hand on top of it and filled it with mana. What I depicted on the magic stone was [Create], so after I filled it with mana to its limit, I invoked the magic formation.

“[Create]… critical!”” (Sirius)

The magic stone shattered with those words and was scattered. Enormous mana ran through the ground of the ring, and an earthquake took place. The surrounding grounds either sank or began to rise, the once flat ring changed completely to a rough rocky area with extreme differences in elevation.

As I recovered from mana exhaustion, I stood up and saw Rodwell being surprised.

“One drawback of magic stone is they break after being used once but how is this?” (Sirius)

“How…well, no one can stay calm when they see this. I am amazed and there is nothing else to say.” (Rodwell)

Saying that he was amazed but he seemed delighted with that wide smile on his face.

In addition to spend huge amount of mana to the point of exhaustion, an expensive magic stone is lost. One won’t do it if they are not a rich researcher. For me to be calm after doing such foolish deed, it was probably due to irresistible amusement.

“I have another stone, should I return the arena to its original state?” (Sirius)

“No, for you to break magic stone, it is the place that you made. It’s not a problem for me here.” (Rodwell)

When I noticed it, the audience became silent and the eyes that glared at me were no longer glaring, even a bit.

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We got ready for battle, and laughed together.

“Well, then… shall we go for round two?” (Sirius)

“Yeah, I’ll go all out.” (Rodwell)

With those words as a signal, Rodwell concentrated his mana while I invoked [Boost] and kicked the ground.





Though everyone fell silent watching the fierce struggle of the two, there were several people who didn’t read the mood.

“Aniki! Go for it!” (Reus)

“Err, the one who held a voice…” (??)

{So cool, Sirius-sama! Wonderful!} (Emilia)

{Emilia-kun… I am as happy as you but…} (Mark?)

“Come on, go for it Sirius-kun! Give Ojii-sama a good score!” (Lifell)

“Lifell-sama, please have a little modesty…” (Senia?)

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    .V/  /〉    Nepu!!!

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    1. Teddy Westside

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    2. Ori

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  5. Teddy Westside

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      “Rodwell is a handsome elf with the physical characteristics of Long ears, pear white skin, and dazzling blond hair. His face is also well structured, so much so that he wouldn’t appear to be someone beyond four hundred years old.”

      So the age he looks isn’t wrong. They seem to be going with the model that elves live either a huge amount of time, or don’t age period, and are therefore always youthful and attractive even after 400 years.

      Well, I don’t think the illustrator got everything right for this work (though I have seen much worse), especially seeing as how his combat outfit seems to have been removed from the illustrations (and possibly the text of the light novel too) completely, with him shown wearing his school uniform in all pictures. Even when he saved Reese, it just shows him having worn a white mask and switching his school robe for a white one, with the same clothes worn underneath.
      Maybe the editor though it would look silly and had him take it out? Though I pretty much see Sirius’ agent outfit as looking like the sneaking suits from Metal Gear Solid, so I think they could be made to look pretty good if the illustrator was up to it?


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    I am confident that Sirius-sama will win
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    “dust rose covering the vicinity Without” (lowercase w) ->without
    “No, for you to break magic stone,”->Insert “a”->”No, for you to break a magic stone,”


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