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Aiming to be an Adventurer

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I’ve lived in Elysion for a little over four years now.

Reus had his thirteenth birthday yesterday, I turned thirteen myself a few days earlier.

In this world, turning thirteen means the number of locations where you are allowed to register and work at drastically increases.

So, we went to the Adventurer’s Guild as soon as we could.

What is the Adventurer’s Guild?

Various guilds exist in this world, each with a branch located in most population centers. This is because, apart from it being beneficial to the guilds themselves, having these guilds in a city brings wealth and prosperity to it, aiding with development. The two exceptions to this rule are the Mage’s Guild, which deals exclusively with magic-related matters and persons, and the Merchant’s Guild. The Merchant’s Guild focuses mainly on trade-and-barter systems and, obviously, merchants.

To save a lengthy explanation, since that would take too much time, suffice it to say that the Adventurer’s Guild is a place where you can take commissions for monster subjugation. It is a necessary existence for groundless wanderers, so that they can have an income. If we wish to travel after school, registering is a requirement.

While there are plenty of requirements for joining, the only one that posed an issue was the age restriction; you have to be thirteen before they will allow you to register. Since Emilia is a year older than both Reus and I, she could’ve registered last year. She declined though, preferring to register with me.

Anyhow, since both Reus and I are thirteen, the three of us came to register finally. Unexpectedly, someone else tagged along.

“By the way, Reese, are you certain that you want to register as well? I thought you disliked fighting monsters; you never try to defeat any.” (Sirius)

“That is certainly true, but I think I’ll be alright now. I’ve grown a lot stronger in the past few years, and… my mother registered, so I think I want to as well.” (Reese)

“That reminds me, she was an adventurer as well, wasn’t she? Well, I suppose there’s no harm in you registering, you can make money without needing to fight, after all.” (Sirius)

I’ve heard from Zack that while the primary focus of the Adventurer’s Guild is monster subjugation, the requests that are actually submitted vary quite a bit, some straying far from that intended purpose. I think that the Adventurer’s Guild is a good thing, since it handles all kinds of requests.

“Finally, we can earn money with our own hands.” (Emilia)

“Do you have something you are eager to buy? You can discuss with me if you’d like, since you have your own allowance, you know?” (Sirius)

I earn our current income by selling information and new products to Galgan Company. I then spend some of that money on Emilia’s and Reus’ food expenses and daily necessities, and additionally, I give them a little bit for an allowance every month.

I’ve yearned to do my best. I don’t want to be stingy with raising the disciples, but I don’t wish to spoil them either. So, while I haven’t held back when it came to necessities, I haven’t been spending money on trivial things.

“No, I’m fine because I can earn money myself. I don’t wish to be seen as a spoiled child by Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“That’s right. We will make lots and lots of money and support Aniki. We can eat anything even if Aniki is not doing anything.” (Reus)

“I don’t want to be a pimp…” (Sirius)

After all, I don’t plan to let them do whatever they please to earn income.

That barely had an obsession with money until now… to think they had such a reason for wanting to earn some. I don’t want to feel like a parent with a dutiful child, you know!? I’m not ready for that….

“If we think Sirius-sama can live abundantly while we earn income, the motivation to do that will go up endlessly.” (Emilia)

“Defeating monsters, earning money, and returning home to eat Aniki’s cooking in the evening. It sounds like a great life.” (Reus)

Oi Reus, that sounds less like a servant’s life, and more like one of a salary man’s, you know? Moreover, aren’t you resigning me to being a stay-at-home dad?

Regardless, I don’t plan to become a pimp, so I will have to convince them to work moderately. That may take a while, unfortunately.

The Adventurer’s Guild branch here in Elysion lies in the center of the capital.

We haven’t been here before, since there wasn’t any reason to come unless to register, and we couldn’t do that until recently. So, this is in fact our first time seeing it.

Inside the building is a bar where plenty of people, both human and beastkin, are sitting down, drinking and chatting; that kind of expected scene plays out.

Looking around the interior of the building, I can see that most of the inhabitants are adults. As expected, since we are just children, we draw plenty of attention. We advance forward as though we don’t notice, stopping finally in front of a counter with a sign above that read “Reception”.

Customers were gathered in a huddle in front of the counter, all waiting for a receptionist to call them forward..

“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild, Elysion branch!” (Receptionist)

The receptionist was a female catkin. She greeted us with a business smile, putting a black form on the table before continuing.

“If you are here to place a request for the guild, please fill out the details on this form, including task and monetary reward. If you are here to purchase or sell materials, I’m afraid this isn’t the correct counter, the one you are looking for is over there.” (Receptionist)

“Thank you, however we’ve come today to register, not to make a request.” (Sirius)

Her business smile didn’t cease, however a listless expression flickered across her face quickly. I picked it up before she could return to professional form. The receptionist looked at all of us, she finally looked at me and asked apologetically…

“Just to confirm, would you mind providing your age? You are aware that it is a requirement for all interested parties to be at the age of thirteen, correct?” (Receptionist)

“Yes, I know. All four of us are at or above the age of thirteen, so please don’t mind it.” (Sirius)

“Is that so? I apologize, you looked very young for… some reason. I just wanted to ensure that you were old enough.” (Receptionist)

Reese is one year older than me, and looks appropriate for her age. Comparatively though, both Emilia and Reus are both taller than me, with Reus being taller than me by a whole head already. This is largely attributed to them being beastkin, but regardless of that, all of them look like adults when standing next to me. Since I am so much shorter than the three of them, it is easy to mistake us for a lazy noble accompanied by his servant entourage. It seems like it would be easy to consider me an illegitimate son of some rich noble.

“It’s your job, so I don’t mind. Is it alright for us to register?” (Sirius)

“Yes, everything seems to be fine. Fill out this form with the necessary information, and a silver coin will be charged as a fee for this transaction.” (Receptionist)

“Sure, no problem.” (Sirius)

We get four forms from the female receptionist, filling it out with things like our names and ages, as expected. There were also sections for preferred weapons, and weapon proficiencies, and Reese hesitated when she reached this section of the form.

“Err, I don’t use weapons, so what should I put here?” (Reese)

“If you specialize in or prefer to use magic, you can just leave that section blank.” (Receptionist)

“I should write down knife-wielding alongside Sirius-sama, right?” (Emilia)

“But Nee-chan, Aniki can use swords as well, you know? Shouldn’t he write down swords as well?” (Reus)

“No, his weapon choice is the same as mine, Knives!” (Emilia)

“It’s sword, a sword!” (Reus)

“Don’t fight over trivial things, you two.” (Sirius)

Ignoring the person in question just because you want to compete over who is closer to me, please don’t act so foolishly.

In general I use a knife, but that doesn’t mean that my fighting style revolves around having a knife. Since it would be troublesome to pick one over the other, I instead pick multiple types, including taijutsu.

After I finished filling out the form and dealing with the corresponding bickering between the siblings, I handed in the form to the receptionist. She grabbed out a device used to measure magical attributes from underneath the desk, intending to measure our aptitude and ability with said attributes.

“Next, I’m going to check your attribute’s aptitude directly. It’s very rare for a person not to know their attribute, but for the sake of registering, we must determine it with this method at least once. Well then, Emilia-sama, please.” (Receptionist)

After handing over the form, Emilia touched the tool and the crystal glittered with green color. The brightness of her color has increased since the last time I saw it; proof that her mana pool has increased dramatically since then.

The receptionist was surprised for a moment, not expecting the orb to shine so brightly. She immediately corrected herself, though, jotting notes down on paper.

“It seems Emilia-sama has quite the large mana pool, and there is no mistaking her attribute – wind type. Now, who is next…” (Receptionist)

This process continued on with both Reese and Reus, and we began to gather the attention of the surrounding people. Finally, it was my turn…

“Lastly is Sirius-sama but… are you certain that you filled this form out correctly?” (Receptionist)

“Yes, it is as I wrote.” (Sirius)

“Understood. Err… this may just be my own opinion, but wouldn’t you think it better to go do this in private? If you’d like, I can borrow a room in the back, and explain your situation.” (Receptionist)

We have gathered plenty of attention on us, so she is speaking in a tone that leaves most unable to hear. I know very well the stigma against colorless people, so I imagine that this is her way of trying to help me. As expected of a receptionist, even knowing how to handle rowdy adventurers preemptively.

“Thank you very much. However, since that sounds like it would be troublesome, I’m fine with right here.” (Sirius)

“Is that so? Then, please extend your hand.” (Reception)

When I put my hand on the sphere, it emitted a brightness superior to that of either of my disciples. I went to remove my hand too slowly, and before I could react, a dull crack ‘sound’ was heard as the orb split open.

…Did I train my mana a bit too much? Since my mana recovery is abnormally fast, I was training it to the point of exhaustion multiple times a day..

While we may have been attracting attention before, by now we had the undivided attention of all of the members in the bar. While everyone else remained silent in the face of such an event, the siblings proudly stuck their chest out, boasting.

“Aniki is amazing after all!” (Reus)

“That’s natural if it’s Sirius-sama. Nobody can say a word in the face of such splendor.” (Emilia)

“You know, Emilia, I think they were just shocked, no splendor involved.” (Sirius)

The receptionist at the back seems to have regained her sanity, she straightened her hair before coughing lightly and continuing. I wonder if hearing the voices of the siblings snapped her back to reality?

“S-since this tool has been used for many years, it must have broken from use. It’s alright, I was able to confirm the attribute after all, yep.” (Receptionist)

She tried to pass it off as a faulty machine, but I don’t mind. It would be troublesome if I had to explain things, so I let it slide..

After completing the form and the attribute assessment, we were informed that the next segment would be a practical skills test of sorts. It seems the proctor is a veteran adventurer, and if we can clear his assignment, then we should be done with registering for the guild.

Since the instructor was resting in the back of the building, and it would take a while to prepare the assessment, we waited a short distance from the reception counter. During that time, the other people inside gradually got over their shock from the previous assessment, and returned to staring suspiciously at us. Suddenly, the female receptionist turned my way and asked me a question.

“Err.. this is just a personal inquiry, but are you guys all students of the academy?” (Receptionist)

“That’s right, is there an issue?” (Sirius)

“No no, it’s understandable that your mana pool would be that large if you were a student of the academy.” (Receptionist)

As soon as they understand that we are students of the school, the suspicious glances of nearby people became softer. I had heard that the academy was popular, but I didn’t imagine that it would be to this extent.

The academy is highly appreciated, even here huh? As the surrounding populace was admiring the “Cake Master”, a middle-aged man approached us. Although he was wearing common adventurer gear, of average quality, he gave off an air of intimidation. It was the kind of air that only an experience veteran could give off. He was probably the instructor.

“Well, four people… is it? You guys are the children who came to register, right?” (??)

“Yes. You are the person in charge of the practical skill exam, correct? By any chance, are you a former adventurer?” (Sirius)

“That’s right. Yes, I am a former adventurer. Though, that’s all in the past. I jumped at the opportunity to retire and work here as an instructor of sorts. First of all, why don’t we start by introducing ourselves? My name is Reed, but while we are here, I’d prefer that you refer to me as Instructor Reed.” (Reed)

“Understood. My name is Sirius. Well then, these children here are…” (Sirius)

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Once I finished introducing the disciples, Instructor Reed took us to the training ground behind the building. It doesn’t differ all that much from the training ground at the academy, with the distinct exception of there being novice adventurers training here alongside students.

We lined up in a corner next to some clay dummies in the shape of a human, likely made with earth magic, and we were given the instructions for the practical skill exam.

“When registering for the Adventurer’s Guild, it is necessary for you to display your fighting ability openly. Starting in a moment, you will have to prove your strength and skill, and I will determine if you belong in the Adventurer’s Guild.” (Reed)

“How should we display our strength? Should we fight with Instructor Reed?” (Emilia)

“It depends on the situation. To start, I’d like for you to show off the magical or physical talents and weapon skills you described on the forms. If I feel that you are lacking somewhere, I will advise you.” (Reed)

“I don’t use any weapons, so is it fine for me to use magic exclusively?” (Reese)

“Aah, that’s right. This is simply to test you to see if you can fight at all. However, if you are looking for my advice as a veteran, I would say use whatever you have at your disposal, provided you don’t cross the line and cause mana exhaustion.” (Reed)

“Err… can Aikido be considered a weapon?” (Emilia)

“Aikido? I’m not quite sure what that is, but please feel free to show me later. Well then, let’s begin. First is… Reus.” (Reed)

“Ouu!” (Reus)

Instructor Reed called out his name while looking at his form. As Reus was moving out into the field, Reed got a good look at his back and called him over.

“… You wrote that you are proficient in swordsmanship, but can you really lift the sword that is strapped to your back?” (Reed)

“That’s right. Its name is ‘Silver Fang’.” (Reus)

“If it’s okay, would you let me hold it?” (Reed)

“Sure.” (Reus)

It may look light, but the greatsword was actually weighed in at over 40 kg. Reus lifted it with a single hand and passed it to Instructor Reed. To his credit, Reed didn’t succumb to the weight of the sword, and while it took a moment, he gradually adjusted to it.

“This is… heavy, but it’s a magnificent sword.” (Reed)

“That is my partner. Grant-Jiichan made it.” (Reus)

“You mean… that Grant!? Hmmm… Certainly, the sword couldn’t be the way it is unless it were made by the best blacksmith. I’m admittedly interested in your companion, but why would you choose to use such a large sword?” (Reed)

“It would be difficult to use Jii-chan’s sword technique if I were using a common or light sword. Should I slice the target now?” (Reus)

“Yes, please. I don’t know who apprenticed you, but I’ll have you demonstrate your technique now, if you will.” (Reed)

After receiving his sword back from Instructor Reed, Reus stood in front of the target and took the ‘Hard Break’ style’s stance. Taking a deep breath, Reus swung the sword down towards the target, and… pulverized. It’s completely shattered into tiny pieces.

Adventurers training in the surrounding area and the instructor both stopped to stare at that sight.

“…I’ve made a mistake.” (Reus)

“W-what mistake?” (Reed)

“I planned to make a clean cut, but I mistakenly pulverized it.” (Reus)

‘Hard Break – One Hand Style’ is a technique where you swing the sword with all of your might. It may seem straightforward, but… it’s a technique that is necessary to study thoroughly to use properly. He slipped up while swinging slightly, dispersing the momentum and making the stroke one of brute force, shattering the target instead of cutting it. It would be a sure-kill technique if used on a person, but the result this time was clearly a result of an inexperienced user. Lior would rage if he saw this scene.

Even while fragments were still flying, Reus turned to Instructor Reed to ask for a do-over.

“May I do it one more time? I’ll cut it in half cleanly this time.” (Reus)

“Wait, wait a sec! It’s already fine! I see that you’re strong already! Rather, why do you have such excessive strength!?” (Reed)

“I would feel bad if I stopped at this, and besides, Jii-san would be able to cut the wall behind the target as well.” (Reus)

“I beg of you, stop please! You don’t need to show many any further!” (Reed)

“I would feel hurt if I stopped here, I’ll just do it real quick.” (Reus)

“Stop it, Reus.” (Sirius)

“Ouu!” (Reus)

Reus retreated with just a word of mine, sheathing his sword on his back. Seeing that Reus had somehow withdrawn, Instructor Reed let out a sigh of relief as he jotted things down on some paper.

“I have never met such an absurd student, but… anyway, you pass. If we are talking about the you right now, you could probably defeat a Jya-Ora Snake..” (Reed)

“Oh, a Jya-Ora Snake? I cut one the other day.” (Reus)

“… Next is Emilia. Please demonstrate your fighting aptitude, using some combination of magic or weaponry.” (Reed)

By the way, the Jya-Ora Snake is a type of snake monster that lives in lakes slightly away from Elysion. It has hard scales that resist half-hearted swings of a sword, and it moves in erratic ways, making it a tough monster for even intermediate adventurers to fight.

Back when we had come to Elysion for the first time, the owner of the inn ‘Spring Breeze’s Perch” asked for help getting Jya-Ora Snake meat, so we killed it. Like he said, while we stopped the snake’s movements, Reus cut it in half.

To be an intermediate adventurer that has such a hard time with the monster, and then to have a small child who hadn’t yet become an adventurer say that he has already killed one? Perhaps he pretended to not hear it, but more likely the Instructor had to turn away to save what was left of his pride after that comment, be it true or not.

“It’s my turn now. Should I attack the next target?” (Emilia)

“Aah. You have written wind magic and knife talent, so it would be helpful if you could display both.” (Reed)

“Understood. Well then… I’m going!” (Emilia)

Emilia threw several throwing knives that she took from her chest at the target, each finding its mark in the joints between limbs on the target. Those would seal the target’s movement if this were a real battle, and then she finished off the target with an [Air Shot] to the chest, destroying it utterly and completely.

Regardless of the mechanism used, the final state of her target was the same as Reus’.

“Will that be alright?” (Emilia)

“…Y-you’ve passed. Next is Reese” (Reed)

There didn’t seem to have an opening to give advice because of Emilia’s quality of performance, and he seemed to prefer not thinking about it any further. Next was Reese’s turn, but she was a bit nervous, so I poked her shoulder to make her relax.

“With Reese’s ability, there will be no problem. It will be alright if you act as you normally would.” (Sirius)

“Y-yes!” (Reese)

She took a deep breath, before aiming her palms at the target. Shooting balls of water from her palms, elementary level [Aqua] spells, she created a water sphere larger than normal to surround the target. Typically, a spell of that level would generate a sphere no larger than a basketball. Her spell, on the other hand, was capable of creating a sphere of water large enough to encompass the entire target.

Swallowing the target entirely, the pressure inside the water sphere was enough to turn the soil into mud. By the time Reese canceled her spell, all that was left of her target was a pile of mud.

“Err… originally, I had planned to keep the water sphere surrounding it until it would have drowned, but since I turned it to mud, I canceled the spell.” (Reese)

“… Though water magic is typically not thought of as an offensive magic, there are indeed ways to use it as such, like what you demonstrated. By the way, what is that Aikido you mentioned earlier?” (Reed)

“I will demonstrate it rather than try to explain with words. Will you assist me, Reus?” (Reese)

“Understood, is it alright if I use punches?” (Reus)

“Please.” (Reese)

Reus threw a punch at Reese, but she quickly grabbed his wrist and swept his legs out from under him, finishing by tossing him onto the ground. Reus immediately stood up, brushing the dust off of himself, no wounds caused by the bout. Reese’s defense was nearly perfect, and she was able to throw another person, who was much heavier than herself, with ease!

The instructor stared at the scene that played out before him, impressed by the techniques that could so easily trip or throw an opponent down, regardless of weight.

“This is Aikido. Throwing by using opponent’s strength, it is a technique that can be used by those who don’t have strength.” (Reese)

“Though it is splendid technique, it seems very difficult. Who on earth taught you this?” (Reed)

“I was taught by Sirius-san here.” (Reese)

“You?” (Reed)

“Yes, that’s right. I myself am colorless, and thus have created Aikido to support myself; with a focus on training and technique instead of simply raw magical power.” (Sirius)

“Is that so… you’re colorless, huh? To create such a splendid technique, I wonder what kind of hardships you have been through.” (Reed)

The instructor looked at me with pity in his eyes because of my lies, but the truth is I haven’t really suffered any hardships.

After that, he took a look at the form that I filled in, it seems the receptionist added various things and he was surprised when look at it.

“Age is… thirteen years old. What, the magic tool was broken because of the size of his mana pool!? Although if this is true, him being colorless… is a cruel fate.” (Reed)

“I have a question, is that magic tool broken easily?” (Emilia)

“As long as I’ve been alive, none of those magic tools have been broken unless they were defective. There are stories about magic masters breaking the magic tools, but as a colorless, that is simply cruel.” (Reed)

I continuously strive and make an effort to be my best, but I must admit that Rodwell has much more mana than I do, even despite having lived two lives. Even not considering that he is a ‘Triple’, Rodwell is certainly the superior magic user.

Yet, when I think of this ‘magic master’, why do I only think of one who lusts over cake?

“And your weapon proficiency… is jujutsu? Do you not use weapons?” (Reed)

“I use them, but since my fighting style changes based on the situation, it is hard to select a single weapon. If I had to choose, most often I use a knife, I guess?” (Sirius)

“Hmm… looking at those three earlier, it seems you are not an ordinary person. I’m sorry, but would you mind having a mock battle with me?” (Reed)

“I don’t mind. What are the rules?” (Sirius)

“The victory condition is either getting a fatal blow, or making your opponent concede. I’m not using any weapons, and I’ll be going easy on you, but please feel free to go all out against me.” (Reed)

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We took some distance from each other, raising our hands.

Now, I was asked for a mock battle before I realized it, but how should I approach this? Since the purpose is to display Jujitsu, I can’t use magic. At the same time, I don’t want to reveal too much. I suppose I should end it with a single breath?

I took a low posture and charged towards him, aiming at his feet, but Instructor Reed predicted that and threw his fist to intercept. I gripped his hand, rotated once and threw him in a fashion similar to how Reese had thrown Reus earlier. Surprisingly, despite only seeing the example once, he has already thought of a method to counter it. Rather than resisting the force, he went with it and used the momentum to land on his feet instead of his back. Additionally, he used his strength to keep me from separating from him and prepare for another attack.

As I expected of a veteran adventurer, he’s done well. That said, it was a bad idea to not separate from me, you know? Since he didn’t separate from me, I decide to twist around.

Fixing his hand and forearm between my legs, his body bent close to me as I pushed his thumb towards his hand. It’s a splendid technique to decide a battle. The instructor was agonized over the pain, dropping to the ground and visibly hurt, but I didn’t release the technique.

This is copied from the martial arts known as wrestling; it’s the ‘Arm Bar’ technique.

I chose this technique because it gave me an all out advantage. It isn’t easy to escape this technique, even with a vast difference in physique between the competitors. Furthermore, it can very easily hurt an amateur if they try to force their way out of the hold, so it is effective at restricting people.

I whisper to Instructor Reed while he lays there with a grimace on his face…

“Will you give up?” (Sirius)

“Uuuhh.. I’ll give up…” (Reed)

With this, all of us successfully registered with the Adventurer’s Guild.

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After that, we sat in the lobby waiting to receive Adventurer’s Guild Registered Cards… in short, guild cards.

By the way, even though Instructor Reed was defeated by a child, he didn’t mind at all. Rather, he praised the techniques I used and even asked to be taught some of them. There’s no mistaking it, he’s a good person for not judging me poorly for being a colorless, even with all of the time he has spent here. I’d like to stay on good terms with such a person.

Since it takes a while for the cards to be prepared, the receptionist gave me an explanation of various functions within the guild and applications of the guild card, while we waited.

“There is special magic formation drawn on the guild card. First, you have to drop a bit of blood on the magic formation. After doing so, the card will attune itself to your mana, thus being bound to you. It also serves as a form of identification for this reason.” (Receptionist)

After being told various things, I can summarize it as below;

Our guild cards can be used everywhere, since branches of the Adventurer’s Guild exist all over the world.

There is a ranking system with the cards, that you are entered into the moment you receive yours. Achievements regarding subjugation quests and completing tasks will be registered by the card, allowing you to earn points and advance your rank. So, while a person may be perceived as a beginner adventure based on any number of criteria, the guild card has it’s own specific system to determine experience. Those who have just registered are given the tenth rank, and are considered beginner adventurers. Intermediate status begins from the sixth rank onwards, and the pinnacle is the first rank. Finally, your rank is what determines the requests you are allowed to take on.

“Thank you for waiting. The card is ready, so please put a little bit of your blood on the card to register it to you personally.” (Receptionist)

Although the card is made from wood, it is flexible and doesn’t seem to break easily. Right now the card is made from wood, but as you rank up the material supposedly changes. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

When we dropped blood on the card as instructed, the magic formation on the card glittered as the registration process was finalized.

“Congratulations. With this, your registration process is complete. Since you will be charged several silver coins for a card reissue, please be careful not to lose it.” (Receptionist)

“Understood. Then, here are the silver coins for cards.” (Sirius)

I took four silver coins from the chest, and handed it over to the receptionist. Reese wanted to cover it herself, but I told her to think of it as a willing expense for my pupils, and she gave in.

The receptionist took the silver coins, putting them away under the desk. Then, she looked back at us with a serious expression.

“Hmmm… some personal advice. Lately I’ve been hearing rumors of new adventurers disappearing unnaturally. You all, please be careful.” (Receptionist)

I see, was that the cause of the gloomy feelings that I’d seen when we said we wanted to register? She probably saw off many newcomers, and then would hear later that they never returned.

After giving advice, the receptionist went back to her usual smile and showed us how to find requests for newcomers like us.

We haven’t run into trouble with money yet, and since we aren’t in any hurry to raise our rank, we left immediately. I had already made plans to run to Galgan Company after we finished with our registration, so we started to head there.

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While walking the downtown, the disciples seemed happy looking at the guild card. It’s normal for the siblings, but for Reese of all people to be this excited. She yearns to be an adventurer because of her mother, but I think there may be more to it than that.

“You seem really happy, Reese-ane.” (Reus)

“Everyone is happy, but with Reese’s mother having been an adventurer too, I’m sure Reese is more excited than most.” (Sirius)

“It’s true that I am happy because I was able to become an adventurer like Kaa-san, it’s true. However, I feel like a part of me is also happy for becoming independent, probably?” (Reese)

“Isn’t Reese-ane another person? Like you are called as ’Blue Saintess’.” (Reus)

As the revolution earlier, Reese was not only fighting, but healing other people. More than a hundred people were appearing in front of her in need of medical attention, but she was able to handle at least half of them alone. In doing so, she was using vast amounts of mana, yet she still kept a fast pace. Furthermore, the entire time she kept a calm and passive attitude that charmed many of those she cared for.

That was spread around the school, and before she knew it she had acquired the title of ‘Blue Saintess’. Needless to say, the person herself was embarrassed about the whole ordeal and in complete denial.

“Th-they called me that voluntarily! I’ve registered at the Adventurer’s Guild and become independent through my own hard work!” (Reese)

“You’ve worked hard, Reese. When you started training with us, Sirius-sama and us were there for you no matter how many times you fell.” (Emilia)

“Yeah, I worked hard! It’s been four years since then… so fast.” (Reese)

She squinted at the sky, deep in thought.

We haven’t heard anything about it, and Reese has yet to mention it, but… I wonder what her plans are for after graduation?

She disliked being in Elysion previously, but now she has reconciled with her father, and has made a reputation for herself as an excellent healer. Furthermore, she has her sister Princess Lifell here, and as royalty there is certainly no requirement for her to travel.

She would definitely come with me if I, her love interest, were to invite her. I can’t help but feel that if she only came for that reason though, there would definitely be unpleasant feelings remaining.

This is a decision that she will have to make of her own accord, and I will support whichever decision she makes.

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One year until graduation.

I’ll put Reese’s problem aside for now, but our travel plans are progressing well.

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